Best Router Table Fence for Accurate and Precise Woodworking

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Whether you are an experienced woodworker or just starting out, you understand that getting the best router table fence is essential to your operation. A good router table is great for furnishing different carvings, cuts, and joints as you work with stock.

A good router table fence will allow you to maintain a shape on your working stock and enable you to make precise cuts. You can also use a router table fence to control the router bit's performance and other operations such as carving, milling, sawing, and more.

We've selected for you the best models in the market that are lightweight, high-quality, durable, and resistant to rust. So let's have a look.

1. Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence

Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence
  • The fence adjusts easily with just one hand, and locks firmly in...
  • A large paddle lock on the infeed end, and a quarter-turn lock on...
  • Features a measuring scale that allows you to position the fence...
  • Precision measuring system with micro-adjust

The Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence has a unique singular side design that makes it a universal router table fence. Once you ensure that your router table ranges from 0.25 to 1.5-inches, you're good to use this Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence. One thing that you'll love about this router fence is that you have extra control of the operation.

The extra control is thanks to the fact that you can adjust it single-handedly. This hassle-free fence comes with two locks for added security. The wide paddle lock is at the end of the infeed. The other quarter-turn locking mechanism is at the end of the outfeed.

These two locks keep this Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence from abruptly springing outwards. This locking mechanism also prevents any kickbacks during operation. The name of these router table fences is derived from the fact that they have a T-shape.

The customizable measuring scale is equipped with a micro-adjustor wheel. You can thank the brilliant designers for this addition. You can use this scale to position the fence perfectly and get precision adjustments. In addition, these router table fences are anodized to give them extra strength. You will enjoy using this aluminum router fence and the balance it brings.


  • Has user-friendly lock systems
  • You can work with one hand
  • Has a dust port for wood chip collection
  • Ensures high-quality output
  • Comes as a universal router table fence
  • Very durable thanks to the anodized aluminum construction


  • Works better with additional tools
  • Short bolts on the adjustable head affect proper adjustment

2. Taytools 300015 Deluxe Router Table Fence

Taytools 300015 Deluxe 32 Inches Long Router Table...
  • Made from 3/8 inch thick precision straight extruded anodized...
  • Fence faces are made from smooth melamine coated MDF and are...
  • The outfeed fence face can be shimmed out either 1/32 inch or...
  • T tracks on the top and front accommodate a wide range of...
  • Spacing range for adjustment knobs is 6-1/2 to 10-3/4 inches or...

Our second pick is a routing table fence that has all the conventional features you need. The rugged aluminum construction and 32-inch length make these router table fences sturdy and long-lasting. The manufacturing process of this table fence ensures that the metal won't bow or bend with changes in the humidity levels.

The technology used to make these router table fences is top-notch. The face of this fence is made of (Medium Density Fiber) MDF boards that are plated with melamine. You can adjust these faces with the four knobs that come at the back.

These knobs come already threaded for precision and convenience. You'll find that the outfeed fence face comes with a shim system for your convenience. The alterable knobs on this router fence come with a spacing range of 6.5 to 10.75-inches for the diameter.

You can alter the position of this router fence from front to back using these adjustment knobs. If you want to increase the speed of your work, you can use these 4.5-inch long adjustment knobs that are at the rear to help you out with this.


  • Gives you a wide spacing range
  • You can alter the fence's position using the rear adjustment knobs
  • Good value for money
  • Comes with a bit guard for good precision
  • High-quality and durable
  • Comes with durable MDF fence faces that are melamine-plated


  • You need additional working bolts
  • Some fence faces may not align with router tables

3. JessEm 4010 Master Fence II

JessEm 4010 Master Fence II
  • Heavy duty aluminum extruded fence frame
  • Fully adjustable fence faces with quick locking knobs
  • Side mounted fence tracks with built in scales
  • Tool free fence adjustments
  • 1/32" and 1/16" shimming/offset bars standard

This Master Fence II is one of the most long-lasting router fences that you will come across. You can adjust this fence to fit your needs. The best part is that you don't require any additional tools to adjust them on your router table.

Made from industrial-grade aluminum, this frame has the amazing internal structural strength to last you for years. The fence faces are banded with MDF boards and have fast locking knobs for security. For precision at all times, this fence has integrated scales that are mounted on both ends.

The offset bars on this Master Fence II have an integrated storage board that makes offsetting much easier. If you have a 32 x 24-inch router table, this router fence will be perfect for you. You can comfortably adjust the fence to suit your router table.

The dust collection port on this fence conveniently collects all debris, dust, and chips. Another feature you'll like is the positive locking knobs.


  • The dust collection port keeps your workspace clean
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Compatible with various routers and router tables
  • Enhances accuracy with the side-mounted fences and measuring scales
  • Very effective


  • Doesn't come with a detailed instruction manual
  • May have incompatible clamping nuts

4. Woodpeckers Router Table Fence

Woodpeckers SF-36SINGLE Single Offset Router Table...
  • Used straight or offset
  • Easily turn your router fence into a jointer
  • Feather boards attach directly to the fence
  • Dust Collection port adapts to any 2-1/4 inch and 2-1/2 inch hose
  • Simple design ensures straight and parallel fence faces

This router table fence is 36 inches long and comes with an offset option. This purchase also includes joint rods, which means that you can use this fence as a jointer. Thanks to the offset option, you can micro-adjust it up to 0.25-inches.

The multiple T-slots on the vertical part of these fences make attaching other accessories that much easier. Some accessories that you can attach include stops and sub-fences. In addition, the fence faces on this router fence are created to be straight and parallel to each other. This design makes the use of this table fence kit all the more comfortable.

If your work requires you to make difficult cuts or cuts that are tricky to manage, get this fence. The innovative engineering in its design makes it suitable for these types of cuts. In addition, you can comfortably attach this fence to your best router table.

This innovative design also means that you can attach feather boards without having to use other tools. How convenient is that? The dust port is integrated into this design for your convenience. All the vertical and horizontal parts of this fence are created from aircraft-grade, extruded aluminum, making it lightweight and strong.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable and high-quality
  • Easy to attach additional tools
  • Has a strong base made of aircraft-grade, extruded aluminum
  • Easy to attach feather boards
  • The offset option has micro-adjustable capacities for convenience


  • Assembly instructions are not detailed

5. Peachtree Woodworking 32" L Table Fence

32" L Table Fence Pre-drilled By Peachtree Woodworking...
  • L Shaped aluminum ready to mount on the router table or other...
  • 32" Fence has two 1/4" slots for mounting & center hole cut out
  • Can mount on a drill press table, router table, band saw fence &...
  • Also available in 24" (Sold separately)
  • Can be used with all kinds of shop built jigs & tables

Our final pick is an affordable fence that is known as an L-shaped fence. This L-shaped fence is made from industrial-grade aluminum and is slotted and predrilled. You can then comfortably mount it on your router table with ease.

This L-shaped aluminum fence features a simple design that makes it easy to handle. The length of this heavy-duty fence is 32 inches, and it has dual 0.25-inch slots. The open rectangular-shaped slot in the middle of this Peachtree Woodworking fence adds to the convenient design.

The design of these Peachtree Woodworking solid aluminum fences means that you can easily mount them on the tabletop in various setups. Some of these setups include press tables, band saw fences, and router tables. The horizontal is 0.178-inches wide, and the vertical part is 0.183-inches thick.

You can use this best router table fence with other smaller accessories like jigs. The structural strength of this Peachtree Woodworking router table fence is very high.


  • Can be mounted with various setups
  • Has a durable construction
  • Can handle heavyweight operations
  • Has an innovative design
  • Can be used with other small accessories


  • May not be square enough

What Do You Look for in A Router Table Fence?

1. Construction

Several materials make a good router table fence, including extrusion aluminum, heavy-duty aluminum, magnetic fence, ferrous-cast fence material, and many more. The construction affects how durable your router table fence will be.

The construction of the fence also determines if it will be compatible with your router table. If you have ferrous-cast or steel router tables, getting a magnetic fence router table fence will be a great idea. However, a magnetic router table fence may not work on a DIY wood routing table.

Therefore, consider the compatibility of the router fence with the router table that you have.

2. Compatibility

As mentioned above, ensuring that the router table matches the table fence you want is important. Another form of compatibility is that your router fence is compatible with the other woodworking accessories that you have.

If you have a router that you often use, ensure that the router fence you choose is compatible. Also, the router bits that you use should work well with the best router table fence you are getting.

3. Features

Some extra features that you should ensure that your router table fence has included the following.

a). Dust Port

A dust collection port directly attached to the place where the dust and wood shavings are collected is essential. You'll find this in many router table fences. However, taking that extra effort to ensure that the one you want has it can go a long way.

An advantage of having this feature is that your workspace will always remain clean. All the wood shavings and dust from your work will land in this dust port.

b). Miter gauge and T-slot

For a precision cut that will leave you in awe, ensure that your router table fence has a Miter gauge & T-slot. This feature will also allow you to get an accurate setting.

c). Feather Board

The feather board is often used as a safety device. This feature keeps your wooden workpiece in place as you work with the routing bits.

d). Bit Guard

This feature holds your routing bit in place. The bit guard also presents you with a partially exposed surface for your workpiece.

e). Side Mounts

If you look at router table fence reviews, you'll see that many router fences come with this handy feature that many appreciate. In addition, the side mounts have appropriate knobs that enable you to fix the table fence to the router table.

However, if you choose to go with a magnetic router table fence, you'll find that it lacks these side mounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do you need a router table fence?

Whether it's a Woodpeckers SF 36single, a wood router fence, or any other fence on our list today, a good fence will improve your woodworking. If you don't have a template guide, having a good fence will allow you to shape your work for the final product.

You will experience incredible flexibility if you use one of these woodworking tools and sub fences. For example, using the right router fence can curve different profiles through a single bit or multiple bits. You can also reposition your workpieces to increase profile-cutting possibilities.

Different fences can handle various sizes of panels. Ensure you choose a material that suits the table that you have. The last advantage is that using a table fence will increase the quality of your output.

2. How do you operate the router table fence?

Whether you are using a wood router, a Woodpecker SF 36single fence, or any other on our list today, you need to know what to do. As you feed your stock to the rotating bit, ensure that you are feeding the job against the bit's rotation.

If your bit is rotating in an anti-clockwise direction, you can feed the job in the right to left direction. However, if you don't want to ruin your work, never feed it in alignment with the bit's rotation. The reason for this is that it will push your stick away, and your work will be ruined. 

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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