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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet 1600 Running Watts/2000...
  • AC Rated Output(Running/Starting): 1600/2000 Watts; AC Rated...
  • PowerDial integrates start/run/stop functions into 1 easy-to-use...
  • PowerBar monitors and displays wattage used; Electronic Fuel...
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.06 Gallons; Runtime (50% - 25% Load): 5.7 - 7.7...
  • Economy, Standard, and Turbo modes of operation saves fuel and...

When you want reliable power, you need to go for a reliable and robust unit for your needs. In this case, you want to go for a generator, which is easy to use and convenient. The consumer market has several unique options which you can consider. However, this can make it somewhat challenging to find a suitable solution for your needs. Fortunately, we have identified all the useful information for you to consider for your power supply needs.

We have picked the Generac iq2000 generator because it guarantees reliable performance and impressive affordability. While this unit is compact, it makes up for its small size with exceptional power performance features. 

It’s the ideal generator for powering desired loads in various situations including campsites, backyard parties, tailgating events, parks and more. The machine has been tested to ensure it provides quiet operation than its competitors, which makes it easy to deliver adequate power without affecting those around you. More so, you will find it easy to connect any type of sensitive appliance to the generator, including electronics. It features a digital inverter module, which converts the raw power it produces from DC to AC power conveniently. Best of all, the Iq2000 is easy to use, and it comes with an innovative feature that you won’t find in most generators today.

Why We Liked It

There are various vital aspects and functions of the Generac iq2000 which you have to consider. For instance, the generator comes with a unique type of alternator, which you won't necessarily find in modern generators. Furthermore, it features a digital inverter module, which can cover the raw power produced from DC to AC power. On top of that, the engine speed varies based on the electrical demand, which will also reduce the amount of noise produced during operation. We also liked the unique Powerbar, which monitors and displays the amount of power produced at any given moment.

With such a unique combination of features, it's easy to see why the iq2000 is ideal for campsites, backyard parties, parks and more. The generator also operates quieter than most models, and won’t disturb those around you. We also liked that you can connect the generator to various types of sensitive tools, including electronics. 

And while this generator weighs 46lbs in weight, carrying it around to your campsites or playground is easy. Why? Well, the generator features a convenient ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to carry. Even more, the heavy duty design of the generator means that it won't mind getting tossed around in the trunk of your car. Simply put, this generator is built for the road, and to be convenient when you need power the most.

Key Features 

Quiet Operation

The Iq2000 comes with a unique type of alternator than you would find in most generators today. It features a digital inverter module, which converts the raw power produced from DC to AC power. Furthermore, the engine speed varies based on factors such as the electrical demand, which will help control the noise levels. 

As one of the best generators on the market, this unit comes with a powerful motor, which is whisper quiet in operation. Thus, this generator is powerful, and it won't produce any noises, that might affect the thrill of the time you spend outdoors. 

The Iq2000 has a powerful four-stroke 80 cc engine, which is fueled by gasoline, to provide as much as 120 volts of power. You will get a running wattage of 1600W, and it reaches a peak wattage of 2000W. Even more, since this machine is parallel cable, you can easily double the amount of power it produces when linked to a second unit.

The pull start mechanism on this unit is also easy to use and convenient. With an average fuel capacity of 1.06 gallons, the Iq2000 can run for over seven hours even on a full tank. The generator can produce a clear sine with a well-balanced harmonic distortion level.

Heavy-Duty Design and Ergonomic Handle

Innovation does not stop there with this best power supply source for your needs. Why? Because it boasts of many other useful features that make it ideal for use during power outages. For instance, the heavy-duty design of this unit means that it does not mind getting tossed around in the back of your trunk. Even more, the Generac brand has done well to include an ergonomic handle, which makes the generator easy to carry around. 

Weighing in at 46lbs, this generator is pretty compact when compared to other generators in its class. The best part is that it “packs a punch” when it comes to power supply applications while maintaining whisper-quiet operation. 

It has a characteristically encased inverter generator structure, which offers aesthetic benefits over the conventional generator products. This type of design is highly convenient and suitable for power generation. Designed to be lightweight and portable, it weighs only 46 lbs., and one person will find it easy to move.

Convenient Powerdial and Status Bar

The ability to manage your specific power supply needs is highly important, especially when you are outdoors where you wont get gas easily. Thus, the Generac brand has done well to include thoughtful power management solutions for your needs. This way, you can plan ahead for whenever you notice the gas in the generator reducing. The last thing you want is your generator running dry in the middle of the night, or when you were perhaps using a camp light for something important. 

You will also find the power dial on this unit convenient to use. It can perform various functions including start, run and stop, which makes it ideal for controlling your generator. This feature is also backed by the unique PowerBar monitor, which displays the amount of power used. 

When it comes to product feedback, the dashboard on this unit is easy to use to monitor the operating status of the generator. While the generator is running, you can determine the amount of time remaining before you need to refuel by checking the display. Even more, the Powerbar regularly specifies the amount of power produced by the generator. Other useful features include low oil, overload alerts, and low fuel alarms.

Excellent Run Time

With an average run of 7 hours and at 25% load, this generator is both highly effective and efficient. You are sure that you have more than enough power to keep you running during camping or when simply using your favourite electronic devices. It even comes with the unique economy, standard and turbo modes of operation to help you save fuel. The best part is that the convenient power dial makes it easy to activate these modes of operation.

Even if the run, stop and start functions are simple to set by using the convenient Powerdial, you will find it convenient to toggle through these modes of operation. They are set to help reduce noise and fuel consumption levels based on specific load requirements. 

When you connect equipment that requires high power to the generator, consider using the Turbo mode. For loads that require a higher power output, then the Turbo mode would best. For loads that require a small amount of power, consider using the Economy mode. The standard model is only suitable for use with intermediate load requirements.


  • Capable of parallel connectivity for double the power output
  • Ergonomic handle and easy to pull start cord
  • Heavy-duty generator design and simplistic design
  • Has a convenient PowerBar and dial for ease of use


  • The pull cord is not easy to use for some users
  • The generator is only available in one finish
  • Could use an LCD screen for ease of use

Portable Generator Buying Guide

Portable generators are ideal if you need power for your small devices around the house, or when perhaps have a power blackout. Outside the house, a small generator is suitable for powering devices such as small appliances, TVs, power tools and more. You use this type of generator at construction sites to operate items such as drills, saws, air compressors and more. 

Plus, before you can buy a suitable generator or power supply unit for your needs, there are some few key features you should consider for the best results. Considering these features ensures that you pick a generator which can meet your specific power supply needs. The features one user requires on a generator might not be necessarily similar to those that another user requires. 

Before learning more on these factors, gain more insight by reading the instructions and manual on the portable generator. Even more, you should follow the warning and instructions required to operate the generator. Never improvise when it comes to maintaining generator safety. These tips will help improve your safety when using a generator:

Carbon Monoxide and Ventilation

  • The exhaust of a portable generator produces carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas, which can’t smell or see
  • Never operate the generator in small or enclosed spaces
  • Use your portable generator outdoors, away from vents, doors and crawl spaces. Ensure you have adequate ventilation to avoid poisoning
  • Using a fan when indoors won't improve the ventilation in the room
  • Use a battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm, and ensure you install it correctly

Gasoline, Fueling and Preventing Burns

  • Gasoline is an explosive and flammable item
  • Never overfill your fuel tank. Leave some space for the expansion of fuel
  • If you overfill the tank, the fuel can overflow, which can lead to explosion or fires
  • Never add fuel while the generator is running or hot. Let the generator run, and allow the engine to cool before adding some fuel
  • Never store your generator with fuel, where the gas vapors might reach a spark or flame
  • Never smoke when close to a generator or a fuel source
  • Most generator components are hot enough to cause burns when in operation, and even when the generator coils.

Electrocution and Electrical Shock Hazard

  • Connecting to a portable electric generator directly to your home wiring can be dangerous. Such a connection can lead to a back feed onto the power lines, and lead to machine damage or injuries.
  • Avoid connecting the generator directly to the home wiring or a household power outlet
  • Always start or stop the generator, when it has no electrical loads
  • Overloading your generator can cause damage to sensitive electronics and appliances. Never overload your generator. Also, never operate more tools and equipment than the recommended output rating of your generator. Classify your needs, and ensure you use the generator when you have power outages.
  • Use the correct power cords. Connect specific equipment to the generator using the proper power cords, and use a wire gauge which is suitable for the appliance. Overloaded cords can lead to fires, or damage your equipment. Never use extension cords that have exposed wires or damaged shielding
  • Never use your generator in wet conditions, such as snow or rain
  • Ensure that you ground the generator correctly. If it is not grounded, there is a risk of electrocution. Check, and ensure you comply with all the state, local and federal regulations for generators.

Generator Placement and Operation

  • Keep children or pets away from the generator all times
  • Maintain at least 5 feet of space on either side, when using the generator
  • You can use the generator in various weather and temperature settings. However, ensure you safeguard the generator from elements when not in use, to avoid rusting and shorting.
  • Never operate your generator indoors or in a closed space
  • Use the generator on lever surfaces, where you won't expose it to excessive moisture, dust or corrosive gases
  • Evaluate the generator regularly, and get in touch with a dealer if you have parts that require repair
  • Ensure that you disconnect the spark plug wire, and put it where it won't get in touch with the spark plug and lead to accidental starting.

Portable Generator Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between the rated watts and the maximum watts?

A. The rated watts refers to the amount of the power the generator can deliver continually. On the contrary, the maximum wattage refers to the power the generator can produce in short durations. The power a motor requires during startup is an excellent example of maximum wattage requirements.

Q. Can I use a portable generator for backup power

A. Yes, you can. However, it all depends on factors such as the equipment you have available and their average power ratings. Never plug your generator in a power outlet in your home. If you want to connect a portable generator to your home wiring, consider speaking with a certified electrician. 

Q. What is a transfer switch?

A. It’s a device which lets you connect a portable generator to the electrical system in your home. It does, so while allowing you disconnect safely from the utility grid. Thus, it helps prevent any issues such as back feeds.

Q. What is a back feed?

A. A back feed will happen when you connect your generator in the home outlet. It then feeds power back onto the utility lines, and this can lead to many hazards for other electricity users in your home 

Q. Do you need to ground a portable generator?

A. Yes, for safety, you have to ensure the generator is correctly grounded. If it's not precisely ground, there is a risk of electrocution. Check and confirm to ensure you have a generator installed according to state regulations.

Q. Can I vent the exhaust out of an enclosed space? 

A. No, never operate the generator in an enclosed space or your home. The portable generators are designed to operate in areas with optimal ventilation. Components such as the generator exhaust, in all gasoline engines will produce large amounts of carbon monoxide.

Q. Can I use my generator in the rain?

Yes, you can. But some brands are not suited for use in the rain, and you may have to read the instructional manual before making a decision.

Quick Comparison With the Yamaha EF2000iSv2

The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Inverter generator is also a solid addition to your power supply regimen. This unit will quietly power various types of devices, for extended times, and also stay cool. It also features a new controller design and convenient programming functions. Weighing in at less than 40 pounds, this unit is compact and durable to make it ideal for your power supply needs. However, the iq2000 beats this unit when it comes to the power rating supply and ease of use.

Silent Operation

The EF2000iSv2 features one of the most advanced mufflers on the market, with a unique USFS approved spark arrestor. The generator is exceptionally quiet that you can enjoy speaking with a friend, and you won’t realize its operating. Even more, the rubber vibration isolation functions ensure smooth operation and help to control the effects of noise.

Oil watch warning system – this unique system helps to stop engine damage that might occur due to low oil. Thus, you avoid any costly repairs and reduce downtime, which provides you with peace of mind. Even more, the unique electrical overload breaker ensures the generator maintains optimal functionality, even when there is an overload.

Smart Throttle

The smart throttle regulates the speed of the engine in relation to a specific load size. Such a unique design helps improve fuel economy, and it also reduces the effects of noise. The generator can run for 10 hours. The OHV engine is reliable, robust and efficient, thus ensuring optimal longevity. The OHV engine even has a steel camshaft and train components, to make it easy to use the generator.

Fuel and Gas Petcock

You will not only be pleased by the fuel efficiency of this unit, but the fuel management systems available as well. The Yamaha brand seems to have an understanding of the power supply challenges that people face when using generators outdoors.

The inclusion of a convenient gasoline petcock makes it easy to regulate the gas, and let the carb run dry for convenient storage. Such a unique structure helps prevent any issues associated with gas accumulation. The EPA & CARB emission engine durability rating ensures the generator offers longevity and is suitable for use for intensive power supply demands.


Every time there is a power outage, you lose the ability to use tools such as lights, radios, TVs and more, conveniently. However, when you have the correct power supply resources, you are always confident even during a power outage. Thus, the Generac iq2000 review is an excellent recommendation for addressing your power supply needs. It’s a powerful machine, which offers whisper operation.

Even more, while the 80cc engine on this unit is powerful, the compact size of this unit makes it ideal for use in small spaces. It's an excellent portable and standby addition to your unique power supply regimen.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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