Best Macrame Cord for Indoor and Outdoor DIY Projects

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The macrame art form was trendy in the '70s but has seen a rise with a stronger sense of creativity and designs to choose from. Nothing beats the feeling that comes from creating something beautiful with your own hands. Macrame can range from simple to complex, but the one thing that stays constant is using a quality cord. The best macrame cord will keep your wall hangings, plant hangers, clothing items, jewelry, and other macrame designs strong and durable for generations.

Best Macrame Cord

1. Flipped Natural Macrame Cotton Cord

flipped 100% Natural Macrame Cotton Cord,3mm x109 Yard...
  • HIGH QUALITY 100% NATURAL COTTON MATERIAL -- 3mm cotton craft...
  • SIZE: 3MM*109Yards.The macrame cord is twisted by 4 strands....
  • 31 COLORS FOR YOUR TO CHOOSE-Bright colors for you to choose....
  • Great at making different kind of macramé crafts, including wall...
  • Package-Pack of 1 roll*macrame cord.We provide money refund or...

An important component of a good design is functionality and the durability of the material used. Flipped macrame rope offers the best cord made up of 100% cotton. The cotton is high quality with no scraps or recycled fabric.

Flipped natural macrame is biodegradable and made of natural fibers twisted by four thick and strong strands for your projects. You have 31 colors to choose from, giving you room to be flexible and creative with your designs.

Flipped can work for different projects, including dream catchers, wall hangings, wedding decorations, tapestry ropes, plant hangers, scrapbooks, and more indoor and outdoor projects.


  • Durable
  • 100% cotton string
  • Biodegradable macrame cords
  • 31 colors to pick from
  • Four separate strands twisted together
  • Suitable for all macrame projects


  • Some insects like natural fibers

2. Macrame Supplie Natural Cotton Macrame

Macrame Cord 4mm x 240yd | 100% Natual Cotton Macrame...
  • Quality Natural Cotton Cord: 4mm cotton rope, 5/32 inches macrame...
  • Three Strand Twisted: The gently twisted spin on this cord gives...
  • Multi-purpose: an ideal choice for dozens of household uses,...
  • Soft & Durable: Softer to work with than the braided cord but...
  • Excellent for Artisans: You can use this cotton rope for so many...

Supplie is a quality macrame with gently twisted three-strand cotton. The macrame cord has a natural cream color without any dye applied to achieve the coloration. Supplie macrame is 240 yards long, perfect for plant hangers and other outdoor projects.

Supplie is perfect for different projects because of the three-strand natural fiber with a lowered snag and tangle tendency. The macrame cord is soft to work with than the braided cord and is gentle on the hands even after working on a project. Supplie macrame string is strong and durable and can work for people with different skill sets from beginner to advanced.

Supplie is a high-quality virgin cotton fabric with no scraps or recycled materials. The quality of cotton makes it easy to achieve most macrame patterns. Once you finish up on the project, you can unravel the three strands to achieve a wavy finish. The twisted cord is better than a braided string if you want to experiment with the wavy finish on your macrame project.


  • Quality natural macrame cords
  • Soft texture and gentle on the hands
  • Twisted three-strand cotton
  • Great material for achieving a wavy design
  • Versatile type of macrame
  • No tangling or tagging when knotting up a project
  • Multi-purpose
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish


  • Macrames are flammable

3. Nook Theory Macrame Cord

Nook Theory Macrame Cord 3mm - Flexible & Soft Rope...
  • 36 Unique Color Choices - As crafters ourselves, we are always on...
  • Soft But Strong - Our macrame cord has a medium thickness of 3mm,...
  • Easy To Work With - You need macrame supplies or macrame tools...
  • Multiple Diy Projects - You won't be running out of material so...
  • Get Creative - You can do many things with our macrame rope and...

Nook Theory is made in 36 different colors to pick from or combine into a fun project for an attractively finished piece. The macrame cord is strong with a medium thickness of 3mm, perfect for beginners and professionals alike. You can try out many projects with the 220 yards string without the fear of running short of the macrame cord.

Nook Theory is practical in every sense a macrame cord can be. The strings are soft for working long hours without getting uncomfortable. The macrame cord is affordable for anyone who wants to start up a project. Quality macrame supplies are hard to come by, but Nook Theory has your back by sourcing quality fabric.

Nook Theory was started by a group of friends who understood the difficulty of finding quality affordable home accessories in the stores. A product was either very expensive or cheap but low quality. The gap is no longer existent with Nook products in the market. You can find the macrame cords in most craft stores across the country.


  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • Versatile
  • Soft but strong
  • Variety of colors to pick from
  • Trusted by macrame community
  • Different colors for fiber art
  • Available
  • Effortless fringing


  • It is difficult to tell what color is natural between khaki and cream.

4. POZEAN Natural Cotton Macrame Rope

Macrame Cord, POZEAN 3mm x 220 Yards (About 200m)...
  • 100% Natural Cotton:Our colored macrame cords are made of 100%...
  • Size:About 220yards (200m) in length, 3mm(1/8 Inch ) in diameter...
  • Widely Use:This knitting cotton rope is great for making...
  • Soft & Durable:Our macrame rope is soft, durable and strong...
  • 20 Colors for Choose:This 220yards 3mm macrame cord have 20...

Be it decoration, weddings, holiday gifts, or personal designs, POZEAN macrame ropes are your best bet for a perfect project to make these moments memorable. The 4-strand twisted macrame cord will give you the best experience at no extra cost at all. In addition, the rope is soft and strong, giving you a durable outcome in every project you take part in.

POZEAN has 20 colors to choose from in the 220-yard, 3mm category for your projects, while The 109-yard cords have six colors to choose from. Macramé beginners have a lot of rope to spare for their experiments and learning, as that is the best way to get into the professional category. However, you can never keep doing the same thing for life, and POZEAN comes in as a huge factor in your growth process.

Macrame users are a close-knit community, and they all love using POZEAN macrame cord for its versatility when working on DIY projects. In addition, the texture of the fabric will give your projects a unique appearance to make your macrame wall and other projects stand out from the rest.


  • 20 colors to choose from in the 220-yard category
  • Six colors in the 109-yard category
  • The cord is made of 100% Natural cotton
  • Strong
  • Affordable
  • Best macrame for beginners
  • Ideal for wall hanging projects and other ideas


  • The indoor projects need very gentle washing.

5. WONGYEE Cotton Cord

Macrame Cord 3mm 109yards, WONGYEE Cotton Cord with...
  • Make A Beautiful Project: This cotton cord are perfect for DIY...
  • Easy to work with: Macrame cord, 109 yards 3mm in size, is soft...
  • 100% NATURAL COTTON Material: This craft cord is made from high...
  • Four Strand Twisted: Our macrame rope is four-strand twisted. The...
  • Package Includes: Beige color 109yards/100m 3mm macrame cord, 6...

Beads, rings, and sticks are a huge part of your creativity, and WONGYEE understands this fact. The company is the most practical of macrame sellers because they keep in mind that you may have larger projects to work on. Making macrame products should not be a hassle, including going out to look for accessories while taking up the time you could use on other things. WONGYEE has got you covered.

The 3mm, 109 macrame cord is easy to work with because it is soft and easy to work with. WONGYEE four-strand macrame cord has a gently twisted spine that gives a lowered tangle and snag tendency. In addition, the macrame cord enables unraveling for a wavy fringe effect.

House plant lovers, DIYers, and hands-on people will find WONGYEE interesting to work with for their projects. However, enthusiasts and weaving beginners are better placed to get their products to sell and last long with WONGYEE.


  • Extra accessories including beads, rings, and sticks
  • Affordable
  • Soft
  • For houseplant lovers
  • The macrame cord is 100% natural cotton
  • Easy to work with
  • Light fragrance of cotton


  • Biodegradable nature might make the cord not last for years.

Where do I Start Once I Buy a Macrame Cord?

a) Know Your Project

Macrame projects are endless. Once you buy a macrame cord, you need to do something with it. However, sometimes you will get creator's block and might not know where to start. In this modern day, it is easy to get ideas. You can check out ideas from Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and other online platforms. In addition, you can get tutorials once you land on the idea you want to execute.

You can choose your project depending on your goal with the macrame goal you bought. Maybe it is a birthday coming up, graduation, a baby, or moving to a new place. That way, you will know whether you want to make a gift or a plant hanger.

Most macrame projects revolve around household decorations, be it outdoors or indoors. Naturally, therefore, you will find somewhere to start.

b) Learn

DIY is your magic word when you want to learn almost anything. You can find tutorials online in every place you look. Short videos with simple steps to work with macrame will come in handy when starting with a macrame cord in your hands. Just watching tutorials is not enough, though. You need to start. Just start. Pick up a macrame cord and try out a knot.

c) Set a Goal

Performance markers are important when you set out to do any project. Your growth will only be gradual. You can not do everything at the same time. Therefore, start with learning macrame knots, then proceed to macrame wall hangings, then consider doing whole projects like doing whole outdoor setups.

Celebrate small wins and reward yourself. Working on macrame projects should be a relaxing process that is stress-free. Notice your growth and appreciate yourself every time you create something or come up with an idea.

d) Attend Workshops

Workshops are the best place to get ideas for turning your macrame cord into something amazing for sale or gifts. Workshops bring people with different experiences together. You can learn from other people's experiences, and their advice can be invaluable. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Please do not make the mistake that someone else has made; learn from it.

How to Choose the Right Macrame Cord

i) Natural Vs. Synthetic Fibers

You can find a macrame cord in both natural and synthetic fiber form. A natural macrame cord can be made from linen, cotton, jute, hemp, and wool. However, a synthetic macrame cord is made from paracord, acrylic, nylon, polypropylene, nylon, and plastic.

Cotton macrame cords are biodegradable, which is a great option for anyone interested in the environment at heart. If you want to dye macrame cord fibers, a natural option would be the best to work with. The fibers absorb the dye and tend to retain the color for longer.

Outdoor macrame cord projects like plant hangers tend to be more exposed to the elements than indoor projects. Therefore, the material used on the macrame cord matters a lot. For example, a synthetic macrame rope will withstand more weather elements than natural macrame cords.

ii) Twist

A tightly twisted macrame cord is good for your projects. However, the project that you want to do needs to determine the cord-twist you want to get. Braided cords can be unraveled compared to a twisted cord.

iii) Price

A macrame rope is useful for creativity and experimentation. Unfortunately, it is often hard to be creative and playful with material that is expensive and hard to come by. The good thing is that a macrame rope will most probably not be very expensive. You can buy an affordable macrame string for experimentation and learning. Before you buy macrame cord, check out reviews and online ratings.

iv) Know the Difference

A single strand cord is a twisted bundle of synthetic or natural fibers. If it bends like a cord and knots, it can be used for macrame. A yarn is a macrame rope made up of a plied strand mostly characterized by the project it will be used on. On the other hand, a rope can be a braided cord composed of two or more strands that are twisted together. You will find 2 to 6 strands options when you buy a macrame cord.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Is Macrame the Same thing as Crochet?

Macrame and crochet are often confused. The main identifier of crochet is the fact that crochet is used to make projects. The basic principle is, however, similar between macrame and crochet. Macrame is used mostly on house decoration and outdoor projects, while crochet is used more for clothing.

b) Will I Get the Real Color When I Buy the Cord?

Photos on the internet and websites are professionally taken and edited for the internet. Photos are doctored, and colors are exaggerated for the decency of pages. Your phone or PC screen displays colors differently, which might be a huge factor when choosing a macrame cord. However, the colors will largely be accurate.

c) What is the Natural Color of Cotton?

Cotton naturally comes in four colors; tan, mocha, red and green. Therefore, any white cotton that tends towards these colors should be okay.

d) What are the Macrame Knots?

Macrame knots are generally grouped into three; square knots, wrap knots, and cow hitch. You can use these three knots in creative ways to come up with endless designs.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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