Green with Envy: 7 Colors That Go with Forest Green

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Imagine walking through a lush forest, surrounded by the rich, verdant green of the trees and underbrush. Now, bring that natural beauty into your home with the perfect colors that go with forest green. This guide will explore the best hues to pair with this versatile shade, from subtle neutrals to bold accent colors. Get ready to turn your home into an oasis of green envy!

What Is the Forest Green Color?

Forest Green Color

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Forest green is a deep, rich shade reminiscent of the dense foliage of a secluded forest.

When selecting interior design colors, it is always ideal to consider how good the color will be for your mental health because all colors evoke different emotional responses in different people. So, by understanding color psychology, you can determine if forest green and other shades of green can impact your emotions positively.

The color of forest green evokes tranquility and connection to nature, with its earthy undertones and verdant depth. It is a dark green color that brings a sense of grounding and balance to a space, much like the towering trees in the forest. With its versatility and timelessness, forest green is a hue you can pair with various colors to create rustic, cozy, modern, or minimalistic interior design themes.

Not sure how to use the forest green color in your decor? Let’s suggest seven colors you can try out.

1. Forest Green with Beige

Forest Green With Beige

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With forest green, you will be after a calming color scheme. However, the trick with this color scheme is to avoid creating a dull place that, instead of refreshing as in the forest, becomes depressing. Not many colors can give you the right interior design balance with forest green than beige. Like this rich green hue, beige is calm, bright, and serene. It also reminds you of the outdoors, where you will find it on tree barks and other areas.

To strike a good balance indoors, you can use either of these two colors as an accent. As in our example, you can paint an accent wall with forest green, then set a beige living room couch in front of the wall. The result will be a balanced, serene look that you can further accentuate with a few plants and color-rich accent decor.

2. Forest Green with Mustard Yellow

Forest Green With Mustard Yellow

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Forest green and mustard yellow are good interior color combos because they are complementary colors on the color wheel, meaning they create a solid visual contrast when used together. This combination also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere and can conceive a cohesive look throughout a space.

While forest green is often associated with nature and growth, mustard yellow and other yellow shades are associated with warmth and cheerfulness, so you can create a harmonious and balanced place.

There are numerous ways to pair these colors, but we find forest green walls to make the job easy. As you can see from our example, the mustard yellow couch and lampshade give cheerfulness and life to dark, forest-green walls, resulting in an impressively unique room. Remember to throw in some green plants and decor pieces with a more neutral color to balance the scales.

3. Forest Green with Burnt Orange

Forest Green With Burnt Orange

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These two colors may create the best visual contrast in a room, considering forest green will create a calming and grounding effect, while burnt orange evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. Still, the color combo will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere because both are warm, earthy tones.

While you can use the pair in most rooms, you will fancy designing a natural, rustic feel in your bedroom. It is best for a man’s cave, and you can create contrast and balance at the same time by matching forest green and burnt orange bedding. Opt for a few houseplants to pull off this look, and remember to throw in a colorful rug. But for best results, you will need to ensure neutral wall paint.

4. Forest Green with Dusty Pink

Forest Green With Dusty Pink

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It is best to use forest green with muted shades that feature gray or beige undertones to achieve a calming look. So, while you could use vibrant pink and forest green to create contrast in a room, you will have an easier time pairing the latter with dusty pink. Dusty ink is relatively muted, just like forest green, making it a great color to use as an accent in a fresh, deep green room.

In the same way dusty pink pairs with mint green and sage green or other green shades, you can use forest green accent color on walls, then set a piece of dusty pink furniture to brighten the room and mood. Alternatively, you can use a dusty pink theme in a girl’s room, accessorizing the look with forest green accents.

5. Forest Green with Royal Blue

Forest Green With Royal Blue

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Both colors have ties to royalty, so it is no surprise they ooze sophistication in a room. This color combination is ideal for many rooms. However, it is always ideal to use royal blue in moderation while letting the fresh forest green take over. So, we recommend using royal blue accents in a forest green room, but remember to let in lots of natural light and neutral, bright colors in equal quantity as the forest green.

As you can see in our example above, the royal blue sofa creates enough interest in a room with moody green walls and lots of cream and neutral colors. Since the color combinations can create a dark effect, you also want to incorporate several houseplants while ensuring natural light is available.

6. Forest Green with White

Forest Green With White

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Forest green and white is the perfect color scheme to create a sense of balance and harmony. The deep, rich forest green provides a grounding, earthy feel, while the crisp white adds a clean, interesting contrast. So, together, they create a soothing and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, this color combination can give the living room an organic and natural feel.

The best thing about these bold colors is that you can use them in equal measure in any room, including bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. As you can see above, you can create the perfect harmony in your living room with forest-green walls and a white couch.

7. Forest Green with Charcoal Gray

Forest Green With Charcoal Gray

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Are you looking for a unique color combination for your kitchen? The combination of forest green and charcoal gray creates a unique and interesting contrast, and it can give a more natural, earthy, and modern feel to the kitchen. But, considering both are somewhat dull colors, it will be best to ensure ample lighting in your kitchen. You could guarantee natural or artificial light; remember, a lot of light will bring this look to life.

The image above shows a modern kitchen that perfectly blends these two colors for a unique design. The charcoal gray and gold accents look fantastic against the deep forest green cabinets, while the white theme and ample natural and overhead lighting guarantee the look is fit for all seasons.

Is Forest Green a Good Interior Design Color, and How Can I Use It?

Is Forest Green a Good interior Design Color?

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Forest green is a timeless color that can fit in various design styles, from traditional to modern. It can also work well with other colors, such as white, beige, light green, gray, and natural wood tones. 

However, remember that forest green is a dark color that can make a room feel smaller if not balanced with enough natural light or other light hues. So, be cautious if you want to match it with colors close to it on the color wheel, including the likes of mint green, emerald green, and other earth tones.

That said, here are some clever ways you can use forest green to create a sense of grounding and earthiness in your spaces;

  • As a primary wall color to create a soothing and natural atmosphere.
  • As an accent color on furniture or decor to add a pop of color and interest.
  • On a patterned wallpaper or textile to add texture and depth to a space.
  • In a monochromatic color scheme with different shades of green to create a cohesive and calming look.


Forest green is an exquisite color for an interior designer. You only need to select the right pairing color to add natural beauty and harmony to your place. We hope the color ideas above will help you decorate your home. However, remember to leave room for ample lighting and be meticulous when pairing your colors to create a cohesive and balanced look.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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