The Best Markers for Plexiglass or Acrylic Sheets

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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The difference between tissue and Kleenex is the same in Plexiglass and acrylic. It is the generic name for acrylic since it is one of the many brands that produce acrylic. So I will use these two words interchangeably throughout this article.

You can write or paint permanently or temporarily on acrylic. Additionally, there are various ways to do this, such as using markers/pens, paints, engraving, or printing on plexiglass. However, today we will focus on the best markers for plexiglass.

If you are starting to use plexiglass on DIY projects, you will find the best way to cut plexiglass using hand tools relevant.

Types of Markers

1. Chalk Markers

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Chalk markers are mainly preferred for chalkboards since they do not have the grainy effect of regular chalk. However, you can utilize chalk markers as dry-erase markers on other surfaces, such as glass, acrylic, and dry-erase boards.

They come in jumbo, chisel tip, and extra fine tip while the ink is pigmented, opaque, and water resistant. So all you need to erase chalk markers is a damp piece of clothing.

2. Alcohol Markers

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In alcohol ink markers, alcohol is the solvent for ink. They are permanent and fast drying. They come as permanent, calligraphy, and glitter markers. The advantage of using these markers is that you can blend the colors using alcohol.

3. Brush Markers

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The tip of a brush marker is shaped like a small watercolor paintbrush and covers large areas faster. The tip is perfect for letter art and is mainly used in hand lettering and rubber stamping. There are different types available in the market that you can use to color books and fabrics and leave permanent markings.

4. Bullet Markers

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The tip of bullet markers is cylindrical at the base but ends with a blunt tip making it suitable for coloring and writing. Additionally, you can push harder to get darker colors since the tips are dull. These are the most common type of markers. You probably own one or have used one. I know I have.

5. Paint Markers

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Paint markers are common and suitable for most surfaces, including glass, acrylic, paper, clay, stone, or metal. It is a fantastic way of painting with less mess. Acrylic and oil-based are the main types of paint markers suitable for labeling, urban art, and working on different surfaces.

The Best Markers for Plexiglass

1. Chalktastic Set of 8 Washable Chalkboard Markers for Kids

Chalkboard Markers for Kids - Chalktastic Set of 8...
  • Ideal for decorating any window, bistro board, or even back to...
  • These chalk markers for school wield the power of colored chalk...
  • Get creative! our versatile chalk pens have a reversible bullet...
  • Safe to use and easy to clean - these washable markers are...
  • Whether you're giving this chalk pen pack as a Christmas gift or...

Chalkstatic washable chalkboard markers are ideal for decorating different surfaces such as windows, bistro boards, school signs, glass, acrylic, ceramic, and whiteboards. I used them on several surfaces and found that they work well on non-porous surfaces.

In addition, you get the satisfaction of using chalk without the smudge or smear that comes with it. All I needed to clean the chalk markers was a damp piece of cloth.

These are the ideal pens for any artist, thanks to the reversible bullet and chisel tips that ensure your lines are specific and smudge-free. I dont fancy myself as an artist, but I am a to-do list freak. So I always write my to-do list on my acrylic board daily. I also have an acrylic board next to my fridge for my grocery shopping.

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I like this set of chalk pens because they are non-toxic and odorless, so you can let your little one use them to practice drawing or writing. They are also easy to clean, so every day is a new day for your little one to try something new.

This pack of chalk pens is a thoughtful gift for all your artistic friends, teachers, or nieces and nephews. They are practical, easy to use, and price friendly, so you dont have to break the bank while buying your loved ones gifts.


  • Safe to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It comes in assorted colors.
  • Ideal for different non-porous surfaces.
  • Versatile since it features a reversible bullet and chisel tip.


  • They are not waterproof.

2. Artistro 42 Acrylic Paint Pens

Acrylic Paint Pens - 42 Acrylic Paint Markers - Extra...
  • HIGH QUALITY: Artistro acrylic paint pens are made with...
  • EXTRA FINE TIP: The 0.7mm tip on each paint pen is perfect for...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Use paint markers for canvas, as wood paint pens,...
  • GIFTABLE: Use these paint pens for wood DIY projects, or use the...
  • NON-TOXIC: Each paint marker conforms to US and EU safety...

Artistro offers the best acrylic paint pens on our list. They are 42 different high-quality, long-lasting water-based Italian ink paint markers. They are ideal for lettering, decorating, labeling, and highlighting, thanks to the 0.7mm tip.

I would categorize these acrylic paint markers as multi-purpose because I tried using them to paint canvases, draw on rocks, metal, wood, acrylic, resin terracotta, and whatever surface you can think of, and they sufficed. Hence they are suitable for kids, pros, and beginner artists.

Image Credits:

These acrylic paint pens are non-toxic since they adhere to US and EU safety standards. Moreover, you will see that the paint is mixed thanks to the transparent anti-roll barrel in each paint pen.


  • Well pigmented, no mess acrylic pens.
  • The pack has a wide array of colors.
  • Easy to use the product.
  • Ideal gift for artists.
  • Price friendly.


  • You have to shake it well before use; otherwise, it is not pigmented.

3. White Permanent Paint Pens

Permanent Paint Pens White Markers - 2 Pack Single...
  • 【Premium Quality】We fill each marker with 5ml of premium...
  • 【Multipurpose】These wonderful paint pens can be used on...
  • 【Durable】The medium round nib allows smooth and precise...
  • 【Individual Package】Each marker is packed in a separate heat...
  • 【Purchase Without Risk】Every product is independently tested...

I like these permanent paint pens because each acrylic paint pen comprises premium oil-based Japanese ink that is non-toxic. Moreover, I could utilize them on glass, metal, canvas, fabric, acrylic, ceramic, and rock. In short, it is suitable for numerous surfaces.

Permanent means that they are oil-based, waterproof, not transparent, and quick drying. This is the ideal combination for any artist.

Image Credits:

These permanent acrylic markers are suitable for kids and adults thanks to the medium round nib that guarantees a smooth and precise application. Perfect for your DIY, coloring, and journaling projects.

I will give the manufacturer props for packing each marker in heat shrink film that prevents leakage during transportation. Talk about thinking about the customer!


  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It is easy to use and permanent.
  • Multi-purpose acrylic paint marker pens.
  • No leakages during transportation as it comes sealed in plastic.
  • Smooth and precise application thanks to the medium round tip.


  • It requires a couple of coats for full coverage.

4. Beric 12-pack Premium Paint Pens

Premium Paint Pens by Beric 12 pack, Oil-based Paint...
  • WEATHER RESISTANT ink means your project will look great long...
  • MUTI-PACK BOX comes with 12 different colors to give your project...
  • WRITES ON MOST SURFACES - wood, metal, plastic, canvas, glass,...
  • COLORS INCLUDED – Black, white, yellow, blue, green, red, pink,...
  • TESTED AND CERTIFIED for quality workmanship that provides peace...

The Beric paint pens made it on our list because they are weather resistant and thus perfect for all your artistic ventures. This pack has 12 vibrant colors, perfect for your creative project. Don't feel left out if you have no artistic bone in you. I found these pens useful when organizing and labeling items such as household tools in my garage.

Image Credits:

Additionally, they are limitless since I could use them on several surfaces, including plastic, wood, and canvas. I am keen on buying environmentally friendly products; these paint markers didn't disappoint me. They are also pocket-friendly gifts for your loved ones.


  • The pens have rich, vibrant colors.
  • They work on multiple surfaces.
  • Perfect gift for your loved ones.
  • They glide on smoothly.
  • They are non-toxic.
  • Affordable.


  • Some pens leak during transportation.

5. Sakeyr Liquid Chalk Marker Pens

Liquid Chalk Markers Pens - 12 Colors Washable & Wet...
  • HIGH QUALITY LIQULD MAKERS: Are you looking for unusual chalks...
  • REVERSIBLE BULLET & CHISEL TIP: Every liquid chalk markers comes...
  • EASY TO ERASE: SAKEYR chalk pens for chalkboard erasable, it's...
  • BRIGHT NEON CHALK PEN: SAKEYR provides you set of 12 vibrant...
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION: Use chalkboard markers on menu boards...

When purchasing a product, quality is very important. So imagine how pleased I was to discover that these liquid chalk marker pens are high quality and glide smoothly on numerous non-porous surfaces without the typical streaks of dry-erase markers.

Additionally, they are suitable for adults and kids because they are dust-free, quick-drying, pigmented, and non-toxic. Each liquid chalk marker has a durable and reversible bullet and chisel tip perfect for graphics or writing on acrylic boards, whiteboards, glass, or whatever non-porous surface you have in mind.

Image Credits:

These chalk pens are ideal for kids practicing writing since they are water-based and easy to erase with a wet paper towel or piece of cloth. With these well-pigmented neon chalk pens, you can keep your toddler occupied for hours.


  • Easily to erase.
  • They are non-toxic and kid-safe.
  • Well pigmented solid neon colors.
  • Glide smoothly without any streaks.
  • Perfect for DIY or drawing projects thanks to the reversible tip.


  • They are difficult to wipe off.

How to Choose the Best Markers for Plexiglass

1. Application

Image Credits:

The best markers for plexiglass are easy to manipulate and glide smoothly on various surfaces. There is no wastage when compared to using paint brushes. They are also well pigmented and have good coverage.

2. Surfaces

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The best acrylic paint markers work on porous and non-porous surfaces, aside from the chalk markers ideal for non-porous surfaces.

3. Non-toxic

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Global warming is real, so let's try to save our planet as best as we know. For instance, always make sure to buy non-toxic or environmentally friendly products.

4. Type of Tip

Another factor to consider is the type of tip the marker has because it affects the overall performance. For example, chisel and bullet are the best types of tips for an acrylic sheet; however, the project is yours, so your get to determine what works for you.

For example, chisel tips are preferred for calligraphy or lettering, while bullet tips are best for coloring or writing. On the other hand, fine tips are ideal for doodling and taking notes.

5. Affordable

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Buying the best plexiglass markers does not mean you have to break the bank. On the contrary, all our recommendations are price friendly so that you can afford them. However, don't let me limit you. If you are enthusiastic about markers, then buy what makes you happy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Chalk vs. Acrylic vs. Permanent Paint Markers

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Liquid chalk and acrylic paint markers are water-based, while permanent markers are alcohol-based. On the other hand, acrylic markers are durable with a water-resistant finish, while chalk markers are erasable. However, permanent markers are permanent on most surfaces.

Image Credits:

Acrylic and permanent markers work on all surfaces, while chalk markers only work on non-porous surfaces such as mirrors. While all these markers dry quickly, only chalk markers are easy to erase. However, with permanent markers, you have no margine for error.

Image Credits:

The project you are about to embark on determines the type of marker to use. For example, acrylic and permanent markers are ideal if you want a long-lasting finish. However, if you create windows or art signs, go for chalk markers.

2. Does Plexiglass Yellow in the Sun?

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Sunlight has a disastrous effect on most plastic; however, acrylic or plexiglass is made of natural gas and is thus inert when in solid form. Therefore, it doesn't don't yellow when exposed to sunlight.

3. Why is Plexiglass Prefered to Glass?

Image Credits:

Plexiglass is more durable compared to glass. That is, it has 3 times more impact resistance when compared to glass. It is also stronger, lighter, and easier to form.

4. Are Permanent Markers Permanent?

Image Credits:

You can remove permanent markers from surfaces such as plastic using rubbing alcohol, dry eraser markers, or hair sprays. Additionally, you may also be interested in how to remove light and deep scratches on plexiglass.

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Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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