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 5 Best Mirrors with LED Lights for Your Bathroom

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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LED lighted mirrors have proved to be the combination of futuristic technology and classic beauty. They not only offer traditional reflection but at the same time enhance the mood of the space with their illuminating glow. LED mirrors are installed in bathrooms, dressing rooms, and even living rooms, making interior design more convenient and stylish fun than ever. These mirrors will change the way we see our living environments. These are mirrors with led lights models and key factors to contemplate before purchasing.

Keonjinn IP54 Waterproof CRI90+ Dimmable Mirror is the best rated mirror with LED lights. It has a light strip that is acrylic wrapped on it, which makes it look modern and chic. It also features ETL-listed LED driver and an IP54 waterproof rating, ensuring worry-free application in covered bathrooms.

In the second position among our choices there is the Amorho LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror with Front and Backlight. This mirror has dual LED strip lights that offer side lighting from the front side and back side. But, it is rather limited to three colors only.

The third on the list of the mirror with LED Lights we reviewed is the Keonjinn Bathroom Mirror with LED Lights. This unit is equipped with a memory function that saves your last brightness settings whether the power goes out or not. However this mirror is totally dependent on electricity for the power.

1. Keonjinn IP54 Waterproof CRI90+ Dimmable Mirror, 24 x 36 Inch

Keonjinn LED Bathroom Mirror, 24 x 36 Inch LED Mirror...
  • 【Unique Acrylic Design】Acrylic wrapped light strip, no...
  • 【Stepless Dimmable】This smart bathroom mirror with lights...
  • 【Safe & Fast Defogging】The defogging switch can be separately...
  • 【High Quality】Compared to other brands that use tempered...
  • 【100% Satisfaction】As the leading brand in the mirror...

One of the first things that caught my attention about Keonjinn's IP54 Waterproof CRI90+ dimmable makeup mirror was its acrylic light strip. Instead of the usual exposed light strips, this mirror makes use of an acrylic-wrapped light strip that complements its modern and classic appearance. Moreover, such design raises the mirror's aesthetics and at the same time makes it waterproof and highly safe. The Cool White LED backlighting with high-density 120 LEDs/m provides 6000K of light brightness, which ensures all my bathroom lighting requirements.

Image Source: walmart.com

Thanks to the step-less dimmable function that allows the brightness from 10% to 100%, I can find the exact lighting needed. Moreover, the LED mirror has a memory function, which means I do not have to readjust it again when I use it. On the contrary, having a choice between either plugging it into an ordinary switch or hardwiring the mirror offers flexibility and energy-saving advantages. In addition, the bathroom mirror is equipped with the fast and safe defogging, and anti-fog functions.

The use of a new 3. With no copper mirror, this model beats out other ones on the market. In contrast to a tempered glass mirror, it provides a true, clear, undistorted picture of oneself. The CRI 90+ offers HD imaging and is therefore, a great tool for grooming and makeup application that needs to be precise. Furthermore, the ETL-approved LED driver and the IP54 waterproof rating ensure that the product is also safe for use in wet bathroom environments.


  • The mirror features an acrylic-wrapped light strip, giving it a contemporary and stylish look.
  • It comes with an ETL-approved LED driver and an IP54 waterproof rating for wet bathroom environments.
  • It has defogging and anti-fog features that keep the surface clear and fog-free.
  • The LED mirror has a memory function, which keeps your last brightness setting.


  • It requires professional installation.

2. Amorho LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror with Front and Backlit, 36 x 32 Inch.

Amorho LED Bathroom Mirror 36x 32 with Front and...
  • 【Double Lights & Super Bright】- With two built-in LED strip...
  • 【Shatterproof & Corrosion Proof】- Will you worried about the...
  • 【Colors Changeable and Brightness Dimmable】- This LED...
  • 【Easy to Install and Powered by Plugin or Hard Wire】- Fixed...
  • 【3 Year Warranty】-We will provide 3 years warranty for Amorho...

The Amorho LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror, 36 x 32 inches is equipped with a pair of dual strip LED lights that illuminate from the front and the back. This particular design, there are no shadows or dark spots on the surface of the mirror, and one can see a clear reflection. It also has shatterproof and corrosion-proof features so that even if it accidentally breaks, it won't turn into dangerous pieces, and this assures safety for anyone at home.

Image Source: amorhostore.com

The versatility of this LED bathroom mirror is one more of its high points. I have the option to choose from three different color temperatures: warm (3000K), Natural (4000K), and White (6000K). This particular feature enables me to alter the lighting to match my mood or work conditions. Also, it comes with the step-less dimmable feature that is easy to adjust the brightness and suitable for day times or night time.

The touch-button controls are very responsive and easy-to-use. I enjoy the fact, that the mirrors' memory feature records my preferred lighting settings. My choice will be kept by it, even if I turn it off and on again. On the other hand, the installation of the mirror was easy.


  • Easy to install, either vertically or horizontally.
  • It features touch-button controls that are responsive and easy to use.
  • The mirror has a memory function, which keeps your last brightness setting.
  • It has dual LED strip lights that provide lighting from the front and back sides.


  • The LED mirror offers only three color customizations.

3. Keonjinn Bathroom Mirror with LED Lights, 36 x 28 Inch

Keonjinn LED Bathroom Mirror, 36 x 28 Inch Bathroom...
  • [Dimmable & Memory] The brightness of this modern led mirror is...
  • [Defogging design] The frontlit mirror's light and anti-fog are...
  • [Plug or Wall Switch] Our bathroom mirror support normal wall...
  • [Packaging & IP54 Waterproof] Newly improved packing greatly...
  • [3 year warranty] Full refund or free replacements for led...

Keonjinn Bathroom Mirror, 36 x 28 inches, includes a vanity with a front-light that makes my bathroom more beautiful. Furthermore, the dimmable feature is a game breaker. It just takes a press of the light button for 3 seconds to have the mirror be as bright or as dim as I desire: from a soft glow to a bright, well-lit reflection. More importantly, the memory function is very helpful, because it ensures that the last brightness level is saved even after the power goes out.

Image Source: keonjinn.com

This bathroom mirror has a defogging function that keeps the mirror clean and free of fog to ensure that you will have a clear image from a long shower. Furthermore, I am excited about the safety function which turns off the defogging after one hour to ensure that it does not overheat.

In addition, the vanity mirror was effortless to install using both wall switch and plug attachments. It can be installed in a vertical or horizontal direction so you can choose your preferred installation area in your bathroom, bedroom, or any other room. The fact that it is IP54 waterproof is still an advantage because this ensures that you can use this gadget even in wet bathroom environments without any fear.


  • Easy to install, either vertically or horizontally.
  • It has a defogging feature that keeps the surface clear and fog-free.
  • The mirror has a memory function, which keeps your last brightness setting.
  • It comes with an IP54 waterproof rating.


  • It relies solely on electricity for power.

4. Keonjinn Bathroom Vanity Mirror with Front Lights, 40 x 32 Inch

Keonjinn 40 x 32 Inch LED Bathroom Mirror, Bathroom...
  • [Dimmable & Memory] The brightness of this modern mirror is...
  • [Defogging design] LED mirror's light and anti-fog are controlled...
  • [Plug or Wall Switch] Our mirrors support normal wall switch...
  • [3 year warranty] Full refund or free replacements for led...
  • [Packaging & Waterproof] Newly improved packing greatly reduces...

One more LED-lit mirror from Keonjinn is what you will believe in. Also, with its dimmable feature, you can take this bathroom mirror from a soft and warm glow to the bright and brilliant surface at 100%. It is picture perfect for crafting a wide range of moods and meeting any changes in lighting at different times of the day. Furthermore, it contains a memory feature that saves my most recent brightness level when the power goes out preventing me from having to always adjust this setting.

Image Source: keonjinn.com

The fogging system is a super addition to this product, especially for people who live in humid regions. The separate switch for the anti-fog feature helps to keep the mirror clear even during foggy showers. Moreover, this LED bathroom mirror is equipped with waterproof and moisture-proof features. As a basic bathroom commodity, it is comforting to the fact that the mirror can be subjected to the moist environment in the bathroom without tampering with its performance and safety.

There were ample options and the installation was effortless. This mirror suits all the three types of connection, either by plugging in, hardwiring, or wall switch control. Moreover, the fact that there is a wide range of options means that you can install it in every room including the bathroom, hence, a versatile addition to all living spaces. Also, the warranting of 3 years by Keonjinn gives me the confidence about the quality and durability of this mirror.


  • The mirror has a defogging and anti-fog function, which ensures it stays clear even during steamy showers.
  • It has a memory function, which keeps your last brightness setting.
  • The Mirro comes with waterproof and moisture-proof features.
  • You can conveniently change the brightness of this bathroom mirror.


  • It was a bit expensive.

5. TokeShimi LED-Lighted Bathroom Mirror, 20 x 28 Inch

TokeShimi 20 x 28 Inch LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror...
  • ✔Brighten Up Your Bathroom: Do you want an elegant LED light...
  • ✔Anti-fog Technology: Do you love taking warm baths or hot...
  • ✔Dimmable Bathroom Mirror Lights: Our LED mirrors allow you to...
  • ✔Higher Quality,Lower Energy: Made from...
  • ✔Improved Packaging: Once packaged with care, each mirror goes...

The TokeShimi bathroom mirror with its LED light tremendously renovated the appearance of the bathroom and made it look more luxurious and modern. Having the mirror there immediately made the bathroom look bigger and more inviting. These mirrors use front lights and backlighting to make a really beautiful impression on the room's atmosphere.

Image Source: overstock.com

Its mirror incorporates the anti-fog technology. When you are done with a shower or bath, you do not get a foggy mirror anymore. It clears the condensation in a split second and it is ready to reflect the crisp image. Also, it has a memory function which remembers my light settings for my taste and is very ergonomic.

I can adjust the level of brightness to match my mood or activity. Regardless of if I am looking for a glow for my makeup routine or a calming vibe for my bath, I just have to adjust for a few seconds and voila! I got the perfect lighting.

The copper-free construction and the protective silvered reflection layer both add longevity and durability. Moreover, for the last 50,000 hours, I only need to change this LED mirror bulb once.


  • The LED mirror has a memory function, which keeps your last brightness setting.
  • The mirror has front lights and backlighting which provide lighting from the front and back sides
  • It comes with a lifetime of 50,000 hours.
  • It features anti-fog technology, which keeps the surface clear and fog-free.


  • It requires professional installation.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Mirrors With LED Lights

1. Size and Shape

While shopping for LED-lit mirrors, be mindful of the size and shape, they are the ones that determine how well the mirror fits in your bathroom. First, evaluate the area on which you want to hang the LEDD mirror considering the right sizes. Take note of the fact that a bigger mirror will appear like a small bathroom is wider, but the smaller mirror will be more suitable for a small space.

Image Source: glazonoid.com

Take into account the mirror's size to match your eco-friendly bathroom theme. Usually LED mirrors are coming in different shapes like round, oval or rectangular. Hence, pick a shape that helps to accentuate and harmonize the design of your bathroom.

2. Waterproof And IP Rating

In the case of bathroom mirrors, waterproof design is of great importance. LED-lit mirrors must be waterproof to safeguard the electronic elements and be used safely in a moist environment. The IP (ingress protection) rating is something to check, as it normally shows how well it is protected against water and dust. Higher IP ratings such as P44 and IP65 convey greater waterproofing and durability.

3. Color And Intensity Of Light

The colors and intensity of the LED lights are significant in the work of bathroom mirrors. For example, many people prefer white light because it is often correct and natural to shave and put on makeup. We advise purchasing a bathroom mirror with LED lights which can alter their color temperatures.

On top of that, think about the brightness of the bathroom vanity mirrors. With adjustable LED mirrors, you can adjust the light intensity for different activities, hence enhancing visibility. It is important to select mirrors with LED lights that will give you an appropriate light color and brightness to create a good environment in the bathroom.

4. Anti-Fog And Dimmer

The anti-fog component on the bathroom mirrors can add an extra function. In most cases this approach includes a heated pad right under the mirror which prevents condensation providing a clean reflection even after a hot shower. In spite of that, the anti-fog mirrors are the good choice as they save time and effort by offering a clear mirror surface.

Image Source: swisscycles.com

On the contrary, a dimmer feature gives you the ability to adjust the brightness of the LED lights to meet your taste. It is particularly useful for example in the case of makeup application.

5. Power Source and Energy Efficiency

The quality of mirrors with LED lights depends on the power source (power source affects efficiency and installation). In most instances, LED mirrors use a direct electric power cord for a seamless and energy-saving operation. On the other hand, some LED mirrors are battery powered, which although necessitates frequent battery replacement, is more convenient to install.

Search for units that come with energy saving features like long-life LED bulbs and switch-off timers that turn off automatically. These features may help make a bathroom that does not use as much energy, and is more environmentally friendly.

6. Installation

It is necessary to evaluate the installation process while you search for the best mirrors with LED lights. The process of mounting brackets simplifies the installation of certain types of mirrors, yet the hardwired connection can be done only with professional help.

Image Source: amazon.ca

Make sure the LED mirror include an instruction guide and all the required mounting accessories. Further, ascertain if the LED mirror can be mounted vertically or horizontally as this would determine the aesthetics and performance of the mirror in your bathroom.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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