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Best Electric Erasers for Amateur and Skilled Artists

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Sketching can be enjoyable and healing, whether it's done for leisure or as part of professional duties. One certainty that comes with this activity is the inevitable occurrence of errors. Mistakes are bound to happen. In these scenarios, having a dependable recourse like the top electric eraser is essential. These instruments are user-friendly and effective, allowing for the correction of specific errors. Therefore, if you're looking to expand your array of architectural sketching tools, an electric eraser and T-squares are ideal additions.

Your friend may have lent you theirs, and now you feel like you need an electric eraser for your projects. Therefore, this guide will look at the best electric erasers, what to consider when buying one, and why they are better than manual erasers.

We top our list with a Derwent Battery Operated Eraser that is very easy to use and does not require special instructions. It is also suitable for erasing different types of colored pencil marks. Secondly, we have an AFMAT Electrical Eraser with two eraser holders, ensuring you can use different size erasers. Our third option is also from AFMAT. AFMAT Electric Eraser Kit has two eraser holders that you can use interchangeably, and the handle is easy to hold.

How Does an Electric Eraser Work?

An electric eraser looks just like a pen. However, it features a larger body to accommodate batteries. On the tip, instead of ink, you'll find an eraser. Also, the tool has an on/off button on its side for easy control.

The erasers in this tool are approximately the size of those found in mechanical pencils. Although motorized, this eraser does not rip the paper and works gently even when moving rapidly.

You can use an electric eraser to remove chalk, charcoal, pencil, pastels, and other types of dry media. They are great for highlighting and making drawing more enjoyable.

Best Electric Erasers

1. Derwent Battery Operated Eraser

Derwent Battery Operated Eraser, Artist Tool, Drawing,...
  • Battery operated eraser includes 8 erasers; requires 2 AAA...
  • Long-lasting erasers are easy to remove and replace; top-mounted...
  • Offering precision and speed the battery operated eraser is just...
  • VERY IMPORTANT** NOTE: Refer the Instructional Video before use...

Are you looking for the best electric eraser? Well, look no more. Derwent Battery Operated Eraser is the solution. It is ideal for professional and amateur artists of all ages, as it is safe and easy to use.

Derwent battery-powered eraser is suitable for colored, graphite, and pastel pencils. I used it mostly for highlighting. However, you can also use it for outright erasing. It produced minimal vibrations that did not damage my paper surface, ensuring my work remained clean and undamaged.

Image source: gracy,

Its small size button is easy to access and operate, making this tool suitable for people of different ages. It requires 2x AAA batteries that I had to buy separately as they do not come with the eraser.


  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • High quality
  • Accurate and precise


  • A little heavy at the start
  • It does not come with extra erasers

2. AFMAT Electric Eraser for Artists

Electric Eraser for Artists, AFMAT Electric Eraser...
  • 【First Rechargeable Electric Eraser】Built-in with 600mAh...
  • 【Electric Eraser Kit with 2 Eraser Sizes】Our electric eraser...
  • 【Big Comfortable Switch Design】 Instead of a large...
  • 【Strong Erasing Capability】Circular movement and strong motor...
  • 【Rechargeable Electric Eraser】To satisfy your needs to use...

AFMAT Electric Eraser is also among the best electric erasers you can use to perfect your piece of art. It features a built-in 600mA Li-ion battery that can be used up to 600 times after recharging.

This rechargeable electric eraser has two eraser holders that can hold 2.3mm and 5mm erasers. Artists can use the bigger one to create thick highlights, while the smaller one is ideal for erasing tiny parts like hair.

AFMAT electric eraser kit comes with 100 small refills, one brush, 1 USB cable, and 40 big refills. It has an ergonomic design that is easy to hold, with a big sensitive switch, making it more fun as it responds faster.

Image source: kayla,

AFMAT automatic eraser is lightweight and does not make you strain while erasing with it. It works in circular motions that make erasing easy and precise.

It also features a strong motor to make it more efficient. I used to apply very little or no pressure at all and still easily erased the selected areas.


  • Fluorescence tape makes it easy to spot in case it rolls away
  • Two eraser holders
  • Recharges quickly
  • Long battery life


  • It is easy to turn on the eraser accidentally

3. AFMAT Electric Eraser Kit

AFMAT Electric Eraser, Couture Creations Creative...
  • 【Newest Design with 2 Eraser Sizes】Our electric eraser...
  • 【Eletric Eraser Kit】 The electric eraser kit comes with 40...
  • 【Most Comfortable Grip Design】 Instead of a large rectangular...
  • 【Strong Erasing Capability】Circular movement and strong motor...
  • 【Battery Powered Eraser】 This electric eraser is powered by 2...

AFMAT Electric Eraser Kit is another great choice from AFMAT that you can use to make clean drawings. It also comes with two eraser holders that make it easy for me to make changes whenever and wherever I need to.

AFMAT Electric Eraser features a comfortable grip design with an ergonomic handle, circular instead of rectangular. This made it easier to hold and did not strain my fingers, not even at one point. This automatic eraser is comfortable to hold and is used by simply pushing the power button to remove the marks.

Its erasing capability is incomparable, and the strong motor was a desirable feature as it offered precise control over the area to be erased. AFMAT is a battery-operated electric eraser that works on two AAA batteries.

Image source:

I used it to erase not only pencil marks but also while working with graphite pencils. It is powerful but gentle, as it erases without damaging the paper you're working on. This battery-operated tool comes with generous eraser refills, including 40 big refills, one brush, and 100 small refills.


  • It comes with generous eraser refills
  • The handle features an ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Quiet operation


  • Buttons require holding down while working

4. Mont Marte Electric Eraser

Mont Marte Electric Eraser, Includes 30 Eraser Refills....
  • Includes 30 eraser refills: this set contains one electric eraser...
  • Precision and speed: the electric eraser features pinpoint...
  • Compact and easy to use: one-button operation allows you to erase...
  • Ergonomic handle: the eraser features an ergonomic handle that...
  • Battery operated: The electric eraser is cordless and requires...

Are you looking for an electric eraser that allows you to refine marks and erase without damaging the paper? Mont Marte Electric Eraser guarantees precise erasing with slight pressure.

This battery-powered eraser offered me precision and speed. I used it for my art projects, and I can proudly say I do not regret anything. It is also ideal for technical drawing and allows you to make minor and major corrections.

Image source: keerthu,

Mont Marte cordless electric eraser comes with 30 eraser refills, which means that you will do your projects for a long before you start thinking about restocking eraser refills. Its ergonomic handle was easy to hold, and I did not strain my fingers while using it. The handle provides comfort and steady control.


  • Easy-to-hold ergonomic handle
  • Erases stubborn pencil marks, graphite, wax, and marks from colored pencils


  • It may require a little more time to get used to

5. Hillento 3 Set Electric Eraser Kit

Hillento 3 Set Electric Eraser, Electric Eraser Kit...
  • Electric Erasers with 2 Eraser Sizes, Our electric eraser...
  • Battery Powered Electric Eraser, This electric eraser is powered...
  • Instead of a large rectangular shape, this automatic earser has a...
  • Save your time, Two electric erase pens with two kinds of...
  • It offers precise control and ideal for drawing, drafting,...

Erasers with two eraser sizes are among the best, and the Hillento Electric Eraser Kit is one of them. It has two eraser holders holding 2.3mm and 5mm erasers. I used the bigger one to create thick highlights, and the smaller one was ideal for erasing tiny parts

It is a battery-operated eraser that works with 2 AAA batteries and does not require holding the button down while erasing. Once you push the button, just guide the eraser where you want it to clear, and it works like a charm.

Instead of a rectangular shape, this battery-operated eraser features an ergonomic circular design that did not cause my fingers to strain even when I held it for a prolonged period.

Image source:

Hillento electric eraser offers precise control, and I effectively erased targeted areas. It is so easy to use that even my kids had difficulty erasing it. They enjoy drawing, and using this tool makes them have even more fun.


  • Great value for the price
  • Versatile and erases colored pencil muscle


  • Excessively powerful may take the color off

Best Electric Erasers Buying Guide

a) Eraser Size

While some electric eraser kits can support up to two different eraser sizes, some can only. Although it may be tempting, your style and preferences as an artist will determine whether you choose the option that allows you to use two different eraser sizes. The bottom line is that you must determine the appropriate eraser size.

eraser size matters significantly

Image source:

b) Torque

Electric erasers must spin extremely quickly to erase efficiently. Typically, the rotation per minute, or “RPM,” is stated in the product description. Of course, the faster the electric eraser rotates, the higher the number.

a motor with strong torque produces best results

Image source:

You should be aware that a powerful motor may result in the electric eraser vibrating more and occasionally even making more noise. Of course, this does not imply that you should automatically select a model with low vibration or noise.

c) Ergonomics

Electric erasers come in various sizes and designs, but it’s crucial that you can hold the tool securely. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach the particular parts that you want to remove. Both left- and right-handed people can use most electric erasers.

 circular and non-contoured handle is easier to hold and does not hurt the user

Image source:

d) Accessories

The electric eraser kits that manufacturers sell come with a variety of accessories. Some offer plentiful eraser refills, extra clamps, chargers, and brushes. While some only provide a few refills, this isn’t always a drawback.

electric earsers with enough accessories

Image source:

e) Price

Don’t get the most pricey or the cheapest electric erasers. Always conduct thorough research to identify the best electric eraser for the money by finding one that is within your price range and has the necessary accessories.

get the best eraser for the price

Image source:

f) Quality

The best electric eraser provides the required quality despite the temptation to purchase a product at the lowest possible price. Similarly, not all pricey electric erasers offer the highest level of quality. Professional artists need precision.

a high-quality electric eraser offers better results

Image source:

Advantages of Electric Erasers

You don’t know you need an electric eraser until you own one. Electric erasers are not just mistake correctors but the kind of tool that every artist and engineer needs. Therefore, we can look at the benefits of these erasers so you may know if it’s worth it.

a) Time-Saving

There’s no need to waste time on your mistakes. Instead, you can use an electric eraser to erase errors. Using an electric eraser is time-saving as you can erase targeted areas effectively without accidentally doing more damage. The eraser is tiny, and the action does not depend on your hands’ steadiness.

b) Versatile

You can use an electric eraser on multiple media, unlike a regular eraser. This makes it very functional and versatile. You can cleanly and easily remove graphite, colored pencils, and charcoal.

c) Battery-Powered

Electric erasers are battery-powered and can, therefore, be carried anywhere. You don’t need a power outlet next to you when working with these erasers. Once you recharge the battery, you are good to go and can use it anywhere.

d) Accesses Tiny Areas

You can erase the tiniest errors with an electric eraser. These erasers can access even the tiniest nooks and crannies in the drawings. So if you’ve made an error in a not easily accessible area, an electric eraser can correct the mistake.

e) Removes Excess Colored Pencil Pigments

When using colored pencils, you can easily make the mistake of using too much pigment. However, if you have an electric eraser, you can use it to remove some. Stroking the area lightly with an electric eraser helps to remove the excess pigment.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Electric Erasers

1. Are electric erasers better?

Electric erasers are a better option as they can be used on more media than regular erasers. You can use an electric eraser to clean graphite, colored pencils, regular pencils, and charcoal.

2. Is an electric eraser worth it?

An electric eraser is definitely worth it. As already mentioned, it erases more media than the regular eraser. It also helps target specific areas of the drawing without accidentally erasing what you did not plan to do.

3. Which is the best electric eraser brand?

Derwent Battery-Operated Eraser is the best eraser out there. You can never go wrong with this option, as it is versatile, safe, and easy to use.

4. What are the disadvantages of magic erasers?

The eraser works by scrubbing the surface with hard threads. They are not to be used on highly glossy and satin finishes. This eraser is also not appropriate for paneling or wood-finished surfaces. It strips away the surface and creates damage.

5. What are the disadvantages of erasers?

Regular erasers can be harsh on delicate paper surfaces, causing tearing or smudging. That is why professional artists are advised to use electric erasers, which are precise and reliable.

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Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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