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Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System With DVR

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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If you're looking to have some peace of mind while away or sleeping, then you should consider getting security camera systems. The best security camera comes with a DVR to record crimes or occurrences, helping you prevent some.

Unlike NVR(Network Video Recorder), DVR(Digital Video Recorder) will process the data directly from the camera. The main difference between NVR and DVR is DVR encodes and stores the video signals while NVR will store the videos encoded by the camera. Every NVR is considered a DVR but not every DVR is an NVR.

These outdoor wireless cameras with DVR boasts features like motion-activated recording and email motion alerts. Most DVR security cameras come with a security-grade hard drive to handle the storage demands. They have channel configurations ranging between four, eight, and sixteen to fit different needs.

Finding the best outdoor wireless security camera system with a DVR can get overwhelming because of the wide variety of options and also the technical terms involved. Hopefully, this post will make the search easier for you. Below are the five best outdoor wireless security cameras with DVR and a guide to help you understand what you need to know before buying a security camera with a DVR.

Best Outdoor Wireless Security Systems With DVR

1. Hiseeu Wireless Outdoor Security Camera System

[Expandable 8CH,2K] Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera...
  • 【DC12V Power Plug-in & Easy Setup】Wireless means camera and...
  • 【Preinstalled 1TB Hard Drive & Cloud Storage】1Tb Hard Drive...
  • 【Stunning 2K Ultra HD video & One Way Audio】 3.0MP presents...
  • 【H.265+ Video Compression 】Compared with H.264, H.265+ is...
  • 【AI Human Detection】 Reduces false alarms -- Compared with...

The Hiseeu Wireless Security system is another one of the best camera models that have been designed to keep your property safe using 24/7 surveillance. It comes with four cameras, but you have the ability to expand with four additional cameras. The accuracy of this camera is unmatched and comes with 1080P NVR technology.

The video quality of these cameras is also excellent and can shoot up to 2MP. The output generated from the cameras is always ready for viewing. It comes with a storage space of 3TB which means you won't find a way to free up some space. Moreover, it is easy to install, and you won't need any special instructions.

The Hiseeu cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has large lenses that ensure the cameras can absorb lights even in dark conditions. If you're looking to boost the security of your property, then you should consider the Hiseeu security system ideal for both home and business use.


  • Great night vision
  • Excellent video and image quality
  • Has an NVR connection
  • Expandable
  • HDMI support


  • The hard disk may heat up

2. ANNKE 5MP Lite 8CH Security Surveillance Camera System

ANNKE 5MP Lite Wired Security Camera System with 1TB...
  • 1080p Wired Security Cameras & 8 Channel DVR – 8 pcs security...
  • H.265+ Coding & Security-Grade 1 TB HDD – The built-in 1 TB HDD...
  • All-Around Certifications & Secure App – Every device,...
  • Remote Access & Smart Motion Alerts – Access & control the...
  • IP66 Waterproof & Best ABS Housing – The camera, with an IP66...

If you're from a country that experiences harsh weather conditions, then this Annke Lite is one of the best options you should consider. This ANNKE security system is designed to withstand both high and low temperatures without interfering with the functions of the camera. The weatherproof IP66 rating also ensures that your camera won't get damaged in fog or water.

It features 1080 HD cameras that are able to shoot up to 2MP image quality. An outstanding benefit of this security system is that it can be used to take clear images in complete darkness. This means that it is made for both day and night surveillance. Furthermore, it can be used both indoors and outdoors and comes in handy for enclosed areas that are not exposed to light.

The ANNKE home security cameras have the ability to give high-quality footage and unlimited video playback on your PCs, Android, and IOS phones. You will also get email alerts in case anything is detected. The H.265 technology protects your security system from hackers. It comes with a 1TB hard drive for all your video storage needs.


  • Sharp and clear image and video quality
  • Comes with an ANNKE vision app
  • Easy to install
  • HDMI enabled
  • Performance is stable
  • The videos are longer
  • Weather resistance


  • The build material could be better

3. Zumimall Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera Outdoor

【Upgrade】 2K Security Cameras Wireless...
  • 【2K FHD & IR Color Night Vision】Equipped with 4 infrared...
  • 【Upgraded PIR Motion Detection & Real-time Alerts】- Improved...
  • 【2-way Audio & Multiple Remote Access】-Noise cancellation...
  • 【365 Day Solar Power Supply & Rechargeable Battery】- Solar...
  • 【Totally Wireless Security Camera System】- Totally wire-free...

Are you looking for a solar-powered security camera? The Zumimall Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera boasts an effective solar panel and a great battery capacity. With it comes modern IP housing, which means the delicate parts of the security camera systems are well protected.

One of the most important factors when determining the best security system is the video and image quality. The Zumimall outdoor security system can record in 1080p and also has an IR night vision. These two security features are the ones responsible for exemplary footage, regardless of the lighting.

It is also one of the best wireless security cameras with a PIR. The two 4dBi antennas are the only items you need to link this camera to your home network. The entire setup of this outdoor security camera is independent, and you won't have to worry about the physical link with other home connections. The security system will send you real-time alerts to your mobile device if any motion is detected at any time of the day.


  • Has a noise-cancelling speaker
  • Energy efficient
  • Two-way audio
  • Simple to set up
  • Uses infrared LEDs
  • Clear footage
  • Night vision


  • The motion sensor could be better.

4. ZOSI Home Security Camera System For Outdoor Use

ZOSI H.265+ Full 1080p Home Security Camera System,5MP...
  • (1). [ Advanced H.265+ High Efficiency Video Compression ] __...
  • (2). [ Extendable System Overview ] __ Exclusive 4 Channel...
  • (3). [ Local or Remote Access, Playback Anytime & Anywhere ] __...
  • (4). [ Advance Motion Detection & Alert Push ] __ You can...
  • (5). [ Customize Each Camera with Different Record Modes ] __Our...

ZOSI is an attractive brand that features a combination of user convenience and great functionalities. The ZOSI home security camera uses an advanced H.265 + technology, which has an improved bit-rate reduction, better than the H.264. This means that it allows faster video downloads, features sharper video streaming, and also bigger storage space.

The 5MP lite DVR works together with CVI, AHD, and HD-TVI cameras to provide an excellent viewing experience. Sensitivity can also be adjusted in a specific motion zone to minimise unwanted alerts. Furthermore, it comes with the ZOSI free Smart App, which allows you to access your home camera from your laptop or phone.

This ZOSI camera can cover a distance of about 130 feet in light and 80 feet in darkness. The IR-CUT feature ensures there is no glare when subjects are close to the camera. It is weather-resistant and durable with its aluminum housing to protect it from any weather condition.


  • Installation is easy
  • An excellent resolution for both day and night times
  • Allows mobile viewing
  • Features privacy protection.
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Adjustable sensitivity


  • Some people might find the instructions difficult to comprehend

Factors to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Security Cameras with DVR

1. Output Resolution

Outdoor security cameras that show grainy videos or images can make it hard to view your footage. You need to find security systems with a significant number of megapixels since an increased megapixel indicates a better resolution even when your camera is capturing on a wide-angle.

IP cameras that capture videos at a quality of 720p are excellent, with 1080p videos being even better and detailed. There are also 4K cameras available, although they may need a lot of storage space and a strong WI-FI connection. The presence of a night vision also allows you to get clear footage even when it's dark.

2. Audio and Motion Detection

The audio sensors in security systems help detect noise pollution, aggressive behaviors, etc., providing you with an opportunity to act immediately. A camera that features two-way audio and great clarity means that you can talk with anyone on your property.

For motion sensors, these security systems use one or several technologies to sense motion in the area. Most of these cameras send alerts of unusual occurrences through email or push notifications on a linked device.

3. Storage Space

If you require 24 hours of recording or high-quality videos, then storage is an essential factor to consider. For example, 720 p cameras may require 38GB of storage space to store data for an entire 24 hours. This is why comparing the resolution of your DVR camera with the hard drive is critical to ensure that all the recordings are safely stored for future reference.

You should also note that there are three main options when it comes to storage options; NVR, DVR, and cloud video storage. Compression is another storage feature that will remove unnecessary data to save space.

4. Budget

When planning a home security monitoring system, budgeting is essential because its price tag varies. It is common to find cameras with advanced settings to be more expensive than other cameras. While creating your budget, it is crucial to have in mind the size of your surveillance, to help you know the number of cameras you need to purchase. Find one that perfectly matches all your needs.

5. Power Supply

Outdoor security cameras vary when it comes to power sources. The common types of power sources are battery, solar power, and a plug-in power source. Most of the time, you'll find cordless outdoor security cameras with rechargeable and long-lasting batteries.

If the cameras use the plug-in power source, they will most likely come with a cord. This type of camera should be protected to prevent people from damaging, and it is also great if they had a battery back up. Solar-powered security systems may also need to be charged during the day for 24/7 surveillance.

6. Weatherproof and Durability

This is one of the main features to consider, especially if you're looking for outdoor cameras. It means that the camera systems should be sturdy enough to withstand all weather, including extreme weather conditions. It should also be able to withstand heavy blows or other attempts to damage the cameras.

7. Alerts and Notifications

A great video security system should send you alerts to allow you to stay updated with the surveillance, from anywhere and at all times. With this feature, you can easily set your security system to send you updates to either your email or mobile devices. It should not only send notifications if motion is detected but also when the camera is vandalized, the camera view is obscured, and when the power source is cut.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) of Security Camera Systems with DVR

1. What is the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR to buy?

The best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR is the HeimVision HM241A 1080P Security Camera System. This is because it is a high-performing outdoor video recording camera that uses an H.265 + technology to give a sharp and clear video quality to help easily view your target area.

2. Can I connect a wireless camera to my DVR?

Yes, wireless security cameras can be connected to the DVR using WI-FI or any other wireless connection. However, the connections should be strong because they could interfere with video transmission.

3. Which is better, NVR or DVR?

The main difference between NVR and DVR is in the cabling and cameras they use. NVR(Network Video Recorder) security systems will record either wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable. The DVR(Digital Video Recorder) security systems will record using coaxial cables. So, it depends on what you're looking for.

4. Do you need a DVR for wireless security cameras?

Yes, both NVRsand DVRs are designed to store the footage from the security cameras. However, without either of them, an IP camera can still work as standalone monitoring devices like security systems with an SD card.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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