Best Hot Tub Covers To Insulate And Protect Your Tub

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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After spending so much money to install a hot tub, you expect that it will last a long time. What's more, you expect that it will not cost you an arm and a leg to maintain and keep it hot. Among the things you can do to protect your beautiful tub and keep your maintenance cost low is to cover it. The best hot tub covers insulate your water from heat loss and protect it from chemical degradation, dirt, and debris.

If you got your hot tub from a high-end brand like Cal Spas, it likely came with a cover already. However, over time even the best hot tub cover suffers degradation and needs to be replaced after a while. Hot tub covers come in many shapes and forms, from simple canvas designs to unconventional caddy. We picked out these five hot tub models from dozens of listings because of their durability, heat sealing abilities, safety, and of course value for money.

1. MySpa Hot Tub Cover

MySpaCover Long-Lasting Hot Tub and Spa Cover...
  • 【TRUE VALUE】: Replace your spa cover with America’s Largest...
  • 【CUSTOM-MADE】: Custom made to ensure a perfect fit for any...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】: Made of 30oz marine grade vinyl with energy...
  • 【ENERGY-EFFECIENT】: Our covers save customers up to $80/yr in...
  • 【WARRANTY】: All Spa Covers are covered by our industry...

MySpa Hot Tub Cover is our top pick for several reasons. One, the cover is custom made to order, and they will fit it exactly to your hot tub. Once you place an order, the team will reach out to clarify the size, shape, color, and skirt length to ensure its total perfection. The second reason is that it's made of 30-0z marine-grade vinyl that looks as luxurious as leather but more durable in the face of external factors like sun and water.

The beautiful-looking hot tub cover is available in ten shades of color and weighs 60 lbs, heavy enough to conserve energy. It also has an R-21 insulation foam in the middle made from virgin EPS. Now, these are people who care about your power bill, and their hot tub cover will save you up to $80 per year. To ensure the cover lasts as long as your hot tub, the company has double-stitched the seams for durability.


  • The hot tub cover is suitable for all weather.
  • It is the most energy-efficient spa cover in the market.
  • You can customize it to fit your hot tub perfectly.
  • It has a 5-year warranty.
  • The cover is double stitched for strength and aesthetics.


  • Because the cover is custom-made, it may take a while to deliver.

2. ULTCOVER Waterproof Hot Tub Cover

ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover...
  • Guaranteed to fit hot tub size up to 90”(L)x 90”(W), Actual...
  • Made of top quality 600D polyester canvas complex with waterproof...
  • ULTCOVER provides 3 years warranty and guarantees to be 100%...
  • Well-made structured air vents at two sides stay open to prevent...
  • 100% coverage design avoids the furniture exposure in the sun...

ULTCOVER waterproof hot tub cover is designed to fit square hot tubs with dimensions up to 86 inches long by 86 inches wide, making it a great choice for a wide variety of hot tub models. The cover is made from heavy-duty polyester fabric that is both durable and waterproof, which means it can protect your hot tub from rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, the ULTCOVER Hot Tub Cover has a double-stitched seam that enhances its durability and helps prevent tearing. The cover is also UV resistant, so it can withstand the sun's rays without fading or cracking. This feature also helps to extend the cover's lifespan.

The ULTCOVER Hot Tub Cover comes with four adjustable straps that allow you to securely fasten it to your hot tub, ensuring that it won't be blown off by strong winds. The cover also has an air vent that prevents moisture from getting trapped, which can cause mildew or other issues.


  • This hot tub cover is ideal for all kinds of weather.
  • 6 handles for easier cover removal so you don't need a hot tub cover lift.
  • It’s extremely energy efficient and allows your water to stay hot for a long time.
  • It's made with durability in mind.


  • The hot tub is a bit more expensive than all the other options we have explored.

3. Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Hot Tub Cover- Most Affordable

Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Hot Tub Cover,...
  • Premium Outdoor Cover: Fits Square Hot Tubs 94"W X 94"D X 14"H
  • Outdoor Furniture Cover With Warranty: Two-Year Limited Warranty
  • Heavy Duty And Water Resistant: Gardelle One Is A Durable Woven...
  • Custom Fit Outdoor Patio Cover: Reinforced Padded Handles Provide...
  • Reinforced padded handles make removal easy while air vents help...

It’s no secret that replacement hot tub covers can be pricey, and sometimes you want something more affordable. This Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Hot Tub Cover is exactly that with the added benefit of being a quality product as well. The cover is 94 by 94 inches in width and 14 inches high, so it will fit your average hot tub perfectly.

It is fitted with an elasticated hem with a toggle attached, meaning you can tighten or loosen the band to a perfectly snug fit. The cover is made of Gardelle One woven polyester, and it's laminated for waterproofing both on the inside and outside. To ensure pests like raccoons and rats don't scratch and tear the cover, Ravenna uses double stitching on the seams to strengthen them. The Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Hot Tub Cover looks good on your tub, it has extra buckles to hold it in place, and it's gentle on your pockets.


  • The inner surface is laminated for waterproofing.
  • Its outer surface is UV treated to reduce fading and disintegration.
  • It has double-stitched ventilation to release trapped air and reduce condensation and evaporation.


  • The material may not be tough enough to hold against snow or heavy hail.

4. The Cover Guy Deluxe Tapered Hot Tub Cover- Best For Cold Climate

The Cover Guy Deluxe/Extreme/Standard Hot Tub Cover -...
  • BUILT FOR HEAVY LOADS AND HARSH WINTERS - With its high-density...
  • ZERO WATER ABSORPTION TECHNOLOGY - Our hot tub covers are...
  • REDUCES YOUR ENERGY BILLS - Our cleverly designed hot tub covers...
  • SAFETY FIRST – all our hot tub covers meet or exceed industry...
  • BEST MATERIALS AND QUALITY – Only the best materials are used...

This tapered hot tub cover from The Cover Guy comes with a 7-year warranty. That speaks of how confident they are about their product and their willingness to walk with you through the journey. This cover is also custom-made to perfectly fit your hot tub, and they start making it as soon as you give the measurements.

What we love most about the deluxe hot tub cover though is that it's built for all climates, including the worst winter weather. The high-density foam with reinforced spa protector is able to withstand heavy loads, whether it's snowfall or little animals playing on top. It's also fitted with 4 lockable tie downs/ buckles strategically placed to ensure your little ones will be safe around the hot tub. Cover Guy takes pride in the fact that their cover is extremely energy efficient, thanks to the quality high-density foam and marine-grade vinyl. Its padding is 5 inches thick all around to ensure no heat escapes from the hot tub.


  • It's custom-made to your liking.
  • It comes in dozens of colors to fit your taste and theme.
  • It’s strong and durable enough to withstand the worst weather.
  • It has 20 points of internal reinforcement.
  • New generation coating for zero water absorption.


  • It can only be customized up to 96 inches.

5. Beyond Nice 6-Inch Hot Tub Cover- Best Custom-Made Cover

BeyondNice Deluxe Hot Tub Cover, Custom Made 5" Thick...
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ END FREIGHT DAMAGE WITH FedEx DELIVERY (Optional)...
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ DESIGN-YOUR-OWN Ordering 🧙 We end your worry...
  • ✅ This is a five inch thick, custom made, replacement hot tub...

While most hot tub covers we have here are custom-made to fit your tub, none compares to this Beyond Nice 6-Inch Hot Tub Cover. The company covers up to nine points of customization, including color, size, shape, fabric thickness, foam density, among others. You can also choose a skirt up to 6 inches thick, decide where you want the straps and their length and strength, and tell them which way you want the cover to fold. As if that wasn't enough, you can get additional features like added insulation, vapor barriers, and hinges added on request.

Beyond Nice 6-Inch insulating hot tub cover weighs 55 pounds, and it can be round or square up to 96 inches in width. It is made of 28-oz durable marine-grade vinyl, padded with EPS foam, and safely lines with a galvalum c-channel. Each new cover comes with a pair of nylon handles, and you can get from 4 to 8 tie-down straps depending on your preference. Like the Cover Guy Deluxe Tapered hot tub Cover, you can leave it out all year round, even in winter weather, because it's strong enough.


  • The cover has 12 color options.
  • It has a 5-year warranty.
  • It has a 2-inch taper to let precipitation slide to the ground.


  • Due to the stringent customization standards, they require you to respond to their email with your specs within 10 days, otherwise they cancel the order.

What Is The Purpose Of A Hot Tub Cover?

If you have a hot tub, getting a replacement cover for it is non-negotiable unless you want your entire investment to go to waste. Some of the reasons you MUST buy the best hot tub cover you can afford include;

1. Prevent Evaporation

Water naturally evaporates whether it's hot or cold, and this happens more if the hot tub is exposed to sunlight. When you leave the hot tub open, you can expect to find your water level going down by the day, which means you have to constantly refill it, which costs money. As the water evaporates, so do the chemicals you put to keep the water clean and balanced. This means you have to add more chemicals even as you replenish the water.

2. Prevent Heat Loss

Did you know it takes 12 to 24 hours to heat some hot tubs? That is a lot of energy to use, so you have to find ways of keeping the water hot once you shut off the power. The best hot tub covers come with next-level insulation abilities to keep the water hot for hours. The cover also allows water to heat up quickly because the heat is not being released into the environment.

3. Cleanliness And Durability

Whether your spa is indoors or outdoors, there will always be dirt and debris ready to fall into the water. Besides making the water dirty, such debris can get into your filter or sump pump and destroy your hot tub's components. The best hot tub cover ensures this doesn't happen by protecting your tub from any dirt or debris.

4. Safety

The most important reason you need to cover up indoor and outdoor hot tubs is the safety. A hot tub cover protects your children and pets from falling inside the tub and drowning. The best hot tub covers come with a firm surface and heavy duty elastic cords or locks to ensure kids and pets can't fall into the tub.

How Do I Choose A Hot Tub Cover?

As you may have noted from the selection of energy efficient spa covers we have highlighted, the best hot tub covers are not cheap. You want to invest in a cover that's durable and will take you at least a decade before you think about replacing it. These hot tub cover features, along with how well you take care of the cover, will help you with that.

1. Foam

The best hot tub covers are constructed with high-density foam because it's effective at maintaining water temperature. The normal range is between one and two pounds, but the thicker the foam, the better its heat retention. Be sure to also check how the foam tapers towards the sides to aid in water run-off.

2. Vapour Barrier

A vapor barrier is a protective cover that encases the foam of your hot tub cover. It should be water-tight and water-resistant to prevent vapor and moisture from getting inside the foam. A poor quality vapor barrier will leave the cover vulnerable to mold and mildew, not to mention degradation.

3. Material

When choosing a hot tub cover, you want something that can withstand any weather. When it's hot, the material should not start melting and getting weak. This applies too when it's cold, and snow is falling. The best hot tub covers are made of high-quality vinyl, which is water and UV-resistant. For durability, check for the weight per square meter of the vinyl because this tells you how durable and strong the material is.

4. Extra Features

Some of these features aren't essentials, and they may drive up the price of the cover. However, they do add a level of safety and effectiveness if you can afford them. For example, the c-channel, a steel bar that runs along the perimeter rim of the cover to weigh down the cover against strong wind, is an important feature. It can also prevent kids and small animals from prying the cover off.

Another great feature is safety locks/buckles to ensure the cover is locked shut and kids can't be able to open it. Check also the R-value, which describes the heat retention of the cover. Last but not least, check whether you need a hot tub cover lift to make moving the cover much easier for you.

How Long Should Hot Tub Cover Last?

A good spa cover typically lasts between 5 to 7 years. Factors such as UV radiation, snow, falling debris, and other types of damage can affect the life-cycle of the hot tub cover. However, with some maintenance such as cleaning and applying protectant treatment, the hot tub cover will give you excellent service for a good number of years.


When sifting through the best hot tub covers, let price be the last thing you consider. Like most things, cheap will end up costing you more in the long run. For that perfectly snug fit, you can try any of our custom-made picks and choose everything for yourself.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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