When Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress In 2024?

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Like all other goods, purchasing a mattress is also governed by the concept of an optimal buying time. You may feel that buying a mattress doesn't require much thought or planning, but in reality, it certainly does.

The time of the year you decide to make your purchase will, without a doubt, play an imperative role in the price you will end up paying for your mattress. And because a new mattress is not supposed to come cheap, it is generally advisable to take advantage of offers and discounts so as to take advantage of the savings part.

Having put the savings part into serious consideration, it is important that you take the following important factors into serious consideration when buying your new mattress.

Brick and Mortar Shops versus Online Shops

Online Shops-You Enjoy Lower Prices

With the current eCommerce phenomenon in the world right now, you can also buy a mattress online. Many manufacturers have established well thought out online platforms that give customers the advantage to shop online and enjoy the convenience.

Shopping online has a lot of advantages for the customer. In most instances, mattress companies try to bring each other down by competition and end up giving more discounts.

Another advantage of an online mattress shop is that it allows you to make your order from any part of the world and have it shipped and delivered to your doorstep. In the same breath, the companies save a lot because they do not have physical shops they are paying rent for.

Brick and Mortar Shops-You Get To Try The Bed

If you are the kind of customer who wants to be very sure the comfort of the mattress you are buying is top-notch, then a physical shop might be your best choice. Unlike an online shop, a brick and mortar shop allows you to conveniently try different mattresses until you find the most appropriate to buy.

However, the brick and mortar stores end up employing the different people in the store, which increases their expenses, which ultimately translates to a much higher cost for the mattress.

The Average Cost of Buying A Mattress

This is a prevalent question that, funnily, does not have a standard answer. Different mattress companies have different products that have other qualities that are priced differently.

If you are considering buying a new mattress with the innerspring feature, you will need a budget of 900$ on average since the prices range from 500$ to 1500$.

If you prefer a foam mattress that has a memory feature, you should be ready to pay an average of 1000$. Depending on the company and the exact features of the mattress, the price range is from 300$ to around 4000$.

If you are the kind of person who prefers a latex bed, be ready to spend at least 1650$ for the right mattress. Unlike the other types, the entry price is higher but can go up to more than 4000$.

Best Time of The Year To Buy A Mattress

May Is Considered The Best Month To Buy A Mattress

Many mattress companies are known to roll out new products in June and, therefore, clear their old models in May. If you are in the search for a new good quality mattress, you will not need to look any further. Just look out for your intended brand and take advantage of the discount it will come accompanied by.

National Holidays

National holidays are also very appropriate for getting good bargains for your mattress purchase because many retailers have good deals.

Online Mattress Deals

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday deals are known to have a lot of mega discounts on a variety of products. If you are looking for the right mattress, you should look for mattress companies with deals on this day and take advantage.

Amazon Prime Day Deals

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will, without a doubt, find a lot of value in the discounts offered on this day. Because this is a one-day event, you should prepare adequately beforehand to get the best mattress deals.

Stores That Are Closing Down

When stores are closing down, they usually have clearance sales where they sell all products at massively discounted rates.

Is It Advisable To Buy A Second-Hand Mattress?

No, it is not. Because a mattress is considered very personal, you should buy a new one for yourself. Many second-hand mattresses are not very well kept and might bring hygiene issues in your house.


As the above information states, you can take advantage of a lot of opportunities and, eventually, purchase the mattress of your choice. You need to pick the option that is best for you and work with it.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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