12 Colors That Go with Rose Gold in Interior Design

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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The rose gold color can be traced back to the 19th century through a Russian jeweler who blended yellow gold and a copper alloy to achieve it. Recently people have embraced this color in interior design and are incorporating it in their home decor color schemes. This article will discuss the colors that go with rose gold and help you create a home that evokes feelings of calm and refinement. So, let’s get into the article.

What Is the Rose Gold Color?

Rose gold is a mixture of pale pink with gold tints.It has a shiny metallic undertone when included in home decor or jewelry, but it always has a pink gold shade in furniture. Its pink color is associated with femininity, but the color blend is generally considered to be gender-neutral.You can create new interior styles for your living space using rose gold since psychologists suggest that colors can affect how we think.

Colors That Go with Rose Gold

Most interior designers find it challenging to pair rose gold with other colors, but the easiest way is to combine it with neutrals.Neutrals such as white, black, cream, or grey help to tone down the brightness of rose gold. When using these colors, include them as a base and go in with accents of rose gold to achieve an elegant look.

1. Rose Gold and Navy Blue

If you want your home to look elegant, try combing rose gold accents with navy blue. It could be on your wall art or a navy blue couch with rose gold throw pillows. Navy blue brings in a rich saturated color that contrasts with the lighter hues of rose gold.

Rose gold and navy blue

Image Credits:pinterest.com

We recommend this color combination to those who want to make their space more subdued. The two color combinations bring in a feeling of sophistication. You can include rose gold in decor choices, which will lend perfectly without overpowering.

2. Rose Gold and White

White brings a sense of originality, but it brings out a pink-tinged finish when paired with rose gold fixtures. The color combination brings a feeling of chic since they are a blend of warm hues.

Rose gold and white

Image Credits:pinterest.com

These two colors are associated with luxury ad refinement. You can never go wrong with the rose gold color palette if complemented with white. For instance, if you have primarily white furnishings, try adding a rose gold wallpaper or incorporate it into most of your decor.

Apart from rose gold, you can make a three-color combination using muted colors like gray between the two. The result will be a perfect sophisticated look. If you are still unsure, you can have a look at more colors that go with white in interior design and glamourize your home.

3. Rose Gold and Mint Green

Mint green is rare for any home, but its cool undertones blend well with the warm the rose gold color. You can create inviting and stylish look by pairing rose gold with mint green. Your home will look modern and contemporary.

 Mint Green and rose gold

Image Credits: mydomain.com

Mint green is the perfect accent color for any room with rose gold accents. It gives a sense of luxury and uniqueness. You can also look out for other timeless colors that go with mint green to help you decorate your home further.

4. Rose Gold and Black

Try rose gold and black to bring a sense of drama and elegance into your place. Black and rose gold make a room feel sophisticated but come out bolder, especially with rose gold decor. These two colors are eye-catching and blend perfectly.

Black Glass & Rosegold Dining Table

Image Credits:modernmiami.com

Since black is versatile, you can use it in any way to style your rose gold home fixtures. You can include a dash in your accent walls, bringing out a fantastic color palette.

5. Rose Gold and Pink

As discussed earlier, rose gold is in a blend of pale pink and gold accents, but that does not stop you from pairing it with pink. Mix the rose gold’s pink undertones and give your home a tonal look. Additionally, include a light blush shade in your furniture or walls and see your house turn versatile.

Pink and rose gold

Image Credits: architecturaldigest.com

Pink and rose gold combinations give your home a sophisticated look as the neutral pink accentuates the bright rose gold color. You can also include a third neutral color, black or gray, to break the color monotony. We recommend using pink and rose gold colors in bedrooms and bathrooms as the colors make those rooms look bold and stylish.

6. Rose Gold and Teal

Rose gold and teal

Image Credits: gloryofthesnow.com

Teal is a great option when you are looking for a color to combine with rose gold. Teal has a jewel tone that matches the warm hue of rose gold, and when blended, they contrast each other.

You can use teal to accentuate rose gold or put it as the primary color in pairing rose gold accents. The result will be a stylish and unique look.

7. Rose Gold and Grey

Try blending rose gold with grey if you want a stylish revamp to your living room or bedroom. Grey is a neutral color base for the rose gold accents. The result is a subtle and elegant look. You can use light or dark gray as the primary colors, then include rose gold accents in home fixtures and decors.

Rose Gold and gray

Image Credits: stylemotivation.com

When you pair rose gold with gray in a living room setup, it makes a statement without overwhelming the space. You can use light gray walls with rose gold accents to achieve a subtle look. However, if you want to go all out, you can use rose gold accents with the charcoal gray theme. It is a combination that makes your living room look formal and modern.

8. Rose Gold and Wood

Rose gold will fit in any home with a lot of neutral colors. You can pair rose gold with wood, which brings warmth and a sense of style. Wood gives a natural tone and perfectly complements the rose gold color. The result is a space that is inviting and stylish.

Rpose gold and wood

Image Credits: houzz.com

Since most furniture is made of wood, you can use rose gold accents on walls, floors, or even cabinet handles to create unique looks. Wood gives a touch of warmth to a living space, and when you pair it with rose gold, it looks even better. Here are more suggestions of colors that go with maple wood, which will give you an airy kitchen look.

9. Rose Gold and Stainless Steel

You can pair rose gold with many metallic pieces, but have you tried stainless steel? Stainless steel and rose gold accents make a room look sophisticated and eclectic. It gives a room an industrial vibe and works perfectly in kitchens ad bathrooms that want to have a metallic flair.

Rose gold and stainless steel

Image Credits: furnituredirection.com

If you want to combine these two colors in your home design, you can match them with different metals. Let’s say you use stainless steel in a kitchen with rose gold accents; your kitchen will look bold. You will create a unique space perfect for any family setup.

10. Rose Gold and Cream

You can pair rose gold with cream if you love bright shades. The cream color gives your living space a sense of cleanliness and warmth. Rose gold has a warm undertone that blends well with cream to deliver a soft and bright atmosphere. Your home will feel cozy and beautiful.

Rose gold and cream

Image Credits: thursd.com

These two colors are already pretty; you can only imagine blending them. If you want to reak the saturation, you can throw in an accent color like gray, black, or navy blue.

11. Rose Gold and Beige

If you are an interior designer, you know how beige transforms the look of any living space; it could be your kitchen, bathroom, or dining area. Plus, it brings a sense of neutrality and calmness to your space.

Rose gold and beige

Image Credits:pinterest.com

Since rose gold is already warm, blending it with beige transforms your living area into a place of comfort and relaxation. You can spice up a beige-themed room with rose gold accents; trust me, you won’t regret it! Moreover, if you have beige walls and decor, you can include rose gold.

12. Rose Gold and Copper

When selecting colors that go with rose gold, we must mention copper. Rose gold has a warm hue, while copper has a rich earthy tone that gives comfort and warmth. These two colors combined create a harmonious and eye-catching look. You can use these colors in any living space to achieve different aesthetics.

Decorating With Rose Gold and Copper

Image Credits:eyefordesignlfd.com

If you want your space to look more presentable, you can pair rose gold accents with copper tones. The mixture brings a soft and elegant appeal and makes your home look formal and modern. However, if you want a more dramatic look, you can mix rose gold with dark copper hues. Plus, you can include statement pieces that are unique and stand out.


You can pair rose gold with most colors as long as you understand each color’s undertones. To achieve unique looks with rose gold, ensure you use metallic rose gold accents since they have more warmth than non-metallic pieces.

You don’t have to go all in with the rose gold color or make it your primary theme, as it has an impact in small touches like home decor. Finally, you can always include a neutral shade when pairing rose gold with intense colors to break color saturation and prevent your space from turning out overwhelming.

Featured Image Credits: juliettesinteriors.co.uk

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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