Best Shower Curtain Rod for Bathroom Safety and Privacy

Best Shower Curtain Rod for Bathroom Safety and Privacy

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The best shower curtain rod is monumental for your bathroom decor and privacy. But, when buying, you need to pay attention to a few factors, including your bathroom layout and your personal preference. This article discovers the different shower rods you can choose from, from style, finish, sturdiness, and more factors.

What is a Shower Rod?

shower curtain rod is a device you need to suspend your shower curtain. It is also called a shower curtain rail or pole or a traverse pole. You can install the rod above bathroom windows or along bathtub and shower edges. The best shower curtain rods are telescopic and can be made with various materials such as metal, plastic, and wood.

In addition to the material, curtain rods can come in different styles such as fixed and adjustable straight rods, tension rods, fixed or adjustable curved rods, track rods, circular, L-shaped, and D-shaped rods. Then, you can also choose a tension rod hen you don't want to drill holes into the wall, or you can choose the traditional mounting to fix the rod.

As with many bathroom decor products, you will need to choose the best color for your decorative shower curtain rod. So, now that you know the different types of shower curtain rods you can get let's see which products you can buy online today.

1. Amazon Basics Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Amazon Basics Tension Curtain Rod, Adjustable 36-54"...
  • Multi-purpose tension curtain rod for shower stalls, bathtubs,...
  • 7/8-inch diameter rod and 1.4-inch finials with rubber end caps...
  • Durable, lightweight metal construction
  • Chrome finish; easily coordinates with existing bathroom...
  • Easy to install with spring pull rod and rubber suction cups; no...

This best shower curtain rod from Amazon Basics comes at an affordable price and with rave reviews to give you a guarantee of quality. The tension shower curtain rod extends from 36 inches to 54 inches when installed to give you the best coverage.

As a tension rod, it does not need you to drill holes in the wall since the installation is quite easy. The lightweight rod is made of metal with a chrome finish to coordinate with other bathroom accessories for the best style. The rod also comes in bronze, nickel, black, and white finishes if you want another finish.


  • Affordable
  • Great finishes
  • Easy to install with rubber function cups
  • Best shower curtain rod for rented houses
  • Lightweight but sturdy


  • Not rust-resistant

2. BRIOFOX Shower Curtain Rod

BRIOFOX Tension Curtain Rod 43-73 Inches Brushed...
  • 1, TOP #1 304 Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rod on...
  • 2, Never Rust: Super-Thick 304 Stainless Steel (5 Years...
  • 3, Non-Slip: Tension Mechanism inside maintains powerful te...
  • 4, Apply for All Surface, Include Wallpaper Wall, Tile Wall,...
  • 5, Briofox Provides One-Year Limited Maintenance or Replacement.

This tension shower curtain rod is made with stainless steel and finished in brushed nickel. It is rust-resistant and easy to clean. The shower curtain rod is designed for rental houses where you might want to avoid drilling holes into the bathroom walls. The tension mechanism is reliable and can support 30 pounds of weight after installation.

You can install the durable shower curtain rod on different surfaces like tiles, wallpaper wall, wooden frames, etc. The rod is also available in a smaller size and different finishes to compliment your bathroom interior. In addition, the shower rod comes with a 1-year maintenance offer from the manufacturer.


  • Best tension rod for a rented house
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and can carry up to 30 pounds of weight
  • Available two sizes
  • Available in different finishes to match your bathroom decor
  • Suitable for all wall surfaces


  • A bit expensive

3. TEECK Shower Curtain Rod

TEECK Shower Curtain Rod, 40-73 inch Adjustable Tension...
  • 【Superior Material】-Made from premium 304 stainless steel,...
  • 【Easy to Install】-The adjustable shower curtain rod is...
  • 【Spring Pull Rod & Rubber Suction Cup】-The shower curtain rod...
  • 【Multifunctional】-This shower curtain rods can be used in...
  • 【Excellent Service】-If you have any dissatisfaction with our...

This shower curtain rod is made with 304 stainless steel and has a non-slip exterior that will not rust. It is also available in different finishes that will match your bathroom accessories. It is an adjustable shower curtain rod that extends from 40 to 73 inches but is also available in other sizes to fit your bathroom size.

As a 1-inch diameter rod, you can expect this curtain rod to hold most shower curtains. It is also easy to install by rotating the rod until you get the best tension. This multifunction tension rod is also suitable for use in other areas of your house.


  • Great shower curtain rod for busy bathrooms
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Available in different sizes and finishes
  • Ideal for a heavy shower curtain


  • Not as sturdy as competitors

4. PrettyHome Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod Rustproof...
  • 【Corrosion Resistant】: This chrome finished adjustable curved...
  • 【Customize To Fit Your Shower】: Telescoping design for this...
  • 【Extra Space】: Unlike traditional straight tension shower...
  • 【Easy Installation】: Screws and mounting brackets are...
  • 【Installation Tips】: Please read anchor instructions...

This best adjustable curved shower curtain rod is made with high-quality aluminum. It comes in several finishes, including this chrome finish that will match your faucets and other bathroom fixtures. It is a telescoping shower curtain rod that will leave enough elbow room as you use the tub.

The mounting shower curtain rod is most durable, and though it will take a while to install, you will find the process quite easy. The package comes with the screws and mounting brackets you will need to install successfully. Additionally, you will need a 5/16 inch drill for the holes.

This affordable shower curtain rod comes with an adjustable bracket that allows you to install it in perfect alignment with your bathtub or shower. As an adjustable curtain rod, it also extends lengths from 38 and 72 inches to prevent flooding and give you privacy.


  • Affordable
  • Telescoping and curved shower curtain rod
  • Easy installation
  • Available in different finishes
  • Made with durable aluminum
  • Best shower rod for big bathrooms
  • Works with all wall surfaces


  • You will have to drill into your bathroom walls to install the curved shower rod

5. Zenna Home Aluminum Adjustable Tension Double Shower Rod

Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Adjustable Tension...
  • NEVERRUST ALUMINUM SHOWER ROD: Lightweight, strong and rustproof
  • TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION OPTION: Tension-mount installation...
  • RUSTPROOF: Rod is guaranteed for life against rust
  • FITS MOST STANDARD TUB AND SHOWER SPACES: Adjusts from 44 to 72...

Made with aluminum, this double shower curtain rod will never rust or break, and with the best installation, it will not fall off your tile walls. The tension rods are sturdy enough to support curtains that add privacy, prevent flooding and mildew growth, and decorate your bathroom.

Apart from the tension rod installation, you can also decide to install these shower curtain rods through mounting into the walls for a more durable installation. The double rods extend from 44 to 72 inches, thus ideal for most standard-size bathrooms.


  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to install shower curtain rods
  • Rust-proof material and finish
  • Available in chrome and nickel finishes
  • Lightweight but strong to carry heavy liners and shower curtains
  • Great tension rod for other areas


  • Performs better when mounted with screws

Types of Shower Curtain Rods

When looking for a new shower curtain rod, you might need to pay close attention to your bathroom and how the rod can complement the layout and the theme. In a fix? Here are six types of shower curtain rods you need to consider today.

a) Straight rod

Straight rods are the easiest to find when in the market. As you can imagine, these run across two walls and are best for rented apartments or homes. Still, you will have three choices to make if you decide to go for a straight shower curtain rod.

  • Fixed straight shower curtain rods. These rods are permanently fixed on either side of your bathroom walls. You will need to drill the walls to install them. Once installed, they will hold a shower curtain that seemingly divides the bathroom.
  • Adjustable straight curtain rod. These rods use a spring mechanism to install, so you will not drill holes into the walls. In addition, the straight rods are telescopic, which allows you to adjust the length for more coverage. However, these are best used as temporary shower curtain rods since they do not have the best installation.
  • Straight tension rod. The tension curtain rod uses a spring mechanism but is stronger than the adjustable straight rod. But, while a more permanent solution than the adjustable straight rod, this tension rod has a shorter length adjustment.

b) Curved shower curtain rod

A curved curtain rod is ideal when you have a unique bathroom layout. The curved design runs from one wall to the other, but it leaves more elbow room, so the shower curtains are not touching you as you shower. There are four types of curved rods you can choose from.

  • Fixed single curved shower curtain rod. This type of curved shower curtain rod is ideal for standard bathrooms where you are sure you have the length from one wall to the other. You will have to drill holes into the wall to install, and the rod is quite permanent.
  • Adjustable single curved shower curtain rod. When you are unsure what style you want for your bathroom, an adjustable single curved curtain rod is your best bet. It does not require you to drill holes as it uses a spring mechanism to install. In addition, the rod also gives you more flexibility when you need more length.
  • Fixed double rod. This permanent installation has two rods for a decorative shower curtain and liner. You will need to drill holes to install it, and you will also need to be sure of the length before drilling the holes for a perfect installation.
  • Adjustable double curved shower curtain rods. These will give you more length to work with, while you won't need to drill holes onto your bathroom walls. Since the inner rod allows you to use a liner, you will deal with less mildew, thus encouraging a cleaner and healthier bathroom.

c) Track shower curtain rod

If you have had issues with round rods before, a track rod could be what you need. It is a hook-free option that comes with gliders for a more sturdy curtain installation. With the gliders, it is hard for the curtain to pull free, which makes the track an excellent option for busy bathrooms.

d) Circular shower curtain rods

Have a standalone clawfoot tub? A carousel rod that firmly attaches to the walls and ceiling pillar is your best bet. It will create a vintage look for better bathroom decor while also improving privacy so you can soak comfortably.

e) L-shaped shower curtain rod

You need the L-shape rod when your tub and shower sit against one wall or a corner shower. This shower curtain rod comes with a right-angle on one end. When installing, you will attach both ends to a wall surface and support the L shape with a ceiling rod. The curtain rod creates a contemporary look with an enclosed space for the best privacy.

f) D-shaped shower curtain rod

This set comes with a u-shaped curved shower curtain rod and a straight rod that sits on the wall. You will install both ends to the wall and support the U-shaped rod from the ceiling.

This installation is ideal for a bathtub and shower combo installed in the middle of a long wall. The D-shape creates a beautiful enclosure that prevents water from spreading while also providing the needed privacy.

Factors to Consider for Your Best Shower Curtain Rod

Though monumental in the bathroom, a shower curtain needs a beautiful and sturdy curtain rod for installation. If you are still unsure which curtain rod to buy, here are some factors that can help you make the best choice.

a) Material

Before you buy any curtain rod, you will need to understand the material it is made of. The best material for a durable shower curtain rod is metal. Stainless steel, chrome, or brass finishes will complement your decor by matching them to faucets, light fixtures, and towel bars.

If going for a plastic shower curtain rod, you will easily pick a color that matches other fixtures in the bathroom. However, plastic rods are not very durable.

While not very common, you can also find wooden shower curtain rods. These will complement a farmhouse or a mid-modern design. However, you will need to ensure the wood surface is coated to repel water and that the rod can withstand the high temperatures of a busy bathroom.

b) Bathroom decor

Do you have decorative covers on your bathroom walls? Or maybe you have different wall colors. The shower curtain rod needs to complement the interior decor. In addition, you can also ensure the curtain rod matches the idea you want for your shower curtains, bath mats, towels, and rugs.

c) Wall types

The bathroom walls will determine how you can install different shower curtain rods. If you have tiles on your bathroom wall, it might be better to use tension rods that do not require drilling. But, in the absence of tiles where you want to install the rods, you might need to get a drill to guarantee a sturdy installation.

d) Shape

You will need to choose between five shower curtain rod shapes; straight, curved, L-shaped, D-shaped, and circular rods. In addition to the shape, you will also need to know if a double rod is ideal for your bathroom. When choosing the shape of your shower curtain rods, consider your bathroom layout as it determines which shapes will be most effective.

e) Ease of installation

You need to find easy-to-install shower curtain rods. Since most shower curtains rely on a sturdy rod installation, you can install them through mounting or through tension.

Tension rods are also called spring-loaded rods and have a spring inside the rod that exerts outward pressure to keep the rod in place. When installing, tension rods will not require you to drill holes into your bathroom walls, but it might be best to use them on tiled surfaces.

When you want to mount your shower rod, make sure you have the right wall measurements so you can drill accurate holes. While mounting shower rods dents your walls, it is usually the strongest installation on any bathroom wall.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Shower Curtain Rod

a) What s the difference between mounted rods and tension shower rods?

A mounted shower rod needs screws to keep it in place on your bathroom walls. However, apart from drilling your walls, the mounted shower rods are most durable and reliable when you also want to hang heavier towels.

A tension shower curtain rod does not require any tools to install. Instead, it comes with suction cups on both ends for grip. When installing, you will need to rotate the rods to exert enough outwards pressure for the cups to grip the walls. These shower rods are great for rented apartments where you don't want to drill into walls. But, compared to mounted shower rods, the tension rods may not last as long before falling off.

b) Straight vs. curved shower curtain rod: which is better?

In terms of space, you will love a curved shower rod since it bulges outward to leave enough elbow room as you bathe. But, while it gives you more room, this shower curtain rod also takes up more room in your bathroom, so it is best when you have a big bathroom.

A straight shower rod is minimalistic and saves space once installed. But, while it does the work to prevent splashing and provide privacy, you will not enjoy enough room as you shower because the shower curtain will stand next to the tub or shower. However, the straight rod is best for smaller bathrooms and curtains that will not stain from water and foam splashes.

c) Which is the best shower rod for tiled walls?

If your bathroom is tiled, you can easily install a tension shower curtain rod when you don't want to drill holes into the wall. But, since the wall is slippery, you will also find that it is easier for the tension shower curtain rod to slip when moisture builds up. So, if you use the bathroom with other people, it might be best to avoid the tension shower rod.

Unlike a tension shower rod, a mounted rod provides better service over the years where you will not worry about it falling off. You install this rod by drilling holes into the tiled walls then fastening the rods with screws. As a result, you get a reliable installation that can carry heavy curtains and towels.

d) What is the best material for a shower rod?

A shower rod can be made with plastic, metal, or wood. While plastic and wood shower rods look good and easily match bathroom décor, they are not very durable. The best shower curtain rods are made with stainless steel or aluminum metals. Not only do these last long, but they are also sturdy enough to support heavy shower curtains and towels.

But, when buying a metallic shower rod, you will want to avoid one that can rust. Rusting can stain your curtains to make your bathroom décor unsightly. Most shower curtain rods are made with stainless steel metal that never rusts. However, when this material comes into contact with water and soap, it may attract unwanted stains, making it imperative to keep wiping it.

Aluminum curtain rods are also durable, but they can easily rot. So, if buying this shower rod, make sure you get one with the best finish, such as chrome and brushed nickel, to mitigate the risk.

e) What accessories will my shower curtain rod come with?

Your shower rod will come with installation hardware if you want to mount it on your walls. However, you will still need to look for an appropriate drill to prepare the screws for installation.

Other than the mounting hardware, the rods should also come with shower curtain hooks so you can easily hang your curtains. But, again, make sure your curtains are tailored to match the hooks for the best results.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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