Best Outdoor Floodlights

Best Outdoor Floodlights for Landscape and Security Purposes

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The best outdoor floodlights are light fixtures that are strategically designed to illuminate your outdoor space; this includes your front porch, driveway, backyard, patio, and wherever else you need the light. Typically, they're powered using strong LED lightbulbs, and most flood lights have high visibility, are weather-resistant and have motion sensors for security purposes.

In addition to security and lighting your path as you walk from the car, outdoor flood lights help accentuate an enchanting landscape design and are a great way to spruce up your outdoor parties and events. They can be easily installed on exterior walls, eaves, and other outdoor layouts.

In most cases, the best outdoor security flood lights come equipped with infrared night vision, motion sensors, which also helps eliminate the need for a remote. And depending on the model, an outdoor flood light could also double as a security camera. 

What Are the Types of Outdoor Flood Lights?

a) Solar Flood Light

Solar lights are powered using the sun's energy. With this form of energy, you'll never have to worry about changing the batteries on your outdoor solar lights. The installation also comes pretty easy since you won't have to wire anything into your home electrical system. 

The major drawback here is the fact that they need to be installed where the sun can charge up the solar panel, which may limit where you place the light heads. Also, if the sun didn't charge these flood lights enough during the day, the light could be a little dim. 

b) Battery-powered Flood Light

These outdoor flood lights give you the most freedom on where you can install the lights. The fact that they're battery-powered means that they aren't limited by your home wiring system or the availability of the sun. The major benefits include the fact that they are affordable and provide consistent performance. However, you'll incur recurrent expenses from maintaining and buying new batteries every once in a while. 

c) Hard-wired Flood Light

Depending on your home wiring system, these should be the most reliable flood lights since they're hard-wired into your electrical system. In addition, with the best outdoor flood lights, you can choose high-performance security lights that come with advanced security features such as a motion sensor, light sensor, etc. These features can also be integrated into your home's smart systems for the easy programming and control of your outdoor flood lights. 

The caveat here is that they're relatively the most expensive to purchase and the hardest to install, so you may need a professional electrician to install them, therefore adding to the overall expense. Additionally, they can be a little pricey to run. 

Which led floodlights are better?

Here are the best outdoor flood lights reviewed.

1. Enbrighten 2-in-1 LED Motion Sensor Flood Security Light - Best for the Backyard

Enbrighten 2-in-1 LED Outdoor Flood Security Sensor,...
  • AMAZING! 2-IN-1 SUPER BRIGHT motion security light and EVENING...
  • ACCENT LIGHT: You choose how the accent light operates. First,...
  • MOTION SECURITY LIGHT: You choose your security settings. First,...
  • EASY TO MOUNT 2-STEP INSTALLATION: Choose your location, wall or...
  • ALL-WEATHER RELIABILITY: UL certified for wet locations, UV...

The Enbrighten LED outdoor flood light is motion-activated to detect movement, so it doubles as a security light and nighttime accent for your home. On security mode, these LED lights detect motion and have a super-bright illumination as a security light. Enbrighten motion sensor flood lights allow you to choose the detection range and the duration you want it to stay on after it detects movement.

You also get different light temperatures in the accent mode to complement your exterior landscape or provide the ambiance you'd need for a special occasion. It's a weather-resistant light fixture that can withstand different weather conditions, making it particularly great outdoors. Thanks to the built-in LEDs, you don't need to worry about replacing bulbs as opposed to if you were using the standard bulbs.

These LED security lights come with options that include; whether to remain on always, turn on only when it detects movement, or light up from dusk till dawn. In addition, it has an easy installation process that can be mounted on any wall or eave in dark areas. It also comes with the hardware needed to install the lights.

Key features:

  • Power source: Hard wired
  • Style: 3-head
  • Specifications: Motion-sensor, Dawn-to-dusk mode, multiple bulb color, adjustable positioning, timer settings, all-weather resistant, 70-foot motion detection, wall/eave mountable


  • Durable 2-in-1 LED outdoor flood light
  • Gives customizable options including; accent light operation, light temperature, accent light time, security settings, dawn mode
  • Best LED security light for the backyard
  • Easy 2-step installation
  • Made from die-cast aluminum body
  • All-weather resistant


  • Bulbs cannot be replaced

2. eufy Security Camera Flood Light- Best Outdoor Security

eufy Security Floodlight Camera, 1080p, No Monthly...
  • Time to Upgrade Your Floodlights: Traditional floodlights offer...
  • Drop-in Anytime in 1080p: Live-stream and record in full 1080p HD...
  • No Hidden Costs: Designed to protect your home as well as your...
  • Turn Night Into Day: 2,500-lumen super-bright motion-activated...
  • Smart Siren: A harsh warning for any intruders. A high-volume...

The eufy security camera and LED floodlights come with a 1080-p camera that helps keep a watchful eye on your property by sending live video streams to the connected smart device. Unlike other lights, it's easier to operate with features such as timers, alerts, motion detection, sirens, and brightness, etc., all from an intuitive, user-friendly app.

When triggered, all the important events are recorded and saved in its internal 4GB storage drive. As a result, it doesn't have any extra hidden costs, unlike other security cameras that come with monthly subscriptions for external data storage.

With the storage limitations, ensure that you regularly delete unwanted videos to have enough storage when needed. With 2,400 lumens of brightness, it serves great as an outdoor security light.

Key features:

  • Power source: Hard wired
  • Style: 2-head
  • Specifications: Security 1080p camera, no monthly fees, 2500 Lumens, all-weatherproof, Built-in AI, non-stop power


  • Enhanced security with advanced surveillance, motion sensor, human detection, 2-way real-time communication via audio, etc
  • Full 1080p HD live-stream and record that lets you drop in anytime
  • No extra hidden costs for data storage
  • Extra bright light 2,500-lumen motion-sensor LED flood lights
  • High-volume smart siren
  • Connects to either Alexa or Google Assistant
  • IP65 weatherproof rating


  • Wi-fi range is quite short
  • Smart siren is not compatible with HomeBase

3. Lithonia OFTH 300PR 120 P WH-M12 Adjustable Twin PAR Holder Flood light - Best Budget Pick

Lithonia Lighting OFTH 300PR 120 P WH-M12 Adjustable...
  • Ideal for focused illumination for outdoor use in residential...
  • Made from high quality materials, these Incandescent lights are...
  • Has an option for a dusk to dawn sensor to be built in, and will...
  • The tool-free adjustable heads for up/down and side-to-side,...
  • Rugged, weather and rust resistant die-cast aluminum canapy

If you're a little cash-strapped, this is an affordable and durable pick by Lithonia outdoor security light. The adjustable twin flood lights are great when you need to illuminate driveways, backyards, walkways, and front porches without denting your bank account.

The adjustable floodlights are strategically designed with a side-to-side aiming to help shine a bright light on those tricky dark areas. Other than using energy-conserving sensors, they also turn on at dusk and go off at dawn. Unfortunately, the light bulbs are not included.

Key features:

  • Power Source: Hard wired
  • Style: 2-head
  • Specifications: Adjustable lamp heads, weather-/rust-resistant exterior,  automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor


  • Quite affordable
  • Most ideal for focused illumination
  • High quality
  • Built-in automatic option for dusk-dawn sensor
  • Allows light to be focused in dual directions
  • Rugged, weather/rust resistant
  • Easy to install with adjustable light heads


  • Light bulbs that are needed are not included

4. Leonlite LED Security Flood light - Best with Sensor

LEONLITE LED Security Light, Motion Sensor Flood Lights...
  • ✅ High-quality Motion Sensor: Equipped with superior motion...
  • ✅ Triple Operation Modes: ON TIME mode allows manual control of...
  • ✅ Durable and Lasting: IP65 waterproof rating ensures the...
  • ✅ Energy Saving: 86.7% energy and costs saving by replacing...
  • ✅ Reliable Quality: This ETL listed product meets all...

The Leonlite LED security lights are both bright (with 150-watt bulbs), highly sensitive, wide-coverage and adjustable motion sensor, which can detect movement at least 70 feet away. So you can be sure that these LED lights will keep your home both well-lit and secure.

For optimal coverage, it comes with malleable, waterproof and corrosion-resistant flood light heads that can rotate 360° while the adjustable knobs are serrated at 180° to help them stay in place. In addition, users get plenty of customizable timer settings, including Automatic, Manual mode, and Dusk-to-dawn.

Key features:

  • Power Source: Hard wired
  • Style: 2-head
  • Specifications: Wide-coverage motion detection, high waterproof rating at IP65, corrosion-resistant, 360° rotating heads, multiple timer/light settings. 


  • Highly sensitive and superior motion sensor compared to other security lights
  • Triple operation mode Durable construction
  • Weather-resistant with IP65 waterproof rating
  • Outstanding lifespan of roughly 50,000 hours
  • Energy-saving operation at 86.7%
  • Meets all the regulatory requirements to help ensure safe operation and superior quality


  • Doesn't come with tools you'll need for installation

5. Ring Cam Wired Pro Flood light-Best Camera

Introducing Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro with Bird’s...
  • 1080p HD security camera with motion-activated LED floodlights,...
  • Upgraded with advanced security features like improved noise...
  • Pinpoint motion with 3D Motion Detection to get accurate...
  • Enjoy a reliable connection with dual-band (2.4 or 5.0 GHz) wifi...
  • Easily hardwire to the outside of your home and connect to wifi...

The Ring Cam wired pro flood light gives you a well-lit bird's eye view of your whole yard through its HD lens security camera. This is a smart pick that's controlled through a Ring smartphone app and able to detect motion using 3D technology. This level of technology gives you quite an accurate picture of your home while notifying you of any movement in real-time).

With a built-in security siren to ward off any intruders, you also get an Alexa or Amazon Echo compatibility that you can use to view footage and also use voice control options. Additionally, it has a two-way talk and audio option and many more security perks that come with the Ring Protect plan.

With this, you get to keep all of your recordings which allows you to view and also share everything that's happened within the last 60 days. Furthermore, this home security system is compatible with most smartphones, so you can control and see what's happening to form your phone from anywhere. 

Key features:

  • Power Source: Hard wired
  • Style: 2-head
  • Specifications: 3D motion sensor, Amazon Echo/ Alexa compatibility, real-time movement recordings and notifications, built-in security light siren


  • Real-time 3D motion-activated recordings and alerts on the Ring app
  • 2-way talk and audio+
  • Built-in 110 dB security light siren
  • Advanced security features such as improved noise reduction and a Bird's eye view operation
  • Reliable dual-band (2.4 or 5.0 GHz) Wi-fi connection
  • Ring protect plan to record, review, and share all videos and photos in the last 60 days
  • Compatible with Alexa or Amazon Echo


  •  Ring Protect plan subscription is sold separately

6. Lutec LED Motion Activated Triple-Head Flood light -Best for Driveway

LUTEC 3500 Lumen 45 Watt 45 LED Motion Activated...
  • 【Motion-Activated】 The wide sensing angle of 180 degrees...
  • 【360° adjustable Triple light heads】Adjustable heads provide...
  • 【THREE LIGHTING MODES】 Test Mode, Security Mode and Dusk to...
  • 【Flexible Application】The light’s excellent waterproof...
  • 【Quality assurance】LUTEC's 3-Year Warranty means we got you...

Thanks to the Lutec LED motion-activated flood light motion sensor's 62-foot coverage, and you get to cover a lot of ground with a 180-degree tilt that greets you as you pull into the driveway. In addition, the LED outdoor flood light's triple-bulb head is waterproof, can be adjusted 360 ° and produces 3,500 lumens of light.

This level of brightness makes these LED outdoor lights most ideal for late-night pickup basketball court games on your driveway and hangouts on your front porch. With 6 lighting modes, several manual timer settings, and automatic dawn-to-dusk turn on/off features, you get a highly customizable LED security light that brightly lights up your driveway. 

Key features:

  • Power Source: Hard wired
  • Style: 3-head
  • Specifications: 180° motion sensor detector, 360° adjustable heads, multiple lighting/timer modes, high waterproof rating, anti-glare light feature


  • Triple 360° adjustable light heads that automatically turn for a sizeable customizable coverage area
  • 6 lighting modes with an anti-glare light feature
  • High brightness for flexible use
  • Weather-resistant with IP54 waterproof rating
  •  4 modes of lighting time
  • D2D mode


  • Relatively low IP54 waterproof rating 

7. Onforu 2-Pack 100W LED Flood light Set - Best Put on Trees

Onforu 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light, Super Bright...
  • 【SUPER BRIGHT&ENERGY SAVING】100w LED Flood lights with 140...
  • 【UNIQUE ANTI-GLARE DESIGN】We adopt the bead surface design...
  • 【IP66 WATERPROOF】Made of Die-cast aluminum housing, the...
  • 【EFFICIENT COOLING】The floodlight is designed with a fin-type...
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】 You can easily install this exterior...

Equipped with 2 flood light heads for more coverage, the Onforu 100W LED flood light uses powerful LED bulbs that deliver a 5,000 lumens white light brightness. This white light is further optimized using anti-glare lenses. These waterproof- and shock-resistant LED flood lights to have an aluminum construction and advanced cooling system.

The cooling system works to balance the light distribution and improve the unit's lifespan. It can be tilted up to 180°, and thanks to its protective rim design, you don't have to worry about damaging the bulbs. With the brightness level, they are best put in the trees to shine down on your yard. Well worth every penny.

Key features:

  • Power Source: Hard wired
  • Style: 2-head
  • Specifications: Anti-glare lens design, adjustable beam angle, high IP66 waterproof rating, shock/vibration resistance, cooling system and protective rim


  • Unique anti-glare lens design
  • Weatherproof IP66 waterproof rating
  • Durable die-cast aluminum housing
  • Efficient cooling system with a fin-type heat sink that's also made of premium aluminum material for efficient dissipation of heat
  • The construction largely helps enhance its lifespan while helping avoid over-voltage and over-circuit
  • Easy installation process


  • No motion sensor

8. Otdair Solar Security Flood light -Best Solar Powered

Otdair Solar Security Lights, 3 Head Motion Sensor...
  • ☆ [ 118LED Bright 360° Rotable Spotlights ]: Otdair 3 head...
  • ☆ [ 2200mAh Eco-friendly Solar Power ]: Otdair solar motion...
  • ☆ [ IP65 Weatherproof Easy to Install ]: Solar secuirty lights'...
  • ☆ [ Long Time Working Time ]: Otdair solar security light has...
  • ☆[SPECIFICATIONS]:Solar Panel: 1.8W, 5.5V; Wattage: 8W; LED...

With a strong lithium battery, the Otdair solar security light gives you up to 30 hours of lighting on a full charge. Not only is this security light solar powered., but it also comes with dawn-to-dusk sensors, waterproof/ weatherproof properties, PIR sensor to pick up on body heat for accurate detection.

With solar power, you can get to breathe a little when it comes to your electric bill. Thanks to the strategically placed, rotatable 3-bulb design, it gives a 270° angle coverage that will give you a 30-second shine when something enters the 120° view angle.

Key features:

  • Power sources: Solar and battery-powered
  • Style: 2-packs of 3- head
  • Specifications: 270° light angle, weatherproof/ waterproof capability, 360° rotation that offers 30 hours of light on a full charge


  • Multiple-joint rotatable design
  • Independently adjustable 360° spotlights and solar panel
  • Eco-friendly 2200mAh solar power Weatherproof IP65 waterproof rating
  • Easy installation
  • Rechargeable built-in lithium battery (2200mAh) that ensures full charge when there's low sunlight
  • A dual-powered, solar and rechargeable lithium battery that can last 30 hours of night use


  • No motion sensor

9. Amico 3-Head LED Security light - Best Weatherproof

Amico 3 Head LED Security Lights with Motion Sensor,...
  • Excellent Brightness & Energy Saving: LED units output 40W, 4000...
  • Quick and Simple Installation: The installation is very easy,...
  • Bring Safety to Your Home: Our LED Security lights can turn on...
  • IP65 Waterproof: The durable and weatherproof design ensures...
  • 3 Mode Control: "Motion Detection" detects track ambient motion...

If you're in search of a heavy-duty flood light, this Amico model is your best bet. With an impressive waterproof rating, it comes in a durable aluminum exterior that's scratch-resistant with a tempered glass cover. The bulbs are also enclosed to protect them from natural elements.

Thanks to an efficient, corrosion-free cooling and heat distribution, they're built to last. In addition, the wide-sized bulbs give you a relatively more extensive coverage and can be rotated, while the flood light's motion sensor detects movement at least 75 feet away.

Key features:

  • Power source: Hard wired
  • Style: 3-head
  • Specifications: waterproof, heatproof and weatherproof design, broad coverage and motion sensor detection, with multiple timers and motion sensor modes


  • Excellent brightness
  • Durable, heavy-duty construction
  • Energy-saving operation
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Durable IP65 rating waterproof, heatproof and weatherproof design making it a great LED security light
  • 3 mode control that includes; Motion detection to activate lighting and detect track ambient motion; Dusk to Dawn (D2D) mode that automatically lights in the dark and turns off at daytime; Always-ON mode, which sets the D2D and TEST together and manual controls by a light switch


  • It can only be mounted between 3-13 ft

How Do You Choose the Best Outdoor Floodlights?

A) What’s the Coverage Area?

The light you install should have a large enough illumination area for efficient lighting. Always check the radius and distance that the flood light can illuminate, and this will tell you whether you'll need one light or multiple sets.  Some LED flood lights come with more than one light head and are adjustable, making it ideal for you to customize how you want the light to illuminate your property. 

B) What’s the Durability?

The flood lights will remain outdoors throughout the year, which means they need to be durable enough to withstand harsh climates and changing temperatures. Always look for light housing that's also highly rated waterproof to prevent water leakage that could cause a short. 

These lights should also have a temperature rating which helps you know the hottest and coldest temperatures that the flood lights can operate in. 

C) Is it An All-in-one Security System?

 With the right customization options, the best outdoor motion detector flood light can detect movement and form an entire security system. Motion detection is a popular common feature that comes with most. Motion sensor flood lights will help deter criminals and nosy neighbors, but for a higher level of security, you'll need flood lights that are also equipped with cameras and alarms.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Outdoor Floodlights

1. What is the best wattage for outdoor flood lights?

LED flood lights come in wattages that range from 15 -400 watts. If you want to flood your lawn with plenty of light, then select lighting that accommodates bulbs with  80 wattages or higher. 100 watts and higher bulbs are most appropriate for institutions, pedestrian areas, parking lots and roadways.

2. How many lumens are needed to light up the driveway?

Lumens are units used to measure light. You can use lumens to help you determine how powerful the lights are and need to be. For example, outdoor lighting needs at least 50 lumens for low background light and at least 2400 lumens for ample lighting on your driveway or security lights.

3. How high should the flood lights be?

Flood light cameras work best at least 9 feet above ground level with a motion sensor that's parallel to the ground. Your flood light cam can cover a more comprehensive visual area and capture HD videos from this level. When the flood light is mounted too low, it reduces the Optimal Motion Zone.

4. Do LED flood lights use more electric power?

In fact, LEDs use much less energy compared to incandescent bulbs since diode light is much more power-efficient than filament light. LED bulbs use 75+% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. Bright LED flood lamps only use 11-12 watts for light output that can be compared to a 50-watt incandescent bulb.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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