The Advantages of Having a Home Designed and Built by a Custom Home Builder

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Designing and building a dream home is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You have a lot riding on this project – not to mention money – so you want to be certain that the home you end up with matches your exact specifications, right?

Plenty of people assume that the only way to achieve this goal is to work with an architect, who will design home and project manage everything if desired. But there is another way, one that doesn’t involve an architect. Read on to explore this in more detail.

What is a Custom Home Builder?

A custom home builder is a one-stop shop for anyone looking for a custom-designed home. Custom home builders not only build homes; they also design them. They typically have in-house designers who work with clients to produce designs everyone is happy with. Once the design meets the client’s approval, the building work can begin, which again is all handled in-house.

What are the advantages of using a custom home builder to design and construct your property?

A Seamless Process

According to Melbourne-based luxury home builders Arch 10, having a home designed and built by a builder can be as good (if not better) as that of a house designed by an architect. One good reason why this is the case is that the whole process is seamless.

Using an architect to design a home means dealing with them and the builders separately. If there are issues with the design, someone has to act as the liaison between the architect and the builder. This is typically a project manager, who would also handle the budget. By opting to hire a custom home builder, everything is handled by one team. It’s a less stressful process.

More Building Experience

Reputable custom home builders are used to working at the sharp end of a construction project, so they can make decisions on the fly if a design needs tweaking. This saves time, as instead of consulting the architect if a problem arises, issues are handled quickly and efficiently. It also means you can make changes to the design as the project moves forward, without needing to consult an architect who might already have moved on to another design job.

Better Cost Management

Working with several different parties on a construction project makes it harder to keep the budget under control. The architect might include some cutting-edge ideas into the design, but until the builder sees the finished design, they won’t be able to advise you on the practicality of the features in concerning the construction process. The more difficult it is to build something, the more it will cost.

Because home builders offer an in-house design/build service, they are better placed to manage costs associated with a home construction project.

Building a custom-designed home is not something to rush into. Speak to several home builders before you make a final decision. Ask to see examples of their work, so you can decide whether their ideas are a good fit with your dream home.

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