Skip the DIY: Hire a Professional Painter

Skip the DIY: Hire a Professional Painter

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Painting your house, whether inside or outside, dramatically affects the structure's appearance. In fact, a good paint job can enhance the architecture, while a poor paint job can detract from even the most beautifully designed building. Thus, many design experts recommend hiring a professional instead of trying to do it yourself. Yes, painting is one of the most common DIY projects, but just because you can paint your house yourself doesn't mean you should. Here are reasons you should skip the DIY paint job and hire a professional.

Gained Time

Hiring a professional painter gives you back the time you would have spent painting your house yourself and more time to enjoy a fully painted home. When you're only working on a paint job part-time, it will seem like forever before you can enjoy sitting in a freshly painted room or outside on your patio in front of a newly painted house. 

Painting is difficult enough for homeowners who know what they're doing, so if you're a painting novice, you'll spend even more time prepping the areas, applying the paint correctly, and cleaning up after completion. Your time is precious and working with a professional painter is one way to save it. 

Better Results

Most novice painters who only actively engage in painting once every few years typically cannot replicate the job a professional can do. After all, they're trained to paint a room or house correctly, and if you select the right professional, they have many years of experience painting all types of surfaces. Plus, they usually have preparation procedures and cleanup processes down to a science.

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Quality also drastically differs between professionals and DIYers. Many homeowners start off painting their houses very carefully, ensuring their coats are even and their edges are sharp. Still, their efforts usually dwindle by the end of the project. After all, this is only natural when you're spending your free time doing a job. On the other hand, professionals will not only put the same effort into every part of the job, but because there are usually two or three painters per project, they'll get it done faster too.


Professional painters are trained to follow industry safety regulations, whether climbing a ladder or ensuring an indoor space is adequately ventilated. As a homeowner, you might not be aware of these safety standards and could take risks leading to a disaster. There's no reason to put yourself at risk of an injury or illness when you can hire professionals who know how to mitigate these risks as part of their job. 

Homeowners often associate painting with a DIY task. However, that's not always the best idea, especially considering how long it will take you to complete it and the end results. Instead of taking on this task yourself, consider hiring a professional so you can enjoy professional results for the years to come.

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