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12 Best Bathroom Heaters To Buy In Winter

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The average cost of the best bathroom heater tends to plummet when the temperatures rise. However, you will find it easy to choose one that can suit your bathroom space with this guide. Choosing the best one for your needs requires time and research to ensure the best results.

Whichever type you want to consider, the options are endless, and you will find it easy to select the right one for heating needs. As you would expect with most products on the market, you have to consider various factors for the best results. 

Why? Its because heaters are available with many different features and functionalities. Based on our research, we find the Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater to be a top pick, but you are also open to looking at the rest. Taking these factors into perspective is vital if you want a heater that does the job right! Let us dive right into it:

Factors to Consider

Conventionally hardwired to an electrical circuit, a bathroom heater is a machine with a heating element and fan. These components circulate air in a room and are excellent options for improving your bathroom space's warmth. The good thing is that they are easy to use, without taking up lots of space.

Some brands even function through convection, which works to warm the air above the heater and help displace the cold air for the best results. Without further ado, let us look at some of the vital heater factors to consider:

Safety Features 

Heaters are machines that have powerful heating elements and components which you have to consider. Most brands equip their products with advanced safety mechanisms, which work well to reduce fire damage, short-circuiting, overcharging, and overheating.

Furthermore, various brands worldwide test their products to ensure they don’t consist of faulty or hazardous components. Before buying a heater, consider multiple factors such as insurance, warranty, and the specific brand product you want for your needs.

Noise Level

The general rule is to go for fan equipped heaters, which tend to be noisy compared to the fanless machines. Plus, most brands today have a focus on producing silent machines. Some are even available with fans, which makes them exceptionally quieter than the conventional fans on the market. Look for information on the decibel rating before investing in a specific type of fan. Remember that the decibel level is directly proportional to the heat level produced.

Power Consumption

Along with several heat settings, some electric heaters can provide several levels of power. Usually, these power levels are measured in BTUs or amps. BTU is widespread, and it refers to “British Thermal Unit.” It’s a metric that is popularly used to measure heating units, cooling systems, and fuels.

Features of the Best Bathroom Heaters


The thermostat's role is to control the temperature level, which will save you from the hassle of having to switch the heater on and off. Plus, these units often come with several output settings, which are perfect for energy conservation purposes. You can also select the ideal location to suit your space.


A timer makes it convenient to choose specific times that you expect the heater to function. Thus, you save money when it comes to energy costs.

Power Cord

Go for a heater that has a long cord, with anything than 70 inches long being perfect. It will give you the flexibility to place the heater where you want and avoid flammable items such as the couch, bed, or even curtains.

Remote Control 

When it comes to convenience, going for the basic options is important. For instance, a remote control lets you adjust the heater operation and makes it highly safe to use.

Auto Shut Off

You need a water heater that is highly convenient to use. Consider going for one that comes with an auto shut off feature, making them perfect for large spaces or more. Furthermore, its also a feature that helps stop issues such as overheating or fires associated with lack of proper use. 


Consider going for a heater that features an ergonomic handle, especially if you plan to relocate to your bathroom's different spaces.

Top 12 Bathroom Heaters You Can Buy In Winter Season

1. editor’s Pick: Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater, Silver 754200

Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater with Adjustable...
  • 2 Quiet Heat Settings – This tabletop electric space heater...
  • Adjustable Thermostat – The adjustable thermostat maintains the...
  • Widespread Oscillation – The optional widespread oscillation...
  • Easy to Use – The Lasko 5409 ceramic space heater comes fully...
  • Built-In Safety – Safety is a top priority at Lasko, this space...

Keeping warm in your bathroom has never been this easy. The Lasko Ceramic Portable space heater is a convenient addition to your modern space. The machine comes with three quiet settings, including the high heat, low heat, and fan. Thus, it makes up for an excellent way to heat small spaces, conveniently each time. Featuring an adjustable thermostat, you will find this unit easy to customize for specific applications; 

With an adjustable thermostat, this unit makes it convenient to customize the 1500watt ceramic heating element. It's available with as many as 11 different temperature settings, making it easy to find a comfortable heat setting. It's easy to use because you just customize the dial to choose your desired temperature level.

Since this unit comes with inbuilt safety features, you are sure that it's safe from overheating issues. Plus, the heater even has a cool touch exterior, which makes it highly convenient to use. Plus, the heater's body lets it stay cool, even when the heat setting is on high.

Thanks to the fully assembled design, this unit lets you take the heater out of the box and working in a few minutes.


  • Comes with three quiet settings for convenient use
  • Has an adjustable thermostat for accuracy
  • The convenient carry handle makes this unit easy to use
  • Compact size is perfect for small spaces


  • Could use a safety beep for overheating issues

2. Runners UP: DeLonghi HVF3555TB Bathroom Safe Fan Heater

DeLonghi America HVF3555TB Bathroom Safe Fan Heater
  • Equipped with a GFI plug and designed with IP21 to provide extra...
  • 1500 watt heating power
  • 24 hour programmable timer
  • 3 heat settings
  • Foot pedal operated oscillation

We also recommend the Delonghi HVF3555TB Bathroom Safe Fan Heater. This unit is safe to use in the bathroom, and it even comes with a GFI plug for convenient use. Why? Its because the GFCI plug helps prevent issues such as moisture and the condensation accumulation. To make things better, the Delonghi Safe Fan heater is IP21 certified to use against matters such as drips and condensation. With this unit, you will find it easy to control the direction of heat, temperature setting, and the average fan force.

Plus, you can even set the heater on and off with the energy-saving programmable design. The timer is also set to go on and off at the same time each day – perfect for bathroom pre-heating and morning. The power settings and adjustable thermostat mean that temperature control is a simple process.  

Plus, you will find it easy to choose your custom heat setting, thanks to the customizable thermostat, timer, and multiple heat setting. The timer is also easy to set to go on and off at specific times of the day.


  • Safe to use in the bathroom with a GFI plug
  • Easy to use a foot pedal for motorized oscillation
  • Has a 3-power setting and adjustable thermostat
  • The anti-freeze setting helps prevent freezing issues


  • Slightly heavy than most heaters

3. Best For Longevity: Broan-Nutone 665RP Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Bathroom and Home

Broan-NuTone 665RP Heater, Fan, and Light Combo, 70...
  • FAN COMBO: Combo include fan, 100-watt incandescent light, and...
  • DECORATIVE: White polymeric grilles blend into ceiling and...
  • DISCREET: Type IC (Insulation Contact) unit is installed into...
  • COMPACT: Fits 2" x 6" ceiling construction and works in bathrooms...
  • EASY TO USE: Multi-function wall switches sold separately to...

Make your bathroom fully functional with the Broan-Nutone 665RP heater. It’s a powerful machine that features a combo fan and 100-watt incandescent light. The 1300-watt heater function works independently or in combination for optimal comfort. Plus, the inclusion of white polymetric grilles means that the light combo blends well with the ceiling. It's an excellent fan that also complements most interior décor designs.

Thanks to the Type IC (Insulation Contact), you are sure of a bright light that will fill up any room. Since it also features multi-functional wall switches, you have a dynamic heater that suits various lifestyle applications. 

The hanger bars on this unit are easy to customize between 16 to 24 inches. You can even lock it into position once you position the rafters to the 2-inch x 6-inch ceiling construction. With an in-built junction box and receptacles, you have a bathroom heater that is convenient to use. It even comes with a quiet polypropylene duct adapter that has a silent and snap-on damper.


  • Comes with a 100-watt incandescent light
  • Has a 1300 watt heater function for convenience
  • Equipped with a type IC unit for optimal light quality
  • Easy to use and set up bathroom heater design


  • Produces a slight noise when in operation

4. AmazonBasics 1500W Oscillating Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Silver 

Amazon Basics 1500W Ceramic Personal Heater with...
  • Ceramic space heater with adjustable thermostat for cozy and safe...
  • 1500-watt high setting; 3 output options: Low, High, or Fan Only;...
  • For safety: tip-over switch with auto shut-off and overheat...
  • Carrying handle for easy transport; not for use in bathrooms,...
  • Choice of Black or Silver color

Ranked among some of the top product brands, the Amazonbasics 1500W Ceramic heater is an excellent recommendation for your needs. The heater features easy to use digital controls which include two heat settings. These are the high heat (1500 Watts) and low heat (750 Watts).

Thanks to the 360-degree tip-over switch and 2x overheat protection, this unit is safe from overheating issues. Plus, the recessed and convenient carrying handle makes it an excellent addition to your outdoors regimen. With this unit, you will enjoy a robust and consistent heat output – even in small areas. It has a quick heating ceramic element that has as many as three output options. These include the low, high, and fan-only settings. The settings are easy to customize to suit specific heating applications. 

The fan also makes use of the power of oscillation, which ensures the heat it produces disperses in various directions. As such, you will experience excellent air and temperature oscillation benefits when using the fan. This unit's brand makers have even included an LED indicator that you can use to specify when you have plugged in the heater.


  • Easy to use digital controls with two heat settings
  • Comes with a programmable thermostat and timer function
  • The recessed and convenient carrying handle makes it easy to use
  • Cold touch housing comes with insulated wiring


  • Not suitable for large bathroom spaces

5. Honeywell Slim Ceramic Tower Heater, Large Room, Black

Honeywell ComfortTemp 4 Tower Heater, Black – Easy to...
  • SPACE HEATER – The Honeywell ComfortTemp 4 Ceramic Tower Heater...
  • SAFETY MATTERS: This large room heater offers multiple safety...
  • INCREASE YOUR COMFORT – Always be comfortable, no matter what...
  • SMART SAVINGS: A portable heater is an easy way to add warmth to...
  • HONEYWELL QUALITY: Help improve heating and energy savings in...

Discover the excellence of the Honeywell Slim Ceramic Tower Heater. This unit is easy to use, and it comes with two convenient heat settings. The heat settings include the high heat (1500 Watts) and low heat (750 Watts) – perfect for temperature regulation. The heater also comes with a programmable thermostat with a dynamic timer function for the best results.

Furthermore, this unit provides optimal protection because it comes with several safety features. These include overheating protection, cold touch housing, and high-temperature plastics. Plus, the reinforced wiring and connections will provide years of reliable longevity. The powerful 1500-watt maximum heat output offers quick and comfortable heat for various types of spaces.


  • Comes with an easy to use digital control
  • The programmable has a dynamic timer function
  • The cool-touch housing and housing are insulated


  • None

6. Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater, WiFi Wall Mounted 

Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater, Wifi Wall...
  • (Wall Mounted Heater Only.) Wi-Fi enabled makes it possible for...
  • Safe to the touch grill. 1500 watts of power
  • Space saving wall mount design means you don't lose floor space....
  • When installed over the outlet, you can hide the cord inside the...
  • Safe to the touch grill. Wall mounted version, Feet not included.

Technology is making its way into almost every aspect of our lives. Thus, this is why the Heat Storm HS-1500 PHC-WIFI infrared heater is a convenient solution for your needs. The heater is Wi-Fi-enabled, which means that you can regulate the temperature from your phone's convenience. 

The unique safe touch grill means that you can touch this unit even when it has functioned for several hours. Your room will warm up fast, and you will have the peace of mind to know you have an energy-efficient unit for your needs. Its also portable and wall mountable to make it ideal for various spaces in your house. These can include the living room, bedroom, and more. 


  • Wi-Fi-enabled heater for easy temperature regulation
  • Safe touch grill and can offer 1500 watts of power
  • Space-saving and easy to mount heater design


  • Could use better programming functions

7. Cadet Com-Pak 1500W, 120V Most Popular Electric Wall Heater 

Cadet Com-Pak Electric Wall Heater Complete Unit with...
  • FAST HEATING: Our electric wall heater is designed with a fast...
  • SAFE: Our heater has been designed with high temperature safety...
  • MAXIMIZE LIVING SPACE: Our unique compact design is recess...
  • QUIET: The centrifugal fan provides quiet and efficient airflow,...
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Our most popular electric wall heater comes as a...

Life is easy when you have the right resources. Thus, this is why the Cadet Com-Pak 1500W 120V electrical wall heater might also be right for your indoor space. The heater has all the features to make it a fully functional addition to your space. 

For instance, the heater will provide you with adequate warmth, minus the hassles associated with setting up ductwork. Even more, the hard-wired heaters have several installation options, and they also offer safe warmth for many years.

To make things better, you will be pleased to know this unit comes with a thermostat. The thermostat makes it to regulate the temperature levels automatically. It's also easy to install and grill into the wall.


  • Can provide quick heat distribution
  • Has a minimalistic design for ease of set up
  • The centrifugal fan provides quiet and efficient airflow
  • It's also easy to install with screws


  • None

8. LIFE SMART 6 Quartz Elements Infrared Space Heater 

LIFE SMART Black 6 Element Infrared Heater Steel...
  • 6 quartz infrared heating elements
  • 3 heat settings: 1,000w / 1,500w / and ECO-maintains a constant...
  • Overheat safety switch
  • Tip-over safety switch
  • Cool touch exterior cabinet

You can now enjoy a much more comfortable bathroom setting when you have the LIFE SMART 6 Quartz Elements Infrared Space Heater. The 6-quartz element infrared heater can rapidly heat and provides strong penetrating power. It can heat the atmosphere in as little as 3 seconds. Plus, you will be thankful that its quiet operation ensures you can use it in almost any room. 

For adjustability, this unit has a dynamic range of between 50℉-90℉. The heater also has as many as three heat setting modes. These include the 1500W high heating mode, 1000W low heating mode, and ECO mode (constant 68℉ mode). Equipped with an in-built thermostat, you will find it easy to control the temperature as you need. 

The heater will also cycle “on” and “off,” which is perfect for maintaining the ideal room temperature levels. The inclusion of the LED display screen ensures you can easily access the working states, power, mode, fan, and timer in the heater. It has an exceptional 12-hour programmable timer, which will turn automatically on at specific times. Since the entire set is available remotely, you will find it easy to operate the heater remotely. 

Thanks to the overheating and tip-over protection, the heater shuts off automatically when the temperature gets to 176 ℉.


  • Comes with a 6-quartz element infrared heater
  • Has three adjustable heating modes and levels
  • The LED display and 12-hour smart time make it convenient


  • None

9. Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater, White

Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater,...
  • EFFECTIVE HEAT - Our infrared space heaters warm objects instead...
  • SAFE TOUCH GRILL - That’s because our grills are made out of...
  • MODERN DESIGN - wall mount design means you don't lose floor...
  • ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT - LED display shows you what the ambient...
  • COMPACT - Uses less than 2 square feet of wall space and plugs...

Practical, safe, and modern. These are just some of the few benefits you can expect when you have the Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space wall heater. It’s a powerful machine than warm objects, rather than just warming up the air. It’s a powerful machine that lets your room stay warm even after you switch off the heater.

Furthermore, you will be pleased that the grill does not feature any material that will burn the skin. They also heat up automatically to make them highly convenient to use. The inclusion of an adjustable thermostat and LED display makes it easy to control the temperature levels. The entire set comes with remote control, which you can use to regulate the temperature levels. 

Thanks to this unit's high-quality structure, you are sure that it will use less than 2 square feet of space. You can also plug it into a conventional 110v outlet, and the cord is easy to hide behind the heater.


  • Safe touch grill made with materials that won’t burn the skin
  • Has a modern wall mount design for convenience
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat
  • Compact design is easy to use in 2 square feet of space


  • Made using only plastic which is a heat hazard

10. Brightown 350W Space Heater, Programmable Wall Outlet Space Heater

Wall Space Heater 350W Portable Electric Heater with...
  • 🔥 Fast Heating: Brightown upgraded ceramic electric heater...
  • 🔥 LED Display and Timer Function: The upgraded space heater...
  • 🔥 An Adjustable Precise Thermostat: Unlike most portable...
  • 🔥 Compact Portable Space Heaters for Indoor Use: This small...
  • 🔥 Safe Wall Space Heater: The wall space heater adopts 120V...

Make your bathroom way much more functional when you have the Brightown 350W Space Heater. It’s a low wattage space heater that can provide an exceptional 350W of power. More so, you will also be pleased with the 180-rotating plug, that has three prongs for ease of installation. With a unique push-button under the plug, you will find it easy to adjust the plug's rotating degree. 

The low wattage is also exceptionally economical than most high wattage space heaters you will have on the market. The inclusion of an LED display and timer makes it easy to scroll through the space heater's timeline. 

Unlike most heaters, you will find that just come with options for the “low, medium, and high” setting, it's exceptionally easy to use. The heater lets you adjust the desired temperature level by between 60°F to 90°F. You can even set the thermostat to target your desired temperature level, and it can switch on automatically for convenience.

Thanks to its compact design, the heater is easy to carry around, even if you have a bathroom with a small space. It's an ETL listed plug-in heater that is easy to install on a receptacle, and it won't take up lots of space. You will be pleased with its modern look, which lets it blend well with most indoor settings.


  • Low wattage space heater which will not overload the circuit
  • Comes with an LED display and timer for ease of use
  • Offers quiet and fast heating results
  • Equipped with a digital thermostat for convenient functions


  • Exterior section also warms up significantly

11. Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Oscillating Ceramic Space Heater 

Pro Breeze Oscillating Ceramic Space Heater 1500W –...
  • Cost Efficient Ceramic Technology: Engineered with advanced...
  • 6 Operating Modes & Oscillation: Features 750W (low) and 1500W...
  • Adjustable Thermostat: An easy-to-use fully adjustable thermostat...
  • Advanced Safety: Built in overheat protection and an enhanced...
  • Ultra Portable: This compact space heater features a lightweight...

The Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Oscillating Space Heater is also another excellent addition to your regimen. The heater features ceramic technology, which provides fast and efficient heating results. It’s the perfect way to stay warm during the winter months. 

Available with as many as six operating modes and oscillation, this space heater is highly convenient. With just the simple flick of a switch, it will automatically rotate, and it provides an exceptional 70° coverage. It's more than convenient coverage for warming your large bathroom space.

Since it comes with a simple to use and adjustable thermostat, this unit can monitor the temperature around and deliver optimal heating results. It even has an in-built protection and tip-over switch to ensure it switches off in unsafe circumstances. Designed to be lightweight and stylish simultaneously, this unit makes up for a fully functional addition to your space. It will produce only 58Dba when in use, and it has a 70-inch cord length for convenience. 

Since it also features an overheat protection and advanced tip-over switch, you are sure of an exceptionally safe tricker charger. It also lets you choose between high (1500W) and low (750W) heat settings or fan-only mode. Thus, you will enjoy optimal temperature control even when used in the oscillating or stationary settings.


  • Comes with advanced ceramic heating elements
  • Has as many as six operating modes and oscillation
  • The adjustable thermostat is easy to use


  • Could use ergonomic handles

12. HOME-CHOICE Small Ceramic Oscillating Space Heater Electric Portable Heater  

Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, 1500W Ceramic...
  • 【SMALL HEATER MEASURES】: 7.29" X 5.6" x 9.67".Energy...
  • 【Three Heat Settings With Fan】 : 1.High Heat (1500-watt), 2....
  • 【Adjustable Thermostat】 : Combined with an adjustable...
  • 【Ceramic Technology】:Advanced ceramic heating...
  • 【Advanced Safety】: 1.Automatic overheat system will shut the...

Another serious contender on this list would be the HOME-CHOICE Small Ceramic Space Heater. It’s a powerful machine that comes with energy-efficient PTC technology. The heater is compact and has a space-saving design for the best heating performance, even in small spaces. You will also be pleased with the fact that it comes with an adjustable thermostat for the delivery of comfortable warmth results.

Equipped with as many as four heat settings, you will find this unit easy to use in various environments. The high-power heater will deliver 1500 watts of a 60-degree wide-angle shaking heat for the best dispersal results. The heater will easily warm up large areas evenly, and without any major functions required.

With the advanced ceramic heating elements, you are sure of fast and efficient heating than conventional units. It’s a machine that provides abundant heating, and without having to use open coils. This unit's power indicator light makes it easy to determine when the charger is plugged into a power source. Thanks to the automatic overheat system, the charger will shut off when any machine components overheat.


  • Comes with an energy-efficient and PTC technology
  • The high-power heat has a 60-degree shaking head
  • The advanced ceramic heating element provides fast and efficient heating


  • Small in size for some users

Best Bathroom Heaters: Final Thoughts

You never know when you want to arrive home to a warm bathroom during the winter and cold summer nights. More so, heating indoor spaces are not often easy when you don’t have the right resources. In this guide, we have information on the best bathroom heaters on the market brands you consider. Get one of these units, and take the functionality of the bathroom to the next level. The good thing is that the ones we have on this list are simple to install, even with DIY techniques.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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