What Is an Atrium-Style Window (Benefits Included)

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Are you looking for a way to change your window design?

If yes, consider Atrium-style windows, as they are ideal for insulating against UV radiation. But first and foremost, what is an Atrium-Style window?

The Atrium Windows and Doors Company

North America’s biggest window and door manufacturer is the only company that offers atrium-style windows. The firm has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, where they produce these windows using strict procedures that guarantee their quality and delivery. The main feature distinguishing these windows from others is the greater variety of available styles for residential and commercial clients.

The first atrium-style windows were installed in 1948 by North Carolina’s Rural Hall. Aluminum was the primary material used for windows before then, but around 2000, vinyl windows replaced aluminum as the favored choice by consumers.

Benefits of Atrium-Style Windows

The goal behind these windows is to preserve nature and the outdoors; thus, the transparent glass windows will let you take in your home’s exterior splendor.

Genuine Atrium windows have certification labels from organizations that certify building materials, including the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), National Accreditation Management Institute (NAMI), and the National Wood Window and Door Association(NWWDA). They also bear the company’s Atrium and Wing trademarks.

Due to their endurance, atrium windows are favored by many architects and house builders. These windows insulate against heat, UV radiation, and sound by using double and triple glass panes that seal air within. As a result, heat cannot flow through the glass’s thin silver coating allowing in only natural light. Additionally, ideal indoor temperatures are provided by this function, which is perfect for saving energy used during heating and cooling.

Atrium style window

Image Credits: atrium.com

For longevity and strength, Atrium windows are built using a multi-chamber frame that has been welded through fusion. The warm-edge, three-quarter-inch-thick insulated glass provides excellent thermal efficiency by confining heat and preventing cold. In addition, these windows may be tailored to the user’s demands and are weatherproof, low maintenance, and simple to install.

The extensive selection of colors and features offered by Atrium Windows is its strongest feature. Block frame or pre-punched mounting flange are two alternatives for frames, depending on the window design. In addition, bronze, azure, laminated, green, gray, obscure frosted, obscure rain, obscure glue chip, argon gas fill, obscure reed, and low-E coating are among the glass colors that can be experimented with.

You may choose an exterior color from cherry red, silver, black, brown, or green. All window types have triple glazing, and the frames can be finished with either white almond or adobe. For simpler cleaning, the grid pattern is an optional feature that the user may choose not to use. Other selectable patterns include colonial, prairie, diamond, three-leg prairie, and custom.

Atrium Window Styles

You may select from several most popular window styles when replacing your windows to give your house the special appearance you want. In addition, you may speak with professionals to assist you with the procedure.

1. Tilt-Turn Windows

A tilt and turn atrium window

Image Credits: vetrinawindows.com

People adore tilt-turn atrium windows for their usefulness and simplicity. With a turn of the handle, you can swing them open like a door or tilt them inward for air conditioning.

2. Casement Windows

Side hinges on casement windows secure them to the window frame. With the windows oriented this way, you can swing them open and clean both sides simultaneously. They may be purchased alone or in pairs for a more fashionable look.

3. Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung atrium windows have two vertically movable sashes that may open separately from one another. Cleaning windows from inside and outside is made simple by how the two sashes tilt.

4. Basement Hopper Windows

Basement hopper atrium windows open extremely effortlessly from the top of the window into your home thanks to hinges at the bottom. These are frequently used for basements because they provide excellent ventilation and can let in natural light.

5. Picture Windows

Picture windows provide a clear, unhindered view of the outdoors, emphasizing your home’s distinctive style. They are fixed, non-opening windows frequently combined with other varieties of atrium windows to create a truly unique appearance.

6. Single-Hung Windows

Tilt single-hung windows have a bottom sash that tilts and acts as the name suggests for simple inside window cleaning. For circulation and ventilation in any room of your home, you’ll enjoy the appearance of a side load single hung window if you like a bottom sash that slides vertically.

7. Garden Windows

A garden atrium window

Image Credits: atrium.com

Garden windows are a pure project of beauty. They stretch outside the home’s exterior walls and feature a large area for your favorite plants, giving you more space for a beautiful and useful display space for indoor plants.

Why Are Atrium Windows Popular?

There are various reasons why Atrium windows and doors have gained popularity over the years, which include;

1. Cost

A double-hung window typically costs between $250 and $500 with basic installation. However, the 8000 series, made of mid-grade vinyl, is one of Atrium’s priciest models. This series’ windows run around $500, installation included.

2. Warranty Protection

A Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects and a 25-Year Limited Warranty against insulated glass failure is included with the purchase of Atrium New Construction Windows.

An atrium window

Image Credits: atrium.com

A standard Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the custom-built vinyl windows and all functional parts, including screens. Additionally, each item is marked specifically with a warranty identification number, making it simple to obtain replacement parts.

3. Premium Quality Materials

For strength and longevity, multi-chamber frame architecture with fusion welding is used in constructing atrium windows. Better thermal efficiency is achieved while maintaining natural light with the warm-edge, three-quarter-inch-thick insulated glass. They can also be tailored to match customer needs.

4. Window Style

Tilt-turn, picture, awning, casement, horizontal slider, and single hung are just a few of Atrium’s window styles and types.

An atrium wIndow

Image Credits: atrium.com

But what distinguishes Atrium Windows from its competitors is the wide variety of colors and features that customers may choose from. For example, according to the casement design, you may choose between a block frame and a pre-punched mounting flange.

5. Replacement Windows

Many home builders like Atrium windows because of their durability. Their goods include double and triple glass panels that insulate against temperature, UV rays, and sound while keeping the air inside.

Furthermore, the glass of their product is coated with a small layer of silver that allows light to pass through while deflecting heat. This feature keeps the house at a comfortable temperature, saving energy for heating and cooling.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) When is the best season to replace atrium windows?

Atrium windows are similar to most other goods you buy in that they fluctuate in price depending on the season. When the weather becomes chilly, most homeowners realize that their windows need to be changed to reduce their winter heating costs.

Although October and November are popular months to look for new windows, you will spend more. So to save some of your hard-earned money in your pocket and to lock in the best price while enjoying modern, more energy-efficient windows, you should think about replacing your windows in August.

b) What kinds of window coverings are ideal for atrium windows?

The quick answer to this is anything you choose, but make sure to have them manufactured just for you so you can be sure of a flawless fit and a look that complements your beautiful features. In addition, you get breathtaking views of the outdoor environment and landscaping you have carefully cultivated through your big windows.

The sole disadvantage of atrium windows is during the summer when the sun storms inside your house, making it uncomfortably heated. The UV rays may also discolor your furniture and carpeting over time and produce a lot of glare on your television.

1. Window Blinds

Custom window coverings are a fantastic way to solve your heating problem. YouIn addition, you may have excellent light control by altering the slats or vanes in them. You can also select a fabric from sheer and lacy to thicker and more abundant types of blinds to enhance your interior. Sheer blinds may reduce glare and light inside while providing a fantastic outside view. When opened, hardwood blinds offer the same stunning vistas and let you regulate the lighting in your rooms.

Blinds with an open and unobstructed view

Image Credits: Lashkar.com

Faux wood blinds may be painted or stained in whatever color you choose to complement your décor and are just as lovely. Faux wood blinds are lower in weight, have a similar quality view, and are just as simple to operate and maintain as hardwood blinds. They also resemble hardwood blinds in appearance.

2. Window shades

Atrium window treatments of various kinds are also quite common. They may block the light while still allowing you to see well outdoors. You can still see the landscape via woven wood blinds while they completely block off glare.

Roman colors are also quite attractive. But, again, you have thousands of fabric options to pick from. In addition, you may select solid colors or patterns in a vast selection of bespoke textiles.

Honeycomb or cellular shades are another excellent options because of their excellent insulation, wide color selection, and sheers to blackout shades for the utmost privacy.

3. Custom Draperies

In many houses, drapery panels continue to reign supreme. It is how you were raised; windows don’t appear clothed until you utilize drapes for certain people. You can discover the precise custom drapes you have in mind for your atrium windows because they come in thousands of various types.

An atrium window

Image Credits: atrium.com

Utilize sheer panels against the windows, followed by an additional layer of cloth, which you can open and shut as necessary to insulate windows to keep heat out during summer.

Featured Image Credits: atrium.com

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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