10 Ways on How to Stop Recliners From Sliding on Carpet

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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A recliner in your living room is a great addition for comfort and relaxation when you watch tv and read books. They greatly benefit your health, reducing the risk of sleep apnea, back pain, and others. However, if your recliner is on a carpet, it tends to slide, making it hard to use and can easily destroy your carpet.

Many people who have recliners are troubled by this, and luckily, you can apply some steps to stop your recliner from sliding on the carpet. This blog post will explain why your recliners slide and how to stop recliners from sliding on the carpet. Implementing them lets you easily keep your recliner in one place and enjoy a relaxing and stable seating experience.

Let’s get started.

Why Do Recliners Slide?

Recliners are very comfortable, and most people who own them love them because of this furniture’s top-notch comfort. Even with this kind of comfort, recliners still tend to slide on carpets when you sit on them, and here are a few reasons why recliners easily slide;

1. When a Recliner Has Damaged Feet

A recliner’s feet grip the floor for the chair’s stability when one sits or stands on it. If the feet of the recliner are worn out, they will not stick to the floor, causing sliding.

2. When the Base of the Recliner is not Properly Anchored to the Floor

The recliner’s base is made of either plastic or metal, and they don’t provide a good grip to hold to the carpet fibers. As a result, the recliner will slide around, making it uncomfortable.

3. When the Floor Surface is not Levelled

Uneven floors underneath the carpet, such as concrete slabs, can make a recliner unstable, thus sliding. Similar to how wrinkly or improperly laid carpets can produce bumps on the surface, causing the recliner to move around, these issues can also be caused by rugs.

How to Stop Recliners From Sliding on the Carpet?

1. Use Furniture Grippers

Furniture grippers stop furniture sliding and movement, especially on hard flooring surfaces such as hardwood flooring. It also protects hard surfaces from damage. These furniture gripper pads are attached to the bottom of your furniture feet and are designed with a textured, non-slip side facing the floor.

 Use furniture grippers

Image Credits: furniturecareproducts.com.au

To attach these furniture grippers pads to your recliner, cut it to size and stick it to each leg. Felt Furniture Pads Self Adhesive is a preferable furniture gripper, which gives your recliner the best protection.

The main advantage of furniture grippers is that they can’t overpower your furniture’s aesthetic but can discolor your hardwood floors.

Notably, furniture grippers are easily capable of damaging floors when placed on dirt and debris. So make sure your floors are clean before utilizing furniture grippers.

2. Use Leg Caps

Use Leg Caps

Image Credits: bobvila.com

Another way to stop a recliner from sliding on a carpeted floor is to install leg caps on the bottom of the chair. Leg caps are rubber cups or small plastic that fit on the legs’ bottom, preventing the recliner from sliding. Also, they are less expensive and are available in most furniture stores.

To install them, press them firmly on the bottom of every leg until they are in place, and once they fit, your recliner will stay put and not slide on the carpet.

3. Securing the Recliner with Screws to the Floor

You can also secure the recliner with screws to the floor to keep it in one place on the carpet. To secure the screws, measure the distance of the recliner’s legs and mark them on the floor. After that, use a drill to make holes at the positions you marked, then insert screws in every hole.

After putting the screws in the right positions, adjust the recliner legs to sit on top of the screws to provide stability. This will prevent the recliners from sliding.

4. Use Non-Skid Mats on the Floor

Use non-skid mats on the floor

Image Credits: ebay.com

An additional effective method of preventing a recliner from slipping on the carpet is to use a non-skid mat. They have a rough design that grips the carpet to prevent sliding. You can place them under the recliner’s feet or under the entire recliner.

When using non-skid mats, it’s crucial to go for a large enough mat to provide adequate coverage for the recliner. Also, choose non-skid mats made of durable material that resist the weight of the consistent use of the recliner.

5. Use Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is another great solution for keeping recliners in place. You apply the tape to the bottom of every recliner’s leg to provide enough grip to keep your recliner from sliding.

6. Installing Carpet Anchors

Another great way to keep your recliner from sliding is by installing carpet grippers or anchors. To install them, push the anchors into the carpet with the teeth on the anchor gripping the carpet fibers to hold the recliner in place.

Carpet anchors are designed for furniture legs or the entire furniture base. It’s also worth mentioning that Carpet anchors are usually less visible compared to non-skid mats. Consider matching the right color of the carpet and the anchors to hide them as much as possible.

7. Apply Anti-Slip Spray

Apply anti-slip spray

Image Credits: noskidding.com

You can also apply an anti-slip spray to stop your recliner from sliding. To apply the anti-slip spray, start by removing any dirt on the legs of the recliner. Then, hold the can of the anti-slip spray and spray a light and even coat to create enough friction to keep your recliner from sliding.

8. Use Felt Pads

Felt pads are a great option for keeping recliners in one place on a carpeted floor. To use it, attach the felt pads to the bottom of every leg, and they will provide more friction to stop your recliner from sliding.

9. Add Rug Grippers

Rug grippers are an easy and effective way to keep your recliners in one place without sliding. They are made of rubber and are placed under the corners of the recliner holding it in one place. For a greater grip, go for rugs with textured backing that will provide more friction against the floor to prevent slipping.

10. Use Natural Rubber Mats

Placing natural rubber mats under the legs of your chair is one simple way to prevent it from sliding on the carpet. Even if your carpet is worn and rough, the mats will prevent the chair from sliding.

A rubber mat will not only stop your recliner from skidding on your carpet but also safeguard your carpet or rug. Most furniture stores sell these chair mats, which are not pricey.

Why Do You Need to Keep the Recliner From Sliding on a Carpet?

Double sided tape

Image Credits: thisoldhouse.com

There are many reasons why keeping your recliner from moving is essential. They include;

  • Safety: Keeping recliners from sliding on carpets is essential for safety since sliding furniture can be a danger to anyone in the surrounding area.
  • Preventing accidental injury: Preventing accidental injuries is the major reason to keep recliners from sliding on carpets. They can cause someone to trip and fall, leading to injuries.
  • Damage prevention: Finally, keeping recliners from sliding on your carpet is important to prevent any damage from occurring to your recliner or the carpet. Also, sliding recliners can easily cause scratches on the floor and damage to the recliner.

Conclusion on How to Stop Recliners From Sliding on Carpet

You can be frustrated if your recliner keeps sliding on the carpet, denying you the luxury and comfort that comes with it. But there is a solution to every problem. You can use several ways to keep the recliners in one place, such as non-slip mats, furniture grippers, and many others discussed in this article to give you a long-term solution.

Make sure your recliner’s legs correctly grip the ground. That is the most crucial thing to remember. Also, following these steps keenly will end your problem by ensuring your recliner is secure and will not slide away. Ultimately, these considerations are down to personal preference. Choose what gives you more confidence in your recliner’s stability and on the slippery carpets.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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