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Best Cricut Accessories for the Ultimate Creativity

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

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Are you a creative mind, and you just got your Cricut crafting unit? It's okay to be overwhelmed by the numerous styles you can explore. To make the crafting process easier, you can start by identifying the ideal perk you need to get started. In light of this, we recommend equipping yourself with the best Cricut accessories to actualize your vision.

Fortunately, creativity using Cricut comes with endless DIY possibilities, thanks to the numerous Cricut accessories on the market. Nonetheless, you don't have to own every available accessory to make the best of your Cricut machine. For a start, you can identify your creative niche and match it with the appropriate Cricut supplies.

Speaking of Cricut machines and their accessories, here is a handy guide on some basic tools you need to kickstart your Cricut projects. Eventually, we aim to make Cricut crafting easy and fun. So, besides acquiring Cricut accessories separately, one might ask what supplies a brand new Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore, or Cricut Joy comes with.

Supplies that Come with Brand New Cricut Machines

Any new Cricut machine comes with some basic supplies to help you begin your crafting. Here are the Cricut accessories and supports you will find while unboxing:

  • Black fine point pen
  • Welcome book
  • 12″ x 12″ Cricut mats (LightGrip or FabricGrip machine mats)
  • Blades (Premium fine-point or rotary blade) and their housing
  • USB cable
  • Power cable
  • Practice materials
  • 50 project ideas, including 25 sewing styles
  • Free trial Cricut membership for new subscribers

The included blade and cutting mats are suitable for handling various crafting materials, including vinyl and paper. For a beginner, the above-listed supplies might seem adequate until ideas start to overflow. Subsequently, explore your full Cricut creative potential with these MUST-HAVE additional Cricut accessories.

1. Cricut Adhesive Cutting Mat Variety Pack

Cricut Variety Pack(1 StrongGrip, 1 LightGrip, 1...
  • Works with the Cricut explore machine, Cricut expression machine,...
  • One 12 x 12 inches standard grip adhesive cutting mat, one 12 x...
  • Recommended materials for standard grip adhesive cutting mat:...
  • Recommended materials for light grip adhesive cutting mat:...
  • Recommended materials for StrongGrip adhesive cutting mat: Thick...

Top on our list is this pack of adhesive cutting mats with different grip levels. Indeed, your Cricut maker, Cricut joy or Cricut Explore, has at least one cutting mat, but you will always need more. Particularly, more cutting mats add convenience to your creativity as opposed to reusing the same mat, which slows the process. Also, the stickiness of a mat wears out the more you use it, meaning more mats lengthen the adhesiveness.

Image Credit: Cricut

Moreover, this pack of three provides different grip qualities for different projects, including cardstock and fabric projects. The LightGrip mat is ideal for paper projects, while StrongGrip is appropriate for rigid and thick materials such as thicker vinyl. These two qualities hardly come with a Cricut machine, unlike the StandardGrip. Therefore, this pack will give you the much-needed extra StandardGrip mat for most Cricut projects.

If you are looking for cutting mats suitable for fabric crafting, you can also find a FabricGrip Mat. The Bottom line is that every Cricut project will require a cutting mat. Fortunately, this pack is compatible with Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Maker machines. Ensure you pick the mat pack that suits your crafting needs.


  • Different grip qualities for different projects and materials
  • Different colors to distinguish the mat qualities
  • Wide Cricut machine compatibility
  • Easy to clean
  • Adequate size for different projects
  • Quickens projects


  • You will require to choose a different pack for a FabricGrip mat

2. Cricut Basic Tool Set

Cricut Basic Tool Set - 5-Piece Precision Tool Kit for...
  • A COMPLETE TOOL KIT - This set of Cricut accessories comes with a...
  • SUITABLE FOR BIG & SMALL PROJECTS- From DIY's, iron-on decor,...
  • KICK START YOUR CREATIVE JOURNEY - This kit opens unimaginable...

Invest in this basic tool set and avoid the piecemeal purchasing of Cricut accessories. This set of five comes with tweezers, scissors, a spatula, a weeder and a scraper. Subsequently, this set enables any lifting, burnishing, cutting and weeding required to refine your art. Notably, these supplies don't come with Cricut Maker, Cricut joy or Cricut Explore machines, making them more necessary.

Image Credit: Cricut

More on its contents, the spatula is for preventing tearing during lifting as the weeder finesses cuts, including removing negative pieces from sheets. The tweezers prevent curling and soiling when handling projects. The scissors come with hardened stainless steel blades for clean one-time cuts, while the scraper removes wrinkles and air bubbles. Therefore, these Cricut supplies complement each other when bought as a set.

As one of the best Cricut accessories, this set will complement your Cricut machine for both small and big projects. For instance, this set gives wings to iron-on decor, paper projects, vinyl decals and cardstock projects. Moreover, as an essential set, it comes with premium sturdiness and smoothness for the best crafting experience.


  • Suitable for all materials and all Cricut machines
  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly
  • Cheaper as a set
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Some scissors in some sets aren't very sharp
  • The tweezers might be difficult to use

3. Cricut Standard Grip Vinyl Transfer Tape

Cricut - 2002363 Vinyl Transfer Tape, 12X48, Standard...
  • 1 12" x 48" roll of transfer tape
  • Cut a piece of transfer tape the same size as your cut image
  • This specially designed transfer tape is made for most Cricut...
  • Press vinyl image onto a clean surface, working from center...
  • The light printed grid will assist in aligning your project...

Another important Cricut accessory, especially when working on vinyl projects, is this StandardGrip transfer tape. Handling vinyl can be delicate, but this transfer tape makes work relatively easier. Ideally, a vinyl transfer tape helps to accurately get vinyl designs from a surface onto a select blank sheet.

Image Credit: Cricut

That said, one side of the vinyl transfer tape has adhesive, and this is the side used in transferring the design. Also, this tape is translucent to help the user smoothly transfer a design in the correct position. As such, here is a brief process of how to use this tape:

  • Cut a transfer tape size equal to the cut image
  • Place the cut tape on your target image and apply pressure with a scraper or something rigid
  • Once you've picked the vinyl image, press it onto a clean surface as you work from the center outwards.
  • Remember to smooth out during transfer to avoid messes that wrinkles may cause.

As you apply this vinyl tape to your project, you can cut it with any Cricut machine. Once your select image has been transferred successfully, remember to remove the tape backing. Not to worry, this tape also comes with a light-printed grid for precise alignment during the transfer. Generally, this tape works with different vinyl types.


  • Easy to use
  • Wide compatibility to different types of vinyl and Cricut machines
  • Reliable adhesive
  • Translucent for precise image transfer


  • A bit tricky to use on glitter vinyl

4. Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine

Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine (9 in x 9 in),...
  • A NO-STRESS HEAT PRESS — Get pro-level heat-transfer results...
  • ADJUSTABLE TIME AND TEMPERATURE— Control temperature up to 400...
  • QUICK, EASY RESULTS — Featuring an advanced heat plate design...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO STORE — Cricut EasyPress 2 is equipped...
  • SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS — Cricut products conform with applicable...

Go beyond the ordinary iron with the precise Cricut easy press 2 heat press machine. Specifically, the Cricut easypress 2 is ideal when handling iron-on vinyl projects using heat-transfer vinyl and infusible ink. In essence, this accessory combines the functions of an iron and a heat press. All you need is to set the exact time and temperature for your specific project.

Image Credit: Cricut

Particularly, the 9-by-9-inch Cricut easy press 2 is ideal for most generic iron-on projects. Some of the common crafts it can handle include heat transfers on tote bags, T-shirts, aprons, pillows and more professional sublimation printing. Subsequently, this tool guarantees effortless yet quality outcomes free of guesswork.

Subject to its easy heat-press, this tool comes with adjustable temperatures up to 400 degrees for customizable and permanent heat transfers. Once the timer is set, you just need to apply some gentle pressure and wait for the beep sound to know you're done. That said, this heat press can handle delicate prints within a minute, thanks to its ceramic-coated plate that heats fast. Further to its foolproof features, this machine has an auto-shutoff feature that activates after 13 minutes of dormancy.

Noteworthy, this machine has an insulated base for the user's safety. Finally, this machine is compatible with most infusible ink and heat-transfer vinyl materials. Toping these incredible features with its easy handling, this machine is the perfect companion for your Cricut machine.


  • Compatible with different Cricut machines
  • Wide compatibility with different vinyl and infusible ink brands
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable for different projects
  • Quick and permanent results
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to store


  • 9-by-9-inch size does not apply to larger designs
  • Its user manual isn't the best, especially for beginners

5. Cricut Ultimate Set of Assorted Fine Point Pens

Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set, 0.4mm Fine Tip Pens...
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF WITH RAINBOW COLORS - Create rich, nuanced...
  • FINE TIP PENS TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR DRAWINGS - Personalize cards or...
  • WATER-BASED, ACID-FREE & NON-TOXIC - These colorful Cricut pens...
  • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY - Use Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set...
  • INCLUDED IN THE SET - Each set contains 30 0.4mm fine tip pens of...

When it comes to text in craft, these assorted pens are one of the best Cricut accessories you can find. These fine point Cricut pens come in various colors and are usable across different craft projects. Notably, you can use these Cricut pens to write in different fonts. Not to worry, the Cricut machines will do all the writing for you as long as the Cricut pens are clamped right.

Image Credit: Cricut

Additionally, these pens are handy in transferring drawn designs using the Cricut software or the hand-freestyle creative style. Again, these pens will last long as you enjoy this set's color variety. According to the manufacturer, these pens are also non-toxic, and the ink stays in place for permanent prints. Besides the vibrancy and color variety, this set will also save you money since it comes with a whopping 30 pens.


  • Non-toxic colors
  • Permanent ink
  • Wide color variety
  • Even color application
  • Vibrant outcomes
  • Water-based
  • Easy to apply


  • When not dry, colors might bleed

6. Craft Vinyl Weeding Kit

Craft Vinyl Weeding Kit,Precision Craft Vinyl Tools...
  • Includes 5 specialty weeding tools, including Fine Tweezers,hook...
  • Lift, remove, and place the most intricate cuts with speed, ease,...
  • Use a variety of tip styles and angles for the most efficiency...
  • We are committed to providing customers with quality products and...

If you have the earlier-mentioned basic tool set, you already own a weeding tool. Nonetheless, this might not be adequate if you seek clean and intricate cuts, especially while weeding vinyl. This is where the Craft Vinyl weeding kit comes in. Specifically, this kit includes fine tweezers, weeder, piercing tool, hook weeder and hook tweezers.

Image Credit: KINGFINGER

Essentially, this kit covers weeding with specialty, including removing, lifting, and placing most delicate cuts. Also, this kit will add accuracy, ease and speed to your cuts. The tweezers in this kit help in the easy handling of sticky items, while the piercing tool helps make cut-out paper. When it comes to the curved tips of the tools, they help handle complicated projects, especially when fingers or other tools are too big for handling vinyl.

Practically, this set is easy to use and really helpful with different types of vinyl. The handles on the tools are comfortable to hold while making intricate cuts or refines. However, this set is not from the Cricut brand, but it's compatible with Cricut Vinyl machines and Silhouette Cameo 3.


  • Angled tips for intricate projects
  • Provide accurate cuts
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Multiple applications
  • Wide compatibility to crafting brands


  • Some kits might have dull tools

7. Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade

Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade
  • One premium fine point cutting blade made from long lasting...
  • Cuts most lightweight to mediumweight materials, including...
  • Blade in glamorous gold color. Designed to cut light- to...
  • Use with all Cricut machines

Most Cricut crafts would not be complete without a blade. As such, the premium Cricut Fine point blade serves the purpose of cutting workpieces across different projects. Speaking of blades, they come in different forms, including a fine point blade, bonded fabric blade and deep point blade. Even more, as you look for replacement blades, ensure you match them to the Cricut machine model.

Image Credit: Cricut

Specific to this premium fine point blade, it's effective in cutting both simple and delicate designs. In structure, this blade comes with its housing and protector for maximum safety of the blade and its users. Moreover, this blade and the rotary blades are must-have Cricut accessories for endless craft styles. Specifically, this blade is highly durable thanks to its high-quality German Carbide.

Keeping with its quality, you should only use this blade to cut medium-weight and lightweight materials. We don't recommend using this blade with thicker materials such as wood since the cuts might be messy and the blade may be dull. Depending on your preference, this blade comes in either golden or silver colors. Even though every new machine comes with a blade, you can replace a worn-out blade with this model for optimal sharpness.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable blade
  • Capable of delicate cuts
  • Housing stabilizes the blade
  • Housing keeps the blade stable
  • Easily replaceable
  • It can be replaced for maximum sharpness
  • Can work on a variety of light and medium-weight materials


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty materials such as wood
  • The blade might not work on all Cricut models

8. CRICUT Stylus Lilac

CRICUT Stylus Lilac
  • Package Dimensions: 25.908 H x 1.193 L x 7.493 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 0.032 kilograms
  • Create score lines in paper, cardstock, and other materials
  • Country of Origin : China

Are you looking for perfect folds without any awkward creases? This Cricut stylus Lilac is the ideal tool for you. Ideally, this tool manages to create a fold line just enough not to cut the material. You can use the stylus Lilac to make any three-dimensional craft, such as a greeting or wedding invitation card.

Image Credit: Cricut

As such, this lilac comes with a pointy tip but is not too sharp to avoid cutting instead of scoring. Subsequently, the folds that it forms are self-recovering even after adjustments. This aspect of folding can further be seen in envelopes, boxes and giant flowers. However, this tool is only applicable to paper projects and medium-weight cardstock.

Even as you use it on paper, we recommend being careful with the scoring to facilitate longer surviving folds. We bet you don't want your cards tearing before they reach their recipients. Besides making those intricate fold lines, this tool also ensures your crafts are symmetrical based on even folding.

Some models come with a stylus lilac while others don't. Fortunately, you can buy this accessory separately for your Cricut crafts. In case you need deeper creases, you can opt for a wheel tool that is mostly compatible with a Cricut Maker.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Easy to install in most Cricut machine


  • Not useful in projects outside paper crafting
  • A bit pricey than alternatives

9. Cricut Brayer Trapped Packed

Cricut Brayer, Rubber Roller for Crafts, Works with...
  • FLAWLESS FABRIC CRAFTING - Achieve the best craft designs for...
  • LONGEVITY TO YOUR MAT - The Cricut brayer roller is designed to...
  • WIDE APPLICATION - Enjoy the seamless elimination of every last...
  • CRAFTING COMPANION - Among other essential Cricut accessories and...
  • BEAUTIFUL PROJECTS RIGHT IN YOUR HOME - Cricut supplies are...

Another important yet ignored Cricut accessory is this brayer. Probably at first, you might not see the meaning of a Cricut brayer until bubbles start to ruin your crafts. This accessory is especially necessary when working with soft materials like fabric and vinyl. Ideally, a brayer ensures the material is completely flat on the working surface, free from bubbles and puckers that might cause wrinkles.

Image Credit: Cricut

Working as a roller, this tool is designed to flatten material onto a Cricut mat for smooth and sharp cuts as well as precise ink designs. In this spirit of flattening, this brayer has a nice weight that is not heavy on the hand but presses optimally. Also, the Cricut brayer is automated by a motor that runs on replaceable batteries. Overall this accessory is very easy to use.

In our experience, this accessory goes well with a Cricut applicator and remover set for quick crafts for quilters and sewers. Furthermore, you might require tweezers to peel fabric from an adhesive mat to prevent fraying. In the end, this tool is a must-have in preventing your hands from getting sticky and tacky.


  • Easy to handle
  • Removes air bubbles and prevents bubbles
  • Automated for easier operation
  • Thick, sturdy frame


  • Customer complaints about some squeaky noises

10. HOMEST Cricut Carrying Case

HOMEST Carrying Case Compatible with Cricut Explore air...
  • WELL PADDED PROTECT DIE-CUT MACHINE: We have upgraded and...
  • GENEROUS MAIN COMPARTMENT: Storing machines up to 23.5 x 7.5 x...

This carrying case is perfect for carrying and storing all your Cricut accessories as well as the Cricut machines. This case is an efficient way of safely storing your crafting devices and cleaning up the mess after a project. With this bag, you can easily move with your Cricut machine and accessories for convenient crafting.

Image Credit: HOMEST

Matching its intended use, this case has multiple pockets for storing different accessories. Accordingly, you can easily categorize different accessories such as power codes, pens, sharp tools and delicate items in different pockets. Also, this case has transparent pockets for easy and quick access. Furthermore, the main compartment is adequately large to carry different Cricut models such as Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore Air 2.

In preserving your Cricut machine and accessories, this nylon bag is adequately padded on all sides to protect your valuables. Additionally, this carrying case has a black dust cover for enhanced Cricut durability. As a result, your Cricut creativity companions will remain intact and in good working order for consistent optimal performances. As long as you acquire the appropriate carrying case, all your Cricut belongings will remain protected when not in use.

Not forgetting creativity on the go, this case comes with velcro straps that hold in place your Cricut machine as your move around. Thanks to comfy carry handles and overall shoulder strap, you will also enjoy the convenience and freedom of carrying your Cricut kit anywhere. Also, when you need an extra carrying case, you can use this case for carrying other luggage. Overall, this bag is hardy enough to carry, organize, store and protect all Cricut tools and devices.


  • Adequately spacious
  • Well-padded for content protection
  • Very durable
  • Highly convenient with multiple pockets and straps
  • Dust-resistant
  • Appealing aesthetics


  • Expensive, unlike other regular bags
  • Non-compatible with some models

11. Cricut XL Scraper Mint

Cricut XL Scraper, Mint, Extra-Large Cricut Vinyl...
  • JUMBO-SIZED SCRAPER - Enjoy flawless design application with the...
  • MAT CLEARING - Use this Cricut weeding tool to easily clear your...
  • EASY BURNISHING - The XL scraper is ideal for burnishing your...
  • THE PERFECT CRAFTING COMPANION - Among other essential Cricut...
  • BEAUTIFUL PROJECTS RIGHT IN YOUR HOME - Cricut accessories are...

Based on its name, this scraper is large and very useful during clean-ups. This large scraper works better since it'll be easier to handle for speedy clearing and scraping. As a result, it will cover larger areas, saving time and energy when handling larger vinyl projects. Also, it can remove most project debris from the Cricut mat for increased durability and longer use.

Image Credit: Cricut

Functionally, this scraper scoops tiny paper scraps from the crafting mat. Furthermore, you can also use this XL scraper to remove bubbles from a working sheet from smooth and even surfaces. Unlike the scraper included with a Cricut machine, this particular scraper is larger for increased efficiency, as highlighted. Therefore, with many floating pieces during crafting, this scraper is the ideal companion for clearing debris.


  • Saves time and energy
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for large projects
  • Suitable for vinyl materials
  • It can be used for smoothening and removing bubbles


  • Its plastic body might feel cheap
  • It might get rugged over time


CRICUT INC 2006747 CRICUT Trimmer 12" DK Gray, Assorted
  • Package Dimensions: 38.862 H x 1.27 L x 16.764 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 0.454 kilograms
  • Unique, easy-glide blade system yields precise, straight cuts...
  • Country of Origin: China

Another tool that helps creatives in achieving precision and symmetry is the Cricut trimmer. Making straight cuts is made easier with this portable trimmer. In the process of giving you a straight line, this portable trimmer saves your time. Therefore, it couldn't miss out on the best Cricut accessories since it makes creativity easy and fun.

Image Credit: Cricut

Moreover, this tool's precision also preserves materials since it reduces wastage during cutting. As such, using a trimmer is more convinient than using a rotary cutter, ruler, scissors and mat all combined. Therefore, this accessory will save you money as well as the storage space that you'd have to create for multiple accessories.

In terms of compatibility, you can use this trimmer on different materials, including different types of vinyl, paper, and cardstock. Moreover, as a cutting tool, it comes with a sharp edge that makes clean cuts. Finally, it easily glides, making it easy to use. Nonetheless, you should be careful while cutting since it's very sharp.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy-gliding
  • Precise and accurate
  • It saves money, space and effort
  • Applicable to a variety of projects
  • Compatible with a variety of crafting materials


  • Not very sturdy

How to Choose the Best Cricut Accessories

1. Compatibility

Cricut machines come in different models, including a Cricut maker, Cricut explores and Cricut joy. Of all these models, the Cricut maker is the most superior with more creative possibilities. Also, these three Cricut models handle different capacities in terms of cutting, material handling and tool handling. For instance, a maker is compatible with a variety of more materials followed by Explore then Air.

Subsequently, each machine model has its own specially designed Cricut accessories. As such, an accessory will be the best for its work if it fits your Cricut's model. In some cases, you will find Cricut accessories that are compatible across all models.

In the event that a seller doesn't allow product returns, you will have spent money on an unusable accessory, not unless you change your machine. But not to worry, Cricut as a brand provides compatibility information for most of its accessories. In other cases, if machine compatibility isn't an issue, you should ensure that your select accessory has wide compatibility with your creative niche.

2. Intended Application

Perhaps the second most crucial aspect to consider is the intended application of your select Cricut accessory. At this point, your select Cricut accessory is already compatible with your Cricut machine. Next, it's a matter of suitability to your creative niche and the crafting material.

This consideration will ensure that you achieve your creative vision efficiently. If possible, matching your accessories to your application will help save time, money, space and energy. At the end of your crafting process, you will probably be left satisfied with the piece of art you will have achieved.

Also noteworthy, matching your Cricut accessories to the materials to be used will only add satisfaction to your crafting. For instance, having the right Cricut accessories that work best on leather, vinyl, or cardstock will eliminate distractions of substandard outcomes. Eventually, you will actualize your imagination by using the best accessories that match your intentions.

3. Functionality

Assuming money isn't a problem, it wouldn't make sense to buy every other Cricut accessory you come across. At all times, functionality should be your guiding principle. As such, your select Cricut supplies, including your machine, must be functional to your space and creativity. Considering this, you will end up with just enough accessories that will fit easily in storage or a bag.

However, when it comes to functionality and creativity, maybe you can buy future-proof accessories to accommodate more creativity. Post-purchase, ensure you make the most of your acquired accessories to avoid wasting money, space and time spent shopping. Additionally, we recommend going for Cricut accessories with broad-spectrum functionality to avoid duplicating accessories.

4. Price

By now, we probably all agree that creativity doesn't have to be expensive. Therefore, we advocate for packs and sets rather than singular products. This strategy not only saves you money but also saves you time spent shopping. As a result, your Cricut supplies will be sufficient for a long time and more projects.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cricut Accessories

1. Do I need a computer or iPad to use a Cricut?

The latest Cricut machine requires at least a computer running on Windows 10 and 64-bit or higher specs. Luckily, each Cricut machine comes with a guide on the compatibility requirements and how to connect it to your devices, including an iPad. You can connect one or multiple external devices depending on your Cricut machine.

An ideal external device would be one that can support the Cricut Design Space and other related apps. Therefore, your choice of external device depends on its app support capability without limiting your creativity. It's also important to remember that some app services might require subscriptions for unlimited access.

2. Does aluminum foil sharpen Cricut blades?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil to sharpen Cricut blades. As a matter of fact, this includes all Cricut blades, such as the rotary blades and fine point blades. Regular sharpening ensures that your Cricut machine functions optimally.

3. Can Cricut cut wood?

Yes, you can also use your Cricut machine to cut wood. Notably, your select wood material should not have knots and should be dry for effective cutting. Wetness and knots prevent your Cricut blades from making the right cuts.

Image Credit:

Ian Mutuli

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