Colors That Go with Royal Blue (15 Options)

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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When it comes to color, some combinations go together to provide great interior design. Although there are many ways to use the lovely royal blue, it can be challenging to choose which hues work best with it. In this article, we will look at some of the colors that go with royal blue and recommend how to use them for your design choices.

What Color Is Royal Blue?

Royal blue is a rich, intense blue hue. The color is paler than navy blue, with #4169e1 as its hex code.

How is royal blue created? Royal blue is a secondary color that has various complementary colors. The color is achieved by combining three primary colors. You will need to blend 25% red, 41% green, and 88% blue.

The History of Royal Blue

The term “royal blue” was introduced between 1810 and 1820, with the word “royal” derived from England, where it is believed that the color was developed for a dress competition for Queen Charlotte (1744–1818). In the early 1950s, Royal blue was thought to be a significantly deeper color until the World Wide Web Consortium, an international organization for web standards, assigned the term “royal blue” to this brighter blue in the late 1980s, along with its RGB code.

Read more on Royal blue.

Less well-known variations of royal blue include “queen blue” and “imperial blue.” With a more muted look, queen blue is a medium-tone variation of royal blue, while imperial blue refers to a deeper hue similar to samsung blue.

Due to its historical relationship with the British crown, the hue royal blue is said to have regal connotations. The Union Jack and the United Kingdom’s flag also include a royal blue hue. As a result, the color is preferred for suits, bridesmaid dresses, and formal attire.

What Does Royal Blue Mean?

Blue is connected to dependability and trustworthiness in color psychology. On the other side, the color blue may be linked to depression: “the blues,” “feeling blue,” etc. However, royal blue is less likely to convey this feeling due to its rich and dazzling color.

Royal Blue Color

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The significance of the hue royal blue differs since it may conjure up emotions of trust and safety, similar to how blue makes us feel. Royal blue is a non-polarized color that gives us a sense of security when it is around. Another meaning of the hue royal blue is tranquility. This is similar to the serene feeling that a clear blue sky on a hot summer day or the calm waves of a vast blue ocean reflecting in the sun elicit.

Being trustworthy and dependable is another connotation associated with royal blue. Therefore, it makes sense that most famous corporate logos are blue as it conveys a sense of reliability and skill. It also conveys an air of honesty due to its formality, a conviction that you can rely on it.

Colors That Go with Royal Blue

This rich shade of blue is a combination color on the color wheel. This indicates that its most fundamental complimentary color is similarly a blend of two hues, such as yellow-orange. However, this does not imply that combinations with royal blue are only possible on this side of the color wheel.

Royal blue may produce intensity and vitality when combined with other strong, embracing tones. You can utilize dark blue to produce a more subdued and neutral pattern when you pair royal blue back with softer tones.

1. Royal Blue and White

White is one of the most often used colors in home design and décor since it works with everything. When you combine royal blue with white, you will get a neat and peaceful appearance. Anyone who wants their house to seem breezy and light should choose this color scheme.

Royal Blue Bedroom Decor

Image credit:

Use royal blue on a few carefully chosen pieces of furniture, counterbalancing it with white walls, accents like pillows, standing lamp shades, and patterned textiles. Add a third neutral color, such as ivory, cream, or light gray, to make the space cozier. This color scheme blends well in any area, but it works particularly great in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.

2. Royal Blue and Green

Because blue and green are next to each other on the color wheel, it is possible to use them together in décor to create a pleasing color scheme.

Royal blue walls and green couch

Image credit:

Green and royal blue are both vibrant color combinations. Anyone who likes a natural, earthy aesthetic would adore this color combination as a decor idea for their home.

You can use olive green, sage, or forest green for the primary furniture items or the walls. You can then add royal blue accents as an accessory. For a dramatic effect, try matching a lime green with a dark royal blue or using green as an accent hue in a space by painting walls royal blue. To finish the design, you can pair royal blue elements with green plants.

3. Royal Blue and Pink

Pink and royal blue make a striking combo. You may use them individually or as a coordinated set or mix and match them in numerous ways. They have a lot of energy together since they both have red undertones. These hues can be added using fabrics, furniture, or other accessories.

A pink and royal blue interior decor

Image credit:

Royal blue furnishings will be softer and more balanced if the walls are painted in milder pink hues like blush. The space will feel more lively and cheery as a result of this. Walls in gentle light pink tones look lovely, and a royal blue couch set against a hot pink wall is the perfect contrast. For brighter pink furniture, consider adding accessories like throw cushions or blankets to go with royal blue.

4. Royal Blue and Yellow

Royal blue and yellow go well together since they are complementary colors. However, balancing royal blue and yellow would be best since they are both vivid hues. Similar to dark orange and royal blue, these complimentary hues complement one another well, but they have a more subdued, grown-up appearance.

Royal blue paint wall with yellow curtains

Image credit:

Utilizing these hues as accent colors is the key to mixing them. Apply the 60-30-10 guidelines; you may add accent colors with a neutral base color at 60%, royal blue at 30%, and yellow at 10%. This color scheme is ideal for anybody who likes a distinctive, contemporary style with a dash of whimsy and pizazz. Consider pairing royal blue furniture with a space primarily adorned in yellow tones.

5. Royal Blue and Dark Brown

Royal blue pairs effectively with the majority of brown hues. You need to know what aesthetic you are striving for because the various shades of hardwood or leather furnishings alter the appearance and feel of royal blue. For instance, honey-brown wood enhances the contrast of royal blue.

Royal blue and brown decor

Image Credit:

You may make dark brown furniture appear less gloomy by utilizing white linen and drapes and painting the walls royal blue. Include a slightly darker wooden table and chairs in a room with royal blue walls to create a vibrant eating space. Complete the theme with a jute or seagrass rug and crisp white wall trim.

If you prefer another option, add wooden coffee and end tables to a neutral living room to incorporate a tiny touch of royal blue. For some personality and intrigue, incorporate royal blue cushions and carpets.

6. Royal Blue and Teal

Teal and royal blue make for a vibrant but chic color combo. The two blue hues can compete with one another and overpower a space. We recommend utilizing incredible teal as the room’s primary or accent color.

Royal blue and teal interior decor

Image credit:

To ensure you hit the appropriate balance, we advise utilizing the 60-30-10 guidelines. Start with 60% warm, neutral colors, add 30% royal blue, and use 10% teal as an accent color. You will achieve a lovely and soothing effect by combining royal blue and teal, creating a calming and chic atmosphere in your house using these hues.

7. Royal Blue and Red

Like other blue hues, royal blue and red give off a nautical vibe. To complete a room, combine them with neutral colors like tan or white. For more significant pieces of furniture, you can choose just one color. Contrarily, layer the two hues in tiny accent pieces of furniture, blankets, and cushions.

Royal blue and red interior

Image Credit:

These hues are a fantastic option if you want a daring appearance. They will make any space more exciting. However, you may use them in lower dosages if you want something more subdued. Use several hues of each color, but avoid employing contrast.

8. Royal Blue and Orange

Royal blue and orange work well together because they are also complementary hues. Add orange accents to a room with royal blue walls or upholstered royal blue furniture for a unique atmosphere. Use royal blue and bright orange as accent colors for a softer appearance.

A fireplace made of terracotta and royal blue tiles is an attractive feature, and a royal blue chair upholstered with zingy velvet orange gives the space a cheery atmosphere. Consider utilizing terracotta since it is unquestionably a vivid hue that will go with royal blue!

Royal blue couch and orange wall decor

Image credit:

However, add a few highlights of both hues while keeping the remainder of the space neutral. Start with orange walls when decorating a dining room, and then add touches of the color with stools, rugs, kitchen towels, and other decorations. While less overt than several on the list, this combination nevertheless produces a vivid palette.

9. Royal Blue and Black

Black and royal blue make for a rich, deep combination. Maintaining harmony between these two hues in a space with other neutrals is crucial. Royal blue and black, a neutral color, work nicely together to create a sophisticated and classic style.

Royal blue and black interior

Image Credit:

Black does a great job of evoking the impression of elegance that darker shades typically provide. A touch of brightness is added by royal blue to offset the gloom of black.

Painting the walls white, adding black accents and patterned carpets, and then adding royal blue with textured artwork, royal blue furniture, or scatter pillows may modernize a space.

10. Royal Blue and Tan

Royal blue and tan work together to create a calm yet eye-catching room. Anyone who likes traditional style will adore the old-world, royal aura that this color scheme exudes. For most of the space, use tan furnishings such as natural wood furniture and neutral-colored walls.

Royal blue and tan decor

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We recommend adding royal blue highlights. You can also add natural fibers to provide texture and design to pillows, blankets, and lampshades. Adding color and depth to the royal blue room with painted furniture is exciting.

11. Royal Blue and Gold

Utilize these two complementing hues together in interior design. Royal blue adds a sense of tranquillity, while gold is a warm color that can give some brightness to a space.

Navy Blue and Gold

Image credit:

These two hues blend well together, so consider painting a room in combination, adding gold highlights to a space with royal blue walls, or adding gold accents and cushions made of gold. Whatever you decide, apply a lot of texture to give your outfit a finished appearance.

Since these two hues are so striking, utilizing them in excess might be overpowering. Try combining them with neutrals like white or beige for an elegant and classic design.

12. Royal Blue and Powder Blue

These two hues look fantastic together since they are complementary. You can use royal blue and powder blue in your home design to produce a unified and fashionable effect in your living room for a perfect interior design.

Royal blue and powder blue decor

Image credit:

Painting one wall of your room powder blue and the other fence royal blue is one method to combine these colors. It will give your home some color and intrigue. You can combine these colors in a variety of ways.

Use a royal blue couch and light blue throw pillows, for instance. Alternatively, you might use royal blue for most furniture and powder blue for a few items.

13. Royal Blue and Beige

Beige is a neutral color that complements practically anything, much like white. A relaxing and pleasant environment will be produced by the combination of royal blue and beige, possibly even more so than when white is used because the contrast will not be as stark.

Royal blue and beige interior

Image credit:

We advise using royal blue as the primary hue and beige as accents when matching royal blue with beige or vice versa. When you use beige as an accent hue, the atmosphere in the space is more profound and seductive. The room will appear lighter, more spacious, and more modern if you choose royal blue as the accent color and beige as the primary color.

These two options are each intriguing in their particular ways. Everything relies on the style and atmosphere you want to create in that particular space.

14. Royal Blue and Gray

Gray may initially appear to be a drab hue, but it takes on a much more glitzy, refined appearance when combined with royal blue. Anyone who likes a modern-industrial style with a dash of luxury will adore this color scheme.

Adding a couple more gray hues when utilizing this royal blue and gray together is preferable. Only using light gray will make the contrast appear crude. Additionally, the space will appear less intriguing and dynamic if you utilize dark gray.

Royal blue and gray decor

Large expanses of royal blue combined with furniture and fixtures in various hues of gray will look fantastic. Add white accents to your design for eye-catching highlights and a more dynamic and deliberate effect.

15. Royal Blue and Navy Blue

Contrary to popular belief, royal blue and navy blue do not refer to the same color. In actuality, royal blue is a deeper hue of blue than navy blue and is far more saturated. However, the two shades may look fantastic when combined as an analogous color scheme to achieve a lavish feel.

Navy blue and royal blue interior design

Image credit:

For the room above, the user utilizes blue color on the walls and blends it with navy blue curtains. The navy blue couch also conforms well with the blue throw pillows and the navy blue mat with white stripes.

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Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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