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Cricut Easy Press 2 for Professional Iron-On Results

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Do you enjoy crafting and doing? If your answer is yes, then you need a Cricut Easy Press 2. You can use a Cricut to work on different DIY projects and be creative. So, if you plan to use the Cricut with infusible ink or the best heat transfer vinyl, all you need is to get the best heat press machine.

A Cricut easy press works by helping you transfer designs to your fabrics in seconds. In this article, we shall discuss using the Cricut easy press 2 and other helpful tips to work with while transferring patterns.

What is the Cricut Easy Press 2, and How Does it Work?

The Cricut easy press is a functional unit between a heat press and an iron. You can use a Cricut machine to transfer infusible ink to fabric and other surfaces.

The machine works by adding iron-on materials to your projects. It has many useful features which we shall discuss below.

Cricut Easy Press 2

Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine (9 in x 9 in),...
  • A NO-STRESS HEAT PRESS — Get pro-level heat-transfer results...
  • ADJUSTABLE TIME AND TEMPERATURE— Control temperature up to 400...
  • QUICK, EASY RESULTS — Featuring an advanced heat plate design...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO STORE — Cricut EasyPress 2 is equipped...
  • SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS — Cricut products conform with applicable...

If you need a no-stress heat and pattern to press for professional iron-on results, the Cricut Easy Press 2 is the solution to your problems. This tool combines the speed of a heat press and the convenience of a traditional iron.

With the given properties, you get prints that last even after repeated washes.

This Cricut comes in three different sizes, giving you the convenience of working on different items, including large, medium and small. The different sizes include 6x7, 9x9 and 12x10 .

To transfer patterns or texts on tote bags, t-shirts, pillows, aprons, blankets, banners and sweatshirts. So, once your get yourself this tool and add the best vinyl cutting machine, you are set to go. A good Cricut maker can also make this combo perfect for your crafts.

With the adjustable temperature control, you are free to work on different projects. What makes it even better is the precise temperature control of up to 400 degrees.

It is also safe to use as it has an insulated safety base and an auto-shut-off feature to avoid fire hazards.

How to Select the Best Cricut

Some of the things to consider include the following;

a). Size

Size of the Cricut is one of the most important things to consider. This is because you need to get the right size for your projects. For example, if you deal only with small items like babies' clothes and smaller footprint projects, you will need a smaller Cricut.

The 6 by 7 inch is the perfect size of Cricut Easy Press 2 for such projects. However, if your work involves using larger items like blankets or larger t-shirts, you will need the 12 by 10-inch Cricut. This will ensure that your design does not just float on the material.

So, get the right machine size depending on the items you mostly work with. You can also get the different sizes if your work involves using different sizes of materials.

b). Nature of Working Surface

You may want to transfer a pattern over seams or other uneven spots. Such areas may not be easy to work with and require the smallest Cricut. However, if you often work on even and smooth surfaces, you will not be limited to one side of the Cricut.

c). Your Work Place

Where will you be working from? Do you have a fixed workstation, or do you move around? If you are mobile with your work tools, you will need something lighter and more portable.

Although, if you have a workstation and do not carry your tools around, you will not have to worry much about its portability. This is because once you set it in one place, you won't need to move it often.

How to Use the Cricut Easy Press 2

Using the Cricut easy and does not consume much time. It means it is a suitable machine for us while in a rush. So, for professional iron-on results, follow these steps or you can watch this tutorial on how to use the Easy Press 2.

i). Set temperature and time. This is the first step and involves setting the required temperature and time according to the type of material.

You can change the temperature settings from Fahrenheit to Celsius by pressing and holding the temperature button till you see the change.

To set the time, press the time button and adjust the value with a plus or minus button, according to what you want.

ii). Start the timer and apply gentle pressure. Next, press the go-button to start the countdown. The machine will take only a short time to get hot. So, apply pressure once it is hot enough to ensure your iron-on sticks well.

A ceramic coated plate will professionally adhere to an iron-on film for 60 seconds if it is evenly heated.

When heating, you will see an orange light, and once the set temperature is reached, it will be green in color.

This tool is simple to use and does not need a lot of experience. Therefore, it is highly suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.

Instructions for Infusible Ink

For infusible ink projects, you will get special instructions. However, to get the best results, you need to follow all the instructions, step by step.

Image: Cricut

So, below are some tips to remember when using infusible ink.

a). Be keen not to slide Cricut Easy Press 2 or move hands o the press when transferring the pattern. Your stack should be as still as possible.

b). Use with caution as the machine operates in high temperatures. Also, the iron-on material will be hot after the transfer. So, let them cool first before handling them.

c). Avoid zippers, buttons and seams when positioning the Cricut on the base material. If you let the heat plate cross over these things, your pattern will not receive even heat, leading to unwanted effects.

Use the mini Cricut Easy Press 2 when applying designs to unusual places like seams or hard-to-reach parts.

d). Use a Cricut pressing mat or a Cricut easy press mat instead of a folded towel. Towels hold a lot of moisture and may cause unwanted effects while transferring.

The Cricut Easy Press 2 Versus a Heat Press

Image: Holygrace

If you keep wondering if you must invest in a Cricut easy press to get the best results or if a heat press can do so, let's find out. Both have pros and cons, so we'll discuss both to help you see how they differ.

Since the Cricut easy press release, doing DIY projects has become more fun and easy. It is easy to use while working on iron-on projects.

Pros of the Cricut Easy Press

a). Available in Three Sizes

The Cricut Easy Press 2 is now available in three sizes. This means you can use it for different projects, depending on the size of your Cricut materials.

b). Quick Heat Up

The easy press 2 takes a short time to heat up and can get up to 400 degrees. So, you can get long-lasting and amazing results in only about two minutes.

c). Easy to Use

Using the Cricut easy press is easy as it involves a few clicks of a button. All you need is to set the temperature and press go, and it's ready to provide fast and foolproof results.

d). Extremely Safe

It features an advanced heat plate design with an insulated safety base to keep the plate secure.

It has is the auto-shut-down feature that turns it off after being inactive for ten minutes. This is a must-have feature as you can often start working on something and get interrupted.

e). Affordable

With this tool at hand, you have the convenience of an iron and the speed of a heat press. Those features deliver affordable and foolproof results that last even after washing repeatedly.

f). Lightweight and Compact Design

It's lightweight, making it the perfect tool for DIY projects. You can carry it lightweight and portable anywhere, making it suitable for working anywhere.

Cons of Cricut Easy Press 2

a). Needs Pressure

With an easy press, you need to apply pressure to transfer the pattern, unlike the heat press, where you don't have to apply pressure. Though you have to apply pressure, that is not a deal-breaker as it is easy and doesn't require too much energy.

b). Settings

For this tool, you must set specific temperatures while working on a certain fabric. It cannot set the temperature on its own. However, it has an Interactive Quick Reference Guide on what temperatures and times to use for each material type.

Heat Press

If you don't have the Cricut Easy Press 2, you can use the traditional heat press to help transfer your patterns. However, like the easy press, it also has its pros and cons, which we shall discuss.

Pros of Heat Press

a). Consistent Heat Distribution

One of the best things about heat press is that you do not have to put pressure on it. Unlike the Cricut Easy Press 2, it applies equal pressure on all surfaces, thus providing even heat distribution.

b). Memory Settings

Heat press machines remember the heat settings you programmed. So when you turn it on, the heat press heats up to the temperatures you set. This is useful, especially if you consistently use the same products and materials.

c). Easy to Use

Like the Cricut Easy Press 2, the heat press is easy to use and even suitable for beginners. To use it, set the required temperature and time, close the clamshell, press a button and let it do the work.

d). Heavy Duty

It is a heavy-duty design that works well and is suitable for light and heavy-duty projects.

e). Professional

It delivers professional iron-on results that you and your clients will enjoy. This is due to the combination of the heat and pressure that comes along with it.

Cons of Heat Press

a). Heavy

If you're used to the Cricut easy press, you will find this extremely heavy and may take time before you get used to it. It is heavy and not easy to unbox.

b). Heats Up Slowly

A Cricut easypress 2 takes about two minutes to heat up. On the other hand, a heat press takes 10-15 minutes to heat up. This means using a heat press is more time-consuming, hence not ideal when you're in a rush.

c). Heats Up

When using this machine, you will notice that it heats up everywhere, not just the pads. This can accidentally burn kids or someone unaware of the situation.

d). Bulky

Unlike the Cricut easy press, the heat press machine is bulky and needs enough storage space. Unfortunately, it is also heavy and more difficult to position than the Cricut easy press.

This means you cannot work with it anywhere; instead, it must be in a dedicated place where you will not have to move it often

e). Limited Plate Space

With easy press 2, you have three different sizes of the plate; this means you can do your projects on different sizes of materials. But with the heat press, you are limited only to certain material sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cricut Easypress 2

1. Is it worth buying a Cricut Easy Press?

Although you can achieve the same results with the traditional iron, buying the easy press 2 will make work easier. It is less time-consuming and easy to use as it features the temperature/ timer chart you can use to get the most accurate results. Also, if your work involves a lot of iron-on projects, you will need a professional tool for the job.

2). Which size Easy press should you get?

First of all, what size of projects do you mostly work on? If your work involves a lot of smaller items like baby clothes and accessories, you need the smaller 6 by 7-inch Easy press. For medium projects like totes, pillows, and t-shirts, you need the 9 by the 9-inch easy press. But, for large items like sweatshirts, the best size to get is 12 by 10 inches.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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