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12 Best Solar Flood Lights

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The solar flood lights work by absorbing the sun's energy and using it to light up an outdoor area effectively once the sun goes down. 

If you decided to go with a solar flood light over traditional wired fixtures, you're off to a good start. Getting free energy from the sun is a pretty compelling reason to go the solar route. On top of this, since you won't need electricity as a power source, you can install the flood light anywhere the sun can reach, and even reinstall it somewhere else. 

In addition, you save money and the environment for using renewable energy instead of electricity. 

After scouring the web for the best of the best solar flood lights, we compiled 12 models you should check out. Note that solar flood lights come in various forms, so you might find some all-in-one units with the battery, solar panel and lighting fixture built into one casing, and solar flood light kits with separate devices (motion sensor, solar panel, battery, light fixture, etc.) that are connected by a cable.

Top 12 Solar Flood Light Reviews In 2022

1.Luposwiten Outdoor Solar Lights With 100 LED & Waterproof Solar-Powered Motion Sensor

Luposwiten Solar Lights Outdoor, 100 LED Waterproof...
  • 🌟💝🌟【Wider Lighting Angle & Larger Range】Equipped...
  • 🌟💝🌟【Easy to Install】This is a very high-quality...
  • 🌟💝🌟【Motion Sensor Woking Mode】Luposwiten motion...
  • 🌟💝🌟【Wide Range of Applications】Waterproof IP65 and...
  • 🌟💝🌟【Quality Guaranteed】12 Month Warranty for the...

This Luposwiten set is designed perfectly for outdoor use because it is waterproof, features 100 LED lights, has motion sensor, and with all components enclosed in one casing. 

Because this set of solar flood lights are built into a single casing, there's no fancy installations needed. You can even use double-sided tape to mount a unit onto an outdoor wall - no screws and drilling needed. 

What's cool about Luposwiten's solar flood lights is that no customer really expects much from it, considering its very low price for a pack of 4, but they definitely deliver when it comes to the brightness of white LED lights and accuracy of motion sensors. The light is comparable to a 60- to 75-watt incandescent light bulb. Once the motion sensor kicks in, the light stays on for about 30 seconds, which is enough to scare intruders away from your home. 

The Luposwiten outdoor solar lights is IP65 waterproof and heat-resistant. It charges even on cloudy days and places with indirect sunshine. 

It's okay that this unit has no dusk-to-dawn sensor, but settings are non-existent. It would have been a good feature to have the ability to adjust how long lights stay on after motion sensors set them off.


  • IP 65 waterproof
  • Value for money (set of 4 for the price)125° detection range motion sensors
  • Works even with indirect sun


  • Not enough settings/customization

2. URPOWER Solar Lights Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, Motion Sensor Security...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: We designed the internal circuit diagram of the...
  • SUPER BRIGHT&LONG WORKING TIME: Compared with other common 4 or...
  • WEATHER RESISTANCE: IP64 waterproof and heatproof, solar powered...
  • AUTOMATED SWITCH: Turn on at night when motion sensor detected ,...
  • Energy Saving: The solar panel absorbs sunlight during the day to...

URPOWER solar light is an all-in-one outdoor solar flood light with motion sensor. 

Don't be fooled by its size. Even if each unit measures just 4-inch by 5-inch, it could easily light all corners of your backyard when it detects motion. 

Every single solar light is equipped with 8 LED lights that produce a bluish-white hue. The 8-beaded lights never flicker, which is always a good sign that the LED lights are high quality. URPOWER guarantees that the solar panel could last up to 50,000 hours (about 5 years). 

Its motion sensor automatically turns on at night when motion is detected 10 feet away or around a 120-degree angle of its location. The light then keeps bright for the next 30 seconds and turns off automatically. 

Although the suggested charging time on the box says "2 to 3 days," the solar panel (located at the upper part of the flood lights) needs only a day's worth of sun to charge and work seamlessly at night. After a full day of charging from direct sunlight, these solar flood lights could provide up to 12 hours of lighting. 

If there's no spot outdoors with direct sunlight, don't worry. These URPOWER solar flood lights would still work even if they were charged on cloudy days or at indirect lights.


  • Comes with 4 solar flood lights
  • Impressive light output for its size
  • Very affordable
  • Equipped with master on/off switch


  • No dim feature

3.LITOM Original Outdoor Solar Lights With 3 Optional Modes

Solar Lights Outdoor[120 LED/3 Optional...
  • Super Bright 120 LED Solar Lights: Equipped with120 LED chips and...
  • 3 Working Modes: ①Constant On Mode: stay medium light②Dim...
  • Sensitive PIR Motion Sensor: Built-in enhanced PIR motion...
  • IP65 Waterproof & Easy Installation: The waterproof and heatproof...
  • Purchase with Confidence: Any question, please contact us freely....

LITOM has several solar flood lights, but this 'Original' version is designed quite nicely. First off, the LED lights are wrapped around the casing, which allows the for 270-degree lighting coverage area. So even if the solar flood light only has 24 LED beams per unit, the light feels three times brighter. 

Another impressive feature of the LITOM Original outdoor solar lights is the optional modes, which definitely shows off the advanced PIR motion sensor: 

  • The first setting gives off a medium light mode and has motion sensors disabled.
  • The second setting gives off dim lighting, but gives a brighter light when motion sensors detect something/someone moving.
  • The third setting gives off low lighting with no movement, but becomes much brighter once motion sensors set it off.

The solar panels used for the LITOM Original are authentic and can be used for over 30,000 hours. It is also IP65 waterproof, which means it could easily withstand rain, now, heat, or any other extreme weather. 

Unlike most solar flood lights, this LITHON Original solar lights can brighten up a particular space for oven 24 hours at dim lighting mode, or about 2 hours of regular lighting mode.


  • Wide-angle design lightens up broader space
  • 3 optional modes allow you to adjust brightness/dimness and motion
  • Easy to install and move
  • Quick charging


  • Only lights up for 20 seconds

4. CINOTON Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor

CINOTON Upgraded 50W LED Outdoor Security Lights with...
  • 【50W Super Bright & Energy Saving】: With 120 super bright LED...
  • 【High Sensitivity Motion Sensor Lights】: Upgrade motion...
  • 【Adjustable Heads】: The 3 light heads of this led security...
  • 【Heat-resistant & Rustproof Material】: Our motion sensor...
  • 【IP65 Waterproof Rate】: The high waterproof rating of this...

Just one look at this satellite-looking solar flood lights and you know it's going to illuminate areas of your home efficiently. While you might feel disappointed at how small it actually is in person - it's just the size of a Coke in can, this disappointment will quickly disappear once you set it up and test it out. 

CINOTON’s solar flood lights were designed with 30-piece LED bulbs (7 on each side and 14 in the middle), providing an impressive 360-degree illumination. All three parts can be rotated independently, so you have total control in adjusting the angles you want. 

The CINOTON solar flood lights automatically turn on with dim light at night and completely off at sunrise.  These are also equipped with built-in motion sensors that can detect movement up to 26 feet away with a 120-degree range. When motion is detected at night, the dimmed lighting turns bright for about 30 seconds before going back to its normal dim mode. 

Recharging the CINOTON solar flood lights is similar to most make and models: just give it several hours under the sun for the initial charge, then try it out as the sun goes down. The good thing about CINOTON's solar flood lights is that it has a 2000mAh, built-in 18650 lithium rechargeable battery to store solar energy.


  • 360-degree rotatable LED lights
  • Energy-efficient motion sensors
  • Small-sized, but powerful lights
  • Easy to install, setup and operate


  • Plastic material

5. RuggedGrade High Power 1000 Lumen Solar Motion LED Flood Light

RuggedGrade actually has several different solar flood light models, but this one focuses on the 10-watt solar wall light with motion sensor.

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy mixed with toughened glass hard plastic construction, this RuggedGrade solar flood light is weather-resistant and designed specifically for "rugged" outdoor use. It features 10-watt LED floodlight that can easily brighten up a backyard, driveway, garden, and other dark areas around the house for up to 1,000 Lumens. 

This RuggedGrade high-power solar flood lights have built in motion and light sensors. This particular model has 4 modes you can play with. To access these options, hold the red button down for 3 seconds and choose: 

  • Standard (if you want 10% dim all through the night, but full brightness once motion is detected)
  • Always on (500 lumens brightness)
  • Always on (1000 lumens brightness)
  • Off (With this setting, the solar floor light detects daylight and only turns back on at nighttime.

And since RuggedGrade's 10-watt model is equipped with a super-sized 8000mah Lithium Ion battery, it can withstand years of use without the need to be replaced. It does need a full day of sunlight to charge initially, but will reduce to 10 hours daily after the first power up. 

One feature that you don't see often on other solar flood lights is the adjustable mount, which you can adjust to control the light or move the panel.


  • USA-made
  • IP65 Outdoor Rated
  • Comes with 1-year warrant
  • 3 brightness and motion modes available


  • Insufficient length of included meter cable

6. Aootek 120 Led Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights 

Aootek's 120 LED solar flood lights look like a couple of solar flood lights on this list, but you'll soon discover that this brand and model does give you several special features on the table. 

For instance, the Aootek 120 LED solar flood lights feature upgraded motion sensor detector with a more advanced PIR sensor, all of which work simultaneously to be able to detect people coming from up to 26 feet within 120-degree angles. 

The LED lights, which are extremely brighter than the ordinary LED lights, provide wider illumination range. It is advised to position in direct sunshine to charge the 2200 mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery, but it can still charge properly even in cloudy, rainy or indirect sunlight. 

Aootek uses the more durable PET-laminated solar panel with premium LED lights, which has been proven to reach up to 20.5% conversion rate with 1.20watt monocrystalline silicon.

The Aootek 120 LED solar flood lights has three optional modes: First is the "security mode" (with motion sensor turning the light on and off automatically). Second is the "permanent on" (which detects nighttime and turns on automatically, then stays on all night). Lastly, the third one is "smart brightness control" (wherein the floodlights are dimmed all night, but turns brighter when it detects motion).


  • Heat-proof and IP65
  • Waterproof
  • Designed specifically as security night light
  • Three optional modes for sensor and light
  • 48, super bright LED lights


  • On/off switch at the back
    Only lightens up for 15 seconds using Mode B

7. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights Outdoor 28 LED Wireless Waterproof Security Solar Motion

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights Outdoor 28 LED...
  • [PIR Motion Lights and No Dim Mode]- Designed with No dim mode to...
  • [28 LED Ultra-Bright Solar Powered Lights]-There are 28 powerful...
  • [High Efficiency and Eco-Friendly]- By exposure to sunlight for...
  • [Waterproof IP65 and Durable]- The solar outdoor lights is water...

Baxia Technology has developed one of the most popular solar flood lights in the market today. The BX-SL-101 solar lights come in a pack of 4 all-in-one solar lights. 

This solar flood light comes in a tiny package (measuring only about 4.33-inch x 5.11-inch x 2.67-inch), but the lighting it packs once it is turned on will most likely exceed your expectations. Plus, Baxia's  BX-SL-101 solar lights were designed with a wide motion detection angle of 120-degrees and a distance of 10 feet.

Lights turn on automatically when motion sensor is triggered, but automatically turns off as well after 30 seconds without continuous motion. This model also turns on automatically at sun down, which is good because many of the best solar flood lights do not have this feature. Don't expect dim mode though, since Baxia decided to skip it completely. 

Everything about this tiny solar light is impressive, except for the Lithium Polymer batteries that are included on the box. It is best to buy new rechargeable batteries (from your trusted brand), so the efficiency of this outdoor light.


  • 30-day full refund policy
  • Heat-resistant, Waterproof
  • IP65 and Frost-proof
  • On/Off mode
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Wide motion angle for detection


  • Included screws are flimsy
  • No dim feature

8. MagicPro Solar Lights Motion Sensor Solar Powered Light

MagicPro Solar Lights Motion Sensor Solar Powered Light...
  • ENERGY SAVER AND LONG-LASTING QUALITY: No wire or electric needed...
  • WIDER LIGHTING ANGLE, EASY TO INSTALL: 136 LED solar garden light...
  • DUAL SENSING MODES, SAFER & BRIGHTER HOME: Intelligent human body...
  • WEATHER-FRIENDLY SOLAR SENSOR LIGHT: Either wet or rainy days no...
  • 100% Magicpro SATISFACTION: Order now, with a peace of mind, RISK...

The MagicPro Solar Lights is a solar-powered outdoor lighting fixture that could bring "magic" to your backyard, garden, pathway, and other outdoor areas. 

Each kit comes with two solar lights. These pairs look super cool with its "136 super LED" that can brighten up a massive space of up to 600 square feet. This amount of illumination is 50% higher than most solar floodlights. 

However, MagicPro solar lights need some sunlight to store energy into the two 2200mAh 18650 batteries they're equipped with. It was designed intentionally to have no dim mode in order to increase battery life and overall product lifespan.  

MagicPro's solar lights look and feel sturdy because it is constructed with anti-corrosive, high-temperature resistant, waterproof high-impact ABS lamp body. Meanwhile, the solar panels are built with energy-efficient polycrystalline.

The manual recommends placing these solar lights under direct sunlight, but even if it's snowing or raining, the MagicPro solar flood lights could still work as efficiently.

The problem, which can also be considered a benefit to some, is focused on the motion sensors. These sensors can be too sensitive and trigger the light even if the motion is far away. The solution is either to move the units higher, or find the weak spot and cover with tape.


  • Value for money (2 pack)
  • High quality premium ABS and PP material for weather-proofing
  • Charges under super-hot days, rainy days or cloudy days
  • Made with durable materials


  • The motion sensors can be highly sensitive (even get triggered by cars 40 feet away)

9. CHINLY 100W Solar Powered Flood Lights, Outdoor Street Lighting

100W Solar Powered Street Flood Lights, 196 LED 5000...
  • 🌞Super Bright & High Power: 100W and 196 LEDS, up to 5000...
  • 🌞Upgraded Remote Control: Nice Look for the compact design,...
  • 🌞Longer Working Time: Built-in large storage battery, actual...
  • 🌞Easy & Flexible Installation: 2 ways of installation, one is...
  • 🌞Application: Perfect for outdoor and indoor, perfect for...

CHINLY's 100-watt solar-powered flood lights may not look as flashy as other one-piece lights, but this set is a very dependable and powerful outdoor lighting. The polycrystalline silicon solar panel is durable, has a high conversion rate, and charges even on rainy days. 

Meanwhile, the lighting piece is made with 196 LED beams and built-in large storage battery with an actual capacity of over 30000mah. If you're able to charge it for a good 8 hours in direct sunlight, the battery can provide up to 10 hours from dusk-to-dawn light. 

This solar flood light also comes with an IR remote, which works up to 43-feet range. Because it is highly encouraged to install the CHINLY 100-watt solar flood lights somewhere high for better sun exposure, the remote serves as your control for turning on/off the lights and activating the LED lights for the first time. You can even choose to use half or full lights. 

CHINLY 100W solar powered flood lights are designed with photosensitive sensors, which mean they would automatically turn on at nighttime and turn off at sunrise.


  • Comes with a handy remote
  • Big battery storage allows for longer lighting
  • Works exceptionally well in lighting up wide areas
  • Automated photosensitive


  • Bulky (not the easiest to install)

10.  Vivii Solar Lights, Motion Sensor 30 LED Super Bright Security Lights

Solar Lights, Vivii Motion Sensor 30 LED Super Bright...
  • Dedicated sensor – Unlike other motion sensor light bulbs that...
  • Waterproof – The light bulb is made of the IP65 technology that...
  • Saves on cost – The LED solar light charges during the day when...
  • Long lasting – Its Li-ion can provide 12 hours of illumination...

Vivii packs a ton of light in its small frame. Measuring only 1.8 x 4 x 4.5 inches and weighing 3.36 ounces, these solar flood lights are surprisingly bright when they light up a dark area.  

The design of the Vivii solar lights is interesting. With the tiny solar panels at the top and 30 LED bulbs (with a total 700 Lumen) scattered across its chest, adding these to your outdoor space wouldn't be an eyesore. Plus, once they light up, it could extend up to 300 square feet. 

A distinct feature of Vivii's solar flood lights is that each unit has one reliable motion sensor "ball head" smacked in the middle of each unit (and not multiple sensors that get confused when there's movement). 

The built-in batteries of the Vivii kits only need 3 hours of charging time at daytime to work. You might need to replace the included 3.7-volt, 1200mah battery for a more powerful alternative to extend the life of your solar flood lights.  

The PIR motion sensor lights up automatically when movement is detected within 10 to 26 feet. If no other movement happens in the next 20 seconds that the light is brightly turned on, the unit shuts off its light completely.


  • IP65 means they withstand any kind of extreme weather
  • LED lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Auto on/off with motion detection


  • Some lights (out of the 4 included in each kit) could be lemons

11.Sunforce 82080 Motion Light

Sunforce 80 LED Solar Motion Light
  • Included Components: Solar Panel With 15 Ft. (4.5M) Of Wire, 3 X...

Sunforce is a pretty big name in the solar power market, so it's not surprising that this two-piece solar flood light kit remains a favorite even if it was introduced several years ago. It simply works like a charm.

The Sunforce 82080 is designed with 80 very bright white LEDs in ABS plastic housing. It comes out of the box with a trio of AA rechargeable batteries, amorphous solar panel with 15 feet wire and mounting hardware.   

Aside from the 180-degree detection range and 30-feet detection distance of Sunforce's 82080 solar flood lights, another feature that's highly impressive is the customization settings. There are two adjustable settings - the first one is time (the duration of light once the unit detects motion), where you can choose from 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 120 seconds. The second one lets users control the distance (range of motion detection) by either low, medium or high. 

Many users of Sunforce's 82080 solar flood lights are impressed by how dependable this small light fixture has been illuminating their respective homes not just for months but actual years.


  • Customizable light settings
  • Control how long light is turned on when motion is detected
  • Maintenance-free and Hassle-free installation
  • Charges in all kinds of daylight conditions (even cloudy)


  • Included bracket limits installation options

12.  AmeriTop Super Bright LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights With Wide Angle Illumination

Solar Lights Outdoor, AmeriTop Super Bright LED Solar...
  • Ultra Bright Outdoor Solar Lights - The AmeriTop solar security...
  • Larger Lighting Area - With the innovative wide angle and three...
  • Smart Motion Sensor - The solar light has daylight and motion...
  • Security & All Weather Resistant - The robust housing and...
  • Flexible & Easy Installation - The solar panel has 15foot cord...

AmeriTop's three-headed, super bright, LED solar flood lights are quite intimidating at first glance, but once you get to explore its many impressive features, you get to justify your first impression. 

First, the white-light LED produces 1500 Lumen output with color temperature of 5000 to 6000K. The adjustable heads are major plus, especially since you can move any of the 3 parts upwards, downwards and horizontally. 

The AmeriTop solar flood lights are designed with three modes to choose from. Test mode (where you could let the lights work both day and night), auto mode (wherein it automatically turns on at night and turns off by sunrise), and permanent on (works all day and night). 

When charging, this AmeriTop version doesn't really need direct sunlight to charge. It could still get low-current charging in rainy and cloudy days or areas with insufficient sunlight. 

AmeriTop's solar flood lights are equipped with an awesome motion sensor, which gets triggered by movement of people, animals and cars. Meanwhile, the 8-inch solar panels are super efficient and get fully charged in just a few hours.


  • Consistent, bright light
  • Adjustable and flexible heads with 180-degree wide illumination angles
  • Motion sensors can also be adjusted
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • No wiring during installation


  • Included 15 feet extension cord may not be enough

Factors To Consider When Buying Solar Flood Lights

Solar flood lights come in different types, shapes and forms. As such, your neighbor's super-cool all-in-one solar flood light may not be suitable for your home, even if it has served your neighbor well.

To ensure you're choosing the best solar flood lights for you, make sure you weigh these considerations:

  • Bulb Options - LED is the most-used bulb option when it comes to solar flood lights because it lasts about 50,000 hours and is energy efficient, giving off the most amount of light with the least energy consumed. But there are other solar flood lights with halogen, CFL, MH or HPS.
  • Wattage and Size - All solar flood light product descriptions have wattage listed because the more powerful lighting requires, the more watts you'll need for lighting up a particular area. Small spaces could run on solar lights with 1 to 5 watts, but bigger areas may need solar flood lights packed with 15-20 watts. The wattage usually affects the size of the solar flood lights, except for monocrystalline panels that produce huge amounts of light with just a tiny panel strip on the unit.
  • Detachable or Built-in - Some solar flood lights are designed with all components (solar panel, motion sensor, batteries, etc.) built into one case. Others have detachable solar panels that are connected via cables. Choosing between the two will depend on where you'd be installing the unit and how much sun your chosen area is exposed to.
  • Sensors - Solar flood lights with motion detectors, photosensors, and other types of sensors help in conserving battery and only switch on the lights when needed. Dusk-to-dawn solar lights have a built-in sensor that detects when the sun sets and automatically turns on the light at night. Most solar flood lights equipped with motion sensors pick up motion from about 15 to 50 feet distance and within a 120 to 180-degree wide angle.
  • Price - Components, manufacturer, size and wattage, battery type, sensors, as well as other factors will affect the price of a solar flood flight.

Wrap Up: Which Is The Best Solar Flood Lights For Me?

If you’re on the fence about solar flood lights or have no huge budget to spare for this kind of lighting fixture, go with the LITOM Original Outdoor Solar Lights with 3 Optional Modes. LITOM’s Originals are not the best solar flood lights on this list, but they are very inexpensive and are great for beginners. 

For those in search of something more advanced, the CINOTON Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor offers plenty of customization when it comes to positioning the LED lights. Plus these solar flood lights look adorable (with their small size), but kinda impressive once they illuminate a massive chunk of space. 

The BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights Outdoor 28 LED Wireless Waterproof Security Solar Motion is another small, but highly-impressive solar flood light on this list. Pick this if you need a ton of lighting for your outdoor space because each one comes with 4 units and they brighten up a space pretty effortlessly. 

Of course, always weigh the considerations above before diving into your online cart. The best solar flood lights for you would always be the ones that could meet your needs, and in this case, the requirements of your outdoor space.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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