The Best Cordless Impact Wrench Reviews for a Car Enthusiast

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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It is very annoying dealing with rusted nuts and bolts that don’t want to budge, especially if you spend much time on DYI projects or auto repair. However, with the best cordless impact wrench on the market, you can now tighten or loosen the nuts with minimum effort. This handheld tool is designed to spare you a great deal of strain and make quick work of the task.

An impact wrench delivers remarkable torque along with bursts of extra hammer-like impact. It takes the hard work out of nearly any garage task, from heavy tasks like brake and suspension repairs or simple wheel changes. With the cordless impact wrenches available, they have become reliable and powerful enough to change car tires.

The market is full of various impact wrenches, which sometimes can give you a hard time looking for the best. We have compiled expert reviews to help you find your taste and preference according to the task at hand. Keep reading to have your answer.

Best Cordless Impact Wrench

1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Torque Impact Wrench Kit (DCF899HB)

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Wrench, Cordless, 1/2Inch,...
  • 1/2 inch cordless impact wrench has up to 700 ft-lbs of max...
  • DEWALT 1/2 inch impact wrench has a compact design of...
  • Multi-speed control of the battery-powered impact wrench is made...
  • 1/2-inch Anvil with hog ring (also available in detent pin)
  • LED light with 20-second delay for increased visibility

DEWALT MAX XR is a heavy-duty impact mechanism that comes with a breakaway torque of 1,200 ft-lbs and a max of 700 ft-lbs of torque for tightening nuts and bolts. It is has a compact design that allows you to work with it even in small spaces. Conversely, the brushless motor’s three-speed selector is adjustable to handle multiple tasks.

The DEWALT (DCF899HB) 20V MAX model is used in various automotive tasks; you can have it in both vehicle maintenance kits and professional or home garages. According to some users, this tool outperforms other more expensive models of the same class. Furthermore, it is popular for being the best cordless impact wrench for lug nuts.

This tool features an anvil ring that allows fast socket changing and an LED light; therefore, you can continue working on your car’s wheel even when the night falls. Moreover, the DEWALT (DCF899HB) 20V MAX XR is resistant to grease, cleaners, and chemicals and can handle an eight-foot drop without damage, ranking it as one of the best 1/2 –inch impact wrench available for both home and industrial auto shops use.

The main drawbacks are the price and battery life. The price is because of the sheer power of this tool, but the price is minor for what you get. You can buy a spare or two for the battery life so that you can keep swapping out them: you will hardly notice the shorter battery life.


  • It is a versatile tool.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is a powerful compact tool.
  • Great for taking off rust bolts


  • A bit expensive tool.
  • Has a low battery life.

2. Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel Cordless Impact Wrench

Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel High Torque 1/2-Inch Impact...
  • Provides maximum productivity by removing stubborn and high...
  • Most compact cordless High Torque Impact Wrench in its class at...
  • Industry leading 4-mode drive control with bolt removal mode,...
  • REDLINK PLUS intelligence prevents damage to the tool and battery...
  • REDLITHIUM batteries deliver more work per charge and more work...

Are you working from a tight space and wondering what tool will save you? Well, you should try the Milwaukee M18 fuel impact wrench. This tool is highly compact without even sacrificing incredible power from its brushless motor. Besides, it provides maximum productivity by removing persistent and high torque fasteners up to 2 times faster than the competition.

The Milwaukee M18 fuel impact wrench has 4-mode drive control that includes a bolt removal mode for ultimate control, while the friction ring ensures easy and quick socket changes. It uses REDLITHIUM batteries, which delivers more work per charge and much work over the battery life. Besides, the REDLINK plus intelligence system prevents damage to the tool and battery from overheating or overloading.

This tool features a premium rubber over-mold that provides increased comfort when in use also helps protect the impact wrench from corrosive elements. Furthermore, it has 1,000 feet/pounds of torque and a maximum breakaway of 1,400 feet/pounds, making it the most powerful best impact wrench on the list.

You can still work in your dark garage with this tool since it comes with LED light to light up the work area. According to some users, the Milwaukee M18 impact wrench can handle nearly any job effortlessly. They also like the bolt remover setting that slows the torque to 750ft-lbs once the fastener has broken loose, allowing for enhanced control.

However, some users complain about the battery life. The battery cannot handle much before running down, so if you have some difficult bolts, you may end up using a bit of juice to break it loose.


  • A high torque impact wrench.
  • Excellent cordless impact wrench.
  • Easy to use.
  • A heavy-duty impact wrench.


  • Short battery life.
  • A bit heavy.

3. Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMAX 1/2-Inch Drive Air Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMAX 1/2” Drive Air Impact Wrench...
  • PRO PERFORMANCE: This Air Impact Wrench tackles heavy duty...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Impact wrench tool is compact and light;...
  • DURABLE RELIABILITY: Titanium hammer case and steel wear plate...
  • SUPERIOR CONTROL: Using the four position power regulator, you...
  • DEPENDABLE OPERATION: Whether you operate an auto garage or a...

If you are looking for a lightweight and high-performance tool, Ingersoll Rand should be one of the best impact wrenches to consider. Ingersoll Rand is popular for its power-to-weight ratio since it weighs in at only 4.6 pounds and has a four-position motor regulator. Moreover, it features a drive mechanism that puts out serious spins ability and punishes the toughest bolts with 1,350 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque.

This impact wrench model is made of titanium materials, which increases durability. The steel wear-plate and titanium hammer also protect the tool from harshest environments. It also features a composite housing that protects the impact wrench from corrosive elements and chemical drops from shop fluids.


  • A lightweight and compact tool.
  • Durable.
  • A powerful model to have in your garage.
  • Quiet when operating.


  • Not worth the money.

4. Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench

Milwaukee M18 FUEL w/ONE-KEY 18-Volt Lithium-Ion...
  • Up to 1400ft-lbs nut-busting torque
  • Most compact cordless high torque impact wrench in its Class at...
  • Onekey technology provides the most repeatable impact wrench in...
  • One-key compatible: customize, track and manage tool’s...
  • Easily toggle up to four custom performance profiles that can be...

This model is another cordless impact wrench option from Milwaukee. Milwaukee M18 Fuel impact wrench offers up to 1400 ft-lbs nut-busting torque and delivers up to 1000 ft-lbs of maximum fastening torque. It features a brushless motor that runs cooler than its competitors do while having no wearable elements.

You can select from two operation modes, which unlock the full potential of 800 ft-lbs of maximum fastening torque. At the same time, another delivers up to 200 ft-lbs of maximum fastening torque. This tool comes equipped with a ½-inch anvil with a friction ring to ensure that the sockets don’t fall off while spinning and for easy and fast socket changes. Furthermore, it has an Onekey technology that provides the most repeatable impact wrench in the industry.

The M18 comes with a clip-on 18-Volt Lithium-Ion battery on the bottom of the handle. Besides, it features one-button control that enables you to connect the impact wrench via Bluetooth with your smartphone. You can control the power and speed you need based on the application. Another unique feature is the built-in GPS tracker that helps you to locate it.


  • Has a built-in GPS for tracking.
  • Has an option to connect to smartphones through Bluetooth.
  • Powerful cordless impact wrench.
  • The battery is long-lasting.


  • Not suitable for delicate jobs.
  • A bit heavy tool.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Cordless Impact Wrenches

When shopping for the cordless impact wrench, here are some of the things that you should consider.

1. Batter life

Since these are wireless impact wrenches, the battery power may limit you regarding run-times. The battery life can significantly change your usage time. It should not be a problem if you change one set of tires on the weekend. Nonetheless, a professional mechanic should purchase more than one battery pack or use at least a 20V impact wrench.

Some manufacturers sell more than one in the package, which is handy since you can use one battery while charging the other and switching when it is dead. Furthermore, since the lithium-ion batteries are removable, you can decide to get a bigger one. That way, it will last longer, but the weight will increase. Otherwise, you can try to find a third-party manufacturer that sells a compatible impact wrench kit.

2. Brushless vs. the brushed motor

Brushless motors don’t contain many moving parts as compared to brushed motors. The fact is, moving parts lead to friction, and friction causes a loss of effectiveness. Therefore, cordless impact wrenches with a brushless motor have some advantages over those with a brushed motor. These advantages include higher engine speeds, less maintenance, a greater power-to-weight ratio, and a longer life span.

However, all these advantages have a cost. Cordless impact wrenches with brushless motors tend to be more expensive because of more advanced technology and superior features. Besides, they require less maintenance and tend to last longer, so the extra cost might well is worth it at last.

3. Torque, IPM, and RPM

These are the three main factors that determine an impact wrench’s power. Torque is the amount of rotating power an impact wrench has; therefore, an impact wrench with the highest torque will have the most power and best performance.

IPM and RPM are also factors worth your consideration. IPM signifies the number of impacts from the ‘hammer’ generated per minute- impacts per minute. RPM signifies how fast an impact wrench can drive your fasteners- revolutions per minute.

4. Drive size

Each socket is comprised of two main parts; the socket head and the drive socket. The socket head is the part into which a bolt and nut fit, while the drive socket is the component attached to the wrench. Cordless impact wrenches’ drives are based on the size of their anvil input shaft that the socket fits. Conversely, impact wrenches’ drive size states the size of the sockets it can use.

Cordless impact wrenches come in sizes from ¼ inch to 1inch, with every size having its set of pros and cons. Facts are the larger the impact wrench’s drive size, the more powerful the impact wrench. Conversely, wrenches with large drive sizes will be bulkier and larger, and more difficult to fit into tight spaces. Use a 1/2 -inch drive for any general-purpose use because it is more versatile, allowing it to accomplish several tasks.

5. Sound and vibration

Don’t conclude that an impact wrench with more power is always better in every way than one with less power. When it comes to cordless impact wrenches’ power, there is an increased sound and vibration. Even though battery-powered impact wrenches don’t cause as much vibration and sound as their pneumatic complements, both types of impact wrenches are famous for causing ear and hand fatigue. If you are exposed to one of them for too long, the vibration and sound can damage these areas.

Luckily, many cordless wrenches feature vibration-reducing ergonomic handles to cushion the impact of excessive vibrations on your hands. Moreover, many allow for adjustable torque levels, so you can limit your exposure to the loud high-torque setting to times when you need it. However, you should always wear hearing protection and take breaks when operating it regardless of the noise and vibration reduction features.

6. Grip

Cordless impact wrench models have two main grip styles: in-line grip and pistol grip. Pistol-grip handles look like the handle and trigger assembly of a normal pistol. These handle types are the most popular because they are comfortable gripping and creating less hand fatigue when working long.

In-line handles are long and slim, resembling a standard screwdriver. The trigger and handle are joined at the backside of the wrench. Moreover, the anvil on the body of the impact wrench. This type of handle is ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces where a pistol-grip wrench cannot fit.

7. Additional features

Some impact wrenches come with LED lights on the housing that help you see in front of the impact wrench. This feature is useful if you regularly work in a dim-lit area. Consider also how the speed of the shaft is controlled. Some models have a dedicated button with some speed options, while others have a pressure-sensitive trigger. In this case, it will depend on your personal preference.

Some impact wrench models are designed with casings that could protect them from dust and water. If you are working in a dusty location like an auto body repair shop, dust protection is worth considering.

8. Size and weight

Consider the weight when shopping for an impact wrench. When you work with a heavy wrench, your wrists will get tired faster. Although the impact wrenches on this article are used to remove lug nuts, you will use them for other jobs if you have any in your garage.

The size of the impact wrench plays a role in removing the nuts on your car tire; big impact wrenches are hard to maneuver into certain places. Unluckily, most powerful models come in bigger sizes.


DEWALT (DCF899HB) MAX XR is our overall best cordless impact wrench. You can use it in various automotive tasks, vehicle maintenance kits, and professional or home garages. It has a compact design that allows you to work with it even in small spaces. Conversely, the brushless motor’s three-speed selector is adjustable to handle multiple tasks.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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