Nozomi Sushi Bar: Masquespacio Recreates a Serene Japanese Ambience for a Sushi Restaurant in Valencia

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Samuel Nguma

Samuel Nguma is an Editor for Archute. He enjoys taking long walks and reading short stories. He is an ardent lover of architecture which he studied at the University of Nairobi.
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Masquespacio, a Spanish creative consultancy, have just completed their latest project: Nozomi Sushi Bar. The project that was realized in Valencia consisted of the branding and interior design for the new sushi restaurant for a client (José Miguel Herrera and Nuria Morell) that is both passionate about Japanese culture and a specialist in authentic traditional sushi.

The project that began in January 2014 was founded on a study of Japanese culture and the origin of sushi. The whole team was involved in the understanding and representation of Japanese culture that led to the creation of a suitable brand image and interior design for the new restaurant.

The brand name Nozomi was chosen by the client for its coined meaning of both a ‘Japanese high speed bullet train’ and a ‘fulfilled dream’. These two qualities: of being an emotional classic and maintain a rational contemporariness; were carried all throughout the design scheme to create a beautiful duality in meaning. The ‘rational contemporary’ concept was pulled off by the pure state of concrete and other shades of grey: mainly in most of the structural parts of the scheme such as walls, ceilings and floors. On the other hand the ‘emotional classic’ aspect was achieved thanks to the introduction of carpentry; through hand-made finishes and the sheer warmth of natural wood.

Since the perception of an architecture is mainly influence by how the subject approaches and enters the preliminary spaces; the design concept was applied right from the entrance. The concrete from the façade and the wooden entryway create a divine contrast. Walking through the door of the restaurant it can be appreciated how a central cuboid creates two corridors toward the central lounge that incorporates both decorative elements as well as the bathrooms and the store, whistle creating a continuous and open flow that is typical of Eastern architecture.

The design team studied photography from the most authentic Japanese streets with the aim to create a metaphoric reinterpretation in the sushi restaurant. It is no wonder then that the entrance experience has been equated to walking in a typical street in Kyoto.

The first part of the restaurant then successfully achieves is role in stimulating the senses by making the customer live the experience of walking through a Japanese street. In a matter of speaking, the subject is stunned by the beauty and getting excited about the construction details of Japanese carpentry; before reaching the main lounge where he or she can enjoy not only authentic sushi, but also have a unique experience below a cherry-tree that is in full bloom as if he sits in a Japanese courtyard.

Private zones within the restaurant allow for the creation of separate environments that brew an intimate dining setting. Soft lighting that filters through the wooden lattice ceiling projects a beautiful play of light and shadow that is inspired by the Japanese minimalist aesthetic.

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Project Information
Interior Designers: Masquespacio
Client: Nozomi Sushi Bar
Location: Valencia, Spain
Creative Team: Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, Nuria Martínez, Virgínia Hinarejos, Jairo Pérez, Ana Diaz
233 sqm
Completed, 2014
David Rodríguez y Carlos Huecas, Masquespacio

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Samuel Nguma

Samuel Nguma is an Editor for Archute. He enjoys taking long walks and reading short stories. He is an ardent lover of architecture which he studied at the University of Nairobi.
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