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Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Home security technology has advanced significantly in recent years, with wireless home security cams being the few high-tech choices available for protecting your property. Read our Smonet security camera review if you’re searching for the best wireless security camera.

Smonet Wireless Security Camera System

Smonet is a pioneer in the home smart locks industry. It has been in the business for over 18 years and is dedicated to delivering high-quality security solutions. Its products are trusted by thousands of homeowners from all around the world. 

Smonet Security Camera

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They deliver high-end residential security systems that will stay within your budget. The SMONET Wireless Security Camera System is a fantastic option that offers a 3MP camera’s infrared LEDs. You won’t ever have to fear losing a crucial moment because they can see up to 65 feet in total blackness.

This security system informs you about any suspicious individual on your property through built-in motion notifications so you can take immediate action. You can record videos without any extra storage devices or drives thanks to the preloaded 2TB hard drive. The system is also simple to set up since no cords are needed. Put the base station into an outlet or power panel, then place the camera close to where you want it to be!

Features of Smonet Security Camera

The Smonet surveillance camera has night vision, motion recognition, and two-way audio. Its ability to link to the internet and transmit real-time alerts to your smartphone or tablet makes it stand out and lets you check on your property anywhere. Because it is wireless, you can put it anywhere in your house without worrying about tangled wires. You can also look at the best outdoor wireless security cameras with DVR.


It features a 5MP camera system with Super HD images and up to 100 feet of night vision video monitoring. It is superior to 720P/1080P/3MP, 3000% clearer than 1080P(2.0MP), 500% clearer than 3MP, and 200% clearer than 720P(1.0MP). It offers video in ultra-high definition to see every detail and safeguard your property. Also, it supports 4K Video Output. Attach it to Your 4K TV or Computer to Show Ultra Clarity.


Addressing H.264 issues like a lack of bandwidth, improving transmission efficiency, and delivering ultra HD image quality, opens up many possibilities. It inspires optimism for the HD IP camera.

Compared to H.264, H.264+ can double the data compression ratio while improving video quality with low bit-rate, enabling IP cameras to deliver smooth HD video with low bandwidth, reducing the network bandwidth, and saving up to 50% in video storage space.


The POE home security camera system is simple to set up and use. All IP security cameras must be connected to the NVR’s ports using matched 60-foot network cables, and the NVR must be connected to a TV or computer display using an HDMI or VGA connection.

With recordings, you can immediately see the surveillance camera system in action. Video security camera system that is truly plug-and-play. For a hassle-free installation, dependable POE cables transmit power and data to your HD security cameras. You can also check out the best POE camera for outdoor security.


This security camera has a 1TB or 2TB hard drive inserted for reliable recording around the clock. However, its maximum Storage capacity is 4TB. Other features include Internal, SATA Connectivity, 3.5/2.5inches, free APP for iOS and Android that can be downloaded to view remotely and playback recordings (Please Make Sure NVR is Connected to Your Router by Ethernet Cable).

All videos on the hard drive can be viewed remotely in your hand at any time or place. You can backup the recording files to a USB with Smart Security Systems that also support video backup.


SMONET offers a 2-year warranty with lifetime technical support and free part replacement. You will get an email response from real people within 12 hours.

Advantages of Smonet Security Camera

1. 5MP camera with audio

The Smonet security camera has a 5MP camera that detects scenes in high resolution so that you can see everything. Moreover, the camera also records audio, so everything goes unnoticed.

2. Touchscreen Monitor

Since this home security system has a 4-channel 7-inch touchscreen monitor, you don’t have to buy a separate monitor.

3. Weatherproof Camera

3MP Wireless Security Camera System with 1TB HDD, SMONET 4Pcs 8 Channel

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Rainwater destroys any security camera system, so you must place your surveillance camera safely. Luckily, the Smonet camera system is IP66 waterproof grade. It has an IP66 rating and aluminium casing that allows you to use it in any weather, making it great indoors and outdoors.

4. Easy setup

The Smonet security camera is advantageous since it is easy to install. You don’t need to be an expert or need any sophisticated tools to keep it running.

5. Enables Remote Viewing

Another advantage of this camera is it allows a remote access option. You can access it from any location and check the status of your home remotely via the internet. 

6. Cameras have super night vision

Smonet cameras with super night vision

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In most cases, theft and burglary happen at night. Still, you can include perimeter detection systems and the Smonet security camera since it has night vision functionality that lets you see clearly through the night or in darkness.

7. Big capacity

The Smonet security camera can store an excellent footing for a long time without running out of storage.

8. Multi-device View

The Smonet camera system allows you to view footage on multiple devices. You can view it on your smartphone and use your PC or tablet.

Disadvantages of Smonet Security Camera

  • The camera doesn’t tilt or zoom.
  • It has No hard drive included with the purchase.
  • It drops the WiFi signal outdoors, which results to picture freezing.
  • Its video playback glitches.
  • Factory reset may not resolve recording issues.
  • Its lenses are prone to scratching.
  • Motion detection can result in some false alerts.

Software You Can Use With Smonet Security Camera

SMONET advises using an Android/iOS mobile program and PC software for Windows and Mac to view your NVR offline.

SMONET Security Camera System

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Since the two programs don’t share the same name—the Windows/Mac program is called EseeCloud, while the mobile app is named IP Pro —there may initially be some misunderstanding when looking for the two programs.

The same company that created IP Pro also created a smartphone software called EseeCloud3, marketed as “The new version of EseeCloud.” IP Pro needs an Android 4.0 version, whereas EseeCloud3 requires an Android 4.4 version.

Available Options of The Smonet Security Camera

Smonet manufacturers constantly update their security camera system’s performance and bring forth the following Smonet security camera system.

1. Smonet SMUS-PNK with eight cameras


Image Credits:

The Smonet SMUS-PNK, which has eight cameras, is likely the most durable design the company has ever created. It can provide consumers with a variety of advantages, including:

    1. Its 5MP camera can shoot footage with excellent resolution.
    2. It has a fast and simple assembly
    3. It has the most recent H.264+ video encoding
    4. It has multiple locks and unlocking options

2. Smonet SMUS-W8 with eight cameras

The Smonet SMUS-W8 is also a durable and reliable wireless camera security option. You will get the following benefits from purchasing the camera. 

    1. 24-hour continuous monitoring
    2. Unlimited technological assistance.
    3. Motion detection in real time
    4. Up to 8 cameras can be added 

3. Smonet SMUS-PNK with four cameras

The Smonet SMUS-PNK, which has four cameras, is made to satisfy your requirements for home protection. It can store 1 TB of data. Additionally, it is simple to set up and use.

4. Smonet SMUS-W8 with four cameras

The Smonet SMUS-W8 is a very powerful and high-resolution security camera that is designed with features such as:

    1. Remote access
    2. Real-time motion detection
    3. Wireless signal repeater
    4. Excellent weatherproofing

Where Can You Install The Smonet Security Camera? 

You must install the Smonet security camera strategically to ensure your home’s safety. Here are some suggestions you can put into consideration.

1. Back or FrontYard

If you install the Smonet security camera in your yard, you can monitor trespassers or intruders on your property.

2. Main Entrance

The main entrance is a crucial place to install a security camera. It enables you to monitor movements in and out of your home.

3. Garage and Driveway

You can install security cameras on the driveway and garage to avoid burglary. 

4. Back and Side Door

Apart from installing the Smonet security camera on your front door, it is best to have t also on your back or side door. If you do so, you will have control over the activities at other entrances and exits.

5. Common Areas Indoors

If you have small children who require supervision, you can install the Smonet security camera in common areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. This will help you track their movements and other activities that may put them in danger. Moreover, the Smonet security cameras are the best since they detect fire and other hazards. 

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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