Best Hot Tub Accessories for a Great Spa Experience

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Today, there are many hot tub accessories available in the industry to improve your hot tub experience, whether you are looking to make your hot tub safer or easier to use a more energy-efficient method, or just easier to maintain. There is something for everyone from the basic such as music and lights to the more fancy and comfort adding accessories. The versatility of spa accessories is very important because different people use hot tubs for different reasons. Some use them for therapy or for soaking to relieve a particular condition or ache, while others use the hot tubs for creating quality time and entertainment with friends, family, or a spouse.

The best hot tub accessories can make the difference between an average soak in your personal hot tub and the premium hot tub experience. So, investing in the right kind of accessories is an important step. Below we have listed some of the best hot tub accessories that hot tub owners can use to get the comfort and ambiance they are looking for.

1. Gorilla Grip Spa Pillow

Gorilla Grip Luxury Bath Pillow, Slip Resistant...
  • Luxurious Comfort and Maximum Support: the luxurious and soft...
  • 7 Strong Suction Cups: this pillow stays in place while you...
  • Waterproof and Fast Drying: some bath pillows are designed with...
  • Fits All Types Of Tubs: Designed for Straight Back and Curved...
  • Give the Gift of Relaxation: with more than 2 inches of luxurious...

This is one of the best spa accessories in the industry that has accumulated thousands of positive reviews online, and it is designed by Gorilla Grip company. It is a fancy hot tub pillow with over 2 inches of padded foam and is very airtight to prevent water from entering, therefore preventing mold growth in your pillow.

The bath pillow comes with seven suction cups that ensure the orthopedic pillow stays intact and does not move. This majorly helps relax your head, neck, and shoulders because it creates support that gives you an amazing overall spa experience. The popular hot tub accessory is made using quality materials. You can feel the durability of the pillow's cover just by touching it; it will also ensure you get plenty of services.


  • Ten-year guarantee
  • The suction cups are quite powerful
  • Made of quality materials
  • It is a perfect gift for a hot tub owner
  • Waterproof


  • The suction cups work better with a smooth surface
  • The design and angles may not fit every tub wall well

2. SpaEase 200 Hydraulic Hot Tub Coverlift

Hot tub covers are usually bulky, heavy, and can easily get damaged if left to sit on the ground every time you use the hot tub. The SpaEase 200 cover lifter helps ease these problems by allowing a hot tub owner to replace or remove their spa cover, easily keeping the spa cover off the ground.

The SpaEase hot tub covers feature a hydraulic lift that makes it easy to lift the spa cover, and it will feel more off raising the lid off a bowl instead of raising it from large tubs because the lift assists you. The cover lift is also easy to put back on and close by adding a little resistance to keeping it sealed when it's not being used.


  • The hot tub cover has a great quality
  • This cover lift gives the cover a nice lift
  • Easy to operate and install
  • Gives the value for money
  • The cover helps to prevent your spa cover from damage


  • The instructions are not written well

3. Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray

Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray
  • 27-in. x 19-in. tray.
  • Swings in or out of the spa.
  • Made of reinforced, weather-resistant plastic.
  • Equipped with a stainless steel upright post.
  • Mounts on virtually any spa.

The Leisure Concepts Spa table tray cannot miss among the best hot tub accessories thanks to its versatility as it can be used to hold your drink and create a spot to store your snacks or anything you might want to keep close to while relaxing. The table tray is sturdy as it features a stainless steel supporting post, and the table tray top is made of reinforced weather-resistant plastic. The tabletop has a lip that prevents anything or any spills from getting into the water.

Additionally, the Leisure Concepts table tray has a swing mechanism that allows a user to rotate your tray into the perfect position while you are soaking and relaxing. The tray acts like an open spa cabinet and also allows enough space to allow the hardcover to close effectively even when it's in its place.


  • The tray table is sturdy enough to hold drinks.
  • It can serve as a cup holder to hold your drink and also has room to place other objects.
  • Swing mechanism that benefits a user to rotate the tray
  • It can be used with more than one person
  • Features a stainless steel upright post


  • The support pole needs some screwing to fit the side of your spas
  • According to some reviews, there were missing parts like screws making it difficult to assemble

4. Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards, Clear, 1 Deck
  • 100% waterproof playing cards
  • Printed on premium, plastic card stock with an opaque,...
  • Flexible and easy to shuffle, even when wet
  • Durable and hand-washable
  • Perfect for the lake, beach, camping, or a tailgate

Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards is one of the best hot tub accessories that bring fun into the tub, making it a cool activity to indulge in with friends. When looking for what hot tub accessories to shop for, this should be among your lists to ensure you can create a fun environment when you are using the tub with someone else. The cards have large fonts that are easy to read, and they have been designed in a unique way that the face and number of every card are opaque on the edges and the center.

The Hoyle card is made of a plastic material that allows them to float on water easily, so you won't have to worry about the deck of cards sinking to the bottom. The cards can also handle the rain, mud, any sauces, or dressing, making them more durable to use even with kids.


  • The deck of cards floats on water
  • It features a plastic case
  • It is waterproof and therefore doesn't get destroyed with moisture or humidity easily.
  • Easy to shuffle
  • Easy to read large fonts


  • The material might feel slippery to hold in water
  • The writings on the cards might scratch off

5. Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance Accessory Kit with Brush

Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance Accessory Kit with...
  • Intex spa maintenance kit
  • Perfect tool for all spas
  • Includes curved brush for inner sidewall care
  • Durable mesh skimmer net helps fish out leaves and other debris
  • Scrubber pad helps remove dirt and grime

Intex PureSpa tub maintenance accessory kit is a must-have accessory to ensure you keep your hot tub clean, free of any debris, and making it suitable for swimming anytime you want to use it. The kit features a hand-held durable mesh skimmer net that includes a brush and a sponge with the separate pieces having the best quality and, as a result, easily cleaning your hot tub. The skimmer networks remove leaves and debris in your tub while the scrubber pad gets rid of tough grime and dirt from the hot tub.

The quality of the kit is top notch and especially the brush that helps a pool owner clean every inch of your tub, including the contours. Intex PureSpa also features short, comfortable handles that are easy to grip and hold on to as you scrub your spa clean.


  • The handles are short, making them easy to grip and hang on while scrubbing
  • Ensures your tub gets high-quality maintenance that keeps your hot tub clean
  • It features a curved brush that is handy when taking care of the sidewalls
  • It comes with a scrubber pad that helps in removing grime and dirt
  • Suitable for all spas and not the PureSpas


  • The holes in the skimmer net are a little bit to pick the fine particles.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Hot Tub Accessories

Before you decide on the best hot tub accessories to invest in, you should figure out what you would like your spa model to look like, what you would like to get from your tab, and your lifestyle in general. Depending on what you want, the accessories will vary and will determine what you should look for in the market. Below are some of the factors that should help you choose what best fits your lifestyle and meets your needs.

1. Usability and Comfort

Comfort is one of the main factors you should look for when looking for accessories because a hot tub is where people choose to relax after a long and hectic day. Therefore, the comfort and usability of the accessories should always be your first considerations to enjoy the ultimate hot tub experience.

2. Safety

After comfort comes safety, safety is always a big consideration when we talk about hot tub ownership. This is because a hot tub can be an accident hotspot no matter how careful you try. Ensure you check if the hot tub accessories like spa steps you are eyeing are safe for yourself, your family, and your friends to minimize the risk of injuries.

Additionally, for safety purposes, as much as you are using safety accessories, you should ensure young children and toddlers don't enter a hot tub alone or even play around the hot tub area. In addition to that point, when children of appropriate age use the hot tub, the temperature should be below 100 degrees, and they should not stay in the hot tub for more than 20 minutes. We have listed above some of the best safety accessories that you can add you your hot tub.

3. Entertainment

As much as a hot tub is mainly for soaking and should be therapeutic, it shouldn't mean you should not have fun while at it. Various fun and entertainment accessories can add to your relaxation goal, and you can get both at once. If your goal is the only relaxation, you can put some slow relaxing background music that will generally improve your experience and reduce stress.

Entertainment products are especially important if you use the tab with someone else, family, friends, or kids. With the right kind of entertainment, you will get maximum enjoyment from your hot tub doing activities while you soak.

4. Therapy

Before making your purchase, you should figure out if you want a full spa experience and figure out what accessories will give you a particular vibe. Incorporating sounds and relaxing scents as part of your spa surround will improve the quality of your relaxation. You can achieve therapy by purchasing a spa salt or skin-softening conditioner that will relax your body, as well as help maintain a moisturized soft skin.

However, before purchasing hot tub accessories to help in the therapy aspect, ensure you check the alkalinity and pH levels to ensure the water is properly prepared. You can also add few drops of your favorite essential oil to help you relax better, in addition to using the aroma salts.

5. Care and Maintenance

Another factor you should consider before making your hot tub accessories purchase is whether you can get ones that will ensure the hot tub stays clean. Most people don't take care of or purchase hot tub accessories that take care of the tub because of procrastination and limited time. There are various accessories customers can shop for that can help in the maintenance of the tub.

Some examples include a chemical floater normally used with bromine sanitation regimens, ensuring your sanitation levels are okay. Another accessory you can purchase to maintain your hot clean is the hot tub scrub brush or a spa vacuum that will wash your floor and walls, and because it's curved, it will reach the tight corners.

Investing in accessories to ensure your tab stays clean and clear of any debris is important. Still, it's also important to regularly test your water to check for water chemistry, that is, if the water has proper alkaline and pH levels. This avoids the skin getting any irritation and keeping your water clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should you shock hot tubs?

Experts recommend hot tub owners to shock their hot tubs once a week and more often if the tub is regularly used. You will know you need to shock your tab if the water looks slightly cloudy or has a funny smell, and also, you should also shock your tub if it has not been in use for some time.

However, some people usually put too much shock in the hot tub or the chemicals that treat the water if they are not careful and might add excess accidentally. To avoid underdosing or overdosing your backyard or patio spa water with shock, ensure you carefully measure and apply the shock dosage.

2. Can you use bleach in the place of chlorine work?

Most people think household bleach is the same chlorine used for a pool by professionals, not knowing that the liquid used by a pool is three times stronger than the household bleach. That would be the first reason why using household bleach is not an ideal choice, but the strength of the liquid is not the only reason why. Some other reasons include that household bleach is not stabilized chlorine and will not effectively disinfect your spa water.

Additionally, household bleach will cause an odor in your hot tub, and the total dissolved solids will increase quickly because you have no proper and proven instructions to use. Household bleach can also harm any equipment in your spa or bleach out your hair or clothes.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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