Best Weed Killer That Won’t Kill Grass

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Pesky weeds can ruin the look of any perfectly manicured lawn in a second. Although pulling out stubborn weeds can be an option, it can also be counterproductive as you may end up breaking the roots and letting the weeds continue dancing free. Today we'll look at the best weed killer that won't kill grass but will take care of any weeds lurking in between the grass.

Applying the best weed killer can save you time and energy by dealing with broadleaf weeds, dandelions, ragweed, crabgrass, or other types of weeds. The best thing about these best weed killers is that they will not damage your grass at all. We understand that it can be hard to maintain the grass, and the last thing you need is to choose a weed and grass killer that will damage all the good work.

Here are the best weed killers that will not leave your lawn looking dry, brown, and dead.

What is the best weed killer for lawns?

1. Gordon’s SpeedZone Lawn Weed Killer, 20 Ounces, 652400

Gordon’s SpeedZone Lawn Weed Killer, 20 Ounces,...
  • Visible results in hours - Reseed in just two weeks
  • Covers from 14,000 to 18,000 square feet - perfect for large...
  • Rapid and effective weed control for common and troublesome weed...
  • Does not harm lawn grasses - Cool Weather Performance
  • RESTRICTED: This product can NOT be shipped to the following...

Our first weed killer kills weeds and moss and leaves your lawn looking greener, thicker, and healthier. Once you purchase this weed killer for lawns, you'll be able to cover a 14,000 to 18,000 square feet with the one pack. To say that you will get excellent value for your money would be an understatement, and we suggest that you use this weed killer to see for yourself.

You can think of this weed killer for lawns as an all-in-one lawn feed, moss killer, and weed killer. You can either use a spreader to spread this granular product all over your lawn or do it by hand. The active ingredients that make this weed killer one of the best in the market with its 4-way herbicide blend. 

This best weed killer takes at least 24 hours to kick in. Therefore, don't worry if, after a few hours, you still don't see any changes to your lawn. If you have a very serious weed problem, we suggest looking for another option on this list before using this weed killer. Although it's not a weed grass killer, this best weed killer is created to keep any weeds in your lawn at bay. Works the best in cooler weather.


  • Does not kill grass
  • Great for controlling weed growth
  • Leaves your lawn looking healthier, greener, and thicker
  • Ideal for spot treatment
  • Great weed preventer
  • Easy to spread on your lawn


  • Only suitable for use in cold weather.

2. Southern Ag Amine 2,4-D WEED KILLER

Southern Ag Amine 2,4-D WEED KILLER, 32oz - Quart
  • Selective Broadleaf Weed Control
  • For use in pastures & rangeland, lawns, golf courses, cemeteries,...

This best weed killer is great as a general weedkiller for broadleaf weeds. 2,4-D is normally considered one of the most effective chemicals to use on various broadleaf weed plants. Therefore, although this Southern Ag product is a bare-bones 2,4-D weed killer, you can be sure that it will get the job done fantastically.

Another great thing about these best weed killers is that they are affordable, and you get great value for your money. One quart of this weed killer is enough to cover over 1000 square feet. All you need to do is carefully spread it on your lawn or weed-infested area, and it will kill weeds without much problem. You can choose to buy this weed killer in bulk or in the quantity you want to use now.

If you have a Nothern American broadleaf weed problem, this weed killer is for you. You can compare n save while choosing the quantity you want. These best weed killers also contain all the necessary ingredients that kill weeds without adding anything extra. This is a simple product meant to work on broadleaf weed problems and not much else.


  • Perfect for broadleaf weed control
  • Affordable
  • One quart covers more than 1000 sqft
  • You can purchase in bulk
  • Great for use in lawns, golf courses, pastures & rangeland, and parks


  • Only great for broadleaf weed control

3. Ortho Weed B Gon Plus Crabgrass Control Concentrate2, 40 oz

Ortho Weed B Gon Plus Crabgrass Control Ready-to-Use2...
  • Kills crabgrass, dandelions and other common lawn weeds
  • Kills weeds to the roots
  • Kills 200+ weeds
  • Won’t harm the lawn— (when used as directed)
  • Starts working immediately

This is another specialized best weed killer that won't kill grass. If you have crabgrass on your lawn and wonder what to do about it, this is the option for you. The truth is that many broadleaf weed killers like the one above struggle to work on crabgrass. However, this Ortho Weed B Gon Max can work on both broadleaf weed problems and crabgrass.

This selective weed killer tackles the weed problem at the roots. These weed killers have an active ingredient that targets crabgrass and also work on broadleaf weed problems. Made to last, this weed control solution kills more than 200 species of weed and prevents their growth. If it's the rainy season and you are worried about the solution getting washed off, don't be.

These types of weed killers become rainproof after an hour of application. You can also use these lawn weed killers near other types of plants. If you have a large yard, you may need more than 40 ounces of Weed B Gon Max to act as a great lawn weed killer. This is not a weed and grass killer. Therefore, you can remain safe in the knowledge that your lawn will not turn brown any time soon.


  • Affordable
  • Works on both broadleaf and crabgrass weed problems
  • Becomes rainproof after an hour of application
  • Kill weeds at the roots
  • Perfect to use on lawns


  • Not effective on tougher species of broadleaf weeds 

4. Roundup For Lawns1 Ready to Use - All-in-One Weed Killer for Lawns

Roundup For Lawns1 Ready to Use - All-in-One Weed...
  • Weed killer with an extended wand to make it easy to spot-treat...
  • Kills over 250 weeds, including crabgrass, dandelion, clover, and...
  • Lawn weed killer for use on Northern grasses, including Kentucky...
  • Starts working immediately and rainproof in as little as 3 hours
  • For hard-to-kill summer crabgrass and grassy weeds, use Roundup...

The Roundup For Lawn1 weed killer contains MCPA and Dimethylamine salt and can comfortably work on a whole 1330 sq. ft area. The adjustable jet trigger allows you to cover this wide area or focus on a targeted region in addition to its well crafted wand extension.

This weed killer starts working immediately, and is rainproof in as little as 3 hours

Using this weed killer means that if one treatment misses some weeds, the other will catch them. These best weed killers prevent weeds from growing and give you visible results after some time without harming your grass. It works great on Northern grasses, Kentucky bluegrass included,  fescue, bermuda grass, perennial ryegrass, zoysia grass, as well as buffalo grass.


  • Great for lawn care
  • Can be used on a targeted location or a wide area
  • Can treat a 1300 sq. ft area
  • Safe to use on grass
  • Rainproof


  • Slightly expensive

5. OrganicMatters Natural Weed Killer Spray, No Glyphosate

OrganicMatters Natural Weed Killer Spray, No...
  • ???? NATURAL WEED KILLER – Made from Natural Ingredients. NO...
  • ???? ELIMINATES WEEDS IN LESS THAN 24-HOURS – Our Concentrated...
  • ???? DRIES EVEN FASTER – OrganicMatters Weed Killer Spray Is...
  • ???? CONFIDENTLY USE ANYWHERE – Use Around Flower Beds, Shrubs...
  • ???? 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – If You’re Unhappy With Our...

Our final pick works great alongside the OrganicMatters Natural Weed Killer Spray, No Glyphosate. This option is great at killing weeds without harming your grass. Fast-acting and working on several weed species, you can use a spray to apply this treatment. You can bid farewell to any lawn weeds once you get your hands on this ready-to-use formula.

These weed killers target clover, dandelions, and daisies, among others. Because these weed killer don't contain Glyphosate, they are safe to use on lawns to get rid of the weeds and not the grass. OrganicMatters Weed Killer contains natural ingredients. The weed killer works by stimulating the growth hormone in the weeds and making them grow faster than they are meant to.

Therefore, if you see that the crabgrass, dandelions, or other annual weeds are growing faster than they should, don't be alarmed. This is the systemic weed-killing formula that these weed killers use to get rid of the weeds. The weeds will soon die in no time. You can expect this weeding process to take around a week to see the desired results. Ensure that you follow the instructions to avoid killing the grass. Although this is not a weed grass killer, it can damage your grass if you use a stronger concentration than advised.


  • Does not contain Glyphosate
  • Safe to use on your lawns
  • Very effective
  • Great for working on daisies, clover, and dandelions
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Includes Heavy-Duty Sprayer


  • Stronger smelling to some.

Factors to Consider When Getting the Best Weed Killers

1. Location of Weeds

The location of the weeds plays an important role when you are choosing which weed killers to go for. For example, non-selective weed killers often target any plant that they land on. Therefore, these non-selective weed killers are great for dealing with weeds that are along your fences, in sidewalks and driveway cracks, and around raised bushes.

If you can exercise extreme caution while applying the treatment, you could also use the non-selective weed killer on weeds that are in between your crops or grass. Nonetheless, all the options above are safe to use on grass. Therefore, you don't have to worry about wiping out your lawn.

On the other hand, selective weed killers are designed to target weeds. Therefore, you don't have to be extremely careful when dealing with these types of weed killers. However, non-selective weed killers are more effective than their selective counterparts.

2. Stage of Growth

Before you settle on one of our best weed killers that won't kill your grass, we suggest that you take some time to analyze the stage that your weeds are at. This will allow you to select the most effective post-emergent weed killer or pre-emergent weed killer.

Some weed killers are designed to attack the weeds in the seedline stage, while others can only kill the weeds once they have sprouted their first leaves. Therefore, knowing which stage your weeds are at will allow you to achieve the best results when carrying out your lawn care.

Another thing to ensure when you want to control weeds is that the model you choose has the right chemical composition to deal with the stage at which your weeds are.

3. Reaction Time

As we've seen above, different weed killers take different times to work on the weeds. Therefore, take into account the time you'll need to wait before you see your desired results. If you want immediate results, choose our second or third picks above.

These options that work almost immediately often offer a contact burn that gets the weeds right away. They work with sunlight to burn the plant tissue of the targeted weeds.

If you aren't in a rush to kills the weeds, you can choose a systemic weed killer that works by gradually releasing chemical agents. This best weed killer that won't kill grass works great in warm and cold weather, making it perfect for year-round use.

4. Types of Weed Killers

You can either choose liquid weed killers or granular weed killers.

a). Liquid weed killers

These are the most common and give you more flexibility when applying them. You can either get a weedkiller concentrate or spot spray weedkillers. The concentrate requires you to add a few gallons of water to dilute it.

You can then apply it using a knapsack sprayer or a watering can. Some require you to add a gallon of water and some a bit more or less. If you want to treat your entire lawn, getting this type will be best for visible results. These weed killers are also great for use in the spring or autumn seasons and if you have a few weeds on your lawn. You can only apply this weed preventer or killer once a year.

The spot spray weed killers don't require any mixing. You purchase the ready-to-use spray bottle and get to work immediately. This type is great for targeting individual weeds. If you have one or two on your lawns, use this type.

b). Granular Weed Killers

These are not as common as the liquid types. Our first pick is a great example of a granular best option that won't kill grass. These options come ready to use and are safe to use on your lawn. They are also rarely used as a stand-alone option.

If you don't have that many weeds in your lawn and prefer to use feed and weed products, this type is perfect for you. However, if your beautiful lawn is infested with many weeds, this type might not be of great use to you. It would be better to use the weed killer concentrate.


Which one of these weed killers have you used or would like to try out? Let us know if your choice helps you get rid of those pesky weeds and returns your lawn into its beautiful manicured state. 

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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