The Best Gin and Tonic Glasses To Serve Dashing Cocktails

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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From the UK's love obsession with gin and tonic to Spain now being the biggest consumer of gin, it's clear that the world's obsession with this aromatic drink isn't going anywhere. It's quickly becoming a favourite in the Unites States as well. Drinking gin and tonic on the rocks or as gin cocktails has been a popular pass-time for many, whether you are a gin lover in a bar, holding a house party, or attending a celebratory event somewhere.

What most people don’t know is that choosing your favourite gin cocktail is only half the job done. To enjoy the perfect G T, everything from the serving, tonics, garnish, and glassware must be considered.

Unfortunately, people often get the glassware part wrong by serving G T in whisky tumblers, cocktails glass, and martini glass. When it comes to GTs, highball glasses have been the glass of choice almost everywhere in the world. This is because the glass has ample space for gin, tonics, and of course, a generous amount of ice.

As Spain swiftly takes over from the UK in their love for gin, they have also brought a new way to enjoy gin and tonic. The Spanish Copa balloon glass has gained immense popularity for its shape and functionality in not only making the famous cocktail but also how it affects the taste.

From highball to Spanish Copa de Balon, martini glass, and tumblers, we have pulled together some of the best gin and tonic glasses, taking to mind their durability, capacity, comfort, and practicality.

Let’s dive in.

1. LSA International balloon gin glasses

LSA International Gin Balloon Glass, 14.2 fl oz, Clear
  • H6.75 x W4.3in
  • 14.25 fl. oz
  • Hand wash only
  • Capacity: 420.0 milliliters

The LSA International balloon glasses are hands down the best Copa glasses for gin and tonic. First, you can put your trust in the quality that this reliable name provides when it comes to all their glassware.

That aside, the Copa glass is a balloon-like, or let's say bowl-like glass(because it can hold up to 420ml), with a beautiful glass stem that's not too heavy and not too delicate. The glass's spherical shape similar to that of a wine glass allows a generous serving of ice before you pour your gin and tonic to keep your drink refreshingly cool. You have the liberty to go crazy here and fill that balloon glass with ice cubes to keep them from melting.

The large rounded bowl with its narrow mouth helps collect all the botanical aromas of the gin and tonic and push them up to your nose as you take a sip, flooding your brain with the most amazing feeling. What's more, there is enough space inside that glass to add garnishes like citrus fruits, rosemary, and herbs to add some flavor and color.

What about the tall stem? Well, it keeps your warm hands from warming the drink and melting the ice while you are holding it.


  • Capacity for a lot of drink.
  • Very comfortable to hold.
  • Highest quality.


  • Handwash only.

2. Godinger Highball Glasses

Godinger Highball Glasses, Drinking Glasses for Water,...
  • Shannon Crystal by Godinger beautifully crafted highball glasses...
  • Brilliant and timeless design will impress for years to come.
  • Lead free crystal. Set of 4 - Capacity: 12oz
  • Since 1973 Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver,...

Speaking of capacity and adding garnishes to your G&T, this Hayman’s true English G&T glass is the best highball gin glass. The glass design allows you to have a balanced serve with one part gin and two parts tonic, and it holds 350ml. You can do a 100 ml tonic, 50ml gin, and fill the rest with ice.

This gin glass has made it to the number two spot for a reason. The glass is tall and slim with a thick tulip-style lip. This makes it perfect for drinking carbonated drinks because the slim shape and narrow opening minimizes carbonation loss and keeps the cocktail cool for long.

The glass is also very versatile, and you can use it to serve whiskey and soda, cocktails, bloody Marys, and island ice teas.


  • The heavy base keeps the drink cool.
  • Sleek and elegant.
  • Ideal size.
  • Very affordable.


  • There is branding on the glass.

3. Anton Studio Designs speckle gin glass

Anton Studio Designs - Speckle Gin Glasses...
  • Set of 4 assorted colours
  • Coloured Glass - So you can't wash the colour away
  • Mouth blown and hand crafted
  • Gift boxed
  • Designed in the UK

Gin lovers will tell you there is something about a decorated glass that adds a touch of glamour to an already delicious drink, especially if it's a cocktail. These speckle gin cocktail glasses are the best-patterned glasses, not only because they look the part but also to help you know which glass is yours when drinking with friends.

The glasses are hand-made, making each glass unique, and they come in a set of four- green, blue, purple, and red. The color of each glass seems to infuse the drink and make it look even more delicious.

As for functionality, these glasses also have enough surface area to add enough ice in the gin and tonic so you can have refreshingly cool cocktails. The long elegant stems give you a good hold so your hands won’t warm up the drink.

If you are entertaining guests in your house, they are a great choice for regular and colorful drinks.


  • They are dishwasher safe, but you can also hand wash them.
  • Very unique and elegant.


  • The stem looks delicate, so you should handle it with care.

4. Crystal-look acrylic tumblers

What if you want to go for a picnic, hold a barbeque outside, or transport your glasses to a boat ride? These crystal-look acrylic tumblers are the best gin glasses for portability. Going outside your home or the bar doesn’t mean you stop drinking your favourite gin.

 These crystal-like tumblers are made of shatterproof acrylic that looks like real glass. They are so incredibly deceptive that no one will know they are not the real thing, especially when filled with some ice, gin, and tonic.

The best part is, since they are shutter-proof, your friends won't leave you with a heap of broken glass after they get all drunk and start dropping glasses all over. This glass can hold up to 350ml comfortably, which is a good amount for outdoor purposes, and they have plenty of room for crushed ice or rocks.


  • They can be popped in a dishwasher, but they can also be hand washed.
  • They are very lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Shatter-resistant.


  • These crystal-look acrylic tumblers won't keep your cocktails cold for long like real glass tumblers because of the material.

5. Waterford Gin Journey Aras highball glass

Waterford Crystal Gin Journeys Aras Balloon Glasses...
  • Capturing Waterfords rich Irish heritage and the trend in craft...
  • Waterford's Gin Journeys collection features shapes designed for...
  • The set of 2 Gin Balloon Aras glasses are rounded with a short...
  • Approximate capacity: 550ml. Approximate size: 19.2cm (H) x...

Once in a while, you get to entertain a group of distinguished guests who you want to impress. Besides bringing in the best gin in town, you also have to bring the best gin glasses in terms of high-end glasses.

These Waterford Gin Journey Aras hi-ball glasses are not your everyday glasses, and you may want to save them for special occasions, considering they don't come cheap.

One thing you will notice with this gin glass is how heavy it is at 460g each, thanks to the quality of the cut-lead crystal used. The glass's shape and design are exactly the same as any other highball gin glass, except you can feel the difference in quality while holding it.

They are weighty, and the wide rim allows the aroma of gins botanicals to fill your nostrils as you take a sip. Drinking from these glasses is simply an experience as every good gin and tonic drink should be.


  • Very high quality.
  • Elegant design.
  • The decoration infuses into the cocktails.


  • Very expensive.
  • A bit on the weighty side.

6. Root 7 geo tumbler

Clear Geometric Old Fashioned Glass Set, Bespoke...
  • HIGH QUALITY: Impress your guests with this Geo Glass Tumbler Set...
  • MODERN DESIGN: Root7’s Geo Glass takes inspiration from modern...
  • HAND MADE: The thick hand blown glass gives it a weighty and...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Perfect for your favorite spirit or cocktail, as...
  • SPECIAL GIFT: This unique set is clear and practical. Whether...

There are many variations of tumbler glasses because it's a versatile and durable type of glass that everyone should have at home. We chose this Root 7 geo tumbler because of its elegant and unique design, which is something you should always include when taking gin and tonic.

Besides the metallic-style edging and their angular shape, the glass is refreshingly smooth to drink from. You will find them in gold or black, and they make for a great gift for your fellow gin and tonic guys.

Like every good tumbler, these Root 7 geo tumblers have a thick base that ensures your cocktails stay cool for long and it's not delicate.

The weighted base also prevents many drunken accidents as the glass can sit firmly on the table. The angular shape of these particular glasses helps with the grip as well so it's hard to drop them.


  • Stylish and elegant.
  • It’s a modern version of tumblers.
  • Very handy and durable.
  • Incredibly versatile.


  • Hand wash only.
  • They are too small, so you can't add a lot of ice.

7. Stemless g t glasses

Dartington Crystal 6-Piece Stemless Gin Copa Party...
  • Six stemless lead free crystal Copa glasses
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Dishwasher safe

Stemless gin and tonic glasses are a unique infusion of the Copa de Balon glass, tumblers, and highball glasses. These are modern gin and cocktail glasses with the same wide, rounded cups as Copa de Balons but without the stem. They are available in unique colors and designs that make drinking from them all so beautiful.

Because of their balloon-like shape, the glasses make it easier to taste and smell the gin's botanical notes as you sip your drink, and it has plenty of space for ice and garnishes. Unfortunately, you have to be careful not to warm your cocktail with your hands as the glass doesn't have a stem to hold with. You can avoid this by using ice mold or cooling gin stones instead of crushed ice.

Which Gin Glasses Should a gin lover Buy?

As with choosing your favourite gin, selecting the best gin glasses is all a matter of preference and taste. Gin lovers looking for something classy and distinguished, we recommend the Waterford Gin Journey Aras Hi Ball glassware and speckle glasses. For versatility, any tumbler variety and high ball glasses will do the trick. For martini fans, it's best to stick to a martini glass or cocktail glass as it wouldn't taste right any other way.

The glass's quality, whether it can be hand washed or machine washed, and of course the capacity matters as well.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.

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