What to Consider When Replacing Your Old Air Conditioner

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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When upgrading appliances and equipment in your home, your air conditioning system should always be at the top of the list. It could probably use some TLC if it’s more than five years old. If it’s beyond ten years of life, it’s time to upgrade. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions for air conditioning Perth residents to find. Here’s what you need to consider when it comes time to upgrade your air conditioner. 

What If My AC Is Working Fine?

You might think the unit’s working fine, so it doesn’t need updating. However, it could be using more energy than needed, causing energy loss due to leaks and system faults, or even just working harder than it needs to to get your home to the right temperature. You can’t really judge your unit as “fine” if you aren’t an expert. It may seem fine, but a simple energy audit could prove to produce several different results that say otherwise. 

Dispose old air conditioning unit correctly

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Air conditioners, like all appliances, will see their performance decline with age. The older a system is, the more prone it will be to breakdowns and repairs, too, which could cost a small fortune. If you end up in a place where the repairs will cost more than a replacement, that’s a no-brainer (on the side of replacement). 

1. Save Energy and Money

An old air conditioning unit can breakdown easily

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Newer air conditioning units are designed to help you save money and energy in your home cooling, no matter what you have in mind. Any newer system, when combined with upgrades to insulation and checking for drafts, will help reduce the cost of your energy bills. It will also make sure that your home is running more efficiently and keep things temperate at a much lower cost than that outdated, over-run system that was well beyond its years. 

2. Warranties Are Better Than Whoopsies 

While you might think that your aircon unit is fine for now, it might not always be fine. You could be subject to any number of issues that come up that require attention, including some repairs that get quite costly. Investing in a new system with a warranty and proper maintenance plan can help reduce the risk of accidental damage or system breakdowns and give you more peace of mind about the cooling system that is running your home. 

Window air conditioner

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Many modern systems include maintenance and service calls to enhance the warranty and ensure that the company isn’t dealing with the work of 1,000 handymen who have worked on the system in its lifetime. This can be helpful to prevent big maintenance needs in the future and improve energy savings as you go, too. 

3. When Should You Replace it? 

Generally, if your aircon unit is more than 10 years old, you can expect to save as much as 40% on energy when you replace it with a more efficient model that is newer. Of course, you will have the initial investment in the new system, but it will easily pay for itself in no time and help you feel better about your environmental impact. There is never a right or wrong time to replace your air conditioner. If it’s time, you’ll know. And if you’re not sure, you can ask professionals for their advice. 

Replace an old air conditioner

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Another way you know it’s time to replace the unit is if the repairs will be more costly or extensive than the device’s worth. Usually, a reputable aircon installer will explain this to you and help you make the educated decision, but you will ultimately have to decide what works best for your budget and your needs. 

The Bottom Line

Replace old air conditioners

Image Credits: Acs-installations.co.uk

When you are looking to save energy and improve your home, it might be time to consider a new air conditioner to upgrade the HVAC system and keep your home cooler than you ever thought possible. Today, many energy-efficient models are available, and they’re all designed to deliver different solutions. If your old air conditioner is more than five or ten years old, it’s essential that you upgrade as soon as possible. You can rely on the professional air conditioning service companies like Supacool have to offer for this upgrade. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use an old air conditioner?

The risks involved when using an aging air conditioner cannot be understated. First, your air conditioner can stop working when you need it most. While purchasing a new one can be costly, it pays to work with a new one or well-maintained unit.

Malfunctioning air conditioners

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An old air conditioner can pose a risk of asthma flare-ups or lung infections, especially in people who suffer from certain medical conditions like asthma or bronchitis. When poorly maintained, it can easily push and spread bacteria into the air, reducing air quality in the house.

2. What do you do with an old AC unit?

When you have an old AC unit, you have several proper recycling and responsible disposal options when you are ready to bring in a new one. For instance, you can donate your old air conditioning unit to thrift stores and charities that work on home improvement items. You may ask your friends if they are interested in it.

You can also sell the unit to Utility Companies with Bounty Programs that work with older, less energy–efficient AC units. Most of these companies need a working unit which will also be subjected to other criteria to qualify them for that program.

Municipal landfills also need the old AC units, but before they can accept one, they will require all R22 refrigerant and other toxic chemicals removed by a professional company.

3. What happens when an AC gets old?

When your air conditioner work or conditioning system gets old, it will show signs of failure before it even fails. Therefore you must pay attention to how it performs to know if it is getting ready and if it is the right time to replace it.

A lack of preventive maintenance causes most air conditioner breakdowns. Experts can detect and correct any issues before they can even happen. Therefore if you are still experiencing frequent repairs despite frequent maintenance, it is a sign that your whole air conditioning system has gotten old and needs replacement.

Old air conditioner can lead to high energy bills

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Unless you have made another addition to your home’s electricity connection, your energy bills should remain constant with a normal working AC unit. A high energy bill could mean your AC unit is losing efficiency or malfunctioning altogether. This could worsen with an old air conditioner prompting you to get a new one.

4. Can an AC unit last 30 years?

New air conditioning units can last for even 20 years, while older models have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. Several factors affect newer air conditioners and their lifespan, such as maintenance, how often you change their air filters, your location, constant operation, quality of air conditioner installation, and much more.

5. How can you dispose of an air conditioner correctly?

Before taking your system to dispose of it safely, you must remove its doors. Get rid of the old air conditioner covers or hatches to prevent children or animals from getting trapped inside just in case they decide to explore its inside.

The coolant and refrigerant must be drained from the old air conditioner before handing it over for proper disposal services, donation, or recycling. Get help on proper disposal. If you want to properly dispose of your AC unit to be recycled, donated, or disposed of, it is recommended that you find someone to go with you to help.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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