HDMI Splitter for Dual Monitors

Best HDMI Splitter for Dual Monitors with 4K Display

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Having an option is the best place to be in any situation, and an HDMI splitter gives you the power to decide how many monitors you want on. The best thing you can get alongside your new monitor or screen is the best HDMI splitter for dual monitors.

With this, you can set up dual monitors in different rooms and enjoy your home theater system. Multiple monitors come in handy for privacy and flexibility, and it is time you got one.

Looking to find the best splitters and switches for your output devices? In this writeup, you will find the ten best HDMI splitters as well as an HDMI splitter buying guide to help you pick the perfect one you want based on how many inputs and outputs you want.

Can You Use an HDMI Splitter for Dual Monitors?

An HDMI splitter takes a video signal and splits it for display on two monitors. So you do not have to buy the whole system alongside the monitor when you get the second monitor. All you need to get is a splitter, and you are good to go.

A splitter allows you to send a signal to another monitor, but multiple displays numbering up to ten. An HDMI splitter can therefore have more than two outputs splitting the signal from one device. A perfect splitter can come in the form of an HDMI adapter if you do not have HDMI ports on your device.

An HDMI cable will only be compatible with an HDMI port, not a USB or a DVI port. However, you can still use a USB to HDMI adapter to set up dual monitors to easily achieve your goal.

Here are our top picks for the best HDMI splitter for dual monitors.

What Is The Best HDMI Splitter For Dual Monitors?

1. Avedio Links 4K HDMI Splitter For Dual Monitor

Avedio gives you the best option to set up dual monitors with ease. You will not distinguish between the two monitors because the signal will be clean, with zero lag experienced. In addition, Avedio can transmit 4k Ultra HD signal for better gaming and streaming experience. The device is easy to navigate and works great for anyone looking for precise image mirroring.

Avedio offers compatibility for both audio and video signals, making the connection as easy as just plugging in. The splitter is powered, offering the best signal with zero lag and working well over longer distances. A USB for powering the splitter is included in the package.

The HDMI splitter is HDCP 1.2 compliant and supports deep color 30 bit/36 bit and 3D images. In addition, Avedio has a wide resolution range from 480i@60Hz to 4k@30Hz.

This Avedio links HDMI splitter is designed with aluminum which adds to the durability and ensures that you get a perfect signal transmission.

It features a compact and easy-to-use design that makes it super convenient to hold the device as you move around. It comes in handy to help you host different audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and LPCM 7.1. Furthermore, it is compatible with a good number of gadgets.


  • Wide resolution range
  • Easy setup
  • Transmits both audio and video signal
  • Powered
  • Support two monitors
  • Ideal for gaming and streaming
  • It brings HDCP 2.2 compliance.
  • Supports 3DUSB for power provided


  • Not compatible with HDCP 2.2

2. OREI HDMI Splitter

OREI HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out 4K - 1x2 HDMI Display...
  • Fully Compatible with any HDMI 1.4/ 1.3/ 1.2 version, support...
  • Maximum HDMI Cable Use - 30 Feet. For Best Picture quality do not...
  • Full Video format 3D, 4K x 2K@30hz, 1080P @30hz, 1080P @60hz....
  • Package includes - 1 - 4K 1x2 Splitter, 1 - USB Power Cable, 1 -...

OREI is a revolutionary splitter that has graced the market with excellent features and superb capabilities. The splitter offers a 4k display to ensure you experience the best resolution for gaming and streaming. OREI is powered, making it possible to serve two monitors that are far apart from each other. The two-input splitter works seamlessly to give the best display using the standard, universal HDMI port.

OREI can support laptops, Route Roku, PlayStation and Xbox, Blu-Ray DVD player, Chromecast, Fire Stick, satellite receiver, projectors, and many more multiple inputs. The output works great with Apple TV, Full HD TV, Samsung TV, and HD-Ready, HD monitors, and more. OREI customers are the most satisfied lot with the multiple options available for them.


  • 4k display
  • Powered
  • Seamless display
  • No lag
  • No external power source is required
  • Future-proof
  • Fully compatible with HDMI 1.4/1.3/1.2 versions


  • The splitter does not extend monitors.

3. Newcare 4K HDMI Switch 3 In 1 Out

4K@60Hz HDMI Switch, NEWCARE HDMI Switch 3 in 1 Out,...
  • ????3 IN 1 OUT HDMI SWITCH: 3 HDMI ports in and 1 HDMI out for...
  • ????EASY TO HOOK UP: This HDMI Switch has the key-press-switching...
  • ????4K ULTRA HD RESOLUTION: 3 Ports HDMI Hub support HDMI Output...
  • ????STABLE TRANSMISSION: 24K Gold Plated corrosion-resistant...
  • ????YOU WILL GET: 1*HDMI 2.0 Switcher +1*HDMI output Cable+1*User...

For some people, three multiple inputs are enough as they don't have a lot of devices to connect. The Newcare HDMI Switch 3 in 1 Out 4K@60Hz comes with a few HDMI inputs, which are better for small budgets and smaller systems. This HDMI switcher features a keypress switching function that can easily change the port you want to use.

It also comes with a 1M high-speed HDMI cable, and the HDMI switcher can work with a variety of devices with the standard HDMI interface.

For example, output devices like projectors, monitors, and full HD TVs as well as input devices like laptops, Express, blu-ray DVD, Xbox 360, PC, Roke, Empress, and Amazon Fire TV stick. So, it is the best HDMI splitter for the living room, trade show, backyard, kitchen room, bedding room, and conference room.


  • Corrosion-resistant connectors
  • Supports 4K video
  • The HDMI cable is included
  • Easy to use
  • No external power source required


  • Only three inputs

4. KELIIYO Hdmi Splitter 1 In 4 Out HDMI Video Splitter

KELIIYO Hdmi Splitter 1 in 4 Out V1.4b Powered Hdmi...
  • 【1x4 Hdmi Splitter】This Hdmi splitter 1 input 4 output...
  • 【High Compability】Keliiyo 4 way Hdmi Splitter supports full...
  • 【Material& Transmission】Keliiyo hdmi audio splitter made of...
  • 【Wide Application】HDCP V1.4 Powered hdmi splitters 4 port can...
  • 【Simple to Use】This hdmi splitter 1x4 is easy to setup and...

If you're looking for an ideal HDMI splitter with a laptop or a PS4 that allows you to connect up to four displays without affecting the quality, then look no further.

The Keliiyo Hdmi Splitter 1 In 4 Out HDMI Video Splitter is built with high-quality materials with a long-lasting metal case and anti-oxidation or anti-corrosion ports that ensures it is durable. As a result, it is one of the most long-lasting splitters available in the market today.

As one of the best HDMI splitters in the market, this HDMI switcher can reflect up to a distance of up to 100ft. However, it operates better with output cables that are 60ft long and input cables that are 40ft long.

With the assistance of 30Hz, 3D, and 4K formats, this splitter can provide an amazing image quality. This makes it one of the best HDMI splitters for dual monitors as it is perfect for long-distance HDMI cable splitters.


  • Provides 3D support
  • Long-lasting build
  • Great output ports
  • Reflects a distance of 100ft


  • Can't help much with 4K and 60Hz resolution

5. Zettaguard 4 Port 4K HDMI Switch with PIP

Zettaguard 4 Port 4 x 1 HDMI Switch with PIP (Picture...
  • Connects up to 4 HDMI source components to a single HDMI input,...
  • Supports video format up to 4k2k@60hz with 24bit RGB/YCBCR...
  • Compatible with most HDMI source components Including Blu-ray...
  • HDCP v2.2 compatibility To prevent copying of digital audio and...
  • PIP (Picture in Picture) feature allows you to easily make...

Zettaguard 4 Port 4 x 1 HDMI Switch with PIP provides a premium feel and look with HDR coloring that makes the video pop. It is a great HDMI splitter that can connect up to four HDMI components to one HDMI input. It includes a remote controller that allows you to switch between the different HDMI ports for better picture quality.

Furthermore, this HDMI switcher is compatible with a variety of HDMI components, including gaming consoles, digital media players, DVD players, Blu-ray disc players, satellite boxes and digital cable. In addition, the PIP(Picture in Picture) enables easy transitions from one device to another with just a press of a button.

It also features an HDCP v2.2 compatibility that prevents copying of digital video and audio formats as it moves across different connections. This enables you to select the source remotely. Additionally, this HDMI switcher supports video formats of up to 4k2k@60hz and also supports DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, and LPCM 7.1CH.


  • Great build quality
  • All ports are located in the rear for easy use
  • PiP feature is included
  • Supports 4K picture quality
  • Premium look


  • Unable to split audio formats

6. UGREEN HDMI Bi-Directional Switcher And Splitter

UGREEN HDMI Switch 4K@60Hz HDMI Splitter Bi-Directional...
  • Bi-directional HDMI Switch: UGREEN HDMI Switch offers an easy...
  • Plug & Play: The switch is easy to setup and operate, no extra...
  • 4K Resolution: Supports video output up to 4K@60Hz (3840 * 2160)...
  • Stable Transmission: UGREEN HDMI Switch supports high bandwidth...
  • Wide Compatibility: UGREEN HDMI Switch/Splitter supports most...

If you are a person who is very interested in the marvels of technology, this is the splitter for you. UGREEN works both as a switcher and splitter. As a result, you can use two game consoles with a single port HDTV and switch between the devices.

The flexibility that the splitter offers is unmatched and unavailable elsewhere. While the splitter has the flexibility, it offers an outstanding performance as well.

UGREEN can support video output from 480i to 4k@60Hz. The resolution range makes it possible to use the splitter in any situation imaginable. The splitter is widely compatible with most devices that might need a splitter. You can hook the splitter on literally any device of your choosing.


  • Switcher and Splitter
  • Wide resolution range
  • Supports a variety of devices
  • 4k HDMI support
  • LED indicators for active ports
  • No picture lag


  • Only one of the two displays will function at a time for the splitter mode.

7. TOPYIYI 4K HDMI Splitter

HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out, TOPYIYI 4K HDMI Splitter for...
  • 【HDMI SPLITTER 1 IN 2 OUT】 TOPYIYI HDMI splitter easily...
  • 【SUPPORTS 4K and 1080P】: The Topyiyi 4K HDMI Splitter...
  • 【Wide Compatibility】Adopted upgraded chip, this HDMI splitter...
  • 【FAST & STABLE TRANSMITTION】Gold plated HDMI connectors for...
  • 【PLUG AND PLAY】This HDMI splitter is easy to setup and...

TOPYIYI has some of the best features that an HDMI splitter can have. The splitter can bypass an HDCP 1.4, a function that most splitters do not have. This feature puts the splitter ahead of the game and makes the signal flow smoother and seamless.

TOPYIYI is your top choice for your 4k display. The future-proof splitter is compatible with multiple devices, making gaming and streaming a wholesome experience.

TOPYIYI has a fast and stable transmission perfect for gamers who depend on precision for successful careers. You will not experience the slightest lags, and you will be able to take clean shots, giving your opponents no chance to survive your assault. In addition, the splitter is applicable in many other situations that require seamless broadcast.


  • HDCP 1.4 bypass
  • No lag
  • Best price
  • Easy setup
  • Supports up to 4k@30Hz


  • Does not extend the display

8. Kinivo 4K HDMI Switch HDR

HDMI Switch 4K HDR, Kinivo (5 Port, 4K 30Hz,...
  • Connect 5 HDMI input devices (e.g. gaming console, DVD player,...
  • Experience your favorite media through advanced crisp...
  • Can switch automatically (based on active input) allowing you to...
  • Efficient heat dissipation through hybrid aluminum body and...
  • Two-year warranty with lifetime US based customer support

Another great option when it comes to HDMI splitters is the Kinivo 4K HDMI Switch HDR that can connect up to five HDMI inputs from a single output. While this is not technically an HDMI splitter but instead a switch, it is definitely worth mentioning.

What makes it stand out is that it can seamlessly switch between five devices instantly. This is a vital feature, especially when it comes to entertainment systems, because you keep connecting and reconnecting the devices depending on what you're doing.

Apart from accommodating up to five inputs, this model is highly compatible. It can easily connect to a massive range of devices, including cable boxes, game consoles, monitors, PC, and Chromecast. The transition from one device is easy and seamless with just a press of a button. It works with a vast range of gaming consoles ranging from Nintendo, Ps, and Xbox. The auto switch feature and the manual switch option make it even easy to use.


  • Five inputs
  • Supports 3D, 1080P, and 4K resolutions
  • IR remote for ease of use
  • Compatible with game consoles


  • Poor customer service

9. ZACCAS Aluminum 4k HDMI Splitter

HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out -ZACCAS Aluminum 4k HDMI...
  • HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 out-Zaccas 4K HDMI splitter is to connect...
  • 4K@30hz HD Picture-Zaccas 4K HDMI splitter supports different...
  • Wide Compatibility-Using the latest HDMI splitter chip, this 4k...
  • Simple Plug and Play-This 4k HDMI splitter is easy to install &...
  • What You Get:1*4K HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 out, 1* USB Power cable...

ZACCAS Aluminum 4k HDMI Splitter is the short version of efficiency and magnificence. The splitter will give a lag-free, high-quality display that other splitters do not match up to.

In addition, the future-proof splitter offers a 4k@30Hz display that can serve the modern-day screens that are emerging in the market. You can now easily duplicate your Fire tv to other rooms with ease and seamless mirroring.

ZACCAS supports different resolutions from 1080p@30Hz to 4k@30 Hz, making the splitter useful on multiple screens simultaneously. You can play your favorite games with the splitter on Xbox or PlayStation.

The powered splitter supports signals over long distances, making it possible to input devices like the satellite receiver, PC, Blu-Ray DVD player, laptops, and many more. Among all your recently viewed options, ZACCAS makes it one of the best purchases you can make for a splitter.


  • No external power source is needed
  • Support a variety of devices
  • Seamless display with no lag
  • Perfect for gaming
  • Fair price
  • Wide resolution range


  • USB adapter not included in the package

10. Koopman HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter

HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter, Koopman Aluminum HDMI 2.0...
  • [HDMI Switch 3 in 1 out] Koopman Aluminum HDMI switch splitter...
  • [Premium Aluminum Material] High-quality smooth aluminum material...
  • [Remote Control for Easy Switching] This HDMI switch comes with a...
  • [4K HDR and Dolby Vision] Koopman HDMI switch 3 in 1 out 4K@60Hz,...
  • [Widely Compatible] HDMI splitter switcher works flawlessly with...

Finding an affordable yet effective HDMI splitter is challenging, but the Koopman HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter perfectly matches the description. It features incredible video quality, image quality, tri-directional functionality and no lag performance.

When it comes to the tri-directional functionality, this model comes with multiple inputs and one output combination or one HDMI input and output.

It is also backward compatible, but the second option has a disadvantage because it doesn't allow simultaneous display on two monitors because of its low price point. It performs more like an HDMI switch rather than an HDMI splitter.

This plug-and-play device is easy to use doesn't require an external power source for better functionality. Furthermore, it is compatible with a wide range of applications, and the performance is very decent.


  • Plug and play device
  • 4K video support
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with multiple devices.


  • It might not allow the display of two monitors at the same time

What Do You Need to Consider Before Choosing the Best HDMI Splitter?

1. Resolution

When it comes to HDMI cables and splitters, the resolution is one of the most important elements that you don't want to ignore. Some HDMI splitters might help 4 displays, but you might also find some options with low resolutions.

For example, if you have a full HD and a 4K television, or you are hoping to connect them to a console, then the HDMI splitter should be able to give a full HD signal.

While A HDMI splitter might offer help to a lower resolution of the chain, it might not be able to convey a high-resolution signal for a single source or reduce the resolution signal for the next source. The HDMI splitter takes or conveys the lower resolution with the help of connected gadgets.

2. Ports

Before choosing the best HDMI splitter for a dual monitor, you need to determine the number of displays you're planning to connect to one source. If you want to display content through multiple displays or multiple TVs, then a splitter with multiple inputs is recommended. If you're looking to display through double displays, then a 1x2 splitter is a great option.

3. Cable Length

A lot of customers tend to overlook the importance of determining the cable length when buying the best HDMI splitter for dual monitors. As much as it is crucial to ensure you have enough HDMI inputs, it is important to test the highest cable length.

If the distance from the televisions to the source gadget is less, then consider an HDMI splitter that works with a shorter cable length. On the other hand, if the two gadgets are too far from each other, then find one that works with longer cables.

Some of them may require an external power source to ensure the HDMI signal is boosted over long distances. Dynamic HDMI splitters may be an excellent choice if you're hoping to convey a single to more than two displays.

Remember to test the highest cable length and in the case where the HDMI switchers don't come with a connection cable, ensure you buy a perfect one that matches your needs.

4. Compatibility

If the HDMI splitters are not built to be compatible with your devices, then buying them would only be a waste of time and resources.

Not all HDMI splitters or HDMI switches are built to work with all the gadgets. For example, suppose you purchase the HDMI splitter that connects more television to a game console. In that case, it is important to ensure that it is compatible with the specific gaming console.

Test the HDMI version that comes with the splitter. To be on the safe side, you can consider getting the best HDMI splitter that is compatible with a good number of devices.

5. Additional Features

Some additional features may have a bigger influence on the signal quality, so it is crucial not to ignore them. These features include the audio support, power supply, and build quality of the HDMI splitters.

You should get an HDMI splitter that provides a long-lasting build quality and can be able to withstand heavy use. The HDMI splitter also offers a range of audio choices that you can choose from. Some HDMI splitters and switches will also require an external power supply

How to Use HDMI Splitters

If you don't want to use an HDMI switcher but still want to send the same HDMI signal to a video projector and a TV or two TVs, then you should consider HDMI splitters. HDMI splitters will send two, three, four, five or sometimes more signals from one HDMI source.

Splitters that come with more output ports are mostly used for commercial and business purposes in situations where one display needs to be sent to multiple devices.

Splitters can either be powered or passive where no power is required. To avoid the signal loss or handshake issues, powered splitters are better. The HDMI splitter also needs to be compatible with audio and video signals that you need to pass through. This is because if one video device has a lower resolution than the other, then this may make both of them default to a lower resolution.

So, is there a difference between using an HDMI switch and an HDMI splitter? Yes, an HDMI switch enables you to swap between the inputs that are transmitted to a single screen. On the other hand, an HDMI splitter will take a single signal and transmit it to multiple screens.

Using a Home Theater Receiver as an HDMI Switcher or HDMI Switchers

If you're looking to add more HDMI inputs for TV sources, then another option you should consider is a home theater receiver.

Lower priced home theater receivers will give four HDMI inputs, but as the price increases, you can find receivers that come with up to eight HDMI inputs as well as two or three outputs that allow you to connect more than more one device to a similar splitter.

Frequently Asked Questions About HDMI Splitters

1. Do HDMI Splitters Reduce Quality?

Having one input and one output is a sure way of getting a relatively clean signal. Having two outputs still gives you a clear signal. The quality on the second monitor is similar to that on the first monitor because a splitter copies a digital signal. It does not matter how many devices you have, and the signal will be copied as long as the splitter can support all the output devices.

The only time an HDMI splitter will reduce display quality is when the quality of the hardware and the HDMI cable is low. If you get cheap hardware, there is a chance the signal might pay the price. The length of the cable will account for the quality of the signal going to the screens.

A long cable might affect the quality of the picture displayed on the screen. Note that there are powered and non-powered splitters. Non-powered splitters can sometimes lead to relatively lower-quality images.

2. Do HDMI Splitters Cause Lag?

Latency can be a problem when dealing with resolutions and additional links. Lag can result from the type of splitter you are using, the distance, and whether the splitter is powered or non-powered. The distance can lead to slight lagging because when the signal travels over a long distance, it might start experiencing interference. Adding distance to the fact that the splitter needs to be high quality, low-quality splitters might subject the signal to a significant amount of lag.

A non-powered splitter will not boost the signal, leading to the possibility of a lag being experienced. Once you split the signal, boosting it to serve the different screens is a better choice than just letting the signal travel as it is.

If you are into gaming, you need the signal to be accurate to the millisecond because that can be the difference between winning and losing. It is important to note that the HDMI is doing the job of transmitting both video and audio signals at the same time.

3. Is A Powered HDMI Splitter Better?

Whether to use a powered HDMI or not is dependent on some cases. For example, if the video device is not strong enough to support a powered HDMI, then a non-powered option is better.

However, a non-powered HDMI splitter supports a signal only short distances compared to their powered counterparts. Powered HDMI splitters work great when the signal is to travel for longer distances when transmitting the same signal from one cable box at the same time.

Remember, a non-powered HDMI splitter can not transmit the signal from your computer or device over very long distances. So if you are broadcasting on televisions or monitors that will be far from the source, consider using a powered splitter. The prices might be different, but a good signal is definitely worth paying more for when you want to set up dual monitors.

4. What Is The Difference Between A Splitter And A Switcher?

A splitter allows you to extend the signal to more than one screen from one device, while a switcher allows you to connect different sources to one screen.

A switcher is just a reverse of a splitter, but in the case of a switcher, you have one screen receiving signals from multiple sources. Note the difference before making a purchase for you to spend your money on the right device.

5. How Many Ports Can An HDMI Splitter Have?

Most splitters account for only one extra monitor for your laptop or tv. However, you can find splitters with up to ten ports to extend the display to multiple monitors. In most cases, you will only require the signal for three or fewer screens, which is work that a splitter can easily achieve.

6. Do I Need An HDMI Adapter?

An HDMI adapter or converter comes in handy when your device does not have an HDMI port. Modern-day devices come with an HDMI port. However, in some cases, the device can sacrifice the port for slimness, as is the case with modern laptops that are lightweight and portable.

Such devices may have USB-C ports that may not directly take an HDMI cable. In such a case, all you need is an adapter that will convert the connection to one compatible with the device. You can now quickly hook an HDMI to your device and extend the signal.

7. Can I Connect A Splitter To Another Splitter?

A signal is just that, a signal. A long as you can split the signal once, you can split it some more. Yes, you can connect one splitter to another. The only risk you run is that of reduced signal quality.

You can avoid daisy-chaining if possible because that might reduce the signal further. If you ever walk into a store and see multiple screens showing the same picture or video, try and find out how the connections were made.

Final Take

Technology allows for possibilities we only imagined in the recent past. You can take advantage of the available options in the market to improve your user experience and make use of your TV's full potential. Get powered splitters for the best resolutions to seamlessly play your video games or stream your favorite channels. If you have more than three screens, some options allow for up to ten screens. Consider buying a splitter with more ports over connecting splitters to other splitters. 

If your device has no HDMI port, worry not. You can get an adapter to convert the connection type and support your device. You no longer have to consider throwing your old desktop away.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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