Top 10 Best Drafting Tables for Architects and Architecture Students

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The realm of architecture requires exactitude, innovation, and detailed organization. Central to this process is the drafting table—a vital asset for both experienced architects and budding students. As architectural blueprints advance, the tools that facilitate them also progress.

However, finding the best drafting table can be challenging. But worry not; I've meticulously curated a list of top-quality options to cater to your needs.

Among them, the ZENY Drafting Table Art Desk Drawing Table stands out for its durable construction, adjustable height, and ample storage space. While the OneSpace Craft Station with Blue Glass Drafting offers a unique design and tempered safety glass work surface, it missed the top spot due to limited angle adjustability. The Yaheetech Height Adjustable Drafting Table Drawing also offers versatility but didn't clinch the first position due to slightly fewer storage options.

This guide explores these top three products and seven more, helping you make an informed decision for your architectural endeavors. Let's dive in!

Why Do Architects and Architecture Students Need Drafting Tables?

Architects and architecture students rely on drafting tables as essential tools to translate their creative visions into precise, detailed designs. These specialized tables provide a dedicated workspace that promotes accurate technical drawings.

The adjustable angles and heights of drafting tables facilitate ergonomic drawing and sketching, enhancing comfort during long work hours. With features such as built-in pencil grooves, storage drawers, and adjustable surfaces, drafting tables offer functionality tailored to the unique requirements of architectural work, making them indispensable for professionals and students alike in creating intricate and thoughtful architectural designs.

Best Drafting Tables for Architects and Architecture Students

1. ZENY Drafting Table Art Desk Drawing Table

ZENY Drafting Table Art Desk Drawing Table Height...
  • Wood Drafting Table: This art desk is made of heavy duty metal...
  • Height and Angle Adjustable: The height of this artist desk can...
  • Double Tabletop: The art table has a main wood tabletop 34 inch...
  • Large Storage Space: The painting table have 2 slide-out drawers...
  • Multi-purpose Table: This architect desk comes with a drafting...

The ZENY Drafting Table Art Desk is a sturdy and versatile addition to any creative workspace. Crafted with a heavy-duty metal frame and a durable MDF tabletop, it provides a smooth and reliable surface for all your artistic endeavors. The adjustable height, ranging from 28 to 35.8 inches, caters to kids and adults, while the tilt feature, adjustable up to 45 degrees, streamlines your creative process.

Image Source:

What impressed me the most about this table is that it doesn't skimp on storage. The slide-out drawers and a lower shelf under the main table helped organize my papers and drafting tools. Plus, the thoughtful pencil box on the right side ensures my supplies stay within arm's reach, and the Pencil Ledge prevents mishaps during angled work.


  • Sturdy and durable metal frame
  • Ample storage space with slide-out drawers, storage shelf, and pencil box
  • Versatile multi-purpose use
  • Comfortable drafting stool included
  • Easy-to-adjust tabletop angle


  • Assembly can be time-consuming and requires effort

2. OneSpace Craft Station with Blue Glass Drafting, Silver

OneSpace Craft Station with Blue Glass Drafting, Silver
  • Unique in that supplies won’t fall out when Raised to any...
  • Distinctively artist and draftsman friendly; ample Blue tempered...
  • 2 easy slide out drawers for convenient storage; removable...
  • Heavy-duty silver Steel frame; desktop supports up to 130 pounds;...
  • Measures 41.25 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 31.5 - 49.5...

The OneSpace Craft Station with Blue Glass Drafting elevates creativity and functionality in one impressive package. This craft station's standout feature is its ability to tilt to a remarkable 62.5-degree angle while ensuring your supplies stay securely in place while you work.

Image Source:

I was amazed by the ample blue tempered safety glass work surface that adds an artistic touch and provides a smooth area for my creative projects. Plus, storing and organizing my architect tools has never been easier with 2 easy slide-out drawers and removable single-slot and multi-slot supply trays on each side.

Even better, the heavy-duty silver steel frame, capable of supporting up to 130 pounds, is equipped with four smooth-rolling casters for mobility and stability. This craft station provides both comfort and flexibility for architects and architecture students.


  • The unique tilting feature prevents supplies from falling
  • Convenient slide-out drawers and supply trays for storage
  • Sturdy silver steel frame with smooth-rolling casters
  • Adjustable height and artist-friendly design


  • Casters might not be suitable for rough surfaces

3. Yaheetech Height Adjustable Drafting Table Drawing

Yaheetech Height Adjustable Drafting Table Drawing...
  • Adjustable table height: The height adjustable drawing table...
  • Easy angle control: The artist table can be tilted at an angle...
  • Durable pencil ledge: The drawing board has an adjustable metal...
  • All-in-one storage options: The drawing table has all you need...
  • Table/stool set: This drafting table set includes a stool in the...

The Yaheetech Height Adjustable Drafting Table Drawing is an exceptional tool for architects and architecture students seeking versatility and practicality. With dimensions of 120.5x60x(69.5-92.5)cm/47.4x23.6x(27.4-36.4), this table offers an adjustable height to accommodate various preferences.

Image Source:

The easy angle control, ranging from 0 to 60 degrees, allowed me to seamlessly switch between a regular flat workspace for laptops and a professional drafting surface for intricate projects. The durable metal pencil ledge ensures my tools stay in place even at tilted angles, offering added convenience. This all-in-one storage solution includes a detachable side tray, retractable board, fabric drawers, and a metal shelf, keeping my supplies organized.


  • Adjustable height and angle for versatile usage
  • Durable and secure pencil ledge design
  • Inclusive package with a matching sturdy stool
  • Easy-to-use adjustment system


  • Some users might prefer a larger workspace

4. SD Studio Designs Vintage Drafting Table

Studio Designs Vintage Drafting Table - Antique Design...
  • VINTAGE DRAFTING TABLE: Classic, antique design with a rustic...
  • BUILT-IN PENCIL GROOVE AND PENCIL LEDGE: Designed with a 24"-wide...
  • ADJUSTABLE WORK SURFACE: 42" by 30" work surface features a...
  • SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: The solid wood frame makes this wood drafting...
  • PERFECT FOR ANY ROOM: Ideal for adding a fashionable touch to a...

The SD Studio Designs Vintage Drafting Table made an incredible impression on me with its timeless appeal and functional design. The vintage aesthetics and rustic finish brought an antique charm reminiscent of turn-of-the-century furnishings, instantly setting the stage for various creative endeavors.

Image Source:

This drafting table's 24"-wide pencil groove and pencil ledge proved extremely handy, keeping writing utensils and tools within arm's reach as I immersed myself in drawing and writing projects. The adjustable work surface was a standout feature, allowing for seamless shifts between a flat workspace and angles ranging from 23 to 90 degrees.

The solid wood frame enhanced durability while including floor levelers, ensuring stability even on uneven surfaces. It effortlessly blended fashion and function, finding its place in my art studio and other rooms like my craft space and office.


  • Classic vintage design with a rustic finish
  • Adjustable work surface with multiple angle options
  • Durable solid wood frame construction
  • Adds charm and functionality to various spaces


  • Some users might find the lack of height adjustability limiting

5. Lucky Crown US Adjustable Wood Desk Table

Lucky Crown US Art Adjustable Wood Desk Table -Light...
  • Art ADJUSTABLE EASEL- the easel incline adjusts to three...
  • This Art wood desk table is 17.3x 12.8 in /44x32.5cm in size....
  • Light Weight, easel with strong support turns any tabletop into a...
  • This Art wood desk table is suitable for adults, kids, teens and...
  • This Art wood desk table is fully assembled and folds flat for...

The Lucky Crown US Art Drafting table is another product that impressed me with its versatility and functionality. The easel's three adjustable positions allowed me to effortlessly find my optimal drawing angle, enhancing my creative experience.

Image Source:

The table's size, measuring 17.3x12.8 inches, was perfectly designed to accommodate various art and design sheet papers, making it an ideal surface for drawing and painting. Its lightweight construction, paired with robust support, transformed any tabletop into a professional drafting setup, and the bottom lip proved handy for keeping my drawing tools within easy reach.


  • Adjustable easel provides optimal drawing angle
  • Ideal size for various art and design papers
  • Lightweight and sturdy design enhances usability
  • Fully assembled and easily foldable for storage and transport


  • It does not accommodate very large projects

6. Studio Designs Vision Craft and Drawing Station

Studio Designs Vision Craft and Drawing Station - 35.5"...
  • VISION CRAFT AND DRAWING STATION: Modern and stylish design with...
  • ADJUSTABLE GLASS WORK SURFACE: 35.5" W by 23.75" D main work...
  • SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: The heavy gauge and powder-coated steel frame...
  • PERFECT FOR ANY ROOM: Ideal for adding a fashionable touch to a...

The Studio Designs Vision Craft and Drawing Station impressed me with its modern elegance and practical design. Its sleek silver-blue tempered safety glass workspace and silver table legs blended style with functionality, making it the perfect companion for various creative ventures like painting, drawing, and sketching.

Image Source:

The drafting table features four removable side trays for art supplies, three slide-out drawers, and a storage pencil ledge, ensuring my tools and materials were always within easy reach. The adjustable glass work surface added versatility by transforming from a flat workspace to an inclined surface of up to 70 degrees, doubling as a light table.

The heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel frame further attested to its durability, while the four casters allowed mobility with two locking for stability. This versatile drafting table seamlessly enhanced any space, making it an ideal fit for my office, art studio, or craft room.


  • Ample storage with removable side trays and slide-out drawers
  • Adjustable glass work surface with versatile tilting angles
  • Durable heavy gauge and powder-coated steel frame
  • Suitable for different rooms and spaces


  • Requires extra care to prevent scratches

7. ALVIN Portable Drafting Board

ALVIN Portable Drafting Board Size 18" x 24" Model...
  • Superb Quality - Fully assembled and equipped with features that...
  • Brake Mechanism - Straightedge has brake mechanisms on each end...
  • Versatile Blade - Use the crystal clear acrylic blade with inking...
  • Adjustable Design - Features top-mounted adjustment knobs and...
  • A Professional's Choice - Our PXB drafting boards have been the...

Having used the ALVIN Portable Drafting Board, I must say I was genuinely impressed with its impeccable quality and user-friendly features. This fully assembled drafting board has a white aluminum straightedge and an acrylic blade, enabling precise and accurate drawings.

Image Source:

The inclusion of brake mechanisms on both ends of the straightedge ensures secure and stable positioning, even if the board is bumped. The versatility of the crystal-clear acrylic blade, with inking edges and blade clearance, adds to its functionality. The top-mounted adjustment knobs and folding metal legs prevent disruptions during projects, and the 0.63" thick particle board substrate enhances durability.


  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Secure locking mechanism with brake mechanisms
  • Crystal clear acrylic blade for accuracy
  • Adjustable design with folding metal legs


  • Limited storage options

8. H&A 47"x 24" Tiltable Drafting Table

H&A 47"x 24" Tiltable Drawing Desk Drafting Table Wood...
  • Great Size — 47.2"(L) x 23.6"(W), large enough for daily use,...
  • High Quality Material — the panel is made of particle wood with...
  • 7 Adjustable Height Levels — it can be adjusted in 7 levels,...
  • Versatile Design — it's not only a writing desk but also a...
  • Easy to Assemble — equipped with 6 socket cap screws, esay to...

The H&A Tiltable Drafting Table is another perfect option for architects in business or an architecture school. The generous dimensions of 47.2"(L) x 23.6"(W) provided ample space for both my daily work and creative projects.

Image Source: H&

The high-quality particle wood panel with a glossy and smooth finish added an element of sophistication, ensuring comfort and safety during use. Moreover, the heavy-gauge steel construction provided remarkable stability and durability, and the 7 adjustable height levels allowed me to find the perfect drawing or writing position.

Even better, the built-in pen slot and removable slot design showcased attention to detail, making it suitable for various tasks. Assembling the table was a breeze with the provided tools and instructions.


  • High-quality particle wood with a glossy finish
  • 7 adjustable height levels
  • Built-in pen slot for convenience
  • Easy assembly


  • Limited storage options

9. Pacific Arc Table Top Drawing Board

Pacific Arc Table Top Drawing Board with Parallel Bar,...
  • PROFESSIONAL SOLID CONSTRUCTION- The drafting board with parallel...
  • THE PERFECT PARALLEL BAR- The crystal clear bar is 0.12 Inches...
  • PORTABLE DRAFTING BOARD- Equipped with folding metal legs that...
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE-If our drawing board isn't what you're...
  • THE PERFECT GIFT-Gift this portable drafting table with parallel...

The Pacific Arc Table Top Drawing Board impressed me with its professional-grade construction and impeccable design. Crafted from smooth melamine, the drafting board provided a flawless surface for my creative work. The aluminum straight edge with soft rubber edges ensured a comfortable and controlled grip, while the crystal-clear 0.12-inch parallel bar featured inking edges to prevent smudging.

Image Source:

The cross-wire and pulley system also maintained perfect parallel alignment at any position. The portable design with folding metal legs added convenience and stability. Whether used in an elevated or flat position, the compact and foldable nature of the board made it easy to transport and store.


  • Professional-grade melamine construction
  • Aluminum straight edge with rubber edges for grip and comfort
  • Cross-wire and pulley system for perfect parallel alignment
  • Portable design
  • Perfect gift for your architect friend


  • The parallel bar is challenging to secure in one position

10. Studio Designs Folding Modern Glass Top Adjustable Drafting Table

Studio Designs Folding Modern Top Adjustable Drafting...
  • Futura Craft Station - Main Work Surface 35.25"W x 23.75"D,...
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction for Durability, (4) Floor Levelers...
  • No Tools Required for Assembly, Assembles in 5 Minutes or Less
  • Adjustable Desk - 6 Angle Adjustment from Flat Up to 35 Degrees,...
  • Modern Desk - Four Removable Side Trays for Supplies, handy desk...

The Studio Designs Folding Modern Glass Top Adjustable Drafting Table truly amazed me with its functional versatility and sleek design. Its Futura Craft Station provided a spacious main work surface, making it perfect for all my craft projects.

Image Source:

The heavy-gauge steel construction ensured long-lasting durability, and the inclusion of four-floor levelers added stability to my workspace. What impressed me was the assembly process – no tools were required, and it assembled in about 5 minutes.

The adjustable desk offered 6 angle adjustments from flat to 35 degrees, allowing me to use it for drafting, computer work, writing, and more. The modern design featured four removable side trays for convenient supplies storage, making my creative process even more streamlined.


  • Spacious main work surface
  • Heavy gauge steel construction for durability
  • Quick and tool-free assembly
  • Versatile angle adjustment options


  • Very fragile

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Drafting Table 

Image Source:

1. Adjustability and Ergonomics

Look for a drafting table with adjustable height and tabletop angle options. This feature is crucial to accommodate various drawing techniques, drafting tools, and your preferred working posture. An adjustable drafting table prevents strain and discomfort during long work sessions, ensuring ergonomic support.

2. Tabletop Surface and Materials

A quality drafting table often features a tempered safety glass top or a smooth drawing surface that facilitates precise lines and easy erasing. Consider options like blue-tempered safety glass for improved clarity and reduced eye strain. Sturdy materials such as powder-coated iron or steel legs ensure stability and longevity.

3. Storage Space

Ample storage is essential to keep your workspace organized. Look for drafting tables with built-in storage drawers, slide-out trays, or shelves for storing drafting tools, art supplies, and documents. This feature prevents clutter and allows quick access to your materials.

4. Workspace Size and Layout

Consider the tabletop's dimensions and the available workspace in your studio or study area. Ensure the drafting table fits comfortably while providing enough room for your drawing equipment, computer, or reference materials. A flat surface is important for technical drawing, and some models also offer an angled surface for sketching.

5. Portability and Design

Depending on your needs, a portable drafting table might be preferable. Look for foldable or lightweight options that allow you to work in different locations. A stylish and attractive drafting table can enhance your workspace aesthetics and motivation.

6. Additional Features

The right drafting table often has convenient extras such as a built-in pencil groove, a straight edge for precise lines, and a padded stool for extended comfort. Some models even include adjustable top angles, matching stools, and removable side trays for holding art supplies or office materials.

Final Take

In conclusion, the right drafting table is crucial for architects and architecture students. The top 10 options presented here offer a variety of features to cater to individual needs, from adjustable angles to ample storage. Investing in a high-quality drafting table can elevate creativity, precision, and productivity in architectural pursuits.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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