Best Solar Powered Security Camera Reviews

Best Solar Powered Security Camera Reviews 2024

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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There is nothing better than when you can monitor your property from a convenient location. Whether you have precious paintings, costly devices, live in a theft prone area, or even kids in the house, you need a suitable solution to keep your property safe. More so, people are increasingly realizing the benefits of using sustainable forms of energy. Resources such as solar powered devices have gone from being a contemporary fad, to important solutions in most homes today. The following is a comprehensive guide to help you choose a proper camera brand for your needs.

During the selection process of the best solar powered security cameras, there are a few key factors you should consider. They include:

The Amount of Electricity the Panel Can Produce 

The amount of electricity the panel can produce relates to various factors. These include factors such as weather conditions, tilt angle, sun exposure, and more. To improve the efficiency of your panel, ensure you install the panel facing the correct direction for sun exposure. Plus, keep the panel away for possible obstacles, that might create shadows, or compromise the light intensity. It will also help to wipe the panel surface regularly to keep it clean and free from debris.

Battery Size

Rechargeable batteries provide a power supply for panels when the sun is out. To ensure your wireless solar camera has enough juice to function, the batteries to be at least five times the capacity of the maximum output of the panel. Otherwise, the batteries might get damaged due to overcharging issues.

The best way to make battery selection convenient is to go for a solar IP camera that has rechargeable batteries.

Where Will the Solar Security Cameras Save Footage

The solar-powered cameras with SD cards are excellent options when you want to record motion activated content, and with costs for the process. You will find it easy to playback and manage the videos in your camera, along thanks to the inclusion of motion sensors.

Another excellent option for storing videos would be a cloud platform, which you can use to conveniently access data.

Do You Have WiFi in the Place Where Cameras Are Installed?

Solar cameras that have wifi with motion sensors will send you instant alerts, where there is an internet connection around. Internet connectivity will also make it easy to view footage of your home security regimen, from the convenience of a phone. If you do not have wifi, you can still make use of an SD card. The solar-powered cameras with SD cards can always record content, once the motion detectors are triggered, for your convenience 

If you want to access the live feed, you will have to get an internet connection. The benefit of using high-end camera brands is that you will access 3G/4G cellular data. This way, you can still access the camera, even if you are in places with wired internet or wifi.

Cost of Wi-Fi Solar Powered Security Cameras

The initial costs associated with buying solar CCTV cameras might be significant, but its benefits outweigh these costs. Chosen correctly, you will find it affordable, especially if your property has high-level security requirements. The initial costs depend on factors such as your camera brand, the type of camera, its functions, and more. When investing in wireless cameras, ensure that its capable of delivering at least 1080p videos with rich content.

Best Solar Powered Security Camera Features

  • Power supply – go for a camera with a large battery power supply. On average, this usually rates at 3,000mAh and over. You need a good battery to store power, even when the sunlight level is low, and to support the advanced functions on the camera.
  • Detection features – most high-end cameras have features such as wide viewing angles to reduce the blind area. Also, they have inbuilt PIRs and motion-sensitive sensors, that can detect heat sensors, from cars and even animals. Consider checking for push notification alarms, to your phone for convenience.
  • Audi and video content – you want a camera with a powerful mic and lens. The microphone should have noise cancellation features, and let you talk back to other people close to the camera. Also, go for a camera that supports HD functions, and also supports manual zooming. Some cameras have infrared, which can capture images up to 33 ft at night.
  • Ease of set up – the camera has various aspects of the installation. The first is that it should be easy to mount and install on your chosen surface. Also, ensure the camera and its compatible apps are easy to use for monitoring your property from anywhere. The apps make it easy to add cameras to the app and use it for your needs. Some brands include convenient tools and accessories which you can use to install the cameras.
  • Waterproof material – a good camera also comes with waterproof material, which lets you install the camera outdoors. Usually, the material should have a rating of IP65, which is perfect for resisting the effects of water and moisture exposure.

Best Solar Powered Security Camera Under $100

1. Battery Security Camera Wireless - Solar Powered IP Camera 

Battery Security Camera Wireless - Solar Powered IP...
  • Battery Security Camera & Non-stop Power Supply: the outdoor...
  • Smart PIR& Motion Detection Alarm: the solar outdoor camera...
  • Clearly Two-way Audio & Stunning 1080P HD Video: the battery WiFi...
  • Easy Setup & Hassle-Free Installation: Download CloudEdge App and...
  • Outdoor IP65 Waterproof Metal Shell & Worry-Free Warranty: the...

Are you searching for an effective way to improve security in your property? Well, we highly recommend the Battery Security Camera, because it comes with all the unique features you need for quality power. For instance, the light comes with an inbuilt rechargeable 6,000mah rechargeable battery, that offers several hours of reliable operation. Even more, the Camera works stable on a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, and it also helps to make your security 100% wire-free.

The camera provides a 130-degree wide viewing angle, which will reduce the blind area. Also, the inbuilt PIR and motion-sensitive dual sensor can detect only objects with heat signatures. Equipped with a convenient push notification, which will be direct to your phone once the recording is triggered. The Camera also supports a 128G Micro SD, and you can playback the recording to review the motion details.

With a clear two-way audio and studding 1080 HD video, you are sure of high-quality content for your security needs. The battery Wi-Fi camera even has a noise cancellation microphone and speaker, which lets you hear, talk, and see your baby or family at home. Designed to create 1080P full HD videos and manual zoom functions, you are sure of the best security camera performance results each time. 

The camera also ensures hassle-free installation, when you Download The CloudEdge App. You will also be pleased that this unit comes with all the required installation components, and with no wires required. 


  • Inbuilt 6000mAh rechargeable battery and 2.4GHz wi fi
  • Smart PIR and motion detection alarm for convenience
  • Can provide 130-degree wide viewing angle
  • Delivers push notifications to your phone


  • Removing the battery is not easy

2. HeimVision HMD2 Wireless Rechargeable Battery-Powered Security Camera 

HeimVision 1080P HMD2 Wireless Rechargeable...
  • 【100% Wire-Free & Solar Powered】Built-in rechargeable battery...
  • 【Easy to Use & Cloud Service】Exclusive App HeimLife is...
  • 【1080P HD Resolution & Night Vision】1080P high resolution...
  • 【Smart PIR Body Detection】PIR sensor detects mammals of about...
  • 【IP65 Weatherproof & Premium Services】 Outdoor wireless...

You are one step away from improving the quality of security in your property. This is all thanks to the HeimVision HMD2 wireless rechargeable light. The light comes with an in-built rechargeable battery and Wi-Fi to make it ideal for most security applications. More so, the camera is entirely wireless, to give you the conveniences of a tangle-free installation process. 

The light is also easy to use and offers access to cloud storage services. You can use a compatible app, which is available on Google Play for use with the Wi-Fi Camera. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you will enjoy a satisfying user experience, while also enjoying convenient pairing and recording.

The 1080P high-resolution camera will clearly capture every motion, even moving in the dark. The camera also auto switches to night vision mode when it darks out, to make it suitable for days when you are away. Similar to all the best solar powered cameras on the market, this unit features smart PIR body detection. It’s a feature that detects animals or warm bodied objects and then sends alerts to your phone. You will be pleased with the exceptional accuracy of the HeimLife App. 

This camera also has a two-way audio feature, which lets you use it has a pet or IP camera. It's an outdoor wireless camera, which boasts of a durable and long-lasting design, with an IP65 waterproof rating. 


  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery with wi-fi
  • Comes with an exclusive App Heimlife
  • 1080P HD resolution and night vision
  • Offers a 130-degree wide-angle field of view


  • None

Best Solar Powered Security Camera Over $100

1. FUVISION 1080P Home Security Camera  

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Solar Battery,FUVISION...
  • Solar Light Panel & Rechargeable Battery: This outdoor security...
  • Wide Angle Camera & Full IP66 Water-Resistant: This outdoor...
  • Advanced Motion Detect; Built-in advanced high technology motion...
  • Strong Night Vision: Built-in infrared night vision LEDs inside...
  • 2.4G Wi-Fi Enable: This battery security camera is WiFi enabled,...

When you want a good quality solution for your security needs, its best to consider the best solar powered security camera. Why? Well, there are several excellent brands available for you to consider, including the FUVISION 1080P home security camera. This Home Security Home Camera is Wi-Fi enabled, such that you remotely control the camera, and stream video and photos to your smart device. With just a simple setup of the app on your device, you will be able to stream video and monitor various aspects of your home.

These include your office, garden, home, entrance, and more, with a live new video. On top of that, the two-way talk makes it easy to hear and speak to anyone who is in range. The camera is also perfect for home and business security, all thanks to the 110-degree wide-angle camera lens. It also features high quality metal, which is ideal for use in any weather conditions. It also has an exceptional IP67 water-resistant rating to make it suitable for use outdoors. 

Thanks to the advanced in-built technology motion sensor, this unit does well to stop any false alerts, when you trigger the PIR motion. It’s a function that will send alarm notifications to your phone, and also record a short clip of the event on a removable SD card. 


  • 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi-enabled home security camera
  • Wide-angle camera and full IP67 water-resistant structure
  • Advanced motion detection with PIR sensor
  • Strong night vision and in-built infrared LEDs


  • None

2. Reolink Outdoor Security Camera Wireless Rechargeable Battery  

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Solar Battery,FUVISION...
  • Solar Light Panel & Rechargeable Battery: This outdoor security...
  • Wide Angle Camera & Full IP66 Water-Resistant: This outdoor...
  • Advanced Motion Detect; Built-in advanced high technology motion...
  • Strong Night Vision: Built-in infrared night vision LEDs inside...
  • 2.4G Wi-Fi Enable: This battery security camera is WiFi enabled,...

Vivid, durable, and straightforward to use. These are just some of the few benefits to expect when using the Reolink Outdoor Security Camera. It’s a multifunctional device, which makes up for the perfect addition to your security regimen. The camera is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant to make it a convenient security resource. You will find it easy to view your security videos with just a simple voice command. 

The best part about using this camera is that its simple to install. The wireless battery camera is rechargeable, and it ensures that you get non stop power with the solar panel. The is no need to plug into power ever, and you just enjoy simple plug and play functions. The neat, easy installation design does not require any drilling, such that you can install the camera DIY in a few minutes.

Besides that, the wireless detachable battery-powered camera is simple to set up and detach. It can even support large storage cards of as much as 64GB. The camera also supports backup videos on Cloud, to avoid the risk of losing footage, and no concerns of privacy leaks. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, you will be able to view and interact with your pets when at home. 


  • Works with Alexa and Google assistant with simple voice commands
  • Requires no wires for installation
  • CMOS sensor and 6pcs 850nm infrared LEDs
  • 33ft night vision and a 130-degree full field of vision


  • None

3. FUVISION Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor 1080P Home Security Camera 

Security Camera Outdoor Wireless, FUVISION 23600 mAh...
  • 【PIR Motion Detection & Night Vision】- Solar security cameras...
  • 【Wire-Free & Solar Powered】- The FUVISION solar powered...
  • 【Two-way Audio & Multifamily Members Sharing】- PTZ outdoor...
  • 【SD Card & Cloud Storage】- FUVISION cellular solar security...
  • 【Pan & Tilt Remote Control & IP66 Weatherproof】- This 1080p...

The FUVISION Home security camera can never let you down. Why? Well, this unit has all the unique features you need to control the camera remotely. You can use it to real-time stream video or perhaps download photos to your smart devices. With a quick setup of the app on your mobile device, you will be able to stream video remotely to monitor yard entrance, garden, home, and at any time. It even features an inbuilt advanced high technology sensor, which will stop any false alert issues. 

When the PIR motion is detected, the camera will send alarm notifications to your phone and also store a short clop of the events on the Micro SD. The in-built infrared night vision LEDs will illuminate well over 36 feet in total darkness, or even at night. The auto switch day to night mode also makes the light highly convenient, especially when you are away. The cam will also record full HD 1080P crystal camera clear videos, and even post a date and time stamp. 

This outdoor security camera is perfect for home and business security, and it also features a 110-degree wide-angle camera lens. The powerful lens delivers high quality images and rich content. It is made using high quality ABS plastic, to make it ideal for use in any weather patterns


  • Enabled with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Advanced motion detection with PIR motion
  • Strong night vision and in-built infrared night vision LEDs inside
  • Wide-angle camera and full IP


  • None

Best Over $200

1. 3G/4G LTE Outdoor Solar-Powered Security Camera Wirefree Battery Camera 

3G/4G LTE Outdoor Solar-Powered Celluar Security Camera...
  • Wire-free Solar Powered Mobile Security Camera System: 4G-LTE and...
  • Stunning Starlight Night Vision and Wide Angle: Our surveillance...
  • Encrypted Cloud Storage & Privacy Protection- Reolink Go can...
  • Easy to Setup and Use: Just mount the camera, Insert the battery,...
  • Two-Way Talk and Remotely Access: 2-Year Warranty ensures this...

A solar camera is a highly convenient addition to your property. Thus, this is why the 3G/4G Outdoor Solar Powered Camera is perfect. The camera accommodates 4G LTE and 3G GSM network connectivity options, for non-stop solar power benefits. Plus, the inclusion of a 7800mAh high capacity battery ensures long lasting power per charge. The camera features an impressive 1080p full HD camera, which delivers rich content each time. Also, the 110-degree full field of vision ensures the camera delivers sharp and crystal-clear videos from large scenes.

The makers of this unit have also done well to include the Starlight CMOS image sensor, such that you can enjoy a clear night vision up to 33ft. The Reolink Go, will also automatically record video to the microSD card, and to cloud storage when it detects motion. With an advanced digital PIR sensor, the camera will detect every potential danger in your home, and send suitable alerts. 

Also, the light is easy to set up, since you just mount the camera, insert the battery, and the SIM card. The cam also is ideal for use in areas with poor Wi-Fi access or no electrical power sources. These include RVs, trailers, workplaces, farms, ranches, and more. 


  • Wire-free solar-powered mobile security system
  • 100% wire-free with 7800mAh high capacity battery
  • Long lasting power per charge and no weather damage
  • 110-degree wide field of vision


  • Could use better night vision

Best Solar Powered Security Light FAQ

Q. If There Is No Sun For A Few Days, Will The Camera Still Have Power?

A. As mentioned above, a solar-powered camera will still function, even on rainy or cloudy days, or perhaps when there is minimal sun for a few days. The amount is significantly less when compared to the amount produced during the sunning times. The solar panel will keep charging your devices, provided that there is adequate light coming in your property. Even in the worst circumstances, where you have no direct sun at all, your camera will still get power from rechargeable batteries. 

Q. Do Solar Powered Cameras Require Lots Of Maintenance 

A. Broadly speaking, these types of cameras require a small amount of maintenance. To maintain optimal performance of your cameras, ensure you clean and inspect the panels occasionally. Also, use the correct cleaning resources to avoid damaging the surfaces of the panel. A good suggestion would be to use purified water and a soft brush to clean the surface of the panel. 

Q. How Can I Protect My Solar Panel For Solar Cameras From Thefts

A. The best option for, in this case, would be to spend extra and get a camera with motion detection benefits. Once the perpetrators get to the specific zone, the cameras will send alerts, which can scare away burglars with congruent alarms.

Below are some other useful tips to consider:

  • Keep track of the system serial number which can help prove that stolen panels are yours for your convenience
  • Place the panel in secured tools such as grilled areas, or perhaps unreachable areas such as the rooftop
  • Install the camera only after getting insurance for the product
  • Keep note of the serial number, which can help you prove the stolen panels are yours when your case enters the legal justice system.
  • Place the panel for solar security cameras in unreachable places, such as your rooftop, and block the access to your solar panel.
  • Put the solar-powered security camera systems under your insurance.
  • Add steal bolts if your solar panel for security cameras costs you tens of thousands of dollars.

Q. How Long Can A 16GB SD Card Record and What If it Is Full?

A. Yes, the bitrate level of your chosen solar panel will have an impact on recording file size. The level of the bitrate is proportional to the quality of images you should expect, and the size of the files as well. 

Q. How Long Can Solar Powered Security Cameras with 16/32GB SD Card Record and What If the SD Card Is Full?

A. Indeed, the bitrate of your solar-powered wireless home security cameras will primarily affect the recording file size. The higher the bitrate is, the clearer images and videos you will get, and the bigger the file size will be. For more accurate information, you can consult with your brand, or perform simple file size calculations.

If the SD card is full, you can set it to transfer files to the cloud, or perhaps set some form of alert mechanism for your needs.

Q. Can I Connect My Camera to Several Devices?

A. Yes, you can connect your camera to several devices. Many camera brands support this function, and you can consult with your brand before buying. This means that you and other approved members of your property will be able to access the footage. They can use smartphones and laptops to access the footage.


Home and property security technology devices have improved greatly over the years. We are nowadays seeing most tech companies embracing the benefits of renewable resources such as solar. Thus, the best solar powered security camera guide will help you get started in choosing these resources. They are simple to install, and will provide many years of reliable content recording benefits. Plus, the security cameras are also suitable for recording content, which you can access from anywhere using Wi fi.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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