Best Sticker Website for Cool Stickers

Best Sticker Website for Cool Stickers

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Whether for branding or decorating your car, home or laptop, stickers are a great way to add a personal feel and touch to your space. Stickers come in various designs, genres and styles to add an original and unique element regardless of the intended goal. Common sticker designs include fashion, sports, quotes and funny pictures.

In recent years, stickers have been used to pass a message, whether by marketing a product or brand, raise money for a charity organization, for activism purposes, and bring traffic to a site. For these reasons, many websites offer different sticker designs to cater to this growing market.

Therefore, we have carefully come up with a list of the best sticker sites and a buying guide to help you choose the site best suited for your needs.

What is a Sticker?

A sticker is a label that is printed on plastic, paper, vinyl, or other material. The material that is chosen usually has an adhesive that is sensitive to pressure on one side. This adhesive helps the sticker stick on a surface, such as a laptop, window, wall, or bumper.

Cool stickers are available in different colors, styles and designs. They are often used for decoration purposes like covering a laptop case or a bare wall. In addition, the stickers can be used for certain functions, such as a fundraiser or a school event to pass a certain message.

Now that we are conversant with what a sticker is, let us delve into the best sticker sites.

Which is the Best Sticker Website?

Several sites specialize in selling stickers. These stickers range from sports, fashion, funny pictures, food, travel destination, music, etc. You must read reviews from previous customers about the stickers' quality, design, and durability before committing to buy.

Below is a list of the best sticker sites:

1. Sticker Mule

If you are looking for custom stickers designs that are kick-ass, then Sticker Mule is an exceptional choice. This site allows individuals to upload their custom designs and sell them to other users or customers. In addition, Sticker Mule has a custom design panel that allows you to create your design, such as sticker sheets directly on the site. The other upside of shopping from Sticker Mule is that they give you discounts based on the number of stickers that you shop for. For example, buying 50 1x1 inch stickers will cost you $50, whereas buying 100 similar stickers will cost you $56.

2. Sticker You

This site allows you to buy already designed stickers or design your sticker by uploading an image and choosing the design style and shape you want. After this, Sticker You completes the order for you and does not limit the number of self-designed stickers that you can order. However, custom making your design on this site is seemingly more expensive than purchasing an already made design.

3. Redbubble

If you are looking for fun, fresh and unique stickers, Redbubble is an excellent site to start. It is unique from other sticker sites in that customers create designs for other customers. This means that anyone on the platform can create a unique sticker design and sell it through the same site.

Redbubble also deals in custom items, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, laptop sleeves, skins, and cards. If you are a creative/ designer looking to make some extra money, Redbubble allows you to sell your art through them. In addition, once you upload your work, you need not be worried about orders, shipping and payment since the site takes care of that.

4. Café Press

Café Press deals in different stickers such as oval stickers, rectangle stickers and other fun-shaped sticker types. In addition, the site has a search option that allows you to look for the sticker design and genres that you want, such as food and sports stickers.

Like Redbubble, Café Press offers creatives a space to create unique and cool stickers that they can upload and sell to customers. The site takes care of the orders, shipping and distributing the commission money to the artists. In addition, Café Press has other customized items, such as mugs, pillows, cushions and wall decor.

5. Amazon

Amazon is a one-stop online shop for almost if not everything you need, including cool stickers. The site sells unique, fun and playful stickers to represent your beliefs, opinions, and business. Buying from Amazon is easy and convenient since they offer worldwide shipping. The only downside of ordering stickers from Amazon is that you cannot get them customized to your liking or design.

6. Etsy

Etsy is another popular site for cool stickers that artists individually design. For this reason, Etsy features different sticker designs from funny pictures to quotes, food, Bible verses, sports and many others. If you are looking to have a custom-made design, you can easily reach out to a seller on the site. In addition, Etsy facilitates worldwide shipping for orders made.

7. FoamCorePrint

FoamCorePrint deals in various stickers and designs, such as banners, canvas, yard signs, posters, and decals. This site specializes in customized stickers of all kinds, allowing you to have various options to choose from. In addition, you can choose to contact a representative to get progress about your design and process the shipping fast.

8. All Stickers

All Sticker is a two-in-one shop that sells stickers of all types while supporting a cause. A young girl started the site to support her sister's Celiac disease. The business donates one dollar from every sticker sold to support Celiac cure research. However, All Stickers has a low volume of cool stickers and business cards.

What are the Types of Custom Stickers?

1. Transfer Stickers 

These stickers are cut from a single colored vinyl and then transferred to the surface of choice using a transfer tape. Transfer stickers are easy to apply designs that are complicated. As such, they're more convenient for logos, calligraphic text, or symbols.

2. Vinyl Stickers

Creating Vinyl stickers involves numbering, lettering, or creating shapes individually from a 2-mil vinyl solid-colored sheet. The individual cut-out shapes or numbers are then spaced and placed on a transfer tape. If you are looking for custom stickers, such as business cards for your business, vinyl stickers are more applicable. In addition, it is more suitable for car and banner lettering.

3. Clear Stickers

Custom clear stickers feature a transparent background and are printed using white ink. This style helps to maintain the opacity of your design hence removing any obstructions on the same space. Clear stickers are fitting as product labels, bottles and window labels.

4. Wall Graphics

Wall graphics or decals are useful to add a personal feel or style to your space, be it home or office. They are created using a self-adhesive fabric, such as vinyl which is easy to place or pull off without damaging your walls.

5. Die-Cut Stickers

Die-cut stickers are made of waterproof fabric that can also withstand scratches and sunlight. This makes it easy to paste them on surfaces such as notice boards, cars and outdoor spaces. For this reason, they are better fitted for promotional purposes.

6. Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are best suited for trucks and cars as a display of personal interests or brand marketing. They are made from thick vinyl that is resistant to water, scratches and sunlight. In addition, the vinyl makes it easy to remove bubbles stuck in the bumper labels.

Other types of custom stickers include

  • Font adhesive
  • Oval stickers
  • Rounded corner
  • Circle
  • Sticker sheets
  • Kiss-cut

How to Remove Stickers

It is not uncommon to get bored or tired of labels that you have either on your laptop or bumper. When this happens, you want to be careful when removing the sticker to avoid causing scratches and other damage to the surface. Below we have a guide on how to remove stickers and their residue.

a). Using Your Nail

This hack works best for stickers that are not old, preferably a few months old. The first step is to make out which edge of the sticker is likely to come out fast. Then, slowly using your nail, scratch the loosened end smoothly to ensure that the sticker does not tear in the middle. Unfortunately, removing the torn part is tedious if the sticker tears because it has lost its original shape.

You can also use a sharp blade in place of your nails to remove the sticker. However, be careful not to scratch hardly on the surface since this will create unpleasant marks on the laptop or bumper. To achieve a seamless, clean and sticker-free surface, be patient and slow when scratching off the sticker.

b). Use a Blower

If the sticker you are attempting to remove is more than a year old, the chances are that the adhesive glue has already dried. What this does is that it strengthens the bond making the sticker more durable and hard to remove.

To go around this, you can use a blower to circulate hot air on the sticker surface. In turn, this melts the glue making it very easy to peel off the sticker from the surface.

c). Using a Damp Cloth

The other DIY hack to remove a sticker easily is to use a damp cloth. This means taking a piece of cloth and wetting it with water. Press to get all the water out of the cloth, then gently rub the cloth on the sticker surface. After a few rubs, the sticker is now ready to peel off.

An alternative to water is using a few drops of oils like coconut oil and olive oil to dampen the cloth. Next, gently rub on the surface until it is ready to peel off. Similarly, you could pour a few drops of the same oils on your fingers and rub them on the sticker gently using your hands.

What About the Residue?

Leftover adhesive marks and residues after removing a sticker can be annoying to look at and to remove too. However, there are a few easy methods to solve this problem. The first one is using an alcohol-based liquid and applying it to a piece of cloth. Next, rub the cloth on the surface to see results in less than a minute.

Mild baking soda solution is also useful in removing the residue. Dampen a piece of cloth in the solution then rub it on the surface. In addition, you can use an oil-based substance or scotch tape to get rid of the leftovers.

How to Choose the Best Sticker Website

Before choosing the best sticker site for your custom stickers, a few key things are worth considering.

1. Know What You Want

Simple as it sounds, knowing what you want out of your labels' design will influence the website you choose to buy stickers from. This is because many custom sticker designs are made out of different materials and printing methods. Therefore, being clear on what you want the stickers will determine things like the degree of adhesion, the material used and size.

2. Direct Communication With Someone at the Sticker Company

Ensure that you communicate with someone from the sticker site company who is more conversant with your needs. The importance of this is that you have someone working on the design product and can give you more information on the progress. Incase you change your mind on the design and need to update someone in the company, having a name and number that you can directly reach out to is great. This is unlike when talking via an automated system online.

3. Production Methods

Before settling on one sticker website, be sure to conduct extensive research on their production methods. Ultimately, you want to choose a company with various print methods to suit different designs. In addition, print methods affect the price, durability, quality and quantity of the stickers. Furthermore, a company may recommend one print method, their default, rather than give you different options to choose from.

4. Samples

When it comes to custom sticker designs, a picture is not a good show of the actual quality. Asking for a sample will help you determine the size and layout of your custom labels. In addition, the sample will give you a feel and view of how the final product will look so that any changes can be made based on the sample quality.

This is also important when determining the shipping methods used by the company, whether it is free or there's a shipping fee involved. Worldwide shipping options are important, especially when you are located far from the company location.

5. Guarantee

The best sticker website should be trustworthy. Before approaching any company, it is good to know if it is reputable and worth your money. An good and easy way to find this is by conducting a Google search of the particular labels' website with keywords like "Sticker website A reviews."

The third-party reviews will give you an insight into the service provided by the company, the expected duration, and quality. However, it is also alarming if you don't get any reviews from customers about the sticker company.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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