Best Freestanding Electric Fireplace

Best Freestanding Electric Fireplace to Warm Your Space

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Investing in an electric fireplace is the next best thing if you want the additional warmth and pleasant ambiance of a fireplace but don't want to deal with the effort of lighting up a fire.

Getting the best freestanding electric fireplace allows you the flexibility to use it in any room, even if you already have a traditional fireplace in your living room.

Given the wide variety of models, styles, and prices, there is an electric fireplace to suit nearly any home. To help narrow your search, we have compiled a list of the top electric fireplaces available.

If a freestanding electric fireplace isn't what you're after, check out our recommendations for other electric fireplaces, including wall-mounted, mantel-style, and best fireplace inserts.

Which is the Best Freestanding Electric Fireplace?

A freestanding electric fireplace is an amazing option if you don't have a fireplace where you can put an electric fireplace insert.

An electric fireplace that doesn't attach to the wall can be considered "freestanding." Therefore, mounting it on the wall or inserting it into an existing fireplace is unnecessary.

The Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove is our top pick because it can warm an area up to 1,000 square feet, which is larger than any other fireplace we have looked at.

Keep reading to learn more about our top-pick electric fireplace heater and other favorites you can consider getting if you are on a budget.

1. Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove

Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Electric Infrared Quartz...
  • 5,200 BTU heater provides supplemental zone heating for up to...
  • Patent pending 3D flame effect technology features realistic...
  • The infrared quartz heat helps to maintain the natural humidity...
  • Overheat protection, heater will instantly shut off to prevent...
  • Adjustable, digital thermostat allows you to decide the...

As already mentioned, the Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove is our top pick for several reasons. First, it has a wide range of exceptional features that are unmatched.

One of my favorite features is the portability of this infrared fireplace device. We were able to move it from room to room because of how lightweight it felt.

I could carry it with just one hand without worrying about my fingers burning from the excessive heat, unlike other freestanding electric fireplaces that get hot after a few hours of constant usage.

Image Source:

The electric fireplace stove's beveled glass doors, gorgeous side views, and 3D view of burning logs are other things that caught my eye. I could easily view the digital display of the electric fireplace stove inside the glass door.

It performs incredibly well. This small heater can heat a room 1000 square feet in size.

With its programmable thermostat, we could set the ideal room temperature for more comfort. In addition, a built-in overheat protection mechanism allows it to turn off when it begins to overheat immediately.

Additionally, the flame effect of this electric fireplace appears more realistic than any other brands featured in this comparison. The result isn't overly bright. So, if your eyes are drawn to bright lights and vibrant colors, this heater's flame effects might not be to your taste.

Despite everything, it did stand out from the rest.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Different speed and brightness settings
  • Large display panel
  • High-quality construction
  • Portable
  • Great for medium-sized rooms3D infrared electric fireplace


  • The power cable protrudes from the top, which may be unattractive.

2. Ameriwood Home Farmington Fireplace and TV Console

Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console...
  • Bring the outdoors in with the rustic look of the Ameriwood Home...
  • Made of laminated MDF and particleboard, the weathered medium...
  • The 23” electric fireplace insert can be used with or without...
  • Open top shelf and 2 side cabinets with additional shelving...
  • The TV Console ships flat to your door and 2 adults are...

This model from Ameriwood Home offers a distinctive solution for houses with constrained space because it combines an electric fireplace with a TV console.

We found this electric fireplace well suited for the entertainment room, with two huge wooden door cabinets for storage on either side of the fireplace and a spacious top that can accommodate a flat-screen television up to 60 inches in size.

Image Source:

The entire console cabinet measures 60 inches broad, 15 inches deep, and 30 inches tall. The electric fireplace heater may provide comfortable warmth in a room up to 400 square feet.

We used the remote control to change the fireplace's settings. Black oak, white, natural, and rustic are the four different finishes available for the Farmington electric fireplace.


  • Remote control is included
  • A cabinet and fireplace in one
  • Can accommodate flat screen TVs of up to 60 inches
  • It can be used to heat a room of up to 400 square feet


  • It is a bit challenging to install because of its heavyweight design.

3. Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console

Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console...
  • The Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace, TV Console gives...
  • The TV Stand supports up to a 50” flat panel TV with a maximum...
  • Top divided open shelf is great for keeping your cable box or...
  • Complete your living room with other items from the Ameriwood...
  • The Stand ships flat to your door and 2 adults are recommended to...

Some freestanding electric fireplaces can also serve as a TV console. For example, the Ameriwood Home Chicago electric fireplace is a great choice if you're looking for a similar style.

We noted that a television as large as 50 inches would fit on the wooden cabinet surrounding the electric fireplace. The 19.1′′ wide fireplace is housed inside an MDF and particleboard cabinet. Several different finishes are available, including espresso, black, grey, natural, and wood.

Image Source:

The two open shelves at the top of the cabinet were one of the attractive features. We found a place to store our media equipment, like the cable box. Additionally, there are two side cupboards with glass doors that we found useful for storing stuff like books and DVDs.

The fireplace serves as both a heater and a fireplace. The 4,600 BTU output can warm up to 400 square feet of small and medium-sized spaces.

However, there is no remote control included with the fireplace. This would be our top pick if it had a control panel with multiple functions. However, it doesn't. The fireplace only has two on/off switches: one for the heat and one for the flames.


  • Functional as both a TV console and a fireplace
  • Beautiful wood cabinet with shelves
  • LED flame effects are realistic
  • Integrated heater for rooms of average size.


  • No remote included
  • No flame or heat controls

4. Turbro Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace Infrared Heater

TURBRO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace Infrared Heater,...
  • 🔥Toasty Fireplace: There’s no better feeling than relaxing...
  • 🔥Flame Control: Create a charming fireside environment without...
  • 🔥Safe to Touch: The heating element is located on the bottom...
  • 🔥Easy to Use: Simply flip the switch to turn on the heating...
  • 🔥Overheat Protection: Overheating protection automatically...

The Turbro Suburbs TS20 is one of the least expensive freestanding electric fireplaces we found on the market today. Not only that, it was clear to us that the fireplace can heat larger spaces (up to 1,000 square feet) than more expensive fireplaces do.

In addition, the fireplace is built better than more expensive models. It will probably survive a very long time because of the metal frame and legs. Tempered glass covers the front and sides, allowing us to watch the flames inside. The glass stays cool to the touch, so it's safe for your small one.

Image Source:

Thermostatic temperature control is another feature we did not anticipate at this cost. The fireplace allows you to choose the temperature anywhere from 68F and 95F, unlike other electric fireplaces that only feature two or three heat settings.

Unfortunately, no remote control was included, so we had to stand up whenever we wanted to adjust the temperature.


  • Powerful infrared heater
  • Strong metal legs and body
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Simple to assemble
  • Warms up vast spaces
  • Reasonable price


  • Lacks a remote

5. Belleze 3D Electric Fireplace Compact Freestanding Portable Stove

BELLEZE 31 Inch Mantel with 23 Inch 1400W Electric...
  • [WARM YOUR SPACE] Create cozy warmth in your bedroom, living room...
  • [PORTABLE CONVENIENCE] This electric fireplace is designed to be...
  • [BEAUTIFUL DISPLAY] Faux logs create a realistic fireplace...
  • [COST EFFECTIVE] This energy-efficient fireplace runs on...
  • [LOVE-IT OR 100 DAY RETURNS] We guarantee that you’ll love this...

An infrared heater operates more quietly and efficiently than a fan-forced convection heater. One of the best freestanding electric fireplaces we have come across with an infrared heater is the Belleze 3D.

The firebox is the same size as the one in the Chicago electric fireplace from Ameriwood Home. It is 20.2 inches broad. The width of the outside wood cabinet, which is 31.1 inches, is considerably less. Due to this, we recommend this Belleze 3D fireplace for small houses and apartments.

Image Source:

The infrared heater can be used to heat an area up to 400 square feet in size. We also found it to be quite silent because it doesn't need a fan to disperse heat. Additionally, it consumes a lot less energy than a convection heater.

The flame effects appear quite realistic. Its flames flicker in a genuine yellow color, and the log and embers gleam like they're from a real wood fireplace. You can change the flames' brightness or turn them off completely by using the control panel or the remote control that comes with it.

However, the Belleze electric fireplace cannot accommodate a television despite having a wood cabinet. According to the manufacturer, items put on top of the cabinet may be damaged by heat. Furthermore, we found out that the cabinet was not intended to be used with heavy objects like TVs.


  • An attractive wood cabinet
  • It includes a remote control
  • Features a quiet and energy-saving heater
  • Different flame and heat controls


  • It has no timer
  • It can't work as a TV cabinet

6. e-Flame USA Regal Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove

e-Flame USA Regal Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove...
  • Design | The classic design highlights the realistic wood burning...
  • Features | A quiet, fan-forced heater has easy-to-adjust settings...
  • Decoration | Dress your firebox up to reflect your personal...
  • Energy Savings | This unit can reduce your electric bill by using...
  • Specifications | Replaceable 40-watt bulbs (2). This 1500-watt...

We loved this heater's classic appearance. The e-Flame USA Regal Freestanding Fireplace will undoubtedly improve the look of your home's interior design, particularly if you position it in your living or dining room. It is one of the most attractive fireplaces we have ever seen.

It comes in three different colors. My favorite of them all is the matte black one since it really pops against the flames. Additionally, the design's curves add to its beauty and originality.

Image Source:

This fireplace's heating elements are placed near the bottom of the heater. Thus, heat also emanates from there. As a result, even while the heater is functioning, you can touch the casing without getting burned. The heat that radiates from the bottom is great for warming feet.

Since this fireplace's heat does not spread out like the heat produced by our top 2 electric fireplaces, it does not function well. However, 400-square-feet medium-sized rooms can be warmed by this freestanding electric fireplace thanks to its 5000 BTU rating.


  • Easy installation
  • Attractive fireplace
  • Realistic flames
  • Quiet operation


  • A bit expensive
  • The plastic legs might start to wobble after some time

7. Jamfly Free Standing Electric Fireplace Heater

JAMFLY Electric Fireplace Mantel Package Wooden...
  • 【Delicate Carving Craftsmanship】Fluted pilasters and timeless...
  • 【Realistic LED Flame】 Ultra high intensity LED light, a...
  • 【 Elegant Freestanding Fireplace Heater】Except the decorative...
  • 【Perfect Home Decor】With its beautifully crafted mantel,...
  • 【Customer Service】Mantel Firebox Dimension 34.3’’ (W) x...

This JAMFLY electric fireplace mantel will give any area a timeless appearance and feel. It has charm and character without the inconvenience of chimneys, firewood, and flames because of its fine construction and complex detailing.

Apartments, condos, or rooms up to 400 square feet can benefit from its supplemental heating. A realistic LED flame creates a burning ember bed with a 3D impression with three different brightness settings.

Image Source: Jamfly

There is no need for heat to operate the fireplace. This freestanding wood mantel can support a TV up to 48 inches in size. It is 13.6 inches deep, 34.3 inches wide, and 41.33 inches high.


  • Easy installation
  • Different color choices are available
  • Great for supporting TVs up to 48 inches


  • The fan is quite loud

What Do You Look for in the Best Freestanding Electric Fireplace?

1. Heating Capacity

Electric fireplace heaters can add a significant amount of additional heat to your home, but they shouldn't be your main source of heat. Consider your fireplace heater's recommended heating capacity if you want to use it to heat a specific area of your home. 

Find out what kind of heating system the fireplace uses. While the best electric fireplace heaters all give the impression that flames are flickering, three different kinds of heating systems are available. Luckily, we have used all of them, and here is what we found;

I. Infrared Heat

Infrared fireplaces heat the objects in the room rather than the air. Similar to the sun's rays, infrared heat is electromagnetic radiation that warms anything it shines upon.

However, to experience the warmth from an infrared fireplace, we had to ensure that we were directly in the path of the beams. Infrared fireplaces can heat spaces up to 1,000 square feet.

II. Convection Heat

Electric convection fireplaces provide for natural air circulation. One vent at the base lets cool air in, while another at the top lets the air pass over the hot ceramic plates and out into the room.

In order to better control the airflow, some convection fireplaces feature a built-in fan. These have a 600-square-foot heating capacity. Electric convection fireplaces without fans are best used in spaces with no drafts because they heat a smaller area close to the fireplace itself.

III. Fan-Type Electric

Many of the electric fireplaces available today are fan-type devices that warm up space by forcing air over a number of heated coils and out of one or more vents located along the bottom or sides of the appliance. Fan-style fireplaces provide additional heat for spaces up to 450 square feet.

2. Design

Freestanding electric fireplaces come in various styles and designs. Knowing what kind of fireplace will work best in your home is essential before making a final decision. We went into great detail on a few common models of freestanding electric fireplaces in various styles.

i. Metal Electric Fireplace

Image Source:

Metal freestanding electric fireplaces cost a lot of money. They are typically constructed of steel with plastic pieces. For instance, all of the components of our top pick Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove are constructed of steel, except for the legs.

ii. Wood Electric Fireplace

Image Source:

This style of fireplace is typically constructed from wood, typically Medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which is denser than plywood and costs significantly less than metal. An electric fireplace with a wooden finish looks unique and elegant every time.

iii. TV Cabinet/Media Center Fireplaces

Image Source:

Electric fireplaces allow you to install a television or other media device on top, providing you with additional functionality.

The best TV stand fireplaces or media fireplaces are the common names for this fireplace style. They can be quite pricey, but we have included some of the economical options in our list above.

3. Color of the Flame

While all electric fireplaces include the traditional orange and yellow flames, you can also find versions where you may select other, more vibrant colors like pink, purple, and green.

There are available models with settings that allow the flames to use various colors or change between them.

4. Size

Do sizes matter when it comes to the best freestanding electric fireplace?

Many buyers often overlook the importance of getting the correct size electric fireplace. When shopping for a fireplace, the space in which it will be installed is the primary factor to think about. Make sure it will fit in your available space and won't take up too much of it.

Consider the height of your room and your furniture when shopping for a television stand or fireplace mantle. Investing in a very small fireplace will make your home look ugly and could not give you the aesthetic or heat you were hoping for.

You should also consider whether the electrical system in the space you plan to install the fireplace can handle the extra load. An electrician might be helpful in this situation. The last thing you want to do is overload the circuit and create a bigger and more expensive problem.

5. Additional Features

  • Timer- This allows you to set a timer for automatic shutoff. It's convenient in case you forget to turn off the electric fireplace or sleep off.
  • Remote control- A remote-controlled electric fireplace is a good option if you don't want to get up whenever you want to turn it on or change the settings.
  • Overheat protection- Every electric fireplace with a heater must feature overheat safety. It keeps the heater from heating up too much and thus posing a fire risk.
  • Different flame settings- Consider purchasing an electric fireplace with a brightness switch so you can control the intensity of the flames. When it's daylight outside, it's often difficult to see the simulated flames. Thus, this feature comes in quite handy. Other fireplaces also allow you to change the color and intensity.

What are the Benefits of Freestanding Electric Fireplaces?

1. Low-Cost

The cost of a new brick fireplace is high, but the price of an electric one will vary according to the model, size, and features you choose.

The only thing we found important during installation is where to plug in your fireplace. Homeowners can save even more money by not worrying about purchasing firewood or hiring chimney cleaning services.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

There are numerous designs and setups available for freestanding electric fireplaces. All homeowners can find something that suits them. A fireplace adds coziness and warmth to any room.

We got to enjoy the aesthetics of a fireplace without having to deal with substantial maintenance and financial responsibilities.

3. Additional Heat Source

Aside from primary heating methods, electric fireplaces can be used as supplementary heaters. An electric fireplace is a practical solution to warm up the space where you are sitting during the winter without significantly increasing your power costs.

Electric fireplaces are great year-round, not just when temperatures drop, because they provide the ambiance of a fire without the sometimes hazardous, out-of-control heat that comes from a real wood-burning fireplace.

4. Low Maintenance

A freestanding electric fireplace doesn't burn wood or gas. Thus, there is no smoke, ash, or soot produced by one.

The fireplace and chimney must be cleaned for a normal wood-burning fire to be used safely and effectively. On the other hand, an electric fireplace necessitates zero prep or clean-up time.

Freestanding vs. Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

An important selling feature of electric fireplaces is their simplicity of installation. Luckily, many of the top electric fireplace types just need basic installation.

The two most known types of fireplaces are freestanding and wall-mounted. With a freestanding fireplace, you can transfer the warmth and atmosphere it creates from one room to another.

However, use a wall-mounted fireplace if you prefer a more contemporary style, don't have much floor space, or want to cover a blank wall. The installation process for wall-mounted versions takes longer, and they sometimes don't include a mantel.

If you desire an insert-style fireplace, measure the cavity of your existing fireplace to be sure the insert will fit. A nearby outlet is also required to plug in the electric fireplace.

Important Safety Tips When Installing a Freestanding Electric Fireplace

1. Wiring

An important safety recommendation is ensuring the fireplace cable is always in good shape. We noted that long-term use of an electric fireplace increases the likelihood of its wires becoming exposed. It's crucial to call the right specialists to fix your fireplace if any wires are ever exposed.

2. Ventilation

Most modern electric fireplaces have fans that force hot air out of openings. Additionally, some vents draw in fresh air from the space. Both of these vents must have nothing blocking them from functioning properly.

3. Location

When using a fireplace with a hot exterior, keeping your distance from the exterior while it's burning is crucial. You can install fireguards or fences outside a fireplace to prevent accidents involving children or pets.

Placing an electric fireplace in a wet room is a common error. Water poses a serious risk to an electric fireplace and should be kept away from them. To prevent an electrical fire, you shouldn't put anything flammable on a mantle or tv stand fireplace, including beverages or vases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Freestanding Electric Fireplaces

1. Are freestanding electric fireplaces safe?

Electric fireplaces are incredibly family-friendly and safe. There are no dangers of sparks or fire because nothing is burning. Additionally, since nothing is burning, no fumes, smoke, or chemicals are being released.

2. Does an electric fireplace use a lot of electricity?

An electric fireplace typically consumes around 1500 watts of power. The price can range from $0.003 to $0.03 per hour if you only use it for ambiance. However, the price will increase to about $0.09 per hour for a medium setting and $0.18 per hour for the maximum level if you also use a heating unit.

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Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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