Villa Noi: A Seafront Retreat Home in Thailand by Duangrit Bunnag Architects

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Samuel Nguma

Samuel Nguma is an Editor for Archute. He enjoys taking long walks and reading short stories. He is an ardent lover of architecture which he studied at the University of Nairobi.
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Duangrit Bunnag Architects designed this beachside home located on a lush, pine-filled forestland untouched for a decade. The client sought a holiday residence to host family and friends. Of crucial significance was the home's ability to convey their profound affection for the natural world.

The Brief

The client had a clear vision of the kind of facilities and features that he desired for his home. They included; an extended terrace, infinite pool, sight-line to the sea, expansive open windows, and an introverted roof design. Moreover, the project was to preserve the trees and natural surrounding landscape whilst creating an ambience of escape from the claustrophobic nature of city life.

Design Approach

The design team resolved to build 5 dwellings, separated by the overgrown forestland. These spatial clusters are connected to one another by wooden terraces. The project includes a stunning infinite pool with direct proximity to the seafront. The swimming pool mechanical system are conveniently hidden underneath the infinite pool by a long wall thanks to a drop in terrain.

All separate houses were designed to face the sea front. A majority of trees were preserved and the architect went a long way to integrate them into the project design. The main house is a two-storey building belonging to the client. The house has floor-to ceiling windows that wrap around the exterior of the building to offer a bright and welcoming setting to family, friends and guests by bathing the interiors with abundant light. These floor-to-ceiling designer windows allow for a dual functionality – first for lighting and ventilation and for the client and his guests to appreciate a beautiful seafront view and stunning sunset.

All of the houses are of similar sizes, however the architectural design, materials and composition varies. For instance, some incorporate natural stones and wood; while others utilize brick and clear glass. With all the ‘villas’ facing the sea, the windows and doors were positioned to allow a cool breeze to circulate within the rooms.

Villa Noi is large and dispersed. The distances between individual dwellings may discourage walking in the sun during the day but the large timber pool deck area takes a delightful transformation as the sun sets gloriously over the horizon. It then creates the perfect pitch for large family parties and for corporate entertainment. Not only does this terrace serve as a connection between the separate spatial zones; it also serves as a multi-functional space that can be used for play, exterior dining or chilling out.

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Project Information
Architect: Duangrit Bunnag Architects
Location: Phang-nga, Thailand
Client: Chin Chu
Consultants: EMS Consultants Ltd
Construction Firm: Wiphanai Development
Site Area: 4 800 sqm
Built Area: 1 880 sqm
Status: Completed, 2009
Photographs: Duangrit Bunnag Architects

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Samuel Nguma

Samuel Nguma is an Editor for Archute. He enjoys taking long walks and reading short stories. He is an ardent lover of architecture which he studied at the University of Nairobi.
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