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Al Noor Tower: Africa’s Tallest Skyscraper by Valode & Pistre to Break Ground this June

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Valode & Pistre is set to break ground on Africa’s tallest tower this June. More than doubling the height of Johannesburg’s 223-meter Carlton Centre, which has been the continent’s tallest building since 1973; the Al Noor Tower (Tower of Light) is projected to rise 540-meters on a 25-hectare site in the Moroccan city of Casablanca.

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Conceived on the continental scale, the Al Noor Tower is intended to house the African markets of both raw and precious materials thus becoming a strong emblem of the entire continent’s new dynamics. Covering an area of 300 000 sqm on 114 floors this mixed-use tower will accommodate: a 200-suite luxury hotel; a trading platform; a conference hall and an expansive art gallery; as well as an astonishingly 100-meter-tall atrium that hollows the tower’s base.

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Symbolic in nature, the tower’s façade is designed as a pixilated representation of Africa’s 1000 languages, while its 114-floors reflect the amount of chapters found in the Quran. From its side the tower looks like a fountain pen which the architect portends to be the tool that Sheikh Tarek is using to design the future.

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This white tower is set to soar up to a height of 540 meters in reference to the 54 African countries and shall display a pixelated representation of the variety of African culture on its façade. With a foreseen cost of 1 billion USD, Africa will be kept waiting with bated breath until its unveiling in 2018.

Project Information
Architect: Valode & Pistre
Client: Middle East Development Company
Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Area: 300 000 sqm
Status: Design Stage
Photographs: Valode & Pistre

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