Best Mini Projector for iPhone to Fit in Your Pocket

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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A projector is a device for casting an image from a device like a phone to a screen for a larger viewing experience. Projectors for iPhones are catered towards the iPhone ecosystem, making it easier for anyone who owns an iPhone to enjoy gaming, movies, presentations, and more.

I have enjoyed using projectors, and here is the best mini projector for iPhone I have sampled over time.

Best Mini Projector for iPhone

1) AuKing Mini Projector

AuKing Mini Projector 2022 Upgraded Portable...
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The AuKing mini projector for iPhone is a great buy because it has built-in speakers and is made for big-screen entertainment. The projector is affordable and the most reviewed in big online stores, smashing the standards set by other mini projectors and getting ahead of the pack.

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With a 55000 lamp life, the AuKing mini projector is a great pick. Furthermore, the projector has low noise and connects to different devices. AuKing has a bright lamp that gives great image quality, making movies and games more enjoyable.


  • Portable mini projector
  • 2-year warranty
  • Low noise
  • Long lamp life
  • Full HD resolution with 1080 supported
  • Supports HDMI, VGA, USB, TF Card, AV, and TV Box


  • Wired connection only

2) ELEPHAS Mini Projectors

Mini Projector, ELEPHAS Portable Projector for iPhone...
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ELEPHAS has the most portable mini projector on the market as it can fit in the pocket, making it the most convenient buy I have ever made. I no longer have to think about where to pack the projector when traveling.

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ELEPHAS is a projector for iPhone and can connect via an HDMI port or a wireless connection to the phone or Macbook. The projector has a built-in speaker and is great for small rooms.


  • Easily portable
  • Compact mini projector
  • Great for many devices, including gaming consoles
  • Affordable


  • WiFi is required for a wireless connection, and a USB-C or HDMI adapter for Mac.

3) TOPVISION Mini Projector

Mini Projector, TOPVISION 4000LUX Outdoor Movie...
  • 👍【Fast Connection Via WiFi or USB cable】This mini...
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As the name suggests, TOPVISION is the projector I use when I have guests or company. A few projectors can compare to TOPVISION mini projectors because of their fast connection via USB or Wi-Fi. Screen mirroring is an option that not many other projectors have, but you will find it in this projector for iPhone.

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TOPVISION will connect to any device, which is why I bought it. As a result, I can use the projector for presentations in school without worrying about what device I will be projecting from.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Full HD resolution
  • Adjustable focus and keystone
  • Great picture quality
  • Advanced cooling system
  • Affordable portable mini projector


  • Not small enough for the pocket

4) Vamvo Mini Projector

Vamvo Mini Projector for iPhone, Video Projector Full...
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I bought this projector because it is compatible with the TV stick, which most mini projectors lack. Even the best portable projectors find it hard to incorporate this feature in their projectors. Vamvo is a portable video projector and a powerhouse regarding image quality. The contrast, resolution, and brightness work together for the best viewing experience.

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  • Connect with Chromecast, PlayStation, TV stick, and more devices
  • Portable movie projector
  • Best mini projectors for long throw projection
  • Built-in speaker


  • Wired connection only

5) AKASO Mini Projector

AKASO Mini Projector, Pocket-Sized DLP Portable...
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With a remote control, built-in batteries, a stereo speaker, and a compact size, AKASO is the projector for iPhone that stays in my bedroom. AKASO feels like a phone and is not bulky when moving around or using it.

Image Source:

AKASO has a vibrant image quality that many mini-projectors lacks. In addition, unlike traditional projectors, AKASO has multiple connectivity options and is the best option for use on multiple devices.


  • Lightweight
  • Good brightness output
  • Small size
  • Great projection distance
  • Connect to a gaming console


  • Streaming services can not be mirrored or screen shared from the projector.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mini-Projector for iPhone

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Buying a projector for my iPhone was not as straightforward as I thought it would be. I would have bought any projector, but I wanted the best experience when watching or gaming on my iPhone. Here are the things I prioritized when buying my iPhone projector.

a) Price

The price range is the first thing I look at to avoid wasting time looking at projectors outside my range, either on the lower or the upper limit. There are a lot of good and affordable projectors like the ones I have listed above. As long as the projector for iPhone fits my requirements, I would be good to go.

The best portable projector is the one that fits my needs properly. I do not need to break the bank to find such a projector.

b) Portability

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I will rather buy a TV screen if it is not a portable mini projector. Whenever I travel, I enjoy bringing my mini projectors to different places, including the bedroom and hotels. The projector must fit in your bag without feeling like another load.

While most portable projectors come with their bag, small projectors should be able to fit in your bag without a hassle. Some projectors will fit in your jacket pocket, like the iPhone. This is where technology is headed, and we should embrace it.

c) Set-Up

I know that other "more important" features should precede the ease of setting up the iPhone to the projector, like the resolution. However, there is nothing more frustrating and pointless such as having a really good projector that is a pain to use. If the projector is hard to set up, I would rather watch or play games straight from my phone.

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Knowing other things, like how to screen-share using a projector, will come in handy too.

A good projector has the ecosystem to set it up like the stand. A good stand should be able to pan around to make balancing the projector a bit easier. Also, the feet of the stand should balance out in case I am using the projector outdoors.

Most iPhone projectors have a decent ecosystem for setting up, and you will not have a hard time with most.

d) External Speakers

I have never felt the need for an external speaker on a projector. I love the experience I get from the AirPods. Mini projectors do not have good enough speakers to compete with the AirPods. However, there are moments when an external speaker would come in handy. For example, when using the projector when I have company, I use the external speaker.

Built-in speakers add to the size of the projector, which is why I have something against a projector with speakers. If I can find another option, I would pass on projectors with built-in speakers.

e) Resolution

There are many things I can let a projector fall short on. However, the projector resolution is where I am most strict. Imagine going to a movie cinema only for them to screen a movie in 1080. I would be mad. Technology today has evolved to a point where we are experimenting with 8k. The minimum I would want my projector to have is HD or 1080 if I have no other choice. 4k would be nice.

Since I am using an iPhone, 1080 would be fine because the clarity does not reduce up to about 10 feet. I do not see a scenario where I must project a long distance from my phone. I would better get a larger projector for such a case.

f) Screen Throw

Screen throw is the projection distance between the iPhone and the screen. The best projector can handle throws of above 10 feet. However, I do not think I would need a larger throw than necessary.

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It is vital to remember that the throw will depend on the resolution. If the resolution is higher, I can experiment with long throws. There is a maximum throw for each resolution. There are projectors with an ultra-short throw for small rooms.

g) Screen Size

I am getting a projector because my iPhone screen is not large enough. Therefore, I try to look for a screen with decent real estate. A projector that can project images on the whole wall in high resolution would be the first one I would go for.

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The screen size in most projectors is adjustable, and the throw will determine the screen size after setting up. So be sure to check on the maximum screen size of the projector before buying it.

h) Brightness Output

Often confused with the resolution, the projector's brightness is one of the most important things I check in a projector. Whether the projector is gaming or a movie projector, I need the brightness to have a range I can work with.

Imagine watching a Batman movie with a dark color scheme on a projector with low lighting. I would rather go to sleep.

Image Source:

Brightness is measured in lumens. Other projectors refer to brightness as lux. Lumen is the amount of light the projector emits, which is not similar to lux. Lux is the amount of lux visible in normal conditions.

Two projectors can have the same lux, but the output will not be similar if the lumens are different. A projector with a higher lumen will be brighter than a lower one, even if the lux is similar.

The brightness output will determine when and where I can use the projector. If the brightness is too low, I can only use the projector at night, which is not ideal for me. However, even at night, a projector with a low light output would require me to turn off any ambient light source in the house. This could be better.

Brightness does not affect the video quality, only that you will not be able to see how good the image quality is when there is no light.

i) Battery Life

I prefer wireless screen mirroring or projectors because I can move around or use my phone. However, for this to be possible, the projector needs to have a built-in battery for it to function at all. The battery life is a big deal, especially when I am using the projector as an outdoor projector where a power source might be elusive.

A good projector with a long battery life means I can go out in the woods and watch a movie without a hassle. Some projectors have the eco mode to keep the battery going for longer.

j) Contrast Ratio

Contrast is the range between the darkest and the brightest pixel. Different contrast options depend on what you are doing with the projector, including gaming or watching movies. The higher the contrast ratio, the crisper the image. A contrast ratio of about 1000:1 is the minimum contrast ratio I would go for.

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The contrast ratio will be handy when watching during the day or with ambient lighting on. The blacks are darker, and the whites are brighter, adding to the range of colors you can see clearly.

k) Keystone Correction

There are moments when getting the projector and the screen to cooperate is a nightmare. During those moments, keystone correction works like magic. For example, I would not watch a movie with a tilted screen. That is quite uncomfortable.

Keystone correction ensures that the picture on the screen is balanced in all aspects. For example, say you have a tilted screen. The keystone correction would help you achieve a good picture.

l) Connectivity

Some projectors use a USB or HDMI port for connectivity, while others are wireless. There is a huge advantage of having a wireless projector over a wired one. However, a wireless connection might drain the battery faster than a wired connection for both the projector and the phone. A Bluetooth projector is less messy when connecting than using wires to connect to the projector. I can mount a wireless projector to the ceiling easily.

m) Lamp Life

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How long should a projector last you once you have made a purchase? A projector with a longer lamp life is preferable to a short one. Projectors today have good fan cooling technology to keep the lamp life longer than in the past.

n) Remote Control

A remote control will distinguish between comfort and a not-so-fun movie night. In addition, a remote control ensures you keep the perfect seating position you have already achieved.

o) Focus

It is easier to achieve focus on a projector with manual focus dials. These dials ensure that you can achieve focus once you have set the projector on a surface without moving it around.

Final Thoughts

Buying a portable projector for a mobile device has never been as confusing as it is today because of the many options in the market. However, once you check your list of requirements, you will gravitate toward the right projector for your iPhone.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.