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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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What happens when you want a reliable power supply solution for camping, power tool use, tailgating, and more? You need to go for the right solutions, which include the best generator for power supply applications. While investing in a generator is crucial, you may have to conduct research and make decisions.

In this guide, we have for you the Generac ix2000 review. Designed to be one of the most innovative power supply units on the market, it is reliable and robust for various applications. Below we have an in-depth guide on the subject and some of the critical factors to consider when using it. Yes, that's right; there is more to using generators than meets the eye.

Generac ix2000 Review

The good thing is that we have compiled an in-depth guide to help get you started. Let us dive right into it:

There are various positive aspects of this generator, mainly because it is dynamic enough to suit multiple power supply applications. The Generac ix2000 is not only powerful but portable and reliable for years of dependable use. Plus, the heavy-duty construction makes it durable, meaning that it does not mind getting tossed around in the trunk of your car.

While you have to start it using a pull start electronic mechanism, the generator starts with one kick. You won't have to perform any engine priming procedures, even when the engine is cold. Plus, the powerful engine is efficient and offers outstanding performance even when you have a large electrical device load.

Features Of Generac ix2000

Pull Start Electronic Circuit

There is nothing better than when you can find it easy to start your generator when there is a power outage or need power the most. In the past, we had to struggle with priming procedures, especially when using generators in places such as cold environments. However, the unveiling of innovative tools such as the Generac ix2000 means getting a power supply is easier than ever before.

Low Oil Shutdown Protection

For many generator users, keeping track of the different aspects and functionalities of a generator can be challenging. Thus, the Generac brand has been benevolent enough to incorporate this unit with convenient functions. These functions help you maintain the functionality of your machine and to ensure longevity. 

To be specific, the low oil shutdown will activate when your oil is no longer in good condition. Yes, it’s important that you keep track of the oil usage because fuel engines require maintenance. Changing the oil regularly keeps the machine running at optimal conditions, and stops long-term damage to the machine.

“FlexPower” Technology

As you would expect with all high-end power supply units, this generator comes with innovative power supply mechanisms. For instance, the inclusion of unique FlexPower technology makes this unit effective at power consumption each time. While it may provide high levels of power efficiency, it does so without compromising the machine performance.

2,000W 4-stroke Inverter Generator with a 126cc Engine

Generac ix2000 Review

Perhaps the most important feature on this unit would be the powerful 2,000W four-stroke inverter generator. The powerful motor makes this unit efficient in power supply and suitable various power supply applications. With 126cc of power available in the motor, you are more than sure of power supply for fridges, TVs, computers, heaters, and a reliable supply of power. To make things better, the 4-stroke engine is highly efficient and requires less maintenance than its 2-stroke counterparts.

Portable and Heavy-Duty Construction

The Generac brand is also aware of the importance of owning a portable generator that offers longevity. It’s nothing short of what you can expect when you will get when you have the Generac ix200 generator. The generator is durable and compact, without causing any compromise on its performance. Comparing it to most traditional generators makes it a stand out performer, and it's also easy to use regardless of the conditions.


  • Comes with a pull start electronic circuit breaker to stop overloads
  • The low oil shutdown maintains optimal generator performance
  • The inclusion of FlexPower technology will reduce noise and fuel consumption
  • Pull start electronic circuit breakers protect against overloads
  • Low oil shutdown protection
  • Two 5-20R outlets and a 12V battery charging outlet
  • 2,000W 4-stroke inverter generator with a 126cc engine
  • Portable design, ideal for tailgating, camping and power tool use


  • Some prefer push to start generators

Overview Of Generac ix2000

  • Running/Starting Watts: 2000/2200 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.1 gal/3. 9L 
  • Run Time @ 60% Load: 5.7 Hours 
  • Fuel Type: Clean Unleaded Gasoline
  • Oil Type: Check the instruction manual 
  • Oil Capacity: 0.65 qt/0.8 L 
  • Starting Method: Use a Recoil/Pull start 
  • Battery Included: No Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel Information

Q. What should I do before extending fuel storage?

If you know you won't use the fuel for a long duration, consider treating it with some fuel stabilizer. It will help reduce complications such as gumming, the formation of varnish, and deterioration. Also, sticking the manufacturer's specifications is vital in treating the fuel that remains in the tank. You have to open the fuel valve and use the engine for a few minutes. Then, close the fuel valve, and use the engine until it stops running. Using this approach will help circulate the treated fuel through the carburetor and the fuel system in the generator.

Q. Can I convert my portable generator to run on different fuel other than gasoline?

A. It's challenging to find a suitable fuel conversion set. The aftermarket types are the only suitable types you will find on the market. That said, if you decide to use such a mechanism, it may compromise the warranty. The best recommendation for you would be to use your generator as it is. If you need more power, you can always get a new one, to ensure you have the correct power supply solutions.

Q. Can I use any type of gasoline?

A. The best type to use would be regular gasoline with a rating of 87, and it should not have more than 10% ethanol. Also, avoid using E85 fuel or a mixture that contains oil and gas, which are only suitable for the two-stroke engines. Using higher-grade fuel will not provide any significant power increase or generator performance.

Q. The fuel capacity in my user manual is not consistent? 

A. The fuel capacity on the reading refers to the total volume you can expect from the tank. Plus, you also need air space to let the gasoline expand when the temperatures become warm. Thus, the specific amount of fuel that will fit in the tank will be less than the amount indicated on the fuel tank metrics.

Q. How do I drain the fuel?

A. A better option would be to treat the fuel for storage. You can treat the fuel, and then leave it in the tank. Plus, you can remove the fuel through a fill opening and use an automotive siphon structure. Ensure you practice caution when handling fuel from the generator.


Q. How do I improve the valve clearance?

A. Valve clearance and adjustment are crucial if you want to maintain the performance of the engine. Plus, you also have to need specialized tools and training to ensure the valve works as required. However, if you find this process difficult, consult with a professional service for insight.

Q. Can I use my generator in the rain? 

A. Never use a portable generator in an enclosed space or contrary to specific warnings that are in the user manual. Portable generators are only suitable for use in bad weather, and when operating sensitive devices. Excellent solutions to consider include a carport and boat canopy with four open sides or a tarp that you hang from a tree. 

You must provide adequate space for the generator and ensure protection sits five feet from any side of the unit. Furthermore, ensure you store the portable generator indoors when it's not in use. NEVER use a portable generator indoors without sufficient space. These include using the generator in areas such as the garage, trailer, vehicle, or home.

Q. How long can I use the generator? Does it require a "break"?

A. You can operate the generator manually. The priority for you in such a case would be to maintain the correct oil level. Also, check the oil level each time you want to add some oil. You may have to add oil if required to maintain the correct oil level. Check the oil level and add fuel sections in your user manual for the complete result.

Q. Do I have to do anything special before switching off the generator? Do I need to disconnect my electric tools?

A. Yes, remove all devices before you switch off the generator. First, you may have to switch off all appliances, including lights and items powered through the generator. The next step is to disconnect the devices from the receptacles of the generator and let it sit as it cools. Once you complete this step, it's safe to switch off the generator. NEVER switch off the generator if it has a load. Check the load section of your generator before attempting to switch it off.

Q. If I am using the generator, how do I connect or disconnect electrical tools?

A. NEVER start or stop the engine in your generator when other tools are running. When the generator is switched off, you can only connect the devices that are switched off. When the generator is on, you can connect electrical appliances that are turned on or off.

Q. Why is it important to ground my portable generator?

A. Proper grounding of the generator is crucial because it will help stop any electrical shock complications, such as when there is a ground fault complication. You have to perform the correct growing process to dissipate static electricity, which may accumulate if you use ungrounded devices. The National Electric Code stipulates that you have to connect the frame and conductive components of this unit to the correct earth ground connections. 

Local electrical codes also stipulate that you have to conduct the correct grounding procedures. For instance, connecting a 10 AWG (American Wire Gauge£ to a ground lug on earth driven copper can be an excellent earthing mechanism.

Q. How often should I turn on the generator between outages? 

A. The recommendation by generac is that you turn on the generator once a month, and perhaps use it for half an hour. Starting the generator every once a month will ensure its ready to switch on when you don't have power.

Maintenance and Oil

Q. I am out of oil, but I still need to use my generator. What are the options?

A. There are many types of oil you can use for an emergency, including CF-4, ILSAC, GF-1, SH, SJ, and more. Plus, the viscosities of between 10W-40, 20W-50, 30 OR 40 weight are also suitable.

Q. If there is no dipstick in my generator's engine, how do I know when I have sufficient oil?

You may have to fill the oil to the bottom of the cap threads, which sit on the generator's crankcase. Also, ensure you check the oil and fil it when the engine is entirely cool.

Q. Should I screw the oil or dipstick down when checking the level of oil?

A. Yes, ensure you screw the dipstick down when checking the level of oil. Also, remember to check the oil level only when the engine is cold.

Q. Why is the rating on the crankcase not similar to the level when I add oil?

A. You may have to add adequate oil that will get to the bottom of the threads that sit on the crankcase.

Portable Generator Buying Guide

With the right information about your power needs, you will find it easy to narrow down to a specific generator brand. "NEVER" connect a generator directly to the power supply. If you want to connect it to the electrical system, consult with a professional electrician to avoid complications.

Why Should I Buy the Generac ix2000 Generator?

Bad weather, inevitable power outages, and camping at night. We have all noticed these issues, entire communities living without any power. However, with a home generator, you can have the peace of mind that you have a reliable source of power. In this guide, we have recommended the Generac ix2000, which offers various unique functions, and in a compact structure.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Generator

You have seen the hassle associated with power outages, or just a lack of power. You know you can get an alternate source of power for your home when you have the right information. In this guide, we provide some useful information to get you started:

1. The Amount of Power you Need

You may have to come up with a list of some of the devices that you will use when you don't have power. Will it be lights or appliances only? Or do you have computers, fridges, and several electronics? Some people even have medical tools in their homes, while others need adequate power to preserve food. 

2. Estimate the Total Power Needs

Yes, being able to determine your device's power requirements is essential when you have a good generator. Remember that generators are sometimes hefty investments, and there is no room for poor improvisation. Check aspects such as the "starting wattage," which refers to the power levels required to start the device. Also, read the user's manual and check for the "running or rated" wattage levels of your chosen devices.

Other Considerations

  • Think about portability - does the generator come with ergonomic handles, or is it compact. Most portable generators are even available with wheels, which make them easy to transport. If you need wheels, consider going for generators that have never flat or puncture-resistant tires.
  • Go for a generator that offers optimal runtime – the ideal generator should provide several hours of reliable power. It should also let you get a full night's sleep without causing any noise in your property. 
  • Determine the number of outlets you need – the number of outlets you require depends on the number of devices you have to use simultaneously. Check the appliances to determine the number of outlets you require. 

Best Generator Features

  • Weather protected panels – these make the generator convenient when used outdoors and exposed to elements such as rain, dirt, and more.
  • Outlets – all the outlets in generators are safe to use thanks to a mechanism referred to as "circuit breaker."
  • Fuel tanks – large fuel tanks will provide sufficient power for long run times and reliability
  • Alternator – it's a device that is responsible for producing electricity for a running motor, and you should go for one that offers optimal quality.
  • Engine – OHV (Overhead Valve) – these engine types provide longevity, excellent run times, silence in operation, and exceptional fuel consumption levels.
  • Muffler – it's a component that helps control issues such as engine noise. Check for units that come with unique sound control mechanisms for optimal noise control.
  • Wheels – the best wheels would be the pneumatic types, that are easy to transport even through harsh terrains.

Visit A Local Dealer

If you are still finding it hard to settle on a specific generator, consult with a local dealer for additional information. 

It's also a great way to test the unit and speak to an expert for direct information. That said, having insight into some of the top generators and features to expect can be highly beneficial for your research process.

Final Thoughts

Owning a powerful generator will provide several benefits when it comes to addressing your power supply needs. In this guide, we have the Generac ix2000 review for you and comprehensive information for you to consider when shopping. Yes, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to investing in a reliable power supply unit. When you have the Generac generator, you have a reliable power supply unit that you can use reliably for many years. It's easy to set up and use to power your devices.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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