The Best Water Dispenser for Your Office or Home Use

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Taking water at a specific temperature can be a hassle since it could require heating or cooling the water. Rather than waiting so long for your cup to brew, you can get instant hot, cold, or cool water from a high-quality water dispenser, eliminating having to use your refrigerator or kettle.

Nevertheless, with the hundreds or possibly thousands of models on the market, finding the right fit can be tedious. Fortunately, we've assembled a list of the best water dispensers and the factors to consider when selecting one.

This post is a guide for anyone considering buying a great and long-lasting water dispenser. Let's begin!

Best Water Dispensers

1. Avalon A 5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

Avalon A5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler...
  • Installation kit: Full installation kit consisting of 20' of 1/4"...
  • Dual filtration: Dual filters are included with the water cooler....
  • Bottleless: Our water cooler is bottle less and will reduce the...
  • Three temperatures: Three temperature settings allow you to...

First, we have the Avalon A5 Bottleless Water Dispenser, which comes with a full installation kit including tubing, an adapter, an under sink, along with detailed and illustrated instructions. This makes it easy to set up this dispenser without requiring professional assistance.

The dual water filters in its water cooler dispenser consist of a carbon block filter and sediment filter built to last up to 6 months, having filtered 1500 gallons of water. As a result, the Avalon A5 can rid water of hardness minerals and other pollutants to give you clean and better-tasting water.

The bottleless design reduces the cost of regular water purchases to give your family an accessible means to cold water. The three temperature settings allow you to choose between a crisp cold, cool, or piping hot output for a customized drinking experience.

With a self-cleaning function, this is definitely one of the best water cooler dispensers you can buy. The feature is responsible for sanitizing and purifying the dispenser, preventing the build-up of bacteria or germs which threaten your health.

Additionally, it is a UL and Energy Star Certified product with a child safety lock function on the hot water spout, making it safe for the entire family to use without any worries.


  • In-built nightlight.
  • Three temperature settings.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Dual water filtration.
  • Built with durable stainless steel.


  • Slow flow rate.
  • Can alter the taste of water.

2. Primo hTRIO Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Primo hTRIO Bottom Loading Hot/Cool/Cold Water...
  • Coupons for Primo water included - Redeemable at thousands of...
  • Coupons foBrews Single Serve Beverages in 6, 8, and 10 oz. sizes...
  • Dispenses ice-cold and piping-hot water on demand with...
  • Easy bottom loading design eliminates lifting and flipping while...
  • Stainless steel water reservoirs provide durability and the...

The Primo hTRIO is one of the best water dispensers on the market, offering a single-serve for hot, cool, or cold brews. It can comfortably accommodate up to 20 K-Cup pods in the in-built drip tray and comes with a reusable coffee filter for making your coffee. The fact that this bottom-loading water dispenser can meet your coffee and watering needs makes it an exceptional option.

You can choose whichever water temperature you want; whether ice cold or piping hot, this dispenser will do it all. You can use the Primo hTRIO quite easily since it is fitted with paddle controls requiring no expertise to operate. Say goodbye to minutes of unnecessary waiting as this dispenser fills your glass or bottle in a matter of seconds, thanks to its fast flow rate.

The design of this bottom loading dispenser allows you to load the water without lifting or flipping it over. Plus, the stainless steel water storage will hold water for as long as necessary. Since the drip tray is removable and dishwasher safe, cleaning it is hassle-free. This dispenser is Energy Star Rated and UL Certified, which means that it is safe to use at home for your drinking water and other needs.


  • Durable build.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Minimal noise.
  • Elegant design.


  • Additional costs for the K-Cup pods.

3. Primo Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser, 3 Temp...
  • Coupons for Primo water included - Redeemable at thousands of...
  • Dispenses ice-cold, cool, and piping-hot water with the push of a...
  • Easy bottom loading design eliminates lifting and flipping while...
  • Stainless steel door panel and water reservoirs provide...
  • Includes a 1-Year Limited Warranty

Another great option also doubling as the best water cooler dispenser is the Primo Bottom loading model. It can dispense ice-cold, cool, and piping hot water to satisfy any temperature requirements you have at the push of a button. As it dispenses hot water, the child safety lock automatically activates to prevent any hot spills, leading to burns. This makes it an excellent choice for meeting your family's water needs without compromising their safety.

The bottom-loading design is quite convenient, and it eliminates the need to lift or flip the dispenser while loading. The cabinet this product comes with will conceal your water bottles for an elegant appearance. You won't require any plumbing services with this dispenser.

The stainless steel in the door panel, water reservoirs, and removable drip tray add durability to this model, ensuring it will serve you for years. The drip tray is dishwasher safe which is pretty convenient, and this Primo stainless steel dispenser is Energy Star Certified, making it a great fit for your home.


  • Easy to use push-button controls.
  • Stainless steel build.
  • Hot water safety lock.
  • Energy star rated.
  • Hot, cold, and cool options.


  • Limited to use of Primo bottles.
  • The tray easily falls off after opening.

4. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser with...
  • THREE TEMPERATURES: Three temperature settings allow you to...
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Our sleek stylish stainless steel cabinet will...
  • LIGHT THE WAY: Our built-in nightlight makes the water spouts...
  • BOTTOM LOADING WITH BIOGUARD: Our water cooler is bottom loading...
  • CHILD SAFE: This product is UL/Energy Star Approved and features...

If you are looking for a bottom load water cooler dispenser that offers a customized drinking experience, the Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler is the solution you need. With the three temperature settings, this dispenser can provide hot, cold, or cool water to meet your needs accordingly.

It features an innovative design that makes it an elegant addition to your home without seeming out of place. Whether it is for your kitchen or office, the sleek build of this Avalon dispenser will contribute to the beauty of your interior with its stainless steel cabinet.

The integrated night light makes the water spouts visible to avoid unnecessary spills, while the empty bottle indicator will light up whenever you need to refill the water bottle. Since it is a bottom loading dispenser, you won't have to strain as you lift it after refilling.


  • Hot water safety lock feature.
  • Elegant design.
  • Stainless steel build.


  • A bit noisy.
  • The user guide is confusing to some users.

5. COSTWAY 2-in-1 Water Cooler Dispenser

COSTWAY 2-in-1 Water Cooler Dispenser with Built-in Ice...
  • 🧊【Elegant Sleek Design】This water dispense will look...
  • 🧊【Built-In Ice Maker】Ice basket holds up to 4lbs of ice....
  • 🧊【Control Panel & LED Indicators】It is easy to use the...
  • 🧊【Tri-Temp Water Cooler】This water dispenser features a...
  • 🧊【Child Safety Lock】It is equipped with a child safety...

Finally, we conclude our list with the COSTWAY Water Cooler Dispenser, which offers an elegant design that will add classiness to your office or home. It looks great, and it will provide water at the temperature of your choice for a long while. With a built-in ice maker, this dispenser has an ice basket containing about 4 lbs of ice to provide the ice you need when you desire. In 6-14 minutes, you will have 9 bullet ice cubes which eliminate the need for ice trays.

It comes with a control panel that is easy to use, which operates the ice maker and sets the output for hot and cold water. The LED indicators give you visual cues on whether the dispenser is on or off and when it is in operation.

Whether you want hot water, cold water, or room temperature water, this dispenser will satisfy your needs. The child safety lock on the hot water spout allows the entire family to use this appliance without any concerns.


  • Easy to installSleek design.
  • LED night light function.
  • Cool, hot, and cold water settings.
  • Easy to use.
  • Inbuilt Ice Maker


  • Noisy water cooler dispenser.
  • Doesn't store the ice for long.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Water Dispenser

1. Types of Water Cooler Dispensers

There are several types of water cooler dispensers which we will discuss in detail below.

  • Bottom-Loading Water Cooler Dispensers

A bottom-loading water dispenser stores the water bottle in a bottom cabinet, eliminating the need to lift the water bottle too high. The low position of the cabinet allows for a convenient raising of the water bottle which makes this a convenient option since you don't have to place it on the dispenser.

Additionally, the design of these dispensers keeps the water bottle from sight, which adds to the appeal of this appliance. Unfortunately, since bottom-loading water dispensers use a water pump to move water, they tend to be noisy during operation.

  • Top-Loading Water Dispenser

Top-load water dispensers are the opposite of the bottom load types and hold the bottle on top. Since the bottle is on the dispenser, you can clearly monitor the water levels, which keeps you aware when it's time for refilling.

One of the setbacks you will experience with this type of water dispenser is during jug replacement. While it is easy to remove the empty bottle, lifting and turn the water jug upside down can result in spills. Fortunately, top-loading types are more affordable than bottom-loaders.

  • Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

A bottle-less water dispenser is completely free from the need to refill the water bottles. This is because they connect directly to a cold water line and supply an unlimited amount of purified tap water.

They also come with an integrated filter system for eliminating the contaminants found in your water to give you clean drinking water. The main drawback of bottleless water dispensers is that they are more expensive than bottom-load dispensers.

  • Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser

The countertop water dispenser can be top-loaded or bottleless but are much smaller than other dispensers. As their name suggests, these dispensers are placed on a table or kitchen countertop, making them an excellent option for offices and small apartments. One of the advantages of a countertop dispenser is that they are quite affordable.

2. Water Tank Capacity

Another factor to keep in mind is the capacity of the water tank in the dispenser. The right capacity will depend on the amount of water your household uses daily. It will be wise to select one with a high capacity since it won't run out of water as quickly as smaller ones.

However, a smaller water cooler system is not necessarily a disadvantage if it supplies hot and cold water to few individuals. If you want to eliminate the frequent refilling of the dispenser, a larger one should do the trick.

3. Ease of Refilling

During refills, bottom-loaded dispensers won't require you to do any heavy lifting since the bottle conveniently goes to the bottom cabinet. This makes them suitable for people who want to eliminate the need to lift a full bottle.

Top-load units, while being more affordable, will need a hands-on approach during refills. This is because you will have to lift and place the bottle onto the dispenser, which may require significant effort. Fortunately, these types allow you to see the water levels so you'll know exactly when you should refill them.

Bottleless dispensers are the best options for completely removing the need to refill the bottles since they have unlimited access to water through the main lines. This means that you won't have to buy water bottles or jugs. The only thing to keep an eye on with these dispensers is the filtration system which should work efficiently to ensure the water is pollutant-free.

4. Water Temperatures

One of the most convenient functions water cooler dispensers perform the instant heating and cooling of water to appropriate temperatures. These appliances should deliver water at hot, cold, or room temperatures without taking too much time.

So before you pick your water dispenser, you should ensure it can provide hot and cold water in an instant. The models in this review have an extra setting for cool water, which is not too cold or warm, which can be suitable for some people.

5. Heating and Cooling Rate

While water cooler dispensers can provide hot and cold water, the rate at which they heat or cool the water is of significance. If the water takes too long to heat, you won't enjoy using the hot water dispenser. So, you want an appliance that will supply hot, cold, and room temperature water as quickly as possible to minimize waiting time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Dispensers

1. What is the best water cooler dispenser on the market?

The overall best water dispenser in this review is the Avalon A5 Bottleless Water Dispenser which is self-cleaning and can provide water at hot, cold, or room temperatures.

2. Do self-cleaning water coolers really work?

Yes, water dispensers with a self-cleaning feature use ultraviolet light or ozone to kill bacteria and other germs in the water tanks. This maintains a pathogen-free environment inside the dispenser, keeping the water safe for consumption.

3. Which is a better top or bottom loading water dispenser?

Both types of dispensers have their own benefits. Bottom loading dispensers come at a higher cost but won't need you to lift the bottle onto the dispenser, while top-loaders require heavy lifting but have a lower price tag.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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