Dining Room Rug Ideas To Open Up Your Space

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Rugs can make or break a space. So, besides the fact that you have to also consider your general aesthetic or interior decor, you have to find the perfect dining room rug. Ideally, starting out simple is not a bad idea right off the bat. So, let's get to our list of dining room rug ideas, and hopefully, by the end of this article, you will know what to do.

Why Are Dining Room Rugs a Big Deal?

First of all, no shame to anyone who keeps their dining area bare. You can really pull it off any way you wish. Bare dining areas are great if you have vintage or hardwood floors. Additionally, bare dining areas are also perfect for families with toddlers. This is because it is easier to clean bare floors than it is to clean rugs.

A dining room rug can tie your dining space together. Additionally, the rug design you select gives a subtle sophistication to the room. Basically, you can transform almost any space with the right rug. Important factors such as patterns, texture, shape, material will draw attention to your dining room area. So you have to select well.

 Lastly, you also have to consider the furniture you own. Furniture will also determine the best rug to place in your dining room area. They will determine whether to have low pile carpets or high pile rugs, amongst other things. Let's check out the best dining room rug ideas in the sections below.

Dining Room Rug And Carpet Ideas

You can be selecting a new rug either when designing your house from scratch or just looking for pairing ideas. Either way, getting a rug is inevitable. A general rule of thumb we like is to avoid plain rugs if your dining area usually houses the children's painting projects. For that, you will need patterns in your rug to conceal stains.

Here are our top ideas on dining room rugs you could try out at any time:

1) Traditional Timeless Classics

Any traditional rug will look amazing, even in a small space. The classic patterns on traditional rugs create a high-end style. Classic rugs also go really well with hardwood dining room furniture. Oaks and walnuts make a classic rug look timeless. The intricate patterns on classic rugs also work well to conceal stains.

If your dining room table has dark colors, then your traditional rug should be darker. It will stand out but also complement your dining table and dining chairs. Traditional timeless classics paired with large windows also have the effect of opening up a space. This rug also looks good in a modern dining room.

2) Rustic Classics

Rustic rugs give an entire room a classy but homely vibe. Rustic classics use subdued tones to keep a room airy. They usually don't have any conspicuous pattern work, such as large stripes. However, to provide contrast, you can layer the lighter-colored rug with another patterned rug underneath it.

Additionally, rustic classics go well with any color scheme in your furniture. Be it light-colored raw or dark-colored raw furniture. Finally, if you have art, then this rug won't get in the way of your dining room aesthetic. On the contrary, it will actually enhance the look of your dining room area or dining room floors.

3) Mid-Century And Bold Patterns

Mid-century is also synonymous with large and bold patterns. If you like simplicity and classy with a touch of geometric patterns, then a mid-century rug is going to be perfect for your dining area. Additionally, they are also perfect as an area rug. Of course, the shape of your rug is largely dependent on the shape of the room.

Bold patterns and colors will make your dining area stand out. Therefore if you need to use bold patterns, ensure it's the look you are going for. Mid-century rugs are fun, colorful and very cozy. They add a homey feeling to your space. They are also perfect for when you have guests over because they add a relaxing effect.

4) Neutral And Earthy Tones

We love neutral and earthy colors because they go with any type of artwork. If you have a lot of art in your space and you are worried about your area rugs clashing with them, consider neutral tones. Neutrality will stand out as well go well with your art. Additionally, earthy tones ensure your space retains all its beauty.

 Neutral tones ensure not to take anything away from your aesthetic but actually tie up your whole space. Additionally, if you aren't trying to channel any vintage or classic vibes, then neutral tones are the next best thing. Furthermore, neutral styles go with any type of decor or design.

5) Textured-Type Rugs

Textured rugs can add appeal to any space. The texture adds character to your space and offers a beautiful, stylish and comfortable space. The texture on a carpet is made from looped carpet and or sometimes cut pile. Additionally, varying thicknesses of wool strings are used to create the texture on most carpets.

Textured rugs do not wear out easily. Therefore, you can utilize them for a long time. They also hide stains really well and don't show up dirt. It is also low-maintenance and perfect as a dining room rug. Furthermore, there is an element of minimalism that comes with textured rugs, which you might like.

How To Select A Dining Room Rug

 Selecting a dining room rug is not a hard thing to do. It merely requires a few considerations, with you highlighting the main ones. It doesn't matter the kind of rug you choose for your space, as long as you are happy with it. However, in our opinion, here are some factors to consider when selecting the perfect rug for your space.

a) Material

You have to keep wear and tear in mind when selecting the material your rug is made of. Since the rug in question is a dining room rug, it is going to be full of spills and stains. Therefore, the rug you select should be very durable and long-lasting. Not to mention the rug will also accommodate a lot of foot activity.

Natural fibers such as wool are perfect for a dining room rug. Wool is hardy and is not prone to wear and tear. Furthermore, other wool mixes are also perfect for rugs. On the other hand, materials like cotton and silk are not suitable for a dining room rug. They tear easily as well. Furthermore, they cannot withstand a lot of foot traffic.

Synthetic materials, on the other hand, don't make good dining room rugs. They are very hard to clean. In addition, dining room rugs take a lot of beating and foot traffic. Not to mention that they also get chairs pulled and pushed on them. Therefore, synthetics might not be the best rug for your dining area.

b) Rug Shape

Different dining tables are made of different shapes. Most of the time, you also have to consider the room shape. For the most part, rectangular-shaped dining tables pair well with rectangular rugs. The same goes for a round rug and a round dining table. Furthermore, pairing shapes give your room a better look.

The shape of your furniture is very important to consider when selecting a rug. Therefore, matching the shapes is essential in giving the room an aesthetic that suits you best. Furthermore, it is essential to purchase a rug pad when you select your rug.

c) Rug Size

The size of the rug you select is very important. A small rug will not be sufficient. Not to mention it will look horrid. Additionally, it is non-negotiable to leave a little space of rug behind the chairs. This generally means that the rug has to be larger than the dining table. Any rug shape should be larger than the dining table.

As a general rule of thumb, always go larger when it comes to rugs, regardless of the size of the room. It will always fit well if you choose to go larger. You need space to pull and push the chairs. Additionally, whatever the shape of your rug, ensure it is still larger, including the round rugs.

d) Color Scheme

You don't want to mix and match a whole ton of colors. Instead, you should select matching color schemes and go with them. Colors have a way of either opening up a space or making a space look hopeless. You definitely want to have your space look airy and perfect for you. Additionally, patterns and shapes should also be taken into consideration.

Large and bold prints have a way of bringing personality into your space without looking tacky. However, before you incorporate large prints, ensure something else matches it. It could be a piece of wall art or the color of your couch pillows. If your place has mostly neutral or dark colors, you can add a pop of bold prints or color.

e) Low Pile Always

While shaggy rugs or high pile rugs are awesome, they hide a lot of dirt. Not to mention they accumulate dust. Additionally, high pile rugs are perfect for the seating area if you need a plush rug in your sitting area. On the other hand, a low pile is great because it is easier to clean, it hides stains, and some are very durable.

When purchasing a rug for your dining room, ensure it has a tightly-woven patterns. As mentioned above, this type of weaving is very durable. They also don't become tripping hazards because they are very thin. The rug is also perfect if your dining area has high foot traffic.

Benefits of Dining Area Rugs

Area rugs have their own functionality benefits aside from the fact that they make a space look beautiful. They can have the effect of putting a room together. Here are some benefits of dining area rugs.

i) Adds Personality To a Room

Dining area rugs can make or break your space. Not only do rugs add sass to a room, but they also give a room personality and character. Furthermore, they represent the owner or the people who live there. Therefore, the overall design is important to ensure your living space is beautifully yours.

ii) Dampening Sound

Rugs are surprisingly good at dampening sounds. This works well if you live in apartment flats and don't want to bother your neighbors downstairs. Additionally, they are very good at muffling the sound your chair would make as you push and pull before or after a meal. Rugs are very convenient.

iii) Protecting Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are considered an investment because they tend to be expensive. Additionally, rugs protect hardwood floors by cushioning any furniture. The last thing you need are scrapes on your hardwood floors from pulling and pushing the dining table chairs. Additionally, the rug will soak up any spills and food particles that pour.

iv) Breaks Falls

In a family with little ones who like to run around, rugs will break any fall they might get. Children play and run around all the time. It is not uncommon for them to trip and fall. However, when they fall indoors, there will be rugs to break their fall. This is important to prevent serious injury.

The Bottom Line

Rugs are very versatile. If your gut tells you to get a rug, then you absolutely should. However, not all spaces need rugs. If you don't feel like your space really needs a rug, then it might not need one. Furthermore, rugs provide a sort of visual attraction when you walk into a room. Therefore, selecting the best rug for yourself is very essential.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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