Best Portable Electric Fence for Goats and Sheep Grazing

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Whether temporary or permanent, the right farm fencing could help keep your farm animals safe and secure from predators. As a result, you can leave the farm anytime with peace of mind knowing that your barn is well under control. What's more, unlike a permanent fence, the best portable electric fence will give you flexibility in pasture management.

Portable fences are easily transported, put up, and maintained, making them ideal for rotational grazing or short-term animal control. This is the ideal fence for goat keeping and an effective temporary fencing solution for a range of different farm animals and situations. The fact that these temporary electric fences can be easily put up and moved as often as you'd need to make them a terrific purchase for cattle and horses as well.

This fencing system works great for sheep and goats, but it does require more work and greater attention to detail and considerations that include; wire spacing, posts available, line tension, etc. Portable electric fences are also a great choice for overnight trail rides to help control horses or on camping trips to help keep the unwanted predators away from the campsite.

Why Use An Electric Fence for Goats and Livestock?

A temporary electric fence system includes an electrified woven wire, tape, or rope and the temporary fence posts, which you can use to quickly section off portions of the pasture in rotational grazing or direct the livestock to the desired grazing area. Every time the goats inside the portable fencing come in contact with the electric woven wire, the goats get an electric shock which doesn't really hurt them but helps train them to avoid contact with the fence. This also helps keep off the predators on the outside. Once trained, the electric fence becomes more of a psychological barrier than a physical barrier like the standard barbwire fence would. Portable electric fences can be quickly constructed using easy a good number of to install fence posts, electric woven wire, and a portable battery or solar-powered energizers.

a). Energizer

Portable electric fence systems will require an energizer to keep the wire electric. Depending on the application, you can use either a solar-powered or battery-powered energizer. Solar-powered ones use a solar panel to charge the energizer battery when the sun is out. The voltage and power required vary in different livestock and with the length of the wire or fence post used.

b). Portable Post

You can use different fence posts to construct the temporary electric fence, making it easy to install. An insulated metal ring top post can string a single strand of wire in minutes. The fiberglass posts are naturally not good conductors and use spring clips to join multiple electric woven wire at different heights to the ground.

c). Tape/ Wire/Rope

Different electric wires/tapes/ropes can be used for a temporary fence system depending on the animal and the duration the fence is needed. For example, you can use a portable fence reel to string and tighten the temporary fence easily and mount it to remain as a functional component of your portable wire fence.

You can also compare the different attributes of an electric fence wire using a comparison guide. However, any fencing that's more than 300m should use a high conductive wire.

1. Premier 48” H x 164’ L PoultryNet Fence

Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence, 48" H x 164' L,...
  • Keeps in poultry, sheep, goats, cattle and guard dogs. Keeps out...
  • It's a 48" electrifiable prefabricated fence. It arrives at your...
  • Very easy to set up. Takes approximately 15 minutes to set up....
  • Double spiked posts for added stability. Double spikes work best...

If quality is a top priority, then this PoultryNet electric fence is the best electric fence that deserves that top spot. This is a great quality fence for goats that is pretty easy to set up and that takes not more than 15 minutes to put up. It comes with in-built posts and a 48-inch electric prefabricated goat fence.

Additionally, the stainless steel wire conductor has copper, making the fence more effective in electrical conductivity. At the same time, its double spiked post gives extra stability for the fence to stay upright on soft ground. Other than goats and sheep, this 48” H x 164’ L PoultryNet fence option is also an excellent purchase for livestock such as poultry, guard dogs, and cattle.

Alternatively, you can also use it to keep rabbits, deer, bears, raccoons, skunks, foxes, coyotes, stray dogs, and other predators from your livestock or from ruining your crops.

On the downside, the package doesn't include an energizer, but it'd be best to use the best solar fence charger for optimum results.


  • Easy to install
  • Quality fencing construction
  • Effective conductivity
  • Great design overall
  • A portable fence that can be moved when needed
  • Comes with in-built support posts
  • 2-year product warranty
  • Other than goats, also ideal for keeping pigs and poultry
  • Great customer reviews


  • Doesn't work well with uneven terrain
  • The package doesn't include the energizer
  • Flood damage is not included in the warranty cover
  • Extra posts may be required to prevent sagging while in use

2. Premier 42" Electric Goat Net Fence 9/42/6 Yellow - 164' Roll

Premier 42" Electric Goat Net Fence 9/42/6 Yellow -...
  • Installs in approximately 15 minutes. Effectively contains goats,...
  • Complete with PVC posts pre-fitted into the fence at 13.5'...
  • Strongly recommend using non-conductive support posts at ends and...
  • Multiple rolls of net are easily clipped together by power clip...

This fence brand is one of the most popular and reliable fences in the electric net fence market with good reason. For starters, it's quite easy to install and would probably take approximately 15 minutes to put up. In addition, the whole purchase comes as a complete package since it contains a full roll with in-built flexible posts for simple installation.

This fence for goats contains horizontal strands made up of stainless steel conductors that would only require 0.25 joules of energizer per fence roll. After a couple of harmless electric shocks, the goats learn to stay in the area you need them to. The wires are perfectly placed to ensure that the livestock stays within the required area while the intruders keep out.


  • Easy to put up
  • Amazing electrical conductivity
  • Keeps predators at bay
  • Good quality stainless steel conductors
  • Affordable price
  • Fast and simple assembly


  • The package doesn't include an energizer
  • Poles will not work best on dry hard ground
  • You will need metal fence posts to pull the fence tight
  • Posts bend easily

3. Premier ElectroNet Goat Netting Fence, 35" H x 164'L

Premier ElectroNet Sheep & Goat Netting Fence, 35" H x...
  • White plastic vertical struts spaced 12" apart give netting added...
  • Used to keep sheep, goats, guard dogs in while keeping out stray...
  • Features 9 horizontal strands (8 electrified). Lowest horizontal...
  • PVC posts with 6" double metal spikes are built into the mesh...

Here's another Premier goat fence version that comes with a 35 inches height. In this fence for goats version, the single spike posts come pre-assembled at approximately 13.5-inch intervals. It also comes with solid plastic strings that are 7 inches apart from the posts to reduce sagging.

This fence has 9 yellow horizontal strands with a 0.25 inches diameter to easily allow goats, horses, and livestock you're rearing to recognize their limitation easily. The downside is that these strands are quite thin, so goats with horns might easily bend or damage the fencing.

Additionally, the netting is large, so you can't use it on small rear livestock like chickens. On the flip side, from most customer reviews, the fencing lasts approximately 5-7 years in great condition with proper maintenance.


  • Strong plastic wires every 7 inches to reduce chances of sagging
  • Durable construction
  • Thin strand
  • Great design overall
  • Purchase includes in-built 6-inch metal spikes
  • Comes with metal clips to help connect the rolls
  • Low electrical resistance
  • Easy to set up
  • Great customer reviews


  • Easily bends
  • It cannot be used with small animals
  • Purchase doesn't include the energizer
  • Requires routine maintenance to minimize the grass/weed load
  • Doesn't work well with dry soil

4. Premier ElectroStop Electric Net Fence, 42" H x 164' L, Double Spike

Premier ElectroStop Goat & Sheep Electric Fence, 42" H...
  • Netting is 164' per roll. Vertical plastic struts reduce fence...
  • Works well in containing sheep, goats and guard dogs, while...
  • Recommend using additional support posts at ends and corners,...
  • Very easy to setup and move. Takes approximately 10 minutes to...

The ElectroStop version stands out from its competition due to its high conductivity, thus providing a higher level of protection to your livestock. In total, its netting roll is 164 feet in length and 42 inches in height containing 10 horizontal twines. With this level in height, not only does it provides adequate protection for goats, sheep, and guard dogs, but it also works great for large animals such as cattle.

The design of this electric fencing also allows for the connection of multiple rolls on a large property. Compared to the traditional steel conductor, it contains a tinned copper conductor for efficient electrification. Although it uses a 0.25 joule of energy, the fence will hardly ever lose power.

Both the lower horizontal and vertical strands don’t get electrified, so they can't severely affect your vegetation.


  • Comes with extra height to keep in large animals
  • It only uses 3 ohms of resistance
  • High visibility that's ideal for both humans and animals such as the guard dogs both du8ring the day and night
  • Great customer reviews


  • Doesn't come with additional support for the corners and ends
  • It can’t be used to contain poultry

5. Premier 48" PoultryNet Plus Starter Kit - 48" H x 100' L, Double Spiked with Solar IntelliShock 60

Premier 48" PoultryNet Plus Starter Kit - Includes...
  • Everything you need in one convenient package to temporarily...
  • Includes 100' roll of 48" PoultryNet Plus double spiked,...
  • Contain and control the movement of chickens, ducks and other...
  • Important to perform routine vegetation maintenance to minimize...
  • 2 year warranty for energizers and solar panels cover lightning...

This is a neat and convenient package that well suits all of your fencing needs. With the purchase of this temporary goat fencing, you can easily manage animals in your backyard or on your pasture with ease. Most customer reviews mainly site its unique and great overall design.

Its horizontal and vertical strands at the bottom are closely put together to prevent the intrusion of small pests and predators. Although chiefly designed for poultry, it also works great as a movable goat fence. The electric net comes double spiked with FiberTuff to support posts.

Unlike the other electric fences, this particular product comes with its own energizer, so you won’t have to make any extra purchases. Additionally, the purchase includes a 2-year warranty covering lightning damage on the energizers and solar panels.


  • Great portability and design overall
  • Comes with support posts
  • Purchase includes its energizer
  • A 2-year warranty covers lightning damage on the energizer and solar panel
  • It can be used with poultry and other animals such as pigs
  • Great customer reviews


  • Flood damage is not covered in the warranty
  • Extra posts will be required to prevent sagging

Factors to Consider for the Best Portable Electric Fence

A) Grazing Area

The farm area you want to graze is the first factor you should think about as you plan to buy the fence for your livestock. For instance, each goat will need at least 250 square feet of grazing area. However, goats are also animals that like to roam free around, so the more the roaming area in feet, the happier they will be.

B) Post Height

The recommended fence height for a goat fencing should be at least 4 feet tall. This height from the ground should help prevent the goats from jumping over the fence. However, also pay attention to the gaps below the electric netting. Unlike sheep, goats are smart animals; if they can't jump over, they'll try and crawl under the goat fencing.

C) Head Gaps

Like many farm animals, goats are quite curious. If they don't jump, most goats will push their head through every gap in the mesh. However, if the gapping in the fence is too large, the goat will definitely try and go through and get stuck.

You should pay even closer attention, especially if you have children. Young children will try to put their hands through the fence to touch or feed the goats, which can sometimes be quite dangerous. Ideally, the best gap space is 4 × 4 inches, which should help keep the goats inside and the children on the outside safe.

D) Climate

Different types of fences are suited for different climates. For instance, dry weather makes soil dry, making it difficult to dig up holes for the posts. On the other hand, a humid climate is easier to work with when installing electric fences since the moisture in the soil works as a natural conductor.

If you live in dry climate areas and are considering getting an electric fencing system, consider getting earth-return wires or wide-impedance ones.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Portable Electric Fence

1. Are solar-powered electric fences better?

Not only are solar-powered electric fences considered very safe and effective, but they're also among the least expensive fencing options for livestock. You can even save a lot more money by getting yourself a solar fence charger. Getting the best electric solar-powered unit will only need you to harness the energy to power your fence from the sun.

2. Can a 7000-volt electric fence kill a human?

The element that is potentially dangerous here is this level of current flowing through the heart. However, an electric fence for goats has a low current and pulsates, so it can't permanently hurt or kill anyone. However, you are strongly advised to keep the children away from this fence.

3. Will a solar electric fence work at night?

A solar electric grazing fence features low impedance for its maximum performance. Moreover, some solar-powered systems can operate both day and night using rechargeable batteries that have a 2-week battery life after a full charge based on their solar power.

4. How long should solar electric fencing chargers last?

Solar fencing should reach every part of the land you want to be covered. When fully charged, the solar-powered fence energizers should store enough battery life to last you up to 2 weeks without any more sunlight exposure.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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