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Best Recliner Slipcovers for Style and Protection

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Recliners are versatile and comfortable ways to add relaxation to your space. However, they are not always known for their fashion-forward aesthetic. With recliner chair covers, you can explore various styles and designs to make your home feel more fashionable, adventurous, and bright! The best recliner slipcovers will remove the fear of staining your chair or your furniture getting ruined by playful kids and pets.

However, if you're searching for the best cover for your recliner chair, it may be daunting to look at all the market options. Do you need full coverage or a shield with added layers of fabric for protection? Either way, I have curated a varied list of recliner slipcovers and what to look for on your search for the best recliner slipcover. You can also try these slipcovers for your sofas to give them a second chance and enhance their durability.

At the top of my list is the Sofa Shield Patented Slipcover, a perfect blend of comfort and protection with its durable, tear-resistant microfiber fabric and ultra-soft feel. At the second position is the Easy-Going Recliner Stretch Slipcover. This four-piece recliner cover combines luxury and comfort and can be used with manual and power recliners. Another outstanding contender is the ASHLEYRIVER, which has a stylish quilted, reversible design. However, it's not suitable for leather recliners.

Read on to discover more about these outstanding products and other recliner slipcovers that have captured my attention.

Best Recliner Chair Covers

1. Sofa Shield Patented Recliner Slip Cover

Sofa Shield Patented Recliner Slip Cover, Large Cushion...
  • PROTECTS FROM STAINS AND MESSES: perfect for homes with kids and...
  • STAY IN PLACE PATENTED STRAP DESIGN: patented 2 inch thick...
  • STYLISH REVERSIBLE DESIGN: stylish quilted microfiber is ultra...
  • MORE GENEROUS SIZING FOR A PERFECT FIT: thoughtfully designed for...
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND CLEAN: cover is extremely quick and easy to...

If you don't like the idea of wrestling a recliner slipcover into place, Sofa Shield Patented Recliner Slipcover is for you. It is designed to provide the utmost protection for your recliner chair, especially if you have pets or little children.

Sofa Shield slipcover is made with durable tear-resistant microfiber that protects your furniture from wear and tear from playful pets and children. The quilted fabric also keeps hairs, dirt, and messes from humans and pets away from your recliner. The microfiber gives this slipcover an ultra-soft and comfortable feel when you sit.

Image Source:

Moreover, this recliner slipcover is easy to install. I positioned it over my recliner, tucked it into furniture grooves, and used the slip-resistant elastic straps to secure it. The longer back and arm covers help keep this recliner cover in place and protect the hard-to-clean areas. Plus, you can rest your pretty hands because this recliner cover is machine washable.

Soft Shield recliner cover has a stylish reversible design, giving me different styling options at no extra cost. It is also available in more generous sizing varieties for perfect fitting. However, it is not suitable for a leather recliner.


  • Soft and hypoallergenic, hence won't irritate the skin
  • More generous sizing
  • Comes with two straps for better fitting


  • Not waterproof
  • Not suitable for leather recliners

2. Easy-Going Recliner Stretch Sofa Slipcover

Easy-Going Recliner Stretch Sofa Slipcover Sofa Cover...
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: 20% spandex+80% polyester,high quality...
  • DIMENSIONS:Recliner Slipcover:Fit Total sitting area is 23"...
  • FURNITURE PROTECTOR: Protect your sofa from daily wear and...
  • Each of our cover is marked with Introduced label, 2 pcs...
  • EASY CARE & WARRANTY: Machine washable, wash at temperature...

The Easy-Going Recliner Stretch Sofa Slipcover is not only a budget-friendly option but also high quality and attractive. It is made of 20% spandex and 80% polyester making it a stretchy option that can accommodate different sizes of recliners. Also, depending on your recliner's size, you can choose from two sizes, large or extra-large.

Image Source:

The slipcover is made of polyester and spandex fabric that blends in to provide soft and comfortable seating. Moreover, it comes in an impressive spectrum of 33 colors that you can choose to match your décor. The fabric is also machine washable using cold water and a mild laundry detergent.

This Easy-Going Recliner slipcover covers your chair fully except for the space left for the recliner handle. And it is easy to install such that I could cover my recliner in less than ten minutes. Helpfully, each of the four pieces is marked with placement labels, so I didn't have to do the annoying guesswork when installing it.

However, this Easy-Going Recliner slipcover has no pockets, so you won't have a place to store your items.


  • Easy to install
  • Machine washable
  • High-quality and stretchy fabric for comfort
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Fully covers the recliner


  • Not dog proof
  • Not many patterned options

3. ASHLEYRIVER Reversible Recliner Chair Cover

ASHLEYRIVER Reversible Recliner Chair Cover, Sofa...
  • Please Measure Before Purchasing: See Measuring Guide in Photos...
  • THE PERFECT FIT: We recommend measuring for a great fit! SEAT...
  • REVERSIBLE & EXTRA SIDE POCKETS: The Ashleyriver reversible...
  • MACHINE WASHABLE:It's easy to clean, machine washable and...

This ASHLEYRIVER recliner not only features a stylish quilted design but is also reversible. You can simply flip it over for a new look when you are tired of the color on one side. You can choose from various color choices, from classic neutral beige to charming burgundy.

Image Source:

As a pet owner who didn't want to ruin the quality of my recliners, this slipcover is a great option because it is thick and water-resistant, protecting my furniture from stains. It is also machine washable. However, this slipcover didn't work for my leather recliner as it slips off easily.

Moreover, the ASHLEYRIVER recliner slipcover is designed with two big and four small pockets to store magazines and remotes within arm's reach. It is also easy to install, but you should not overstretch the straps as this can cause the strap to break and snap back. 


  • Lots of color options
  • Water-resistant
  • Thick fabric
  • Soft material


  • Minimal coverage
  • Doesn't fit all recliners 

4. H.VERSAILTEX Stretch Recliner Covers

H.VERSAILTEX Stretch Recliner Covers with Pockets...
  • GREAT FIT: This innovated 1 Piece recliner chair couch cover is...
  • FULL PROTECT: These fantastic velvet slipcovers are unique and...
  • AESTHETIC DECOR: H.VERSAILTEX slipcovers are as close to custom...
  • NON SLIP: Effortless for installation (guide photos on selling...
  • EASY CARE: Machine washable for easy care and maintenance, keep...

The H.VERSAILTEX Stretch Recliner cover is another excellent option I have personally experienced. This slipcover, suitable for both manual and electric recliners, combines luxury and comfort.

Image Source:

This one-piece recliner couch slipcover is crafted from superior velvet fabric, which is smooth and comfortable to relax in. It features a continuous footrest and a storage pocket for small items such as a remote. At the same time, the aesthetic design masks the worn-out upholstery of your furniture, giving it a new look.

Moreover, installing this non-slip recliner chair cover is a breeze, thanks to the user guide photos provided, the included foam sticks that keep it in place, and the sewn elastic loops that cover the bottom edges firmly. The H. VERSAILTEX recliner cover is also designed for easy care and maintenance. You can machine-wash or hand-wash it as many times as needed. It's recommended to wash with cold water and also not bleach.


  • Includes pockets and continuous footrest
  • Machine washable


  • The material is thin and can rip
  • Not pet friendly

5. Great Bay Home Printed Twill Recliner Slipcover

Great Bay Home Printed Twill Recliner Slipcover. One...
  • Protect: This slipcover shields and protects your furniture from...
  • Great Fit: Our slipcovers are one-size-fits-most. This 1-Piece...
  • Stays in Place: This slipcover is conveniently Strapless and Slip...
  • Lightweight, Comfortable and Easy Care: Available in a variety of...
  • Customer Focused: Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance...

Having used the Great Bay Home Printed Twill Recliner Slipcover, I can confidently say it offers comfort and convenience. This one-piece recliner slipcover fits most standard recliners and is comfortable to sit on. It is also strapless but slip-resistant with an elasticized bottom that keeps it in place.

Image Source:

Showcasing a contemporary design, this navy blue recliner chair cover is crafted out of a polyester blend with a hint of spandex so it stretches and stays in place. Moreover, it protects your recliner from stains and wear and tear. Also, pet fur doesn't stick on it as it does with other slipcovers, so I don't have to vacuum it frequently.

Furthermore, this slipcover is durable and available in several colors that can suit any home. It is also lightweight and machine washable.


  • Machine washable
  • Fits well on furniture


  • It may shift around slightly when you sit in the recliner

6. Ameritex Waterproof Nonslip Recliner Cover

Ameritex Waterproof Nonslip Recliner Cover Stay in...
  • SUITBLE FOR VARIOUS SOFA TYPES - Seat Width: (XL Sofa) up to 78",...
  • ANTI-SKID: Compare the normal slipcover, this innovated sofa...
  • 100% WATERPROOF: Crafted from unique fabric and specially...
  • 5-LAYERS MATERIAL: This premium quilted furniture protector is...

Ameritex Waterproof Nonslip Recliner Cover is a comfortable and perfect addition to any home with messy kids or pets. It is made with unique multi-layer fabric that is 100% waterproof, so you dont have to worry about accidental spills. Moreover, it protects your recliner chair against pet hair, stains, and wear and tear from daily use.

Image Source:

Compared to other slipcovers, this Ameritex slipcover is one of the best recliner covers for leather. It is designed to stay in place, thanks to the silicone rubber straps holding it to your furniture. It also has a sanitized protective finish which is eco-friendly and safe for pets and kids.

I use this recliner cover for my 30 inches Lazy Boy recliner. It fits perfectly and protects my seat while dressing my room in ultimate elegance. However, the storage pockets on both sides are small, but they are suitable for a remote or any other smaller items.

Maintenance and care are also hassle-free, just toss it into the washer and let the machine do its job. The 5-layered fabric is also well-ventilated to deflect bad odor.


  • Easy to install
  • 5-layered fabric for extra protection
  • Durable


  • Not so great for smaller recliners
  • Can add bulk to recliner

7. ULTICOR 8-Pieces Recliner Sofa Covers

ULTICOR 8-Pieces Recliner Sofa Covers Velvet Stretch...
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: This innovated PATENTED 8 Pieces 3 seater...
  • 3 SEATER RECLINING FIT: Our 8 piece , 3 Seater Sofa cover is made...
  • NON SLIP SOFA COVER: Made with elastic rubbers around the edges...
  • SOFA PROTECTOR - This beautiful velvet sofa cover will make your...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Check the installation guide carefully, it can...

The ULTICOR slipcover is a comfortable reclining sofa cover that is also soft and strong. It is designed using luxury velvet fabric pieced together to produce this masterpiece. It consists of 8 pieces, including three center-back cover pieces, three center-back seat pieces, and two arm covers, which fit into a three-seater recliner sofa.

Image Source:

I was torn between purchasing a new couch and purchasing a slipcover. After going through the excellent online reviews, I decided to give the ULTICOR slipcover a try. And alas! I got a new recliner couch. This luxurious-looking, water-resistant slipcover protects my furniture from dirt and stains from spilled liquids.

Furthermore, it is easy to install with the help of the user manual. Also, the elastic rubber around the edges and the elastic loops on each side ensures that this slipcover fits tightly to the recliner chair. The super-soft fabric is also durable and easy to clean.


  • Machine washable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable


  • Takes time to install because of the many pieces

8. Stretch Recliner Chair Cover

Stretch Recliner Chair Cover Recliner Slipcover 1 Piece...
  • UNIQUE FEATURES AND FABRIC: This soft textured stretch recliner...
  • PERFECT FITTED DIMENSIONS: These cozy and fantastic recliner...
  • All-ROUND PROTECTION: Constructed with right side handle for...
  • EFFORTLESS CONVENIENT INSTALL: Guide insturction in the original...
  • CLEANING TIPS: Refresh your furniture’ version and wrinkle...

If you are a perfectionist looking for the ideal fit, this stretchy recliner slipcover from PrinceDeco is the perfect cover for your home. It is crafted from a soft machine washable polyester and spandex blend with a thick knitted jacquard design, giving your space a renewed look while protecting your recliner chair from stains from spilled liquids and hairs from pets and humans.

Image Source:

This recliner slipcover is designed to fit perfectly into different furniture and offers all-around protection. Having used it, I'm particularly impressed with its features, including the continuous footrest, the side pocket where I store my remote and magazine, and the right side opening for the manual recliner handle.

The fabrics used for this slipcover are soft and durable, plus the added aesthetics can transform your place into a sumptuous haven in no time. The step-by-step guide came in handy when I was installing it. It is wrinkle-free and shrink-resistant, too, so I spent less time straightening and smoothing it.

This slipcover is easy to clean with a washing machine. Just ensure you wash with cold water, without bleach.


  • Offers all-round protection
  • Excellent for both manual and electric recliners
  • Highly stretchy


  • Not waterproof

9. TAOCOCO Loveseat Recliner Cover with Console

TAOCOCO Loveseat Recliner Cover with Console, Non-Slip...
  • 【100% WATERPROOF FABRIC】We use high-grade fabric to undergo...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】TAOCOCO reclining loveseat covers are...
  • 【DIMENSIONS GUIDE】 2 seater recliner cover fit the sofa with...
  • 【REDUCE SLIP-OFF CONCEPT】Reduce the sliding! 1. Solid round...
  • 【Easy to install & Easy care】Check the installation guide...

You’ll like the non-slip design of this TAOCOCO Loveseat Recliner Cover. With its waterproof coating, you can rest assured it will provide 100% leak-proof features, ensuring your loveseat recliner remains clean.

Image Source:

As a mom with kids and pets, I sought something durable and waterproof. This cover not only amazed me with its waterproof nature, but it’s also a durable piece made from 5 layers of durable fabric filled with cotton texture to make it soft and comfortable. It’s an excellent option for pet owners who love spending time on the couch.

Made for a typical loveseat recliner, this recliner cover is made of choiceness fabric that looks and feels like soft velvet. It boasts non-slip technology thanks to the solid round colloid design on its back, elastic bands with buckles, and additional elastic straps that keep it in place and fastened to your seat.

It also has side pockets to stow away remotes and other smaller items. The installation was easy, but I had to cut the holes for the cup holders, which was a bit challenging, but if you can’t appropriately cut the holes, you can avoid using that piece.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean


  • No cup holder holes
  • Don’t fully cover the chair

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Recliner Slipovers

Image Source:

1. Size

Size plays a huge role when you are looking for a recliner cover. Recliners come in different sizes, and finding a fitting cover for your recliner will depend on the measurements of your recliner. Standard-size slipcovers can fit recliners with widths of between 30 and 37 inches. However, some covers come in one-size-fits-all or stretchy materials, making them easy to fit on most recliner chairs.   

It can be difficult to find a matching slipcover if you have an oversized recliner, such as a chair-and-a-half-sized model. But you can opt for covers with a lot of spandex that can stretch enough to cover widths of 45 to 50 inches. Therefore, you should ensure you carefully measure your recliner so you can get the snug fit you desire

2. Material

The material of a slipcover determines its comfort and ease of cleaning and maintenance. Most recliner covers are made of pique fabrics( durable cotton woven to create a waffled, soft texture). Other varieties of slipcovers are also available in polyester, silk, linen, and quilt.

While cotton could be the best material for recliner covers, it can be expensive and prone to shrinking and fading over time. On the other hand, polyester is resistant to fading and shrinking and is more durable, but it is not as breathable as cotton. Therefore, a polyester and cotton blend offers the best of both worlds but can be expensive. Linen and quilt materials are best for office recliners.

It is also important to note that the more spandex in a fabric, the more it will stretch to fit most recliners. Various slipcover fabrics have varying spandex percentages from 4% to a whopping 15%.

3. Coverage

Recliner slipcovers come in partial coverage or full coverage. A full-coverage recliner slipcover gives you the look of a reupholstered recliner. It protects your entire recliner but can be challenging to attach and detach when it needs cleaning.

Conversely, a partial coverage slipcover, also known as a protector, rests on a recliner. It can be easily attached and detached, making cleaning a breeze. They also come in several convenient sizes. However, if your recliner is aged and worn, part of it may still show because a partial coverage slipcover looks like a shield rather than upholstery.

4. Number of Pieces

A recliner slipcover may come in one piece or up to four separate pieces. More pieces make installation easier. They also give your recliner chair a more tailored look, as the cover will look custom-made. But if you prefer a one-piece slipcover, consider a design with placement labels. This will remove the annoying guesswork and help you position your recliner cover easily and faster.

5. Special Features

Image Source:

i) Reversible Option

Reversible slipcover options give you two looks in one. They make changing your recliners look easy while also extending cleaning time between uses. Additionally, most reversible slipcovers have different colors and patterns on each side, so you can change up to enjoy the color and design of the alternate side and the style of your room within minutes. 

ii) Tuck Tools

Some recliner slipcovers come with tuck tools to help push the excess fabric in different places on your recliner to have a taut look and feel. Tuck tools may include rubberized or foam cylinders or recliner upholstery tacks that help keep the fabric tucked into the back and sides of your chair.

iii) Pockets

Some recliner slipcovers may include side or arm pockets for storing magazines, remotes, or other small items you'd like to keep handy. Even though pockets are made from durable fabrics like the slipcovers, do not over-pack them as they may rip.

iv) Lever Openings

If you have a manual recliner with a lever handle, you may need a slipcover with a discreet opening for the lever for easy access. Unfortunately, not every recliner cover has this feature. Therefore, note which slipcovers have lever openings if you have a lever handle recliner. Also, finding recliner covers with openings for buttons on the side of electric recliners isn't easy. But you can use the remote control to operate your recliner.

v) Slipcover Attachment Methods

Recliner slipcovers manufacturers use different attachment methods to ensure they stay attached to the recliner. Several attachment types include ties, hook and loop fasteners, zipper closure, and elastic straps. Therefore, you should choose a slipcover with an attachment type to keep it tightly held to your recliner.

vi) Water-Resistance

Slipcovers crafted from waterproof fabrics will ensure that your recliner couch doesn't get ugly stains. A waterproof cover will repel the liquids, which you can wipe off using a paper towel. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Recliner Slipcovers

Image Source:

1. Are recliner slipcovers waterproof enough to handle incontinence?

Recliner slipcovers are usually not waterproof enough, but you can remove and wash them. Recliner chair protectors can repel liquids enough to be easily wiped off. Suppose you are worried about incontinence and still want to use a slipcover to protect and upgrade your recliner. In that case, you can add reusable seat protector pads, which are absorbent, waterproof, and machine washable.

2. Why should I use a recliner cover?

The recliner cover is the most widely used piece of furniture in any home because of its comfort. Protecting your recliner chair with a slipcover can preserve its original fabric and design, prolonging its life span. Also, to reduce the time spent cleaning your recliners, slipcovers safeguard upholstery and ensure no dust or spill penetrates its fibers and causes damage. Another reason you may choose to use a slipcover for a recliner couch is its added aesthetics.

3. Can you cover a split footrest recliner with a recliner slipcover?

A split footrest means a gap between the lower portion of the footrest and the top part. Most stretchy slipcovers may conform to the split footrest's shape quite well. But if not, you can modify the slipcover by using upholstery tacks underneath the footrest. Leave a little room on the footrests so any movement doesn't rip the fabric.

4. What recliner slipcover is the best?

In my opinion, Sofa Shield seems to be the best recliner slipcover. It is a reversible option crafted from a durable tear-resistant microfiber which is ultra-soft and comfortable. Also, it has longer back and arm covers that protect the hard-to-clean places.

6. How do you measure a recliner for a good-fitting slipcover?

To accurately measure your recliner for a perfect fit:

  • Place your recliner in an upright, non-reclining position.
  • Use a measuring tape to measure the height of the back of the recliner. Measure from the top edge to its base at the floor.
  • Measure the width of the recliner by stretching the measuring tape around the back and front, just above the outermost edge of one arm.
  • Put the recliner into its most reclined position and take its full length by measuring from the top to the edge of the footrest.
Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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