Best Pillows For Sleeping Comfortably Through the Night

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Should you not believe strongly that sleep is a crucial component of your health regimen, you may think that a pillow is simply a pillow. However, this isn't the case, given that bed pillows can have a distinct feel and appearance depending on their material composition, distinguishing characteristics, and the particular sleep patterns they are tailored for. For example, a memory foam pillow plays an essential role in providing a luxurious sleep experience, especially for individuals grappling with sleep issues.

Going to sleep on the wrong pillow can cause head and neck pain and prevent you from receiving the requisite quality rest you desired. The growth of sleep technologies and the numerous new mattress and bedding companies introduced on the market have made it easier for you to enjoy your sleep through good sleeping conditions that are enhanced by a variety of best pillow brands in the market.

Just like mattresses, a memory foam pillow plays an essential part in how comfortable you sleep. However, it is not such an easy task to determine the best pillow type for sleeping if you do not know what is best for your sleeping pattern. When looking for a new memory foam pillow, for instance, you should take a lot of serious personal factors into consideration. For example, a side sleeper who weighs between 120 to 130 pounds is likely to require an utterly unique pillow than a stomach sleeper who weighs over 230 pounds. People having shoulder and neck pain may need an orthopedic shaped pillow. At the same time, heavy snorers and back and side sleepers need the best pillow that is suitable for the uprightness of their necks. 

Top 5 Pillows For Comfortable Sleeping

1 . Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillows, 2-Pack

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows Standard / Queen...
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT - Queen pillows have a 250 thread count cover...
  • KEEP COOL - If you easily overheat, or maybe you're looking for...
  • SAFE & SOUND - These fluffy bed pillows are made in an OEKO-TEX...
  • EASY CLEAN - Unlike memory foam pillows, our pillow for side...
  • NO SHIFT DESIGN - Whether you're a back, side, or stomach sleeper...

With the Beckham Hotel Gel Pillows series , you are guaranteed to sleep comfortably. This pillow is made from super-plush gel fiber and is built to make you relax comfortably at night by offering the best sleep position. The Beckham Hotel Series Gel Pillows are resistant to mildew, mold, and dust mites. They are suitable for side and back sleepers, people with allergies, asthma, and other respiration problems due to their allergy and chemical-free design. 

They are also machine washable for optimum care. Further, the Beckham Hotel Gel Pillows are made of stain-resistant materials and come in a pack of two and are king-size.


  • They are king-size
  • They provide full comfort for all beds
  • They are chemical and allergy-free
  • They are ideal for allergies and asthma patients with breathing difficulties
  • They are made up of non-fading and staining resistant materials
  • They are machine washable 


  • None at the moment

2 . Coop Home Goods Adjustable Pillow

Coop Home Goods Original Loft,Queen Size Bed pillows...
  • FINALLY – YOU HAVE FOUND THE ONE! – Meet the world’s best...
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE, YOU ARE IN CONTROL – Experiencing pain,...
  • Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials. Unlike...

The Coop Home Goods pillow is an ideal balance between firm and soft and features a mix of memory foam parts that is hugely supportive and plump at the same time. It stands out for every user who is looking out for a gel memory foam pillow that will offer optimum comfort for every sleeping position. This Coop Home Goods luxe pillow has the shredded memory foam feature that is very ideal for different ages and ideal for every sleeping style.

Being ideal for stomach sleepers as well as the side sleeper, the shredded memory foam feature makes sure that when in use, the sleep position is very comfortable. Many customer reviews from this memory foam the pillow has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that this is one of the best pillow options owing to its good firmness levels.



  • The outer cover peels after some time

3 . Amazon Basics Down Alternative Pillow 2-Pack

Amazon Basics Down Alternative Pillows, Soft Density...
  • Bed pillow offers exceptional comfort for a better night's sleep
  • Includes (2) Standard-size 26 x 20-inch bed pillows
  • Soft density for stomach and back sleepers; 100% polyester...
  • Down alternative fill offers a great option for allergy sufferers
  • Made in OEKO-TEX Standard 100% certified factory, an independent...

To find the best value for your buck for half the cost of other individual pillows, you can snack this package of two pillows from Amazon's brand. The Amazon Basics Down Alternative Pillow 2-Pack is ideal for people with allergies who have to keep washing their beds.

This variation is soft, feels new, and is perfect for sleepers who love having a support pillow in the stomach or back. It is also an excellent choice for children who need a best down pillow to accommodate their smaller frames.

Reviewer feedback has proved that many particularly liked this body pillow because of its good quality. However, there are still some who wanted it to denser and taller while others wanted it to be fluffy and soft. The Amazon Basics Down Alternative Pillow 2-Pack can be classified as Tempur pedic since it has a casting version that has higher elevation suitable for back and stomach sleepers since it able to cradle the neck and head. 

According to a lot of reviewer feedback, this tempur pedic pillow has been able to surpasses other market pillows as it costs cheaper and delivers optimum comfort to every sleep position.


  • It is plush and soft and one of the best foam pillows
  • It is affordable
  • It is machine washable 


  • It has a low height hence not ideal for tall side sleepers

4 . Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather White Pillow

puredown Goose Down Feather White Pillow Inserts, 100%...
  • ⭐SIZE & FILLING - Size 20" x 26" and filled with 85% Grey Goose...
  • 🌼FEATURES - Designed with basic shape and white shell,...
  • 🌙FABRIC - Made of 100% cotton, the texture of its soft and...
  • 🦢CERTIFICATION - All of our pillows follow the Responsible...
  • 💧WASHING TIPS - Machine wash in cold water with gentle cycle,...

This luxuriously soft choice is one of the best options when it comes to offering Xtreme comforts throughout the night. Many reviewers have been pleased with its softness and gave it good ratings as the perfect pillow. Any user who has struggled in finding the right pillow for neck support will without a doubt find the Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather White Pillow a long-lasting option since it can get washed without showing signs of wear and tear.    

This cooling pillow has an exterior cover with a solid foam double-stitched cotton sateen around the body to ensure that the bottom does not spill out when in use.


  • It is the best feather pillow when it comes to filling since it is very comfortable
  • It is machine washable 


  • It has a memory foam that is not too firm

5 . Tuft & Needle Foam Pillow, Standard, White

Tuft & Needle Premium Pillow, Standard Size with T&N...
  • ADAPTIVE FOAM: Constructed with T&N Adaptive Foam rather than...
  • COOL PILLOW: Unlike others who use shredded, recycled foam, the...
  • TESTED & CERTIFIED: The T&N bed pillow is tested and certified by...
  • MADE IN USA: These unbelievably soft pillows for sleeping are...
  • NO RISK: Standard pillow has a full refund guarantee with a 30...

This luxe pillow is suitable for anyone looking for reduced costs and quick treatment. It has a top of the range poly stuffing that is made to work for a combination of sleepers ranging from lateral to rear sleepers.

 It passed the industry's lab's assessments including having firm shredded foam, having an awesome return policy that made it top the list of the best hotel pillows. It is also suitable for matters related to temperature regulation especially when used as a side sleeping pillow for different body types.


  • It is comfortable to sleep on it.
  • It is easy to wash and keep its shape


  • Not ideal for stomach sleepers 

Frequently Asked Questions About Pillow Products

A good night's sleep dictates a lot when it comes to the body's overall health. When buying foam pillows, a lot of people ask the following questions so as to get the best.

1 . The Sleeping Sleeping Position

The best pillows are designed with one motive; to make the user sleep well. A pillow is filled with maximus comfort and by morning, it feels like the night has ended too soon. Whether a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper, best pillows that are made of foam products should align the body from the knees and hips, from the spine to the chest, up to the shoulders as well as up to the head, and neck. 

Although there are no strict requirements on the type of pillow you ought to have because you are bound to change your sleeping position, side sleepers should choose thick and firm pillows, while stomach snoozers can select a soft and thin pillow. For a back sleeper, you need a flatter supporting pillow to hold your neck. 

2 . The Kind Of Mattress  

Pillows and mattresses work together and therefore, must be in a position to go in sync. If you have a firm mattress, you can use a softer pillow on your head as this will shield you from the pain coming from your firm mattress.

 A firm pillow allows you to keep your neck and head balanced with a comfortable mattress. Pillows are such an essential part of your sleep environment that the right one can make your nights more comfortable and restful.

3 . Whether The Sleeping Environment Is Hot Or Cold

You will have to carefully select your pillow style if you're the type of sleeper who regularly throws off covers. Memory foam is perfect for many kinds of sleepers, but it might not be the best choice if your temperature runs hot. Think of a pillow that has an internal water reservoir that can cool you nicely.

4 . The Budget Allocated For The Pillow

Down pillows are smooth and elegant but cost more than synthetic-filled pillows. If you want a down pillow, it will have a bigger lifetime when compared to other pillows. However, it is advisable to consider only high-quality pillows since they offer unrivaled comfort. 

5 . The Right Time To Replace The Pillow

 Give it a nice sniff, and if it smells awful, it is the right time to wash or replace it. If it doesn't bounce back well and doesn't feel lumpy, then it has lost its fluffy and springy consistency, then the time is right to replace it. 

6 . Allergies

 Are you allergic to feathers? Then it would help if you went the for skipping down pillows. However, with allergy-free improvements, you will appreciate low-lying fluffiness and comfort using hypoallergenic pillows. If dust is a concern, then pick pillows with a microwaving cover that makes it hard for mites to burrow and dust to crouch.

 Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Sleeping Pillows

Before buying a pillow product, it is advised that the following factors are taken into serious consideration.

1 . Materials Used 

 The most critical element is undoubted, the filling of your pillow. Down pillows are typically the softest, but their feather combination may be firmer and cheaper. Alternative pillows can still feel comfortable but are usually made of synthetic fill, making them less expensive than their down pillow counterparts. The materials used means a lot to different people because of their different needs, and it is advisable to go for a sleeping pillow that is in line with your specific needs.

2 . Height 

No single-size pillow fits all. When you are lying down, the head and the neck should get aligned without tilting in any way. Depending on your height, make sure that you choose the appropriate pillow size for your neck and shoulders. 

3 . Sleeping Position 

 Most side sleepers need a higher and more a comfortable pillow and a lower and softer type in the stomach, while back sleepers (or anyone who changes night positions) should choose a pillow in the middle.  

4 . Recent Health Changes  

 If you have recent health changes that necessitate the pillow you are currently using to be changed, do not hesitate to do that. Good health should be your number one priority.


Nothing is worse than waking up with a stiff neck or not sleeping well because of feeling uncomfortable in bed. If you are a back sleeper, a high-quality, supportive pillow will keep you in line to get a good night's sleep. You need to think carefully about the position you lay your sleep before choosing the best sleeping pillow for your bed. With the right pillow, the bed will always be warm and inviting for a good night's sleep. 

However, it is crucial to understand that it matters to a very high degree how every detail above has been taken into serious consideration. When they are not given the seriousness that's deserved, the bed will not be a the place that you will be longing to go to because when waking up, there will be all sorts of pain on the neck and the back. With a good pillow, however, your bed may earn all the respect for you by offering the best goodnight's sleep. So make a good choice, buy the pillow and make your bed your most favorite spot in the house!

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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