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Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Since 2021 has become the year for small businesses to thrive and work from home, you might want to bring your imagination to life through bags, customized apparel, or t-shirts using the best screen printing machine. So whether you are looking for a personal screen printing machine or want to set up a booming printing business that will attract customers from all over and get you huge profits, there is a screen printing kit suitable for you. Screen printing is a great and profitable option for anyone looking to start a small business. It has gained popularity thanks to the increase in demand for work and personal aspirations.

What Is A Screen Printing Machine?

A screen printing machine is a durable machine that will allow you to transfer designs or logos to bags, t-shirts, and hats, and the type of printing machine will ensure you get long-lasting prints. Screen printers use pressed ink through a stencil mesh and produce various designs on multiple fabrics, and they are also known as silk-screen printing machines.

Unlike a heat press machine, screen printing machines usually last longer, and they feature plenty of different features and prices. The great quality screen printing machines will offer you the necessary tools to help you turn blanks into beautiful art pieces, but there can be intense buyer confusion with plenty of options in the market.

To get more clear and brief information now that we know what a screen printing machine is, let's check out the best screen printing machines with their pros and cons and a guide to help you navigate the buying process.

1. Commercial Bargains NS101 Single 1 Color Station Silk Screen Printing Machine

Single 1 Color Station T-Shirt Silk Screen Printing...
  • Simple, but rational and more practical constructions
  • Table type and combination design saves place and convenient for...
  • This machine adopts full metal structure and all parts are...
  • Designed for one color T-shirt screen printing
  • Screen clamp can be moved up and down, which is suitable for...

Commercial Bargains NS101 is a single-color silk screen printing press meant for single-screen jobs and is quite straightforward, ensuring it does it well. With a metal design construction, the screen printing screens are built to stand the test of time, and it should be your choice, especially for making a high-quality t-shirt in large quantities.

Thanks to the small and compact size, the screen printing kit can be easily transported and stored. As a result, this machine will be exceptionally useful for people printing their shirts for recreational purposes at home. In addition, spring devices are designed with the screen adjusting up and down, making operating the machine very straightforward. This feature also helps to maintain the proper spring intensity avoiding the inks splashing and squeegees expelling.


  • It has a practical design for single-screen jobs and practical constructions.
  • Great quality monochrome prints
  • It gives you the best value for your money
  • All the parts have advanced electrostatic spraying, with all parts being stainless steel materials.
  • It can be easily transported


  • According to some screen printing machine reviews, some customers complained of missing parts.

2. Seeutek Screen Printing Press 4 Color 1 Station Silk Machine

Seeutek Screen Printing Press 4 Color 1 Station Silk...
  • ✅【High-Quality Material】The screen printing machine is made...
  • ✅【Removable Pallet and Bearing Design】Screen printing kit...
  • ✅【Adjustable Spring Device】The screen printing equipment is...
  • ✅【Wide Application】The screen printer can be used for all...
  • ✅【Quality Assurance】The silk screen printing machine comes...

Seeutek Silk Screen is a high-quality stainless steel printing machine that uses advanced electrostatic spray technology for an electroplating process that is not rusty yet durable. In addition, the screen printing kit includes a removable pallet that is adjustable, making the screen print more accurate and with a unique rotatable design that ensures a long-term stable operation of your screen printing press.

Seeutek Silk Screen Printing Machine comes with an adjustable spring device that you can use to adjust spring tension for frames of different weights that will maintain stability and balance. The printer is usable for all plain printing substrates, woven fabric, ceramic tiles, umbrellas, and backpacks, and it includes a blank white t-shirt that you can use for your practice.


  • It has an adjustable spring device that helps o adjust the tension
  • Includes a blank t-shirt to use for practice
  • The printer comes with a removable pallet and also a bearing design that makes print screening more adjustable.
  • A rotatable screen which can be rotated for fine adjusting
  • The machine is made of high-quality material.


  • Lacks other pallet sizes
  • It is only usable with one t-shirt board

3. INTBUYING Screen Printing Press T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine

INTBUYING Screen Printing Press T-shirt Screen Printing...
  • 𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐓𝐄𝐑:1 Color 1 Station; Printing...
  • 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐁𝐋𝐄...
  • 𝐖𝐈𝐃𝐄...

INTBUYING screen printer is an efficient and simple manual press machine that comes with one station, which you can use for single-color screen printing work. It is one of the smaller and compact screen printers, and it can be easily set up on any table and can be operated easily without needing any physical strength.

It includes screen clamps that can hold any screen frame under 5 cm thick, and the pallet is adjustable within a 12 cm distance; even though the machine is mainly for single color t-shirts, it can also work for multiple colors if you change up the top screen frame. However, it makes your screen printing process easier; it does not include a bracket but has screws that you can use to fix its platen and the screen frames to your machine.


  • The printing machine is suitable for beginners or for use in a hobby since it's efficient, small, and convenient.
  • It is easy to assemble on any tabletop.
  • The screen printing frame is moveable up and down
  • It can work with many materials making it versatile


  • It does not have instructions or manuals

4. VEVOR Screen Printing Machine

VEVOR Screen Printing Machine 4 Color 1 Station Screen...
  • Premium Material: Screen printer is made of high-quality material...
  • Table Type Design: The table type combination design saves space...
  • Sturdy Structure: The mechanical stress parts are precision...
  • Spring Device: The screen printing machine has two springs to...
  • Wide Application: Screen printing machines can be used for...

VEVOR Screen printing press machines are one of the best screen printing machines with four different platen stations, ensuring you can print on four separate pieces simultaneously. It is an all-metal construction that is made from rust-free, durable stainless steel. You can use the machine for several years with advanced electrostatic spray, even when performing regular production. Each platen is suitable for pillow covers, bed sheets, t-shirts, and tote bags, among other personal belongings.

Vevor screen printing machine will be used not only fabric, woven fabric, metal, leather, paper, ceramic, glass, wood, and anything on hard and flat surfaces can be printed on. It is an easy but lengthy process that would need technical knowledge, and it was designed so that it stays flat on the table for your operations and is convenient for transportation. In addition, the adjustable springs will allow an easy operation of the screen's thickness with two inches.


  • It has a removable screen clamp, and the screen clamp is suitable for thicker screen frames of less than 2 inches.
  • Non-rusting thanks to the stainless steel frame
  • Adjustable spring devices


  • The instructions can be confusing

5. Yudu Personal Screen Printer

Yudu Personal Screen Printer
  • Personal silk-screening system for apparel, home décor, and...
  • Includes printing machine, mesh screen, emulsion sheet, squeegee,...
  • Easy-to-use control panel operates printer's light, exposure, and...
  • With instructional DVD and user manual included; unplug printer...
  • Measures 32 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 11 inches high;...

Yudu Personal Screen Printers are one of the best printers for people who love decorating their working space or their home on holidays as it is easy to use to make logos, pictures, or posters. The screen printer gives an impressive shirt screen printing service showing your talent and creations in terms of design, and you can connect it to a computer and an inkjet printer. Unlike other screen printers in the list, this is automatic and features an easy-to-operate control panel that can control the printer's fan, light, and exposure.

The all-in-one personal silk screening machine is easy to use on fabrics and paper-based products, and it can be used for apparel, home decors, or any other minor projects. In addition, the printer includes other screen printing supplies such as mesh screens, squeegee, blank ink-jet transparency, emulsion sheet, platen adhesive, and a 2-ounce ink-black bottle. All these accessories allow you to start screen printing for your personal or small business immediately.


  • Easy for beginners to use
    Suitable for paper and fabric
  • It can print immediately with no major settings
  • Space-saving and portable screen printing machine
  • Easy to operate control panel button
  • Includes all the accessories needed for a t-shirt printing business


  • The dry component will take a long time to dry
  • The accessories are quite expensive
  • The instructions according to screen printing machine reviews are confusing.

6. Shzond Screen Printing Press

SHZOND Screen Printing Press 4 Color 1 Station Silk...
  • 4 color 1 station silk screen machine Platen size: 21.7” x...
  • Screen clamp can be moved up and down, which is suitable for...
  • The pallet is removable; It can be adjusted in every direction,...
  • The screen printing press can print onto clothing (especially for...
  • Suitable for small businesses and individual printing shop

Shzond is a 4-color one-station screen printing press machine with a platen size of 21.7 by 17.7 inches. The printer has a feature that most other printers do not have. The screen clamp can adjust up and down to accommodate any screen frame within a thickness of 1.8 inches. The pallet of the screen printer can adjust in any direction from left to right, forwards, backward, up, and down. The screen printer can print onto clothing made of most materials, especially t-shirts of any kind. You can further use the machine to print metals, woven fabric, paper, wood, copybook, circuit board, and other plain printing substrates. If you are a small shop owner venturing into the t-shirt printing business, then Shzond is the machine best suited for your needs.

Shzond screen printing machines have been made for convenience and practicality. The machine has a pallet that has been specifically designed for printing t-shirts. The feature saves you a lot of time and money that you would use to buy the extra accessories.


  • The screen printing machine features a screen clamp that can be adjusted in whichever direction, forwards, backward, up, and down.
  • The Shzond company has made the perfect screen printing machine for starting a t-shirt printing business because of the pallet designed specifically for printing t-shirts.
  • You can use the screen printer to print almost any material, including; wood, paper, copybook, metal, woven fabric, circuit board, and other materials.
  • The machine puts you ahead in the screen printing marketplace because it is portable and has a small counter footprint that can easily fit any tabletop.
  • Shzond is the right screen printing machine for a budget startup as you will not need to buy a lot of screen printing supplies to work on your projects.


  • Silk screening requires a lot of practice and creativity to execute perfectly on t-shorts that can successfully sell in the market.
  • The printing process involves using other products that need to be purchased separately, including; inks, UV light sources, material to be printed on, and other accessories.

7. Mophorn Screen Printing Machine

Mophon is a 4-color 1-station screen machine that can be done using simple DIY steps. The press silk screen has a removable pallet that gives space for other screen stencils to install. The machine has a sturdy build quality that delivers efficient printing when placed on a flat surface. The 1-station printing machine is used to design t-shirts, other types of apparel, wood, paper, copybook, mousepads, and other items. Apart from a removable pallet, the machine is made of an all-metal construction that is durable and easy to clean. The metal is rust-resistant and can withstand spillage without crumbling over time.


  • The screen printing machine is great for anyone who is starting a small t-shirt design business.
  • The machine is made of metal which can withstand stress and strain.
  • The machine is easy to clean and is rust-resistant.


  • The machine may be a bit challenging to install because of the parts that come disassembled.

8. Bestequip Screen Printing Press

If you want to start a screen printing business, the Bestequip screen printing machine is the right machine for you. The 2-station 4-color screen printing machine increases the number of t-shirts that can be printed simultaneously. The production process is increased two-fold in a manner that most screen printers can not achieve. The printer has been made with steel frames and wooden pallets. The body is easy to clean and is rust-resistant. You can use the machine to print on different materials, including wood, paper, t-shirts, copybooks, metals, and just about any material that can take a design on a flat surface.


  • The two-station screen printing machine increases the amount of production that can be done within a short period.
  • The screen printing machine is great for beginners as it is simple to use on a DIY basis.
  • You can use the printing press to design a variety of materials, including metal and copybooks.
  • The all-metal construction makes Bestequip a durable machine.


  • The machine needs screen frames for both stations for efficient and seamless production.
  • The two-station screen printing machine is larger compared to other machines in the market.

How Should You Remove Screen Printing From T-Shirts?

There are two ways you can remove the screen printing ink from t-shirts, and they include:

A). Using Chemical Solvents

There are chemical solvents such as rubbing alcohol, adhesive remover, or nail polish remover that will work quite well for removing your ink. Pour the solvent on the back of your design and not on top of them, then flip over to allow the chemical solvent to get soaked by the fabric and get the ink to peel.

B). Without Chemical Solvents

This method is suitable for rubber and vinyl material prints. You should place your t-shirt on a flat surface, damp your towel under it, and between the two t-shirts parts.

Put another wet towel directly above your design and heat the iron place with slight pressure over your damp towel until the ink starts to melt. Once your towel starts to sizzle and well dry to remove the iron from your towel. Scrape off all the ink using a knife and peel it with your fingers.

Things You Need To Know When Starting Screen Printing.

A) Screen Printing Ink

 Screenprinting ink is the ink used in the screen printing process to layout the designs and graphics. There are different types of inks. Plastinol ink is thick, versatile, durable, and provides clear and neat graphic detail. The ink is easy to mix and comes in different colors and shades to increase creativity and production ideas. The ink can stay on the screen printing press for longer periods without drying out and is thick enough to print multiple images without the need for refilling. The ink provides little gloss with a flat finish. It would help if you heated the ink to dry.

Water-based ink soaks into a fiber, unlike Plastinol, which stays on top of the fiber, giving the screen printing press design a softer feel compared to Plastinol. Water-based ink can be used by people of different skill levels and creativity without extensive training. Water-based ink, however, does not sit well on the screen printing frame as Plastinol does. The ink is the best option when you want to start screen printing on a beginner level.

Discharge ink is available both as Plastinol and water-based ink. The ink is popular for people working with pure cotton.

Before choosing the type of ink suited for your use, consider the environmental factors, prices, end goal, space restrictions, and application method.

B) Screen Clamps

Screen clamps are used to secure the screen onto the printer to achieve neat results. When buying a clamp, consider one made of durable stainless steel that can withstand spillage and chemicals. The clamps should be included in the all-in-one screen printing kit you get when you purchase.

C) Station

A station is a surface on which you print your material. Most printers have one station, while other screen printers have two stations. The more the stations, the faster the production process will be. The number of stations should make the buying process easier for you. A larger model screen printer is likely to have more than one station.

D) 1,2, Or 4-Color 

An image is separable into colors. Single color t-shirts need one stencil, while a four-color design will employ multiple stencils to layer one color on top of the other. You can find an eight-color screen printer in the market, which requires a higher skill level to use on the screen layer.

E) Printing Equipment

When making a purchase, you need to buy durable and reliable machines. Your screen printing kit needs to have thicker screen frames, squeegees, screen mesh, and pallets. The best screen printing machine will incorporate more than one station. Look for screen printing machine reviews to inform your decision before buying a screen printing press.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Screen Printing Machine

1. Durability

When choosing the best screen printing machine, one of the most important things to check on is the quality and build where you have to make a significant investment that you will use in the years to come. Ensure that the machine you invest in is durable and reliable, can withstand large volumes of jobs even with frequent use, and needs minimum maintenance and repair. Most people consider heavy machines to b more durable, but lighter materials don't mean bad quality and ensure the construction materials are durable, long-lasting, and strong.

2. Ease Of Machine Use

The effectiveness of the perfect screen printing machine might be affected by how easy it is to use it, and you can check this through the previous buyer's reviews. When looking for durable and reliable machines, opt for a design known for its ease of use. The right screen printing machine will also include a user manual and instructions for easy installation and use. Additionally, if you want a machine that will allow you to print multiple colors, then opt for rotational designs that will ensure you quickly and effectively print on multiple items without moving your machine too much.

3. Screen Printer Versatility

Some models will allow you to print one product at one, whereas others may print multiple products at a go. The versatility to look out for should depend on your needs, where for a big clothing commercial business, opt for the machine that will print on several items at a go. However, if dealing with small clothing, then a small and compact option will be perfect.

4. Size

The size of your machine is an important factor in helping you determine your final product purchase, but it depends on several factors. They include: what you plan to use it for, how much portability you need from your screen printer, and the space available for use. For example, a larger model screen printer will work perfectly for business or if you plan to work on large items, but a small machine will work fine for personal use or as a hobby.

5. Budget

The most expensive screen printing press machine might offer you better quality if you want returns from your machine. However, if you need a personal screen printer, you should opt for a compact screen printing kit, and it will help you save a lot of money.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Screen Printing Machines

1. How Much Space Is Needed For The Best Screen Printing Machine?

This depends on the machine; some screen printing machines are not larger than your regular printer, but some can be quite big. Most screen printing machines come with one color option and one small station, and the large machines have four or six stations that allow you to work with multiple colors at a go.

If you need a machine with multiple color options and stations for a home-based screen printing business, you will need a large space. However, if you are working with a few t-shirts at a go and using a single color, then a small machine will do.

2. What’s The Best Screen Printing Machine?

There are plenty of options in the screen printing marketplace, and the best screen printing press machine is one that will accommodate your needs fully. Notably, according to the above screen printing machine review, you can opt for one according to the purpose you need it for. Some printers we have not mentioned above include the 6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing Machine, Shzond screen printing press, Bestequip screen printing machine, and Mophorn screen printing machine.

3. How Do You Decide On The Station And Color Numbers?

This mostly depends on the T-shirt type you may want to print on, and if you are looking to print names or quotes on your fabrics, you will only need one station with one color option. However, for the colorful designs, you can opt for a machine that comes with two or three screen filters for t-shirt printing.

4. Are Most T-Shirts Screen Printed?

The popular screen printing machines are one way of printing T-shirts because it usually produces durable, long-lasting and time-saving results. In addition, screen printing will provide a high-quality output than any other digital print, and more so, apart from t-shirts, it can be used on other printing materials.

Ian Mutuli

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Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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