10 Benefits of Installing Hardwood Flooring

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Hardwood flooring is an excellent option when replacing your flooring or installing it in your new home. It is preferable in many areas of your home, even your bathrooms. But before tearing your carpets off, it’s best to know the benefits of hardwood flooring to ensure your home gives you what you expect.

Most homeowners are turning to hardwood flooring because it’s durable, resilient, and can add value to your home. They prefer the classy and simple look of it over the carpet or other types of flooring. There are different types of wooden floors on the market today, such as those from Wooden Floors or other providers, so locating them should be easy.

Additionally, it’s easy to clean and maintain once installed. The following are some benefits of installing hardwood flooring in your home over other types:

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

10 Benefits of Installing Hardwood Flooring

1. Hardwood Floors Save You Money

Most homeowners tend to assume that installing new flooring can be expensive, but that’s not the case; hardwood flooring can be more affordable than other flooring types. You can look at the total amount a solid hardwood installation costs professionally. Even if it costs slightly more than carpeting, it’s worth the money in the long run.

The reality is that the initial installation cost for hardwood flooring costs an average amount upfront, but you’ll save in the future. Hardwood flooring saves you money in various ways, including using fewer chemicals to clean, requiring fewer resources for installation, not needing replacement every five to ten years, and more. If the floor is damaged by chance, it’ll require fixing only on the affected boards.

2. Hardwood Floors Can Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Hardwood flooring can hardly trap dust, pollen, dirt, animal dander, and other seen and unseen particles. Unlike carpet, hardwood floors can significantly improve your home’s air quality. People who suffer from allergies and other issues related to improved air quality prefer it.

You wonder why tiles or laminate flooring don’t improve indoor air quality, yet they don’t have fibers like carpets. They still have grout lines where dust and other particles can settle. Also, newly installed hardwood flooring smells good, which will help create a great atmosphere. This flooring is ideal for anyone who wants to install or replace their floor.

3. Quality Hardwood Floors Add Value To Your Home

Hardwood flooring can also add value to your home. When selling your home, most potential clients pay attention to the flooring and which type you’ve installed. For prospective homeowners, hardwood flooring’s durability and superior quality are frequently selling points. Installing hardwood floors can, on average, increase the value of your property by up to 2.5%.

Quality Hardwood Floors Add Value To Your Home

Image Source: simpleshowing.ghost.io

A house with hardwood flooring will have more value than one with carpeting. Also, only a few home buyers want a carpeted floor, especially somebody else’s carpet. If a home has a hardwood floor, there will be no need for a replacement, therefore increasing the home’s value. In short, the future is sorted. This type of flooring may even help you sell your home faster.

4. Hardwood Floors Provide a Perfect Blend with Any Décor Theme

It is one of the primary benefits of installing hardwood flooring. It’s versatile enough to blend into almost every interior décor theme. It doesn’t matter how often you change your home’s interior, including paintings, walls, furniture, mirrors, and another décor. The hardwood floor will always look appealing and fit your desired décor theme.

Hardwood Floors Provide a Perfect Blend with Any Décor Theme

Image Source: rethority.com

Flooring can bring a classic look to your interior, so it’s essential to keep in mind the type of flooring you’re installing. With a hardwood flooring factory, they have plenty of wood patterns to choose from, and they’re available in various swirls, shades, and grains used to make a statement in your home.

5. Real Hardwood Floors are Easy To Clean and Maintain

Everybody has gone through the hassle of cleaning a carpet now and then. One advantage of installing hardwood flooring over other flooring types is that it’s easy to clean. Hardwood floors are significantly more stain resistant than other flooring options such as tiles, laminate, or carpet.

Real Hardwood Floors are Easy To Clean and Maintain

Image Source: today.com

Hardwood flooring is ideal if you want to save time cleaning your home. Also, you must be keen when installing. Call a professional for quality installation, so the wood doesn’t absorb spills and cause mold. Also, ensure the best underlayment to prevent easy damage from happening.

6. Hardwood Flooring Options Can Be Refinished

Every homeowner would want to change the color of their floor, and solid hardwood flooring can be painted without being removed. Unlike tiles or carpets, this flooring can be refinished during any renovations.

As much as this is a massive benefit in terms of cutting renovation costs, it also lowers the hassle of buying and getting a professional to fix the floor. Hardwood flooring enables you to change as much as you want without spending too much money.

7. Strong and Durable

While other types of flooring are susceptible to dents and scratches, hardwood flooring may offer a robust and long-lasting surface for your home. Solid wood is used to make hardwood flooring, making it very durable and long-lasting.

High-quality hardwood floors can survive heavy foot traffic because they are kiln-dried, manufactured, installed, and finished to exacting standards. Wood flooring won’t deteriorate as quickly as carpet or other types of flooring, maintaining its attractive appearance for many years. To make your floor last longer, you should at least give it the necessary attention and maintenance.

8. Hardwood Floors Enhance the Overall Look of Your Home

Your home can easily become more elegant and cozy by installing solid hardwood flooring. Additionally, solid hardwood flooring is said to elongate and enlarge the appearance of your house.

As a result, this kind of flooring is suggested for compact places like apartments or rooms, as well as if you’re seeking a solution to give your home a wider appearance. Keep in mind that one of the elements that influence how others see your property is its flooring.

9. Various Designs Available in Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is available in a variety of patterns, textures, and hues. Everything from pale to dark browns, tans, or reds is available. Some of them are also produced in a grayish tone, which looks wonderful in modern homes.

various Designs Available in Solid Wood Flooring

Image Source: trendir.com

Any style you have in mind—whether rustic, modern, or traditional—can be found at your neighborhood home improvement store. So regardless of how diversified and particular your needs are, there are numerous hardwood flooring options accessible.

10. Installing is simple for those with experience.

To achieve a consistent and secure fit, high-quality hardwood floors are precisely milled. Of course, deciding between finished and unfinished hardwood floors is a crucial aspect of this. Installing prefinished hardwood flooring is much simpler and less expensive.

Many companies may sell this flooring in varieties with an interlocking “click” system, which makes installation quick and easy. To make a floating floor that doesn’t need glue or adhesives and can be easily removed again if you decide to renovate or redesign your space in the future, you simply click each board with the one after it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hardwood Flooring

Frequently Asked Questions on the Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring

Image Source: seattletimes.com

1. Is hardwood flooring the best option for you?

If you’re considering changing your flooring, solid hardwoods are a great choice that has several benefits. If you’re looking for flooring that has timeless beauty, increases the value of your home, is easy to maintain, and is made to last for many years, solid hardwood flooring is a good choice.

2. How long does solid wood flooring last?

When compared to engineered wood flooring, solid hardwood floors can last 20 to 30 years without needing any major repairs. Whatever type of wood floor you have, there’s a strong chance it will last for most of your life. However, there may also be variations based on additional elements, such as the following:

Type of wood

Solid hardwood flooring will often survive longer than more recent varieties of engineered flooring. Engineered wood, for example, has a shorter lifespan but is constructed to give great stability, making it safer. However, some more modern flooring has advantages that make it a better choice.

Use of the floor

A floor’s lifespan decreases as a result of heavy foot traffic. Flooring in a public hallway will last less time than flooring in an upper guest bedroom that is only used occasionally.

3. How can you extend the lifetime of hardwood floors?

The lifespan of your hardwood floors can be increased by how you clean and maintain them. Sometimes all it takes to give your flooring a fresh look is to refinish the wood. Other safeguards for your floors include:

    • To prevent dirt or dust accumulation, clean them frequently.

    • ensuring pets do not scratch or chew the flooring.

    • Spills should be rapidly cleaned to prevent liquid from sitting on the floor.

    • Its lifespan can also be increased by having a professional install your wood floor. They are aware of the best methods for finishing the job correctly.

4. How do you clean Hardwood floors?

Hardwood floor maintenance and cleaning are rather simple. Unfortunately, water is wood’s worst enemy (even on sealed floors! ), so it’s important to remember to always use a moist mop rather than a completely wet one before we even get to the procedures you should take.

Step 1: Dust the Wood Floors

To quickly clean wood floors, use a mop that has been dusted with a dusting agent to remove any dirt, pet hair, or other debris that could harm the surface. The best mop for hardwood floors is one that has a microfiber head as an option. Dust and grime are captured by this substance. If using wood floor polish or dusting sprays, follow the instructions provided by the mop maker; certain mops won’t need an additional cleaning agent.

Step 2: Vacuum Floors

While considering how to clean your hardwood floors, don’t forget to vacuum them. Use a vacuum with a floor-brush attachment to clean once a week or twice a week. While using a vacuum, exercise caution because the beater bar attachment might harm a wood floor’s finish. For quick dusting, you can also use reusable electrostatic cloths.

However, it’s critical to keep in mind the following when cleaning solid hardwood flooring:

    • Use a floor-cleaning product that the floor finisher has advised, or just use regular soap and water. Regular sweeping and polishing of your wood floor with a wood cleaner will keep your floors looking beautiful.

    • Avoid the use of oils, waxes, or furniture sprays since they leave a residue.

    • Avoid using straight ammonia, alkaline products, or abrasive cleaners because they will dull or scratch your hardwood floors.

    • Avoid using lemon juice or a vinegar-and-water solution to clean hardwood floors.


The above article explains why you should install hardwood flooring over other flooring types in your home. If you’re looking for cost-saving flooring that increases a home’s value, is easy to clean, and provides a timeless beauty that can last for decades, hardwood flooring is the right choice.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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