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Stylish Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas to You Started

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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If you want to add a little something special to your bedroom, an accent wall is an ideal way to do it. There are several methods to create an accent wall, so it is entirely up to you to determine what would work best in your space. If you are stuck and unsure where to start, here are some bedroom accent wall ideas to get you started!

What Are Bedroom Accent Walls?

An accent wall is a stylish way to add color, flair, and character to a room. Bedroom accent offers visual appeal and contrast to an otherwise plain and dull wall. Since they are often the most vibrant part of a room, they are also a terrific way to combine the rest of the design.

For instance, if you have a white-walled bedroom and want to make it feel cozier, try painting one wall in vibrant color. This will make the room feel more welcoming by drawing attention away from any unfavorable features in the room and toward things such as lamps or artwork hanging on other walls.

Furthermore, a unique accent wall in a bedroom is ideal for creating a certain mood or atmosphere in the room. For instance, if you want your room to feel more romantic or feminine, go for light colors like pink and white with accents of purples and reds. Conversely, if you want your space to feel more masculine, go for dark colors like black and navy blue with yellow or gold accents.

Now that we know what bedroom accent wall is all about let's check out the accent wall ideas for your bedroom.

13 Stylish Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

1. Board and Batten Wall Idea

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Board and batten accent walls are a great way to add architectural interest to your bedroom; often, create a geometric design on the wall using wood strips. The overall result is a more aesthetically appealing, three-dimensional look than a normal flat wall. And unlike patterned wallpaper, board and batten are a bit versatile to use as a backdrop for paintings and other decorative accents.

2. Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

One of the best parts about using wallpaper for bedroom wall accents is the many removable options. In addition, you don't have to be stuck with your wallpaper since peel-and-stick wallpapers allow you to replace them easily.

Image Source:

Instead of covering your bedroom wall with flat wallpaper, consider adding it between panels, framed by molding, such as a work of art. This can result in a decorative composition. In the image, the bedroom accent wall, covered with tree wallpaper, defines the space and serves as the room's main focal point.

3. Use a Marble Backdrop

Nothing beats natural stone when adding texture, color, and detail to a space. This centuries-old material, popular for its durability, can help transform a master bedroom into a vivid, timeless space.

Image Source:

Although marble stone is commonly regarded to be the best material for floors or countertops, you can flip this trend on its head by using it as a modern accent wall element. Decorate the wall behind your bed with a stone feature and add long-hanging gold pendants to create a vibrant look. The image above is a good example of what to expect.

4. Go for a Brick Wall

Brick has an innate charm; however, if the rustic aspect is too much for you, you can decide to paint it white. Besides, it makes an excellent bedroom wall decor. The bedroom will be completely stress-free, and you will feel comfortable with its familiar, homely, elegant style. You can opt for exposed brick walls.

Image Source:

For instance, in the image, the minimal grey bed offsets the bedroom's white decor, accompanied by simple bedside lamps that offer a polished feeling of luxury to the space. Besides, the white-brick feature wall reinforces the visual quality of the space and adds to the welcoming atmosphere.

5. Upgrade Your Bedroom with a Wood Accent Wall

Wood walls offer warmth, depth, texture, and a lovely accent to any room. There are several creative methods to add a wooden accent wall, such as a plank wall, a barn wood herringbone wall, pallets, or peel-and-stick materials.

Image Source:

Consider wood paneling if you have a big blank wall in your bedroom and are unsure what to do with it. This is easy to achieve on any budget. Besides, there are several methods to achieve this stunning look for your bedroom wall, whether you use salvaged wood, recycled siding, old pallets, or even laminate flooring.

6. DIY Pallet Wall for Your Bedroom

Wooden pallet wall offers a cozy, welcoming, and warm atmosphere. It also gives off a rustic appeal without being too masculine. Pallets are increasingly being used in DIY projects, and we can understand why in the image.

Image Source:

Pallets come in various colors, and you can use them to make the most beautiful wood accent wall. They are also quite inexpensive to buy. With a few of them, you can make your wooden accent wall for your bedroom to transform it into a pleasant, cozy paradise.

7. A Warm Bohemian-Inspired Bedroom

This dark blue-grey wall appears green yet looks great in this master suite. This vibrant color is often found on an exterior front door, but it stands out in this bohemian-inspired bedroom. Depending on the lighting, this color can appear blue, grey, or green.

Image Source:

The accent wall perfectly complements the current décor in this bedroom and pulls out the green in the rug, creating a warm, inviting, cozy space. In addition, the accent wall makes a big statement while still complementing the current aesthetics.

8. A Budget-Friendly Shiplap Accent Wall

Your bedroom should be a haven of relaxation. It should be a happy place where you feel cozy and at home. You can entirely transform your space from a plain and uninteresting bedroom into a completely refreshed and renewed sensation by adding a simple accent wall.

Image Source:

The bedroom accent wall idea involves cutting and assembling wooden boards to create a shiplap look that drastically transforms the look and feel of the space. If white isn't your taste, you can paint or stain the wood to create a look unique to your personality and style.

9. Large Gallery Wall Decor

The large gallery wall decor is an excellent way to add visual interest and dimension to your bedroom. A gallery wall is created by hanging multiple frames side by side on one wall instead of each frame hanging on its wall.

Image Source:

It is an excellent way to add visual interest and depth to any room. You can add elegance to your bedroom design using picture frames or artwork. Expect results like on the image or even better.

10. Quotes on Feature Wall

Image Source:

Quotes are an excellent way to bring attention to any feature wall. You can use them as a focal point or an interesting statement to bring personality to your bedroom. Besides, they are a great way to ensure everyone in the room understands how you feel about life. They are a piece of wall art that creates the mood in the master bedroom.

11. Amazing Chalkboard Accent Wall for Kid’s Bedroom

Chalkboard walls are so easy and versatile and feature tons of advantages. They're ideal for allowing kids to express themselves by painting, creative writing, or scribbling in their bedrooms. Besides, a chalkboard wall is handy for making lists, doing schoolwork, or keeping track of upcoming activities.

Image Source:

They can also make the space feel more friendly and casual. Furthermore, having a chalkboard accent wall next to your kid's bed is a terrific way to add contrast to the black base. Also, it's a great way to vary the details, like adding stars, the moon, or any other drawings that mirror your child's interests and personality.

12. A Modern Wall Design to Make a Statement

If you love matching the bedding and the wall color, this is the best accent wall idea. An accent wall can be quite easy as a new coat of paint or elaborate as a design inspired by your favorite bedding, as in the image below.

Image Source:

Whether you take a photo of your favorite print to a shop to create it into a stencil or you take it and try to acquire a replica, you'll have a magnificent modern art accent wall unique to you. Accent walls are ideal for showcasing your design sense while adding style and personality to your bedroom.

13. Out of this World Wall Mural

Wall Murals are an excellent way to add visual appeal to your master bedroom. Besides, you can use them as accent walls in living rooms and even kitchens. This can be the way to go if you want to design your interior space in a creative and unique style.

Image Source:

Furthermore, they add color and design to your room. They are easy to install, allowing you to create your unique design from the comfort of your own home. Also, they are fairly easy to remove if you no longer like them or want something else.

What Are the Tips For Bedroom Accent Walls?

1. Go For Accent Pieces and Décor That Go Well With Your New Wall.

When accenting your bedroom walls, we recommend going for accent pieces and decor that go well with the walls. Then, coordinate styles and colors for a cohesive look.

2. Select a Wall That Will Have the Most Impact.

An accent wall needs to be eye-catching and focal; therefore, choose wisely. We recommend selecting a wall that will have the most impact.

3. Arrange the Furniture and Decor

Arranging your furniture and decor around the accent wall will make it the room's center of attention.

4. Wallpaper or Paint the Accent Wall in a Bold Color or Pattern

Wallpaper is a great option for accent walls. The most recent temporary wallpapers can provide a stylish style without requiring a long-term commitment. We recommend going for wallpaper with lovely designs and colors for a trendy look.

On the other hand, you can opt to paint the wall. For example, use bright colors to paint the accent wall. This is your moment to make a statement, so take advantage of it.

5. Don’t Just Consider Walls.

Consider various ways to use an accent wall. Have you thought about the ceiling? Adding color to the ceiling is a modern design trend. This ceiling color can be used as an accent wall. Besides, accent ceilings can be made in soft or even vibrant colors.

6. Pay Attention to the Texture.

Accent walls are more than simply paint. Have you considered using tile or stone as an accent wall? Besides, extensive shelving can work as an accent wall in a bedroom that lacks architectural elements and storage. Furthermore, an artwork or a gallery of photos, or even a fabric-draped wall, are great as an accent wall.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

1. What Bedroom Wall Should Be an Accent Wall?

A solid indicator of a suitable accent wall as the room's feature wall is whether it already has a focal point. For instance, the main accent wall in your bedroom is usually the wall behind your bed's headboard.

2. Are Accent Walls in Bedrooms Outdated?

Accent walls initially came into the picture in the early 2000s as a way to bring color to a space without overdoing it. But, according to Brown, a famous home decor designer, they will never go out of style.

3. What Are the Guidelines for Accent Walls?

Generally, follow the 60-30-10 guideline, which states that 60 percent of the room should be the dominant color, 30 percent should be the secondary color, and 10 percent should be an accent color. So, when choosing a color, you will want something different from the 60 percent and 30 percent colors to make it stand out.

4. Should the Accent Wall Be Brighter or Darker?

You may make the space feel cozier by using a darker but complementary hue for an accent wall. Besides, if you have a small bedroom and want to make it look a bit larger, an accent wall in a lighter hue can help you achieve that appearance.

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Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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