Best Knife Rolls and Bags for Your Knife Collection

Best Knife Rolls and Bags for Your Knife Collection

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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A favorite pair of knives in the kitchen makes all the difference while preparing meals. Keeping your favorite knives close at hand makes you feel calm and in charge, as you prepare meals. In addition, the best knife rolls and bags can keep your blades safe, make them easy to carry and give you extra room for other kitchen tools.

Knife rolls are vital, whether you're the family chef or want a safer place to keep your blades. Even if the kids cannot access them right now, they will be within little hands' easy reach in a few years. Plus, adults may even be at risk from unsecured knives sliding around in a drawer.

Our mission is to ensure that you don't feel overwhelmed when looking for the best knife roll for your knife collection. Therefore, we only feature products we believe you will like as much as we do.

What Is a Knife Roll?

A knife roll also referred to as a knife bag, is a great kitchen tool for transporting or storing your knife collection. The best knife rolls feature 10 or 11 slots for knives and a few extra compartments for culinary tools.

Since the rolls are constructed of canvas or another robust material, they are resistant to puncturing by blades.

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These rolls or bags are designed to store and transport knives safely, preserving their sharp edges for extended use.

The knives, whether Japanese knives or Oyster Shucking knives are shielded from damage thanks to the locked storage areas. These knife rolls come in a wide range of styles and sizes to meet your needs. So, keep reading to get the perfect one for yourself or a loved one.

1. Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll, Carhartt Brown

Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll, Carhartt Brown
  • Tool roll made of rugged synthetic material with Rain Defender...
  • 19 slots for various size tools; 3 small parts pockets with hook...
  • Dual side release buckle closure and top haul handle for...
  • Versatile organizer for small tool sets, gun tools, tech tools,...
  • Carhartt Tool Roll: 26 x 13 inches (unrolled), . 6 pounds

The Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll is our top pick for several reasons. First, this knife roll gave us unparalleled safety for our knives thanks to its construction from high-quality, tough synthetic material. This chef's knife roll has enough room for up to 18 knives while leaving room for more culinary tools.

Buying the Carhartt Chef Knife Bag means investing in a product that will last a long time and serve many purposes.

We found that this knife sheath rolls up for convenient storage, making it ideal for stowing away sharp blades. This knife sheath can hold up to 18 separate pouches, and it also has two more compartments.

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There are also three roomier side compartments for utensils and other bulky kitchen supplies. The Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll provided us with the highest standard of storage and protection and was made with the customer in mind.


  • It can store up to 18 knives
  • Versatile uses
  • Three large side pockets for extra storage.
  • Water repellent material
  • It has side-release buckle closures for extra protection.
  • Made from quality and abrasion-resistant material


  • Lacks flaps to ensure the kitchen tools don't slide off

2. Noble Home & Chef Knife Roll Bag (14 slots)

Chef’s Knife Roll Bag (14 slots) Holds 10 Knives PLUS...
  • HOLDS WIDE ASSORTMENT OF KNIVES – Knife carrier holds up to 15...
  • EASY TO CARRY – Knife bag includes both a handle AND shoulder...
  • DURABLE –Designed to withstand many years of daily use. Instead...
  • KEEP TRACK OF YOUR KNIFE ROLL: A slot for your name tag or...
  • SAFE AND SECURE – Our chef's knife storage bag features 2 tough...

Although the Noble Home & Chef Knife Roll Bag did not make it to our top pick, it was my favorite one for several reasons. First, this Chef's Knife Roll Bag has a premium-grade appearance since it is handcrafted from premium waxed canvas and leather.

The knife case can hold up to ten knives up to 17 inches in length in its ten individual knife sleeves. In addition, the knife bag's strong leather closure and compact roll-up design stood out for me. This design ensures the hunting, pocket, and utility knives remain contained and safe.

Image Source:

The Chef Knife Roll Bag is built with a robust handle and shoulder strap, making it convenient for me to bring along on trips. As a bonus, this chef knife case has a sizable side pocket secured by a sturdy zipper.

Due to its ability to keep the blades secure while in use, I found the cotton canvas backing to deliver the best combination of style and functionality.


  • Easy portability
  • Superior engineering and construction
  • Safe and secure
  • Includes buckles that are adjustable
  • Added accessory zipped pocket


  • Only allows knives with a maximum length of 17."

3. The Ultimate Edge 2001-EDB Deluxe Chef Knife Case

The Ultimate Edge 2001-EDB Deluxe Chef Knife Case,...
  • Secure Your Knives: 18-Double stitched reinforced elasticized...
  • Extra Room for Culinary Accessories: Full interior mesh accessory...
  • Hold Your Chef Essentials: 5-Exterior zippered pockets which...
  • Carry Your Knives with Confidence: Fully reinforced, padded carry...
  • Carry Your Knives in Comfort: Padded shoulder strap included, The...

The Ultimate Edge has been making knife cases for chefs for a long time, and in that time, they've refined their design to perfection. The end product is a high-quality bag for carrying chef's knives constructed with care and precision.

This knife roll gave us plenty of room to pack all the knives and other kitchen implements we needed for our next trip. The exterior of the Ultimate Edge 2001 is made from high-quality oil waxed canvas. Additionally, many zippered compartments are available for our hassle-free storage of any extra tools.

Image Source:

The knife bag's contents are always kept secure thanks to the use of sturdy fabric in its construction.

The padded carry handle reinforced stitching and D-rings for a shoulder strap are just a few more features that set this knife case apart from the competition. Overall, we found this chef knife bag is well made and worth the price.


  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • Professional appearance
  • It can fit larger knives comfortably
  • Water repellant, oil wax canvas exterior
  • 18-Double stitched reinforced elasticized interior pockets


  • You need to get knife guards
  • Low-quality zippers

4. Everpride Canvas Knife Roll Bag Stores 10 Knives up to 19.”

Canvas Knife Roll Bag Stores 10 Knives up to 19" PLUS...
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP – This knife roll bag is handcrafted by...
  • CONVENIENT ACCESSIBILITY – Each professional-grade knife kit...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – Our chef knife bag weighs 2 lbs. but can...
  • SAFE AND SECURE: Each component of our knife roll is designed...
  • QUICK & EASY STORAGE – Our waxed canvas chef knife bag has an...

The design of the Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag prioritizes convenience for the buyer. We found it a great choice for a chef on the run or culinary students looking to start with their best set of knives.

With up to 16 slots in this high-quality knife roll bag, there is more than enough room to carry almost any style of knife. We enjoyed its premium-grade appearance because of its synthetic leather exterior.

Image Source:

We can fit up to 12 knives and 1 meat cleaver comfortably. It also contains three utensil compartments that keep our most often used kitchen appliances. This chef knife roll bag's outstanding quality and mobility stood out for us.

Knives up to 19" long can fit in the ergonomic design. In addition, our blades are always kept safe because of the tight roll created once it has buckled.

We also recommend the Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag because it has two knife guards, a strong shoulder strap, and a tight-grip handle, among other outstanding characteristics. Additionally, there is a business card holder for traveling cooks.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Quick and easy storage
  • Large capacity
  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight design


  • Unable to fit long knives
  • Not waterproof

5. Qees Knife Case, Waxed Canvas Chefs Knife Roll Bag

Knife Roll,Chef Knife Bag,Waxed Canvas Chef Knife Roll...
  • 【Extremely Durable Waxed Canvas Knife Roll】This portable,...
  • 【Organizer Storage Space Knife Bag】This culinary knife case...
  • 【Travel Friendly Knife Case】These knife rolls boast an...
  • 【Finely Stitched Knife Bags For Chefs】The roll up canvas...
  • 【Fathers Day Gifts For Husbands & Dad】Looking for chef gifts?...

Regarding strong chef knife packs, Qees is a well-known brand. However, the company's specialty produces long-lasting chef knife bags of the highest quality.

The brand Qees is well-known for producing functional yet fashionable knife bags. This is exactly what the Qees Leather Chef Roll Knife Bag gave us.

Image Source:

The attention to detail that Qees puts into each of its knife bags sets them apart from other knife bag manufacturers. For example, we loved that the chef knife roll bag features a lightweight, robust construction and provides great security for the blades.

We recommend this option if you're looking for a strong and fashionable chef knife bag will be portable knife bag.


  • Travel-friendly knife
  • Premium quality materials
  • Attractive rustic design
  • Durable canvas and leather build
  • Easy carry handle


  • Lacks protection for knife tips
  • It can't hold knives larger than 10"

What Do You Look in the Best Knife Rolls and Bags?

1. Size and Capacity

Before making a purchase, this is one of the most crucial considerations you should give your full attention to. All blades and necessary equipment should fit in your knife roll without being crowded. It's important to have various sizes and pockets to accommodate all of your gear.

You should pick a bag with specific compartments for any additional items you might need to carry. This can be in zippered pockets or even an apron loop.

Choose a simple knife case if you are just getting started with knives and have a limited collection. It ought to have sufficient storage space for all of your daily necessities. The space provided by a high-quality knife roll allows you to carry each knife in its slot.

Why Do Size and Capacity Matter?

You need a roll that will prevent your knives from contacting each other while being carried. This will stop them from banging into each other, which could harm the knives or cause early blade dulling.

It's easier to control the knives if you have more space to work with them. While handling, your knives' sharpness may be impacted if they come into contact with the pockets' edges.

The extra space will also help you handle your knives securely. This shields your fingertips from injuries when removing or putting away tightly stored blades.

2. Materials

The bag's material can have a role in your final decision. It's important to get a material that can take the abuse of your knives without showing signs of wear. You'll also want a fabric that holds up well in harsh environments like outdoor use or a dirty kitchen.

The top three materials for knife packs are as follows:

i. Leather

Image Source:

Without a doubt, leather is the superior material for knife rolls. It can withstand the elements and still look good for a long time. As a result of its durability and adaptability, it serves a wide variety of purposes in the kitchen. You can be sure that it will keep your tools safe.

ii. Canvas

Image Source:

Canvas is rated as being the second-best material for knife bags. It ages nicely, is quite strong, and is not easily torn or snagged. Nonetheless, the canvas used in the kitchen must be treated with a thick layer of wax to prevent it from tearing.

The canvas is protected from chemicals, stains, and water thanks to a wax coating. You may then regularly clean it and use it in the kitchen. Canvas is at its best when paired with leather accents. These two materials complement each other beautifully, making for a chic and practical kitchen accent.

iii. Ballistic Nylon

Initially, ballistic nylon was used as a military cloth. It was designed to shield soldiers from bullets and shrapnel during World War II. Despite its failure during the war, it became a well-liked synthetic cloth. Many people adore it for its grit, toughness, and abrasion resistance.

It works well with your current tools in the kitchen as it is simple to clean, able to withstand stains and chemicals, lightweight, and quick to dry.

3. Accessories

Image Source:

If you frequently switch kitchens, you require a bag with additional pockets for your other tools. Your decision may be influenced by the presence or lack of pockets. In addition, your style influences your selection of additional items.

You might opt for a lockable bag or a bag that is simple to open. The former may be more effective if you are concerned about losing your tools. Other options for accessories that you might discover in a knife pack include: snap buttons, clips, zippers, a hook, and loop closure.

Knife Roll Care and Maintenance

With routine cleaning and oiling, your knife roll will last a long time. If you notice any dirt, dust, or debris, simply brush it off. You can simply use a warm, damp cloth to clean up spills.

The knife roll should never be washed in a washing machine, dry cleaned, or cleaned with detergents, as doing so could damage the material's fibers.

Some leather knife rolls contain a wax coating that acts as a natural protection barrier, but if washed carelessly, the wax covering will eventually come off.

Frequently Asked Questions on Knife Rolls and Bags

1. Can you dry clean a knife roll?

Many knife rolls or bags should not be washed or dry cleaned. Only a gentle brush and a warm, wet towel will do for cleaning them. You should follow these simple instructions when looking o clean your knife roll so that it may be used for a long time.

2. What do you keep in a knife bag?

The knife bag's primary function is to carry and protect knives, though it may also be used to carry and protect other tools. Among the essentials in a knife bag are;

  • Chef's knife
  • Paring knife
  • Fish filleting knife
  • Carving knife
  • Chef's thermometer
  • Cranked Spatula
  • Serrated knife
  • Roche spoon
  • Grater

Additional non-food preparation items such as;

  • Business card
  • Pen and notebook
  • Band-aids
  • Disposable gloves
  • Spices
  • Disposable pastry bags

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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