The Best Electric Toe- kick Heater For Warming Your Rooms

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Electric toe-kick heaters are used as supplemental heating for cold rooms. They provide you with a warm feel during the winter. In the winter season, rooms are always chilly and uncomfortable, no matter the set temperature. Therefore, homeowners prefer using heaters to ease the harsh cold weather in such times.

What is an electric toe-kick heater?

Electric toe-kick heaters, also known as space kick heaters, are used to provide supplemental heat. They are small electric units installed at floor level, beneath cabinetry, inside the wall, or floor. In doing this, it saves on space as it is unnecessarily seen. Fortunately, toe-kick heaters are not often noticed as per their names which refer to the hidden areas that are frequently installed. They are mostly installed in the inset cavity along the bottom edges of bathroom vanities and kitchen base cabinets.

That is why they remain completely hidden, working virtually to supply the warmth. Kick heaters exist in two types: hydronic toe-kick heaters and electric ones. They function alike but are differentiated by a single but crucial variation. They both draw in cool air from the surrounding area and gradually return it to the room, raising its temperature to a preset level. Similarly, they warm the captured air by exposing it to a set of heated coils. The only difference is that a hydronic toe-kick heater heats those coils, but the other uses electricity.

Electric toe-kick heaters vs. Baseboard heaters

You are probably wondering if you should purchase an electric toe-kick heater or a baseboard heater. The main advantage of a toe-kick heater to a baseboard heater is space. It is convenient to fit a toe-kick heater in every layout. Baseboard heaters can be big, bulky, and take up much space. Toe-kick heaters are, in turn, cost-effective and deliver as their expectations.

Baseboard heaters can be easy to install with a low installation cost, but they lack efficiency and have a high management cost. When they are not cleaned well, they become less efficient, and this cleaning is costly. They also take up space, limiting you on how to design your room layout. You can now consider the electric toe-kick heater while you weigh your options.

Let us discuss about the best electric toe-kick heater.

What is the best electric toe heater?

1. Marley QTS1504T Qmark Electric Toe-space Heater

Qmark QTS1504T Toe Kick Heater for Basements,...
  • Hidden Heat Solution: The discrete design is perfect for use in...
  • Easy To Install: The 3-piece wall heater design makes...
  • Safety Features: Thermal cutout indicated with pilot light...
  • Hushed Heating: The cross-flow blower keeps you warm, while...
  • Perfect Size: This unit measures 1537 inches long, 887 inches...

In search of a toe-kick heater? The Marley Qmark QTS1504T is the best fit for your needs. Its size enables it to fit in the tiniest places of your room. Most homeowners in love with tiny appliances find it a choice due to its performance efficiency.

The Marley toe-kick heater is advantageous by far due to its specialized Tangential blower, which operates silently. In comparison to other fans, this machine's blower is less noisy. If you find peace in quietness, the Marley Qmark is the deal to go with. Its compact size and silent feature make it the best choice for any room in the home.

The toe-kick heater possesses a thermostat option to regulate temperature to your liking. In addition, its advanced over-temperature protection technology enables power to shut down when the internal temperature overheats automatically. This temperature control mechanism ensures proper functioning with minimal causes of fire hazards.

Most products designed and manufactured by Marley Qmark are known for their efficiency. Furthermore, the quality of this electronic toe-kick heater is directly linked to its five-year warranty upon purchase. Its unique physique of a three-faced construction makes its assembling fast and simple.


  • Hidden Heat Solution: Ideal for offices, homes, it is easy to assemble.
  • Safety Features: Thermal cutout with an indicator to prevent overheating.
  • Hushed Heating: Maintains warm temperature with minimal noise.
  • Perfect Size: Perfect fit for small spaces.


  • It is quite expensive.

2. Cadet UC101W Perfector 1000-Watt 120V Electric Toe-kick Heater.

The Cadet Perfector toe-kick heater is an energy-sufficient designed model that works to warm up your spaces efficiently. Having its thermostat inbuilt gives it the advantage of not installing a wall thermostat. In addition, its installation is easy because it comes as a complete unit with a wall- can and grill.

The model's compactness allows it to fit neatly under cabinets in the toe-kick area. Lastly, it has a thermostat setting that shuts off at high temperatures. This feature is beneficial in preventing fire hazards. The toe-kick heater is a perfect fit in floor spaces, bathroom vanities, and stairwells.


  • It is low maintenance.
  • Made by high-quality materials.
  • Highly durable.
  • Has patented smart limit protection.
  • Operates on low noise.
  • It relatively affordable 
  • It is easy to install.


  • Requires frequent cleaning due to dust and dirt, which are physically seen on the horizontal louvers.

3. Broan 114 Kickspace Wall Heater Without Built-in Thermostat.

Broan 114 Kickspace Fan-Forced Wall Heater Without...
  • White grille has a baked enamel finish and one-piece design for...
  • Vertical louvers disperse heat evenly across the width of the...
  • Control temperature with optional line voltage thermostat (Model...
  • No extended warm up time due to an efficient steel sheathed,...
  • Housing width:18 inch

Broan 114 electric toe-kick heater is relatively affordable in comparison to these other four heaters. However, regardless of its price, it is high quality and perfectly fits those who do not want to spend much on an electric toe-kick heater. This unit is also designed to fit perfectly under cabinet kick spaces and bathroom vanities.

The Broan company aims at providing heaters that supplement heat instead of replacing the main heat source. While the Broan 114 is not a high-end machine for heating, it still delivers the best.

This unit has high compatibility with virtually any type of power supply and is factory wired. This feature allows for versatility for a very low-end toe-kick heater. The heater is designed with vertical louvers to ensure efficient heat dispersion. Its moderate power makes it a better suit for small spaces because of its capabilities of warming a room in a matter of time.


  • The white grille has a baked enamel finish that makes it durable.
  • Vertical louvers ensure even distribution of heat across the room.
  • Control temperature with optional line voltage thermostat
  • Simple and convenient to use.
  • Quiet heating.
  • Thermally protected to prevent cases of overheating and transverse blower circulates heated air for optimal room warming.
  • Small fit to fit in tiny areas.


4. Marley QTS1500T Qmark Electric Toe Kick Heater

Qmark QTS1500T Toe Kick Heater for Basements,...
  • Hidden Heat Solution: The discrete design is perfect for use in...
  • Easy To Install: The 3-piece wall heater design makes...
  • Safety Features: Thermal cutout indicated with pilot light...
  • Hushed Heating: The cross-flow blower keeps you warm, while...
  • Perfect Size: This unit measures 1537 inches long, 887 inches...

Marley QTS1500T is another option when looking for a premium toe-kick heater for your spaces. This model offers unique features compared to many other heating elements in the market. For example, its possession of an equipped user-friendly front-mounted thermostat is a hit in the market competition. Furthermore, it comes with an in-built thermostat which you only have to adjust the temperature at your comfort. This ability helps you regulate temperatures to fit your liking.

The Marley QTS1500T has a stainless steel plated heating element that distributes heat evenly around the living areas. The model works efficiently to bring warmth to the surrounding through maximum heat distribution in conjunction with the powerful fan.

It has a uniform grid pattern that also ensures even heating with exceptional comfort. While the fan has a high power voltage, it delivers its job with minimal noise. This feature enables you to enjoy the warmth during the cold season with the advantage of not experiencing unpleasant noises. Due to its quiet working nature are an ideal choice for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, stairwells, and any space that may need an additional heating source.

Lastly, this heater takes up minimal space, making it ideal to fit in the smallest areas in your living spaces, such as the wall and floor space.


  • Hidden Heat Solution: Since it can be barely seen, it is a perfect fit in bathroom vanity, under cabinet, and stairwells.
  • Easy To Install: It is structured to be easily installed.
  • Safety System: has a pilot light that automatically regulates temperature to prevent fire hazards.
  • Low noise: keeps your living areas warm with minimal noise.
  • Perfect Size: Fits perfectly on small areas.


  • The thermostat is not inbuilt.

5. Dimplex RKHA2OD31MC Under Cabinet Heater

DIMPLEX RKHA20D31MC Kickspace Multi Color 3.5"" with...
  • Package Dimensions: 14.4 L x 5.6 H x 9.7 W (inches)
  • Package Weight : 8.8 pounds
  • Country of Origin : Canada
  • Part Number: RKHA20D31MC

Due to its compact design, the Dimplex RKHA20D31MC toe-kick heater can fit in any layout design. This unit can be installed under kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities having the advantage of utilizing floor and wall spaces.

This heating element is designed to provide warmth while giving you comfort in your living area. The model has a durable life and is best known for its efficiency and service. It has a separate thermostat, but you can purchase the built-in thermostat separately.

In addition, you can warm the floors instantly because it is easy to assemble. All you need is a wall thermostat kit. The unit is made to fit the walls during installation; therefore an easy fix because it has less weight. If you are looking for heating efficiency, you need to get this heating element to warm your living areas.


  • Small fit: can easily fit in any room layout
  • Durable life: offers flexible output from 450-1800.
  • Warms the floor without significant renovations.
  • Lightweight: you can easily mount it on walls due to its weight.
  • It is affordable: you can get this heater at a reasonable price from Dimplex.


  • Has a poorly placed thermostat: The thermostat knob is placed at the back; thus, you cannot see the number where it is set.

Factors to Consider When getting a Toe-Kick Heater

Having many toe-kick heaters in the market, getting the right one can be a difficult task. So when you're shopping around for the best one, these are the features you'll want to compare:

1. Type of Toe-Kick Heater

 When choosing a toe-kick heater, the first option to consider is whether you want a hydronic one or an electric one; your choice should be based on your home situation and liking. For example, having a boiler in your home means you will save money by using a hydronic heater as it will be convenient. On the other hand, you might consider an electric toe-kick heater if the room you are installing your heater is far from your boiler. In doing so, consider that hydronic heaters take longer to heat up than electronic ones. Also, due to power cutouts, you might be left in the cold. 

2. Heating Capabilities

 Another consideration is the positioning of the toe-kick heater; make sure you install the appliance as per the size. Since different devices have different heating capacities, check for efficiency because it gauges how powerful a toe kick heater is. Check the unit list to be certain of the heating area it can serve.

3. Heater Dimensions

The size of the heating element is very important since toe-kick heaters are designed to fit in the tiniest of spaces. The size determines where the heater will be installed and also its technical specifications. Generally, the larger the heater, the higher it is heating capacity.

4. Extra Features

As much as you want to purchase a toe-kick heater, looking into those with extra features is a win. In most cases, some offer extra functions which are worth investing in. For instance, an in-built thermostat. Most toe-kick heaters do not have this feature, but some allow high-temperature safety. You can preset temperature as per your liking. Besides the thermostat, most toe-kick heaters have implemented safety features to prevent fire hazards, mostly associated with the electric toe kick heater.

5. Noise

Toe-kick heaters serve as compact, affordable, and obtrusive heating elements. They consist of few parts, making them easy to assemble while having a low noise output. However, when installed improperly, it may lead to clanking or clattering sounds. Be sure to have proper installation to minimize the noise. An advantage that will benefit you is enjoying the warmth of your living spaces if you love quiet places.

Frequently asked questions about toe-kick heaters.

1. Are toe-kick heaters efficient?

Toe-kick heaters provide the satisfaction of owning a space heater, basing that it functions the same. Its efficiency is measured by its moderate power output in comparison to baseboard units. They come in a compact design that accommodates them in any room layout while providing supplemental heat. Some are fitted with a wall thermostat that can be adjusted to the desired temperature, serving their purpose effectively in cold heating rooms. The compactness and size of the units favor layout designs that fit in the smallest spaces, such as floors and walls.

2. Are toe-kick heaters safe?

Toe-kick heaters fit in the smallest spaces and are no hindrance as they are sometimes not visibly seen. They are designed to be very low profile, with their small sizes fitting under cabinets and vanities. The only downside is that if the fan heater stops working and continues to run, overheating can occur, causing a fire hazard. However, for the sake of high-temperature safety, using toe-kick heaters can curb this due to the inbuilt thermostat for temperature regulation.

3. How does a toe-kick heater work?

Toe-kick heaters exist in hydronic and electric ones. A hydronic toe-kick heater operates by being plumbed in with an existing boiler system. As the boiler heats the coil, it warms the surrounding space. Next, it turns on the fan and forces the heat into the room. Similarly, an electric toe-kick heater fan operates off a temperature sensing relay. They work the same as space heaters. It uses a fan to circulate warm air throughout the room while heating the air.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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