Best Ice Maker for A Constant Supply of Healthy Ice

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The best ice maker can make even the most unbearable hot day turn into a cool summer day. Whether you're having cocktails, spirits, water, or sodas, having a machine that spits out cubes whenever you want can make the experience much better. Running to the shop to buy a bag of ice will become a thing of the past.

Before you choose your best ice maker machine, ensure that you know where you're going to put it. Whether you want a portable ice maker or one for your kitchen counter, knowing where you're going to place it will allow you to choose the right size. We'll look at more factors to consider down the line. But for now, let's look at the best ice makers we've selected just for you.

Best Ice Makers

1. GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

GE Profile Opal 2.0 | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with...
  • Note : Please check the dimension and item weight of the product...
  • OPAL NUGGET ICE, THE GOOD ICE - Serve up chewable, crunchable,...
  • 24 POUNDS OF ICE PER DAY - Begin enjoying your first batch of ice...
  • BUILT-IN WIFI AND VOICE CONTROL - Easily pair your ice maker’s...
  • WATER TANK - Eliminate the need for an outside water source with...

Our first pick is the impressive Opal nugget ice maker that makes nugget ice. Nugget ice is soft and chewy ice that is great for making smoothies and frozen margaritas. So, if you're looking for a commercial ice maker for your bar or smoothie place, this is a great choice. The advantage of using nugget ice for your blended cocktails is that it keeps your mixture cooler for longer.

This type of water also doesn't dilute your mixture or ruin the flavors. This countertop ice machine produces one pound of ice cubes per hour. Its bin can hold up to 3 pounds of ice nuggets. Because the bin is clear, you can see how much ice is available and if you need to add more. You can also comfortably scoop some ice with the included ice scoop as it produces nugget ice.

Once this Opal nugget ice maker senses the low level of ice in the bin, it will automatically make more. This means that you'll never run out of ice nuggets and not know it. You can also control your Opal nugget ice maker from your smartphone, thanks to Bluetooth Technology. Once you Download the FirstBuild app, you're good to go.


  • Makes soft ice nuggets fairly fast
  • Easy to use
  • Has a sleek design
  • You can operate from your Smartphone
  • Easy to clean


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Heavy

2. Euhomy Machine Countertop

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 40Lbs/24H Auto...
  • HIGH-QUALITY ICE CUBES - Euhomy’s countertop ice maker machine...
  • LCD & DIGITAL DISPLAY - Electronic controls for ease of use....
  • WATER RECYCLING SYSTEM - Counter ice maker machine holds up to...
  • EFFICIENT & QUIET COOLING - Portable ice maker countertop top...
  • USER-FRIENDLY - Free standing design stainless steel portable ice...

Our second pick is one of the most customizable ice makers you'll find out there. At a weight of 19.96 pounds, this countertop ice maker has a comfortable output of 40 pounds of ice a day. The best part about getting the option is to customize the thickness of the cubes you get. By pressing the “–“ and “+” buttons, you make your ice thinner or thicker.

You'll get 24 cubes per cycle. Each cycle lasts for 12-18 minutes. However, you can adjust the freezing time to suit what you want. The sensors and indicators tell you when the water reservoir is empty and when the ice basket is full.

However, you shouldn't worry about having cubes flying around your kitchen floor, as the ice maker will stop making cubes once the ice basket is full. The unused ice melts and passes through a filter into the water reservoir. This water recycling system helps save water.


  • Controls are easy to use
  • Churns out pounds of ice quickly
  • Affordable
  • Functions quietly


  • The cubes might be too big for some

3. NewAir Portable Ice Maker

NewAir Portable Ice Maker 28 lb. Daily - Countertop...
  • Choose from 3 bullet ice cube sizes
  • Makes up to 28 pounds of ice per day
  • Side mounted drain makes it easy to empty unused water
  • 2 Indicator lights: Ice basket full indicator and empty water...
  • Compact, portable size is perfect for RVs and apartments

This portable ice maker has a slightly lower output capacity of 28 pounds of ice per day than our previous pick with 40 pounds of ice. Nonetheless, every other aspect of this 24.3-pound ice maker is top-notch. The one advantage it has over the other two portable ice makers is that it is smaller in size and can also fit in smaller spaces.

The bullet-shaped ice pieces that this countertop ice maker churns outcome in three different sizes that you can set. You can get nine bullet-shaped ice cubes in just six minutes with this Newair ice maker. Therefore, you can get fresh cubes any time you want to chill your favorite drink or create a quick ice bath in no time. Your veggies won't have to suffer because there's no bullet ice.

The indicator light shows you when it's time to add more water to the reservoir. Unfortunately, this best ice maker doesn't have a self-cleaning mode. However, you can still clean it the old-fashioned way without much struggle. Portable and easy to use, and clean, you can comfortably carry these portable ice makers on your camping trips.


  • Portable
  • Churns out pounds of ice quickly
  • Has three ice cube size settings
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks a self-cleaning function

4. Igloo Automatic Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker Machine

Igloo ICEB26RR Automatic Portable Electric Countertop...
  • DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE: Portable, convenient and compact in...
  • LARGE ICE MAKING CAPACITY: Keep the water tank filled and this...
  • ICE BASKET CAPACITY: Stores up to 2 pounds of ice at a time
  • QUICK FREEZING ICE: Makes 9 small or large cylinder shaped ice...

The Igloo ice machine has a cool retro-inspired design that will boost the aesthetics of your kitchen. In just seven minutes, you'll get your clear ice cubes. The inner basket has a storage capacity of 2 pounds of ice. These countertop models have an ice-making capacity of 26 pounds a day. This means that you'll always have extra ice to use for your blended drinks and more.

You can get both small and big bullet cubes for your mixed drinks. You can choose the size you like through the LED-illuminated control panel. The ultra-quiet nature of these countertop ice makers makes them a must-have in your kitchen. You get a scoop for serving and an easily removable basket with the purchase of this best portable ice maker.

You can get this best ice maker in stainless steel, white, and aqua, black if you don't like red.


  • Very quiet operation
  • Comes in a variety of finishes
  • Comes with a scooper and ice bucket
  • Has a small footprint


  • Lacks a freezing function to keep the ice from melting

5. Frigidaire Counter Top Ice Maker

Frigidaire Counter Top Ice Maker, Produces 26 pounds...
  • Makes 26 lbs of Ice in Two Different Sizes
  • 2.3 Quart Reservoir - Soft-Touch Electronic Controls
  • Controls with LED Indicators - Built-in air outlet fan
  • No installation required - just plug in unit, add water and enjoy...

Our fifth pick is a quiet, space-saving, and sleek stainless steel countertop ice maker with some cool features for a steady supply of ice. Some of these features include compressor-powered cooling, LED-backlit controls, and settings for two different sizes of ice cubes.

These countertop ice makers produce 26 pounds of ice per day. Within seven minutes, you can get enough cubes from this freestanding ice maker to make a cool drink.


  • Quiet operation
  • Produces various ice sizes
  • Portable
  • Doesn't require too much space
  • Quick ice production


  • Doesn't have a freezing function

Factors to Consider When Getting the Best Ice Maker

1. Size

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that knowing where you're going to put your machine will allow you to know which size you want. Countertop ice makers come in various sizes. There are small models and some that require a bit more space.

The smaller the machine, the more portable it is. The size will determine where you'll put it and how you'll use it. If it's a bit bigger, you can put it in your garage.

2. Speed of Production

How first your model will produce pounds of ice per session is a very good factor to consider. Most portable ice makers have a set amount of time to produce a specific number of ice cube sizes. This means that you don't have to monitor ice production.

If you need a constant supply of ice, it's better to choose ice makers that can keep up with your demands. Otherwise, you can settle for an ice machine that will produce ice into the ice tray when you need it to.

The size of your machine affects how it produces ice. Although most ice makers that are small are more portable, they produce fewer amounts of ice. This is because the size of the ice bin is not as large as other machines. You'll have to empty your ice bin more frequently to keep the ice level from overflowing. However, the best ice maker will have indicator lights that will tell you when it's time to empty.

3. Storage Capacity

Ice makers have different storage capacities. Your choice comes down to how you want to use your countertop ice maker for. Although you can get a machine that has a high production speed, if it doesn't have a large storage bin, you'll have to keep removing the ice whenever it gets full.

If you don't have the time or the patience to keep checking the machine to see if it's full, get a model that can hold a lot of fresh ice and still fit well on your counter space.

4. Type of Ice Maker

There are built-in machines and portable options. The final choice comes down to how you intend to use your machine. If you plan on going with it for trips, getting a portable option would be a great idea. The built-in machines are better for restaurants and other commercial settings.

The countertop options that we've looked at today are better suited for travel and the kitchen setting.

5. Additional Features

In addition to making ice, some machines come with more cool features for your convenience. For example, having a machine that has an automated timer or a setting that allows you to choose the thickness of your cubes gives you more convenience.

If you want a typical machine that just gives you enough ice for what you need, this is also fine. However, as technology evolves, many models come fully equipped with cool features like the self-cleaning mode.

This feature allows you to press a button and let the maker clean itself. You can also get a machine that comes with a water dispenser feature for extra convenience.

6. Ice Shape and Size

Whether your model will producing nine cubes of bullet-shaped cubes or regular cubes, the choice will be yours. There are various shapes for ice, including cube, crescent, bullet, and nugget. The choice also comes down to what you will be using your ice for. There is also gourmet ice.

These shapes are roughly the same size. Nonetheless, you can still choose a model that makes ice of various sizes. For example, our third option above makes ice of three different sizes. You will have your ice ready just the size you like it.

Although the ice will eventually melt, if you are using your machine to make ice for stirred drinks, choosing a model that produces slower-melting ice will be a good option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do ice machines need water?

Yes. Even the portable options need to have a constant water supply to continue making ice to fill drinks. If you don't have a water line, you can use a faucet or even bottled water to add to the supply.

If your ice level gets low, you need to add more water for the machine to continue making more ice.

2. How long do built-in ice makers last?

Good quality built-in ice makers can last up to 5 years. However, you have to maintain them properly so that they can offer you the best service. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your machine.

This goes for the portable models as well. The better you take care of the machines, the longer they last. The five years is not constant. You can have your machine last for even ten years and above with the right treatment.

3. Can the water filter cause the machine not to work?

Yes. If you incorrectly install the water filter in your machine, it can clog the system and reduce the water flow. Another way that a wrongly installed filter can affect your best ice maker is by making it produce odd-tasting ice.

If you find that your machine is not producing ice, you can also check if the water filter is well installed. This might be the reason for the malfunction. 

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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