Best Diamond Painting Kits for Adults and Kids

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Whether you practice art for therapy, for fun as a hobby, professionally, or when working on a school project, you need the best painting kit. If you specifically want to diamond paint, you need to get the best diamond painting kits to get the most desired results.

As a painter, you need quality and reliable products. That is why we reviewed some diamond painting kits and came up with this list of the best. This way, you have a smaller list of options, so you can easily go through them and choose what you feel will be the best for you. You can also get the best paint for wood crafts if crafting is your thing or even the best glue for DIY projects and explore various options.

What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a mosaic art form whereby you apply shiny resins onto a pre-glued canvas to complete a painting. A diamond painting is sometimes known as a painting by diamonds.

Diamond painting kits, which come with a canvas printed with symbols and letters designating the diamonds to be placed in their position, are used to produce diamond artwork.

The adhesive on top of it aids the diamonds' adhesion. Next, the painter must attach the diamonds to the canvas's designated locations according to a guide that shows where they should go.

Types of Diamond Painting Kits

a) 3D Diamond Painting

Each bead has facets on its sides, which are referred to as drills. For example, a 3D diamond painting features nine facets, three on each side.

These facets are the best for beginners because they are simpler to utilize than the 5D diamond painting. Like 3D modeling for architectural projects, it makes it easy to understand drawings and understand their quality.

b) 5D Diamond Painting

More facets are present on each side of the drill in 5D diamond painting kits, which feature a total of 15 facets with five facets on each side. As a result, they typically need more hand-eye coordination and are harder to grasp.

Best Diamond Painting Kits

1. Airdea DIY 5D Diamond Painting

AIRDEA DIY 5D Diamond Painting Moon by Number Kits for...
  • ADD MORE FUN TO LIFE - DIY diamond painting can experience a...
  • CANVAS WALL DECOR - High clear oil painting canvas is waterproof...
  • SUPER FLASH DIAMONDS - There are 17 sections above the round...
  • UNIQUE BEAUTY AND FASHION DESIGN - If you think the decoration of...
  • REFUND OR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - If the diamond painting kit you...

Whether you want a diamond painting kit for yourself or your little one, Airdea has something for you. This kit is a great way of adding fun to life as it is suitable for enhancing self-confidence and reducing stress.

The high-clear oil painting canvas has an even texture and is also waterproof. Completing this piece didn't give me a headache, as the pattern has a sticky background and a plastic protective film to ensure the picture sticks.

Image Source: Kate,

This kit has 17 sections above the round drills to look shiny. They also never fade and are brilliant and more vibrant than resin diamonds.

These cross-stitch diamond painting kits did a fantastic job of brightening up a room I thought was dull and ordinary. This kit comes with all the tools required for the task, so I did not have to buy any extra tools.


  • Clear and easy-to-read canvas
  • The sticky background makes it easy to work on
  • It comes with 30% extra diamonds in each bag
  • It comes with a complete tool kit


  • Diamonds generate static and hence cling to the bag
  • Drills are inconsistent in size

2. KTCLCATF DIY 5D Diamond Painting Beach

DIY 5D Diamond Painting Beach by Number Kits, Painting...
  • Canvas Material: Canvas、Round Diamonds、Tools、Full Drill...
  • DIY painting with resin sequins is dazzling, shining in the...
  • Diamonds sparkling, strong third dimension; Perfect color match,...
  • HD CANVAS : High clear printing oil canvas is waterproof and...
  • Note:If the diamond picture you receive is missing the diamond,...

You won't go wrong with the kit if you want something to keep you indoors over the weekend. First, the kit comes with all the tools, and the canvas is 15 by 11 inches in size.

These diamond art kits come with a high-quality waterproof canvas. The drills have 26 smooth cutting planes that give them a good refractive quality with a nice glossy finish.

Image Source: Pedro,

The bigger canvas area makes it suitable for containing a larger number of round drills. This means that more diamonds make the picture look more lively and beautiful. However, it also took us more time t work on it as it is large, and I was working with a child who's, as you can tell, slightly slower.


  • Sticky adhesive, so drills won't fall off
  • 26 cutting planes make them sparkle under light
  • Pretty and bright colors and design
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Mixed diamond colors
  • Some numbers are blurry

3. JOOZ DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit

Using safe and fine materials, Jooz makes diamond art kits for kids and adults. Each diamond painting comes with 25-35 different colors of diamond beads. This ensures you create a nice piece of art for your wall.

Working on this piece is achievable even if you have no prior experience, and you can do it with your child to enhance their confidence and hands-on ability. This package contains a diamond pen, solid red gum, a diamond tray, and a HD canvas.

Image Source: Cynthia,

Working with this piece with my son was fun and quite easy as the pieces were round, which is what every beginner needs. Though one problem we encountered was that some colors were inaccurate; however, it was not a big deal as the end product looked amazing and satisfying.


  • Good for beginners
  • High-quality printing


  • Some colors may not be very accurate

4. JesMolla 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kits

5D DIY Diamond Painting Kits for Adults, Large Size...
  • 💎【Full Diamond】- The colored diamonds have 17 facets. Full...
  • 💯【Relaxing Yourself】- The handmade product can enrich your...
  • ✔【Equipped with 30% More Drills】- Each numbered bead is...
  • 🏠【Unique Decoration】- Finished design and the project can...
  • 🎁【Great Gift Idea】- Diamond arts will be wonderful gifts...

You can try this diamond art kit at home with your kids or just to pass the time. It is ideal for those looking for a more relaxing hobby.

These colored diamonds have 17 facets and are a perfect color match for a creative piece of art. In addition, this package comes with 30% more drills in each packet, so I didn't have to worry about missing one or two in the process. This is especially important when working with kids who can accidentally lose some of them.

Image Source: Ashly,

You can keep and retain the finished product for years before it gets damaged or loses its shine. If you want to complement diverse decorative styles in your living room, bedroom, office, dining area, bar, or any other space, a 5D diamond artwork is an ideal choice.


  • Impressive size
  • Easy and fun to work on
  • All-inclusive; comes with all the painting tools


  • The drills are not uniform in size

5. LVIITIS Beach Diamond Painting Kits

Beach Diamond Painting Kits for Adults Full...
  • 【Introduction to Diamond Painting]】Diamond painting is a fun...
  • 【99.9% DIAMOND INVENTORY ACCURACY】-- We use cutting-edge...
  • 【LONG-TERM PRESERVATION】-- Finished design and the project...
  • 【ECO-FRIENDLY CANVAS】-- This diamond is high clear printing...
  • 【After-sales service】--If you receive a problematic diamond...

You may consider this option for the best diamond art painting kits. The company uses cutting-edge tech to ensure 99% diamond inventory accuracy, so chances of getting fewer diamonds are minimized.

This diamond is highly transparent, waterproof, and difficult to fold. The canvas adhesive will firmly attach to the diamonds and keep them from slipping. The canvas's diamond number markings are legible and easy to recognize.

Image Source: Juda,

The finished project and design can last several years without soaking up water or becoming insular—ideal for decorating your living room or bedroom. Working on this project with your child is a great way to spend some quality time and enjoy the benefits of painting together.


  • Great gift idea
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Affordable


  • Some number markings are faint

What to Consider When Getting the Best Diamond Painting Kits

a) Type of Diamond

Different diamond shapes affect your overall result after painting with a diamond art kit.

i) Round Diamonds

Round diamond or round drill kits are simpler and quicker to finish. They are excellent for novices because there is no care about how each diamond should be oriented.

Image Source:

It is, however, vital to remember that when round diamonds are used, the finished item will allow you to see the colors of the canvas in the spaces between them.

ii) Square Diamonds

Square diamonds, also known as square drills, require a little more time to place, and you must take particular care to position each one straight. A single misaligned square diamond has the power to tilt an entire row!

Image Source:

When positioned correctly, they fit edge to edge and make a pleasant "snap" sound when you are almost done and only need to fill in the gaps. The finished pieces of artwork made using square diamonds have a perfect mosaic appearance because you cannot see the canvas through them.

iii) Aurora Borealis Diamonds

These iridescent diamonds have a unique coating that imitates the Northern Lights' spectrum of colors. As a result, they are even more sparkling, ethereal, and stunning than regular diamonds.

b) Canvases: Full Drill vs. Partial

The resin beads needed to complete diamond paintings are called drills. When purchasing a kit, you'll probably notice that some come with entire drill canvases and others only have a portion of one.

Image Source:

When done, full-drill canvases are entirely covered in diamonds. While full drills produce an overall mosaic appearance, partial drills are intended to highlight particular areas of the image.

Partial drills are the best for beginners as they are easier to complete. However, the type of canvas is a matter of personal choice.

c) Adhesive Poured Glue vs. Double Sided Tape

Both kinds of canvases are perfectly suitable; however, there is a distinction between the two. Typically, white, opaque paper covers double-sided tape canvases, obstructing your view of your pattern.

Conversely, poured glue canvases are encased in a sheet of transparent film that allows you to see your creation from start to finish.

The latter is also more durable because your drills will be set in for a long time and are not influenced by dampness or heat. On the other hand, air bubbles, wrinkles, and progressive diamond erosion are more likely to appear on double-sided tape canvases over time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Diamond Painting Kits

1. Where should you start on a diamond painting?

Most craftsmen start the diamond painting at the top of the canvas, which is a good starting point. Painting from the top down makes it easier to move around and change colors. In addition, it is easier to prevent the bottom stones from slipping or falling by starting at the top.

2. What can I do with my remaining diamond art pieces?

There are numerous things to do with your leftover diamonds, and some include;

  • Create diamond bottle art
  • Add flair to any bland decor
  • Put a unique spin on stained glass art
  • Decorate a religious ornament
  • Create a diamond pen holder

3. Can you roll up a completed diamond painting?

It's a good idea to roll up your diamond art before storing it to prevent the rhinestones from coming off or getting damaged, but keep in mind that the canvas might be curled when you unroll it.

4. How do I remove wrinkles from a diamond painting canvas?

Ironing is the most common method for removing wrinkles from a diamond painting canvas. However, be careful not to iron the canvas after adding the diamonds, as they would melt.

If your canvas is wrinkled and you want to remove it before getting started, heat the iron to low, then place the canvas face down on a table and cover it with a towel.

Next, iron the canvas beneath the towel and avoid spraying water and steaming, as this will likely impact the glue.

5. Is diamond painting hard?

Diamond painting is simple; you only have to take a diamond and stick it onto the canvas. It is also the best for beginners as it does not require prior experience.

Featured Image Source:

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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